FAQ/Walkthrough by Bandreus

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                         F A N T A S Y   O N L I N E

          By: Bandreus (Andrea Portale), AKA Bango in Fantasy Online
                       Version 0.4 (February 2nd, 2011)


                This guide is copyright (c)2011 Andrea Portale

* Table of Contents *

    #0. About this FAQ
       #0.1. Contacting the Author
    #1. Introduction
    #2. FAQ
       #2.1. Useful Links and Resources
    #3. Basics and Controls
       #3.1. Registering and Choosing your Character's Name
          #3.1.1. Playing on Facebook
             # Your Fellowship
             # Free Gifts
             # Hidden Treasure Chests
             # Other Facebook Rewards
          #3.1.2. Playing on Kongregate
          #3.1.3. Playing on FO's official site
       #3.2. Choosing a Server
       #3.3. Choosing your Character's Look
       #3.4. User Interface
       #3.5. Basic Controls
    #4. Game's Setting & Story
    #5. Walkthrough
       #5.0. Useful things to know
          #5.0.1. Building your Character
          #5.0.2. Items, Equipment and Over-Equipping
          #5.0.3. Skills and using Buffs properly
          #5.0.4. Joining a Party is good
       #5.1. Noob Island
          #5.1.1. Getting yourself acquainted with the game (Your first Quest)
          #5.1.2. Soft Shelled Crabs (Using Skills and managing Inventory)
          #5.1.3. Farming Turnips
          #5.1.4. Noobville
          #5.1.5. Something's not right around town
          #5.1.6. Taking Skeles down
          #5.1.7. Farm Work
          #5.1.8. Taking care of more Skeles and Ogres
          #5.1.9. Enemy at the gates
          #5.1.10. The Evil Army
       #5.2. Crab Coast
       #5.3. Pirate Shores
          #5.3.1. Standard Lockpick only Quests
          #5.3.2. Exterminating Scorpions
          #5.3.3. Noob Treasure Hunters are n00bs
          #5.3.4. Dispatching Undeads
       #5.4. Cave of Some Return (optional)
       #5.5. Swamp Grotto
       #5.6. Mirabella Cove.
       #5.7. Cave of Despair
       #5.8. What's coming up next?
    #6. Game Systems
       #6.1 Your Character
       #6.2 Battle System
       #6.3 Skills
       #6.4 Party System
       #6.5 Guilds System
       #6.6 Market
       #6.7 Crafting System
       #6.8 Pets System
       #6.9 PvP
    #7. Quests List
    #8. Items & Equipment List
    #9. Skills List
    #10. Monsters List
    #11. NPCs List
    #12. Builds
    #13. Version History
    #14. To be done
    #15. Legal Information
    #16. Credits
    #17. Closing Words

To go to a desired section quickly, just search for the index string in your
web browser (like "#5." to go to the Walkthrough, "#16." to go to the credits,

*                             #0. About this FAQ                              *

This FAQ is a work in progress. I will try to update it as often as possible
with new and up-to-date info to the best of my knowledge and capabilities.
I will try to include an exhaustive guide to playing the game, as well as going
into the full detail of all of the game's systems and mechanics.

Since I'm writing this from scratch, chances are you won't be able to find most
there's to know about Fantasy Online. This will hopefully change as I continue 
work on this FAQ and progressively add more info.

Also I'd like to ask you, dear reader, to excuse me for all of the typos that 
you will very much likely find.

- #0.1. Contacting the Author -

You may want to contact the Author (me ^_^) to report typos, errors or outdated
info in this guide, give out your advices and (constructive) criticism, or for
any other good reason.

If that's the case, feel free to drop me an email at andreaportale@gmail.com
by specifying "Fantasy Online FAQ" into the subject (this is important, 
otherwise I may ignore your message).

Also, if you happen to play the game, my character's name in FO is Bango. Feel 
free to say "Hi!" if you happen to see me there ;)

*                              #1. Introduction                               *

Fantasy Online (later referred to as FO) is a free to play, online Flash-based
multiplayer RPG developed by Pixelated Games. The game is currently in Open
Beta, meaning it is still undergoing heavy development and some of its features
could still be incomplete or affected by bugs.

In FO, you create and control a hero (your character). You fight monsters,
complete quests and explore the world of FO in order to gain experience and
grow in power. The game has 8-bit style graphics, humor, user generated 
content, micro-transactions (used to buy an in-game currency which allows you 
to buy exclusive items and unlock special zones and features), a mining and 
crafting system (work in progress), with many more features still in 
development to be soon released.

FO also features a very nice, active and growing community =D So feel free to 
join in!

You can play FO by visiting the following websites.

   - http://apps.facebook.com/fantasyonline/
   You can play FO on Facebook. This is recommended, as some additional 
   features are available to Facebook players only.

   - http://www.kongregate.com
   FO is available to kongregate users as well.

   - http://www.fantasy-mmorpg.com (FO's official website)
   You can of course play FO on the official game's website too!

*                                   #2. FAQ                                   *

This is where Frequently Asked Questions will get their answers. Some of these 
Questions and pertinent Answers have been gathered from 


   [Q] Who develops Fantasy Online?

   [A] Gamer controls the server, programming and coding, Lucky produces 
       sprites and graphics, Lori creates all the item descriptions and NPC 
       speech. Some of the game content is contributed by the community 


   [Q] Is it free?

   [A] Yes, Fantasy Online is free to play. However, the game does feature
       Gems, which can be purchased with real money or by other means.


   [Q] What are Gems and what are they for?

   [A] Gems are a virtual-currency specific to FO. They can be used in-game
       to purchase premium items, like extra Bags, XP Potions, powerful and 
       cool Equipment or to unlock additional game features.
   [Q] How do I get Gems? (suggested by boshed)
   [A] There are many ways to obtain Gems, both by purchasing with real 
       money and for free.
       - You will get 1 free Gem every time your character gains a new level,
       up to level 11 (totaling 10 free Gems).
       - You can buy Gems with Gold Coins from other players by purchasing 
       Gem Notes on the Player-run Market, in-game.
       Depending on which website you play FO, several ways to buy Gems 
       will be available to you.
       - On Facebook, you can purchase Gems with Credits (You can obtain
       Facebook Credits by paying real money or by completing free offers).
       - On Kongregate, you can purchase Gems with Kreds (You can obtain
       Kongregate Kreds by paying real money or by completing free offers).
       - On Fantasy Online official website, you can purchase Gems directly
       (by paying real money or completing free offers).
       In addition to this, Content Creators whose work get added to the 
       game and community members who prove to accomplish tasks useful to 
       the growth of FO usually are awarded a generous Gems reward for 
       their efforts. Find out more on this by visiting the game's forums 
       or by following @fantasyonline on Twitter!


   [Q] I experienced a bug! What should I do?

   [A] Go to the official forums and post a new thread to the Bugs section.
       Please use a relevant title, and explain in detail what happened 
       when the bug occurred. Provide screenshots where needed.


   [Q] Can I change my character's look?

   [A] Yes, go to the Cosmetic Surgery NPC to be found in Hubtown and other
       towns throughout the game. You will be able to change your 
       character's appearance by paying 10 Gems.


   [Q] Where can I buy and sell items?

   [A] At any NPC Shop. Use Shift + Click to sell your stuff at the Shop.


   [Q] How can I change where I put my stat points?

   [A] In your Character & Inventory Windows, use the "Reset Skill Points"
       button. You will need to pay 10 Gems to reset your skill points.


   [Q] Can I change my character's name?

   [A] Nope, you can't change your character's name. Choose it wisely.


- #2.1. Useful Links and Resources -

FO is in Open Beta, so it is still ever changing, with new features being added 
as time passes. Since I've just started writing this FAQ, chances are some of 
the things you may be looking for won't be found on this guide.

Fear not! As there's a couple useful places you can visit to gather additional
knowledge about the game.

   - http://www.fantasy-mmorpg.com/forums/
   Home of FO official forums, where you can meet the game's community and 
   find more about FO development, discuss the game and more. You will first 
   need to create a game's account to post on the boards. You don't need to log
   in with an existing account to read the forums though.

   - http://twitter.com/#!/fantasyonline
   The game's official Twitter, where the most up-to-date development info,  
   tidbits and random talks are being released.

   - http://www.fo-wiki.com
   FO community fan-site. Featuring a users-maintained database, regularly 
   updated with game's maps and detailed data about items, monsters, skills, 
   NPCs and much more.

If you still can't find an answer fitting your needs, feel free to ask fellow 
players through the game's built-in chat.

*                          #3. Basics and Controls                            *

- #3.1. Registering and Choosing your Character's Name -

Depending on what website you play the game, you will need to take a few 
steps to start playing FO. Also, when choosing which site to play FO at, you 
may want to consider your choice will determine if you'll be awarded special 
and unique rewards while playing and if you'll be able to access exclusive 
game's features.

The recommended choice is to play FO on Facebook.

Once you've completed the registration process you won't have to repeat it ever
again, unless you do want to create a new one.

~ #3.1.1. Playing on Facebook ~

You will need an active Facebook account. Registering on Facebook won't be 
covered by this FAQ.

Visit http://apps.facebook.com/fantasyonline/
You will need to allow the game to access basic information about you and to 
be able to post on your Facebook profile's wall to be able to play.

You will be asked to choose a name for your newly created character. Choose it
wisely as this is the name that will be showed to other players while playing 
the game. This will act as the username for your game's account, which you will
have to log in with if you want to post on the game's official forums.

Also, you should be well aware that you can't change your character's name at 
a later time (a name-change feature "could" be implemented, eventually), so 
just be sure to not choose a dumb name you could regret in the future.

Valid characters for your name of choice only include letters (both UPPER and
lower case) and numbers. Your character's name cannot be too long. Note that
the game won't accept a name which includes characters other than
alphanumerical or which is too long, and it won't notify you of any error when
that happens.

The game will notify you if the name you typed-in is already taken. You will 
have to try with a different one if that comes to happen.

Once you successfully registered your character's name, you won't have to type
it in again to play the game, as the auto log-in feature will handle this for 

Now on to the special features reserved to Facebook players.

|* # Your Fellowship *|

The main purpose of growing your Fellowship is to obtain "free UBER rewards".
Very powerful items, in other words.

To grow your Fellowship you have to send fellowship requests to your Facebook
friends by clicking on the "Add Friend" button under the game's screen on
Facebook. As soon as your friends (or you) accept a fellowship request on the
Games page on Facebook, your Fellowship will grow by one.

In addition to this, a Fellowship Members Count and a small list of the highest
level members of your Fellowship will be displayed under Fo's game screen on

Rewards will be delivered to you in-game (you'll find them in your mail box) as
soon as your Fellowship Members Count hits certain goal numbers.

The Rewards and number of Members in your Fellowship you need to get them are
as follow:

   - Fellowship Card, 10 Members
   - Premium Fellowship Card, 20 Members
   - Fellowship of the Ring, 50 Members
   - Fellowship Bracelet, 100 Members
   - The One Ring, 200 Members
Additional UBER Rewards obtainable by growing up your Fellowship even more may
be added in the future.

|* # Free Gifts *|

While playing on Facebook, you will be able to send free gifts and requests to
your friend.

The Gifts & Requests Window will open up every time you log-in to a server. You 
can also open the Gifts & Requests window by clicking on the "Free Gifts"
button at the top of the game's screen.

You (or your friends) will have to accept gifts and requests on your Games page
on Facebook first in order for the item to be successfully delivered.

Items you can gift and request on Facebook: Tiny Rest Boost, Scroll of FB
Status, Cake, Noob Island Map, Small Health Potion, Small Energy Potion, Gold
Skull Chunk.

|* # Hidden Treasure Chests *|

While playing on Facebook and looting your enemies' corpses, you'll have a
chance to find a Hidden Treasure Chest.

When this happens, a "Share Treasure" button will be displayed in the Loot
Window. By clicking on it, the Hidden Treasure Chest will be posted on your
Facebook Profile's Wall for your Friends to open.

You're not allowed to open Chests you post on your wall, so you'll have to open
the ones posted by your Friends. Those are displayed on your Friends' Walls and
on your Games page on Facebook.

Also, you can only open a max of 5 Hidden Treasure Chests a day. If you hit the
limit, try again the day after.

When opening a Hidden Treasure Chest a message will show up:
   - The Chest is Already Gone: Someone already opened that chest.
   - The Chest was Empty: nothing was contained into that chest.
   - You Found Coins: a random Gold Coins reward will be delivered to your 
     in- game mail.
   - You Found a Olive Branch: a random Olive Branch will be delivered to your
     in-game mail. 4 different kinds of Olive Branches can be found, each one
     boosting one of your character's stats when equipped. Those are Olive 
     Branch of Health, Olive Branch of Strength, Olive Branch of Speed and 
     Olive Branch of Mind.
   - You Found Gems: 5 Gems will be delivered to your in-game mail.
   - Bad Treasure: this may happen at times, meaning some sort of bug happened.
   - You can Only Loot 5 a Day: you already hit the max of 5 Hidden Treasure
     Chests you can open each day.
Be aware that if the Chest was posted by someone who has lots of friends
playing FO it will likely be opened up by someone in no time. In a matter of
seconds at worst, so don't get frustrated it seems you can't open a chest which
isn't gone away already. Rather, just ask some of your friends to alert you as
soon as they're going to share a Chest and be ready to refresh your Games page
quickly to be able to successfully get your Hidden Treasure Chest Reward.

|* # Other Facebook Rewards *|

This is a list of additional Rewards you can get by accomplishing different
tasks while playing FO on Facebook.

   - FO Baseball Cap, Like the Facebook Fantasy Online Page.
   - Email, grant the FO Application permission to send emails to the email 
     address linked to your Facebook account.
   - Facebook Exclusive T, received as a gift if you spend 40 Facebook Credits 
     to purchase 50 Gems.
   - Facebooker Cap, received as a gift if you spend 80 Facebook Credits 
     to purchase 100 Gems. You will get a free Facebook Exclusive T as well.
   - Blue Bandana, received as a gift if you spend 150 Facebook Credits 
     to purchase 200 Gems. You will get a free Facebook Exclusive T and 
     Facebooker Cap as well.

~ #3.1.2. Playing on Kongregate ~

Coming soon.

Items you can earn by playing on Kongregate:
   Coming soon.

~ #3.1.3. Playing on FO official site ~

Coming soon.

* #3.2. Choosing a Server *

After you log-in to the game, you will have to choose which server to play in.
FO is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG), many players can play together 
into the same persistent world at once.

Your character still is the same on all servers!

The game will present you with a drop-down list containing all the available 
servers. Servers are identified by a number (usually from 1 to 10). Also, the 
current player's count for each server is shown in parenthesis.
This goes as follows:

   - Medium
   Not so many players are currently playing on this server. You won't probably
   meet a whole lot of other players. You should not notice any lag by playing 
   on this one.

   - High
   A high number of player currently playing. You're likely to meet lots of
   other players while playing the game. Lag could happen, but it usually isn't
   noticeable to a point the game experience is compromised.

   - Very High
   Huge numbers of players are currently crowding this server. You'll meet lots
   of people in most of the game's zones. Lag may reach uncomfortable heights.

   - Recommended
   The number of players on this server is so that we believe your game 
   experience will be just right if you play here.

Choose the server you wish to play in and press the "Play Now!" button to 
connect to the game.

Note: If you're not able to log in to any server, chances are the game's 
currently down for maintenance. If that's the case, just try again later or 
visit either the forums or FO Twitter account to find out what's up.

Note: Some web browsers could store which server you choose and store this 
choice into their cache. If you find the game automatically connects to a 
server which you don't want to play in, just try to refresh the page or clear 
your web browser's cache, then try again.

* #3.3. Choosing your Character's Look *

The first time you log-in with your newly created character's account, you will
have to choose how he/she looks by choosing a combination among the available 
Hair, Head (eyes) and body (skin color) styles.

You can select the wished styles by using the controls on the left, a 
character's preview is shown on the right (isn't it cute? ^_^).

You can rotate the character's preview by clicking on the "L" and "R" buttons.
If you want the game to choose a randomly generated look for your character you 
can click the "Random" button (you can do so how many times you want).

Once you're happy with the result just click on the "Wow, it looks just like 
me!" button and you will find yourself right into the world of FO.

If you don't want to wait any longer, just jump to the Walkthrough section, as 
I'll now take some more time to go through the game's controls, user interface, 
and some basic concepts.

* #3.4. User Interface *

The User Interface for the game is simple and functional at the same time.

At the Top-Left you can find a box displaying basic info about your character.
It shows:
   - Your Character's Name
   - Your current location in the game's world (displayed in x.y format)
   - Your character's level
   - Your Health Bar (HP), when it reaches 0 you die and are taken to 
     the nearest graveyard. You will also have to wait 30 seconds before being 
     able to act again. No other penalties are inflicted upon death in FO.
   - Your Energy Bar (Energy), energy points are needed to cast skills.
   - A portrait of your character.
   - If you join a guild later in the game, your guild's name will be displayed
     here as well.

At the Top-Right can be found various icons, each of which will open up a 
different window. All of the windows can be closed by clicking on the small "x"
button (at the top-right of the window), or by clicking again on the 
respective icon. You can open/close the interface windows be the use of the 
right hot-key too.

I will now briefly illustrate all of the interface windows,
in order.

- Character & Equipment Window (hot-key "C")

Displays detailed info about your character and the items he or she is
currently equipped with. This is the windows you go to to assign the skill 
point you're awarded with by gaining experience and leveling up (more on this

At the left-side, a picture of your character is shown, surrounded by items 
slot. Slots go as follows:
   - Head Slot (helms, caps and other items like that)
   - Face Slot (glasses, masks and the like)
   - Body Slot (armors, robes, etc.)
   - Legs Slot (pants and so on)
   - Weapon Slot (simple enough)
   - Hand Slot (for shields. You can't equip shields or other off-hand items 
     while wielding two-handed weapons)
   - 2x Ring Slots (you guess it)
   - 2x Item Slots (trinkets and other tiny items are usually equipped into

When you want to equip a piece of equipment, you drag the item from your 
inventory to the according slot. Alternatively, you can equip/remove items by 
double-clicking on a item's icon in your inventory or the Character & Equipment

At the right-side, your character's stats are shown. Those are: 

   - Stamina (STR). Gives you more HPs and Armor.
   - Strength (STR). Adds to your Health regen and make you deal more damage 
     when using certain weapons.
   - Agility (AGI). Adds to your Critical chance, Dodge Chance and make you 
     deal more damage when using certain weapons. It also adds to your Health
     regen, even if the tool tip doesn't state so.
   - Intellect (INT). Gives you more Energy Points and make you deal more 
     damage when using certain weapons.

You have 20 points in every Stat as you start a new character. More info on how
exactly Stats work later in this FAQ.

Also, if you have Skill Points you can spend to raise your Stats, those will be 
displayed here as well. To spend a point onto a given Stat, click on the 
according little "+" button next to it.

The only way for you to reset your Stats (meaning, to change how many Skill 
Points you put in each stat) is to pay 10 Gems (the game's virtual-cash 
currency), so choose wisely how to distribute your Skill Points.
If you wish to reset your Skill Points, click on the "Reset Skill Points" 

At the bottom of this Window you can find your Battle Stats. These stats are 
calculated by the game depending on your Stats and Equipment. Those are:

   - Armor (DEF). The more armor you have, the less damage you take when hit by
     a monster. Equipment, Stamina and Buffs can add to your Armor score.
   - Damage (dmg, shown as min-max damage in this Window). This is how much 
     damage one of your hits will inflict when you're fighting a monster. 
     The higher the Damage values, the more damage you will deal to monsters. 
     Better weapons feature better damage.
     Note: Be aware that the values shown in this Window are incorrect! 
     Take the damage values as a indicator of how much you will hit for, the 
     actual damage will deal will differ. This will get fixed soon, 
   - ATK Power. The more ATK Power, the more damage you will deal to monsters. 
     This value only depends on your Stats. Which Stat is used to calculate
     your AP depends on the kind of weapons you use.
     If you use a STR weapon (like a sword), your STR rating will be used.
     If you use a AGI weapon (like a bow), your AGI rating will be used.
     If you use a INT weapon (like a wand), your INT rating will be used.
     Equipment, Stamina and Buffs can add to your ATK Power rating.

   - ATK Speed (AS). The attack speed of your weapon. Meaning, how many hits 
     you will swing in a given amount of time. The lower the ATK Speed, the 
     faster the weapon's speed. Faster weapons will usually score lower damage
     on a successful hit, slower weapons will score higher damage.
     ATK Speed is a property of the weapon you've equipped with.
   - Crit %. The chance you have to score a Critical Hit. Critical Hits deal 
     double your normal hits damage. Your AGI Stat adds to your Crit chance, as
     well as some Buffs.

   - Dodge %. The chance you have to dodge an enemy's hit. If you dodge an 
     attack, you will take no damage, regardless of how strong the attack was.
     Your AGI Stat adds to your Dodge chance.

- Skill Book Window (hot-key "S")

This Window shows the skills you've learned through the course of the game.
You start the game with 2 learnt skills only: "Sucker Punch" (which deals a
little bit of damage to an enemy) and "Lick Your Wounds" (heals you or another
player, restoring a few HPs).

To be able to use a skill, you first have to drag it from the Skill Book Window
to your character's Skills Hotbar (located at the bottom of the game's screen).
Your first two skills can already be found in your Skills Hotbar when you start
a new character. Of course you will need to have enough Energy Points to cast 
the skill, as well as meeting any other Stats and Level Requirements.

New and more powerful skills can usually be purchased at NPC Skills-Shops, 
located in various areas of the game. More on Skills to be covered later in 
this FAQ.

- Quest Log Window (Hotkey "Q")

Quests you can complete, their current status and info are shown in this 

To complete a quest, you will first have to talk to the right NPC. Quests 
usually earn you Gold Coins and Experience (and sometimes item rewards too) 
upon completion. Some quests have a level requirement to be met before you 
can take them, or need you to complete some other quest in advance.

More detailed info about quests later in this FAQ.

- Friends Window (Hotkey "F")

Your friends and respective status (online or offline) are shown in this 
window. Some useful chat commands are shown in this Window too.

- Gem Shop Window (Hotkey "G")

This is where you can purchase special, exclusive and powerful (or just cool) 
items by spending Gems. Gems are a virtual-cash currency in FO, used to buy
items which are usually more powerful than those you normally find while 
playing the game. Gems can be used to unlock some areas and other special 
features in FO. You get 10 free gems while playing the game (1 free gem every 
time you level up, till you reach level 11).

Most of the Gem items from the Gem Shop can still be purchased at the in-game 
(player-run) Market for regular Gold Coins (the currency you normally earn by 
killing monsters and completing quests). Simply put, you can still get the most 
powerful items in the game by hard work alone, if you don't want (or can't) pay
real money to purchase Gems.

More info about the Market, Gems and how to purchase or earn (for free!) more 
of them later in this FAQ.

- Map Window (Hotkey "M")

This window shows a map of the area you're currently in. You first have to buy 
 (for Gold Coins) a map for any given game's area at a NPC store before being 
able to display it in this Window.

- Mail Window (Hotkey "I")

This Windows stores all mails sent to you. The game lacks a "proper" mailing 
system, meaning you're not allowed to write and sent proper text mails to other
players. Yet, the game sends you mail to notify you when you buy items at the 
Players' Market (the purchased item will actually be contained in the mail) or 
when a Item of yours being put into the Player's Market for sale (a Listing) 
has been sold (the notification mail actually containing the earned sum of Gold
Coins for you).

The very first mail the game will send to you, and one you may want to take 
note of is the one containing your character's account password. You will find 
your password into the Mail Window as soon as you start playing.

You won't probably need the password to play the game, if you play at some 
websites (ie, if you play on Facebook). You will need your password, along your 
character's name (which acts as your FO account's username), to log-in and post
on the official FO website (http://www.fantasy-mmorpg.com) and the fan-site

You will need your character's name and password if you want to play with your 
(created on another website) character while at the game's official website.

Also, be aware mails will automatically be deleted after a set amount of 
time (10 days after they're sent to you), so be sure to check your Mail Window
regularly to avoid losing Gold or valuable Items, as you won't be able to get 
your deleted mails back.

- Help Window (Hotkey "H")

Contains useful info about the game's User Interface and Basics.

- Log Out Button

Logs out your character, leaving the game server.

Some other very important elements of FO User Interface are located at the 
Bottom of the game's screen.

- The XP Bar

Shows you how much experience you've earned and how far you are from earning a
new Level UP. You earn experience upon defeating monsters, completing quests 
and undertaking other tasks throughout the course of the game.

As soon as your XP bar fills-up, reaching 100%, your character earns a new 
Level (Leveling UP). Every time your character levels up, he grows in power. 
His HP and Energy Points are increased and you earn 2 additional Skill Points 
you can spend to increase your character's Stats. In addition to this, upon 
reaching higher levels, your character will be able to learn more powerful 
Skills, equip better Items, access higher level game's areas and more.

- Rest Status
Represented by a funny emoticon-like face and a % value. This shows how much 
your character is rested. Every time your character earns Experience Points 
(ie, by killing monsters or completing a quest) the Rest Status is lowered 
accordingly. The different Rest Statuses and their effect are these:

   - 0% Rest. Exhausted
   You will get normal experience and gold.
   - from 1% to 49%. Tired.
   You will get Double XP when Tired.

   - from 50% to 100%. Rested.
   You will get triple XP, more gold and a greater chance of finding loot when 
   defeating enemies.

If your Rest Status is below 100%, you will slowly regain rest (1% gained every
5 minutes). A counter next to your Rest Status will show how much time is left 
for your character to gain more rest.

You will also get fully rested after 8 hours not playing the game. You can also
buy special potions for gems (or for gold, at the Player's Market), to regen 
more rest more quickly.

Even if the Rest Statuses description doesn't put it very clearly, you will get
very little XP, gold and loot when not Rested. Also, your Rest Status will
affect how much XP and Gold you will earn by completing Quests.
So, as a general advice, you do not want to grind for XP, gold and items when 
you're Tired or, worse, Exhausted.

- Skills Hotbar

Displaying the Skills you've currently selected for use. Remember you can't 
cast Skills directly from your Skills Book, you will first have to drag Skills 
to your Skills Hotbar.

Note: as I'm writing this, you can't drag a Skill from your Skill Book onto an
existing Skill in your Skills Hotbar to replace it, as this won't work
(probably a bug).

To remove a Skill from your Skills Hotbar, drag it anywhere on the game's
screen and it will be removed from the Hotbar.

To use a Skill, you will first have to select an enemy or another player by 
clicking on it. A red marker will appear under a selected enemy, while a blue 
one will appear under a selected player (in addiction to this, a Box will 
appear next to your Character's one, showing you what is that you selected)

To use a Skill you either click on the Skill's icon in the Skills  Hotbar or 
press the according hot-key on your keyboard (hotkeys for Skills go from 1 to
9, the hot-key being displayed over the Skill's icon).

You will of course need the required Energy Points and have to meet every other
Skill's requirement for you to be able to cast the Skill.

You can purchase more Skills at the various NPC Skills-Shops to be found 
throughout the game's world.

- Bags

This is your Inventory, where items you carry around are being stored. You can 
open and close your bags by clicking on their icons.
Your main bag is the Backpack (Hotkey "B"), which is made up of a 4x4 grid of 
item slots, meaning you start the game with an inventory of 16 slots total.

You can purchase additional bags, small and medium sized, at the Gem Shop (for 
Gems) or, on occasions, at the Player's Market (for Gold Coins).

You can carry along 4 bags, regardless of their size, at a time.

- Your Gold Coins and Gems

Last are shown how many Gold Coins and Gems you have.

Gold (Gold Coins) is the currency you earn by defeating and looting enemies, 
by completing Quests by undertaking other tasks while playing the game. You can 
earn Gold by selling loot (the items you find when looting a enemy's corpse) 
at NPC-Stores or by selling goods to other players at the Player's Market.

You will need Gold to purchase items and Skills at NPC-Stores, as well as to 
purchase goods from other players at the Player's Market. Some other things in 
the game can only be accomplished by spending Gold too, like creating a new 
Guild and having a Blacksmith NPC smelt the Ores you find through mining.

As you play the game further, reach higher levels and battle more powerful 
monsters, you will notice you can earn quite a bit of Gold. Even more quickly, 
you will realize Gold runs out even faster as you buy more powerful Equipment 
and Skills, especially if your aim is to buy the best and coolest items at
Player's Market (where prices for the best goods go up and down with the 

Gems are a virtual-currency unique to FO. Gems can be spent to buy powerful 
Items and Skills at the game's Gem Shop or other special NPC Stores. Sometimes 
you can purchase additional, exclusive features by spending Gems. As an
example, you can purchase additional storage (Banking service) for 40 Gems,
granting you the huge amount of over a hundred additional Item Slots for all of
your storage needs. In addition of this, a few exclusive and elite, areas of
the game can be accessed only by paying a Gem fee (needed one time only, after 
which you can access the area indefinitely).

You're awarded your very first  free 10 gems upon getting your character to 
level 11 while playing the game. Additional Gems can be purchased with real 
money or by completing Free Offers. This process varies depending on which 
website you play the game at.

For instance, if you play on Facebook, you can purchase Gems using Credits 
(which are Facebook's own virtual-currency). You can complete Free Offers on 
Facebook to get Credits for free (which you can then use to buy Gems), or you 
can just choose to buy Facebook Credits with real money, if you wish so.

Some FO players do sell Gems for gold though (in the form of Gem Notes), at the
Player's Market. That means you can still avoid to use real money or complete 
offers, allowing you to trade your Gold Coins for Gems, although doing so 
usually means you are likely to spend a good sum of Gold to buy a small amount 
of Gems. Yeah, that's life guys.

You can still play the game without having to buy Gems or spend real money, 
the game is not forcing you to buy Gems to enjoy it.

*                         #4. Game's Setting & Story                          *

FO doesn't really feature proper, rich and immersive lore and story. It is 
rather humor-filled (which shines through the game's old-style, 8-bit alike, 
pixelated and cartoon-ish graphics and the in-game NPC speech and item's and 
skill's descriptions).
References to modern video-games and pop culture do abound.

The main story line in FO revolves around the vicious organization known as 
"The Evil Army", made up for the most part of skeletons and undeads of various
species, trying to take over the game's world.

The player, by the mean of his hero character, explores the world, helping out 
various NPCs in their rather hilarious daily tasks (ie, helping a Farmer to 
"farm" his crop of living, blood-thirsty tomatoes) and slowly uncovers what's 
going on in the game's areas.

As the game progresses, new friendly faces and cunning enemies alike are met, 
leading to a never-ending (as the game continues being developed, with new 
content being added over time) and fun grinding and questing experience through
this cute and hilariously absurd world.

*                              #5. Walkthrough                                *

In this section, I will take you through the whole game.

As previously stated, FO is still in Open Beta. The game is receiving content 
updates, in the form of new areas (complete with new Quests, NPCs, Monsters, 
Skills and Items) and features on a regular basis. As an example, Guilds, 
Mining and Crafting only recently got implemented into the game.

What this means is I won't be able to write down a complete, definitive 
Walkthrough for the game. I will just take you through all of the content which 
is currently available. I'll try and continue to add more as new content is 
being released during the game's development.

The game currently features 6 different areas, meant for characters of 
progressively higher level:

   - Noob Island (The Game's Starting area).
   - Crab Coast
   - Pirate Shores
   - Cave of Some Return (available after a Gems purchase only)
   - Swamp Grotto
   - Mirabella Cove

In addition to this, a special free to play Halloween-themed area (featuring 
new monsters and items) was made playable for a limited time only. The area is 
supposed to make a return sometime around Halloween every year.

* #5.0. Useful things to know *
Before you jump straight into adventure, there are a few useful things you
should be aware of in order to make your FO journey much more enjoyable.

Of course feel free to skip over this section if you aren't new to the game,
since I'm going to assume you know nothing about how to play FO in this
section. By the way, chances are you may still find something useful to you
even if you're not a complete noob, so it's up to you ;)
~ #5.0.1. Building your Character ~
   First, let's talk about how to grow your character.
   In FO the strengths and capabilities of your character are not determined by
   picking one among a set number of Player Classes, unlike many RPG games.
   Rather, as you gain Experience and hit higher Levels, you'll be awarded 
   Skill Points you can spend to increase your character's Stats. You will
   start the game with 2 Skill Points to spend on the Stats of your choice.
   As I mentioned already, raising your Stats will have various effects on your
   character. I won't go into the nitty gritty details and the numbers involved
   with Stats raising here. You will find that kind of info in the "Your 
   Character" section, later in this FAQ.
   So, how do you determine how you should spend your Skill Points? Well, it
   largely depends on what kind of character you would like to play. Also, your
   Skill Points distribution (together with your Skills selection and 
   Equipment) is called a Build (since it effectively determines how you've 
   built your character). You can find out more about Builds later in this FAQ.
   If you want your character to look and play like a Warrior, meaning you will
   prefer melee combat over anything else, the Stat you really want to be 
   focused on is going to be STR.
   STR increases the damage you do while using most melee weapons. Equipment
   which caters to Warriors are designed to deal more damage and giving your
   character the most Armor, making your character able to absorb more damage.
   The Skills you will be able to use are going to be mainly focused on those
   two aspects, making you deal even more damage and further raising your Armor
   If you want to be the kind of cunning fighter who prefers to deal high
   damage before the enemy has a chance to do so himself, but who can't really
   stand a close-quarters fight for a prolonged time, you will probably want to
   play an Archer (other games call this kind of character a Rogue). In this 
   case, your main Stat is going to be AGI.
   AGI characters don't relay on Armor as much as a Warrior does, although more
   of it will of course help you stay alive longer.
   Whether you choose to use Bows rather than one of the few melee weapons
   available to this kind of characters, AGI will add up to both your Crit % 
   and Dodge %, so your best strategy will be taking down enemies with 
   only a few powerful (and lucky!) hits while taking the least incoming 
   damage. AGI Skills' mainly focus on dealing severe damage to your enemies 
   and giving you a higher chance to score a powerful Critical Hit.
   If you want to play a Mage which relies on Spells for taking down his foes
   and keep himself alive, the Stat of your Choice is going to be INT.
   Mages' high INT not only makes them able to deal a higher damage while using
   wands and staffs designed for them, but also adds up to their Energy Points,
   meaning they will have a greater source of power to draw from to be able to
   cast their Spells for a prolonged lapse of time.
   Mages can often use Armors and other Defensive Equipment usually catered to
   Warriors for added Armor if they need it, but Equipment specially tailored 
   for them focus on making their INT even higher. Regardless, a INT 
   character's best tool to keep themselves alive is their ability to 
   replenish their HP by using Healing Skills.
   Skills which require INT to be used revolve around dealing high damage,
   restoring HP and making people regenerate Energy Points more quickly.
   STA is a Stat useful to all kind of characters. More STA gives you
   additional HP and Armor, allowing your character to take more hits, 
   basically making him tougher. You will need a higher STA to be able to equip 
   powerful defensive items. A few weapons also have a STA requirement.
   However, STA isn't really the Stat you want to focus heavily on. The
   inherent bonus to Armor you gain by putting Skill Points into STA is only
   little when compared to that you get when equipping your character with
   stronger Armors and defensive items. You may still want to spend a few more
   points on STA if you find a hard time surviving battles though.
   Of course these are only guidelines, feel free to develop your character
   however you see fit. It is YOUR character after all. Refer to the Builds
   section later in this FAQ if you want to know more about different ways to
   spend your Skill Points to achieve different results and fulfill certain 
   It is still important you have at least a vague idea about what kind of
   character you want to play, as once you've spent your Skill Points you won't 
   be able to change your mind freely. You can reset the Skill Points you 
   earned and spend them in a different way in the Character & Equipment 
   Window, but only by paying 10 Gems.
~ #5.0.2. Items, Equipment and Over-Equipping ~
   The other important factor in how you build your character, Equipment (both
   weapons and other items you can wear), usually come with Stats Requirements 
   you need to fulfill in order for you to equip your character with.
   An important thing regarding Weapons is that the amount of damage you deal
   in combat is influenced by a specific Stat, depending on the Weapon's Stats
   Requirements (this is reflected by the ATK Power rating in your Character &
   Equipment Window).
   If you're confused, just look at the weapon's description by hovering over
   its Icon: the Stat which features the Highest Stat Requirement is the one 
   which adds up to the damage when using that weapon (this is called the Main 
   Stat, so you get STR Weapons, AGI weapons and INT Weapons accordingly. If a 
   weapons doesn't feature any Stat Requirement, the highest among your Stats 
   will be used instead (this is true for a few weapons only).
   Melee weapons such as Swords, Axes, Hammers and a few other are usually STR
   Ranged Weapons such as Bows and a few melee weapons (some Swords and
   Polearms) are AGI weapons.
   Magical weapons such as Wands and some Staves are INT weapons.
   The last very important thing to know about Equipment regards a concept
   known as Over Equipping. The idea behind it is that "you only need to meet
   the Stat requirements of a given Item to equip it, not to use it".
   I guess this will become much clearer as you play the game and mess a bit
   around with your equipment, but here's a simple example.
   Suppose you found a Body Armor which requires 30 STA to be equipped, but
   your character only has 28 STA, so you're not able to equip it until you 
   raise your STA further. But, if you have another item which grants you a +2 
   or higher STA bonus, say a Small Ring of Endurance, what you can do is the 
      - first equip your character with the Ring of Endurance.
      - the ring grants +2 to your STA, so your total STA sums up to 30.
      - you're now able to equip the Armor, since you've fulfilled its
   Here comes the important part:
      - you're free to take the Small Ring of Endurance away, and so equip a
        different ring in its place
   Since you've already equipped yourself with the Armor, it doesn't matter if
   you don't meet its Stats Requirements AFTER you've equipped it, you will 
   still be wearing it and be granted its properties (unless of course, you 
   unequip the Armor).
~ #5.0.3. Skills and using Buffs properly ~
   Other than Equipment, Skills is what really determines "what's your style".
   Skills are a way for you to put to practical use your Energy Points. By 
   using Skills you can deal additional damage to enemies, heal HP you've lost 
   while fighting and make yourself more powerful in several ways for a limited 
   time by the use of Buffs.
   Buffs are a very important concept in FO and will help you greatly at at
   taking your enemies down and keep yourself alive longer. A Buff Skill is a
   Skill you cast once and whose effects remain active on your character as 
   long as a set amount of time is not yet elapsed.
   Active Buffs are displayed by their respective icons under your Character's
   Box at the Top-Left corner of the game's screen. Your character can only 
   have a max of five active buffs being casted on himself at any given time. 
   Other Buffs being casted on him won't sort any effect as long as one of your 
   Active Buffs had not run out (or you cancelled it yourself by 
   double-clicking on its icon).
   If you want your character to be as effective as possible, be sure to have
   your best Buffs being cast on him at all times. Take notice that you are
   allowed to have multiple Buffs at the same time AS LONG AS YOU CAST 
   DIFFERENT RANKS OF THOSE. Casting the same exact Buff (same Skill, same 
   Rank) on your character or on another's which have that Buff already Active 
   will simply replenish its full time duration.
   A popular thing which players do to make their characters more effective in
   combat, and take on enemies they would otherwise have a harder time 
   fighting, is to KINDLY ask higher level players to cast their (much more 
   powerful) buffs on them.
~ #5.0.4. Joining a Party is good ~
   Another wise choice, if you're experiencing a hard time in the game or if
   you simply want to have fun with friends, is to Party Up with other players 
   on the server. You can have a Party of up to 3 people.
   While in a party, the XP and Gold Coins reward you gain by killing enemies
   and looting their corpses will be evenly distributed between the Party 
   The faster player to click on a corpse will still be able to take the chance
   to get any item in the loot though. It is very impolite to try and grab all 
   of the loot you find for yourself at the other Party Members' expense, so be 
   sure to leave your companions their fair share of the loot and ask them if 
   their in need for a specific item of some value you're to find. Partying up 
   is about having fun and collaboration, so don't be mean.
Whoa, that was some fairly long list of hints and advices. Hope it'll help you
out in your adventure. Prepare yourself, as you'll now be entering the funny
world of FO!
* #5.1. Noob Island *

Noob Island is a grassy, green island. The Island used to be a nice and lovely 
place to live in, until recently the Evil Army moved to take over its helpless

- Monsters to be found in this Area: Scarecrab, Soft Shelled Crab, Turniphead, 
Pumpkinhead, Dwarf Skele, Skele, Armed Skele, Angry Skele, Smallish Skele, 
Intern of Evil, Recruit of Evil, Giant Skele, Evil Swordsman, Evil Guard, Evil 

~ #5.1.1. Getting yourself acquainted with the game (Your first Quest) ~

As soon as you start the game you will find yourself on the South-Western shore
of Noob Island, completely naked and armed with only a pointy stick.

Fisherman Gorton will immediately talk to you, instructing on the basics of 
fighting and giving out to you your very first quest in the world of FO (Take 
the Hay out of it). All you'll have to do is to take down one of the harmless 
Scarecrabs (yes, you get Scarecrabs in place of Scarecrows in FO, just so you
immediately get a feel of the game right from the start ^_^).

Let's take some of the game's basics out. To move around the map, just click on 
the spot you wish your character to move to. You will notice your mouse typical
mouse pointer is a nice blue arrow. If the cursor happens to change to a blue 
arrow which has a red bar over it, it means you're pointing over a spot your 
character cannot currently get to.

There's no path-finding algorithm in FO, so you will have to manually instruct 
your character to move around obstacles, as he will always try to move on a 
straight line. Some regions of the map are simply unreachable, so just look 
around, and don't get mad if you find you're not able to go somewhere, chances 
are you simply can't.

Select one of the nearby Scarecrabs by clicking on it once. A red circle will 
appear under it. If you hover the Scarecrab, you will notice the cursor has 
changed to a Red Sword: this means you will begin to attack the enemy if you 
click again on it.

Click onto the selected Scarecrab again. You shall immediately notice a line 
going from your character to the enemy has appeared. That means you're actively
engaging the enemy and your character will immediately start pounding on him as 
soon as he's sufficiently close to do so.

You start the game with a melee weapon (pointy stick). Yeah, I know it sucks, 
you will find better weapons and equipment along the way. What's important is, 
as you're wielding a melee weapon, your character will automatically walk up 
at the enemy's location as soon as you tell him to attack it. The line will 
turn from grey (too far to attack) to red (close enough to attack).

The Scarecrab is harmless and silly, so it won't fight you back. Other kinds of
enemies in the game will not attack you unless you do so first (know as 
Peaceful monsters). Others, more dangerous monsters will chase and try to beat 
the crap out you to the best of their capability. Fear not, as monsters in this
area are generally little if at all dangerous, given enough caution is being 

Once the Scarecrab's health reaches 0 it is done, you will earn a bit of XP 
(killing a Scarecrab will earn you 50 XP) and its corpse (if what remains 
of a whacked down Scarecrab can be called a corpse) will fall on the ground.

Click on the Scarecrab's corpse to loot it. By doing so, you will gain some 
gold coins. Scarecrabs do not carry around any items for you to loot, but you 
may have a chance of finding some valuable items (weapons, potions, equipment 
or junk only good to be sold for some gold coins).

Try to always loot the corpses of enemies you take down, as corpses quickly 
disappear after a little time if not looted. You won't gain any gold coins or 
items from killing monsters if you don't loot their corpses. Know you 
can't loot corpses of enemies killed by other players, unless those players are
in your group. More about creating and joining a group later in this FAQ.

Also, you should have noticed when you killed the Scarecrab, some yellow
text appeared on the screen, saying something like "1/1 Scarecrabs. Quest 

After you killed the Scarecrab, talk with Fishman Gorton again by clicking on 
him. You may have noticed the White Question Mark over his head (meaning he's 
waiting for you to complete a quest) turned into a Yellow One (meaning you 
completed the quest and he's waiting to give you out a quest reward) He will 
award you with 25 XP and 5 Gold Coins upon completing your first quest.

He will also tell you to come back for more. A Yellow Exclamation Mark is over 
his head now (meaning he's waiting for you to talk to him. Can you see the 
pattern being used here?). 

~ #5.1.2. Soft Shelled Crabs (Using Skills and managing Inventory) ~

Talk to Gorton Again. He will propose to you another quest (The Nudening), this
time to make you take back your clothes. All you'll have to do is to kill 5 
Soft Shelled Crabs which, coincidentally, are just around where you are.

This gives us a nice chance to go over some of the basics about using your 
skills and taking a look at your character's Info Box.

First, select a Soft Shelled Crab like you did with the Scarecrab. Then, click 
on it to start attacking it. You will immediately notice, this time, the Crab 
will actually fight you back. Yellow numbers will appear over your head, 
meaning the crab's hitting you and dealing damage which is subtracting the 
displayed numbers from your Health Points.

Soft Shelled Crabs are weak though, so you will take it down quickly by only 
taking small damage. 

Let's use some of our Skills now. Attack another Soft Shelled Crab and (as soon 
as the line going from your character to the crab appears) click on the "Sucker
Punch" Skill's icon, located down in your Skills Hotbar. Alternatively, you can 
just press the "1" key on your keyboard (the current hot-key for the Sucker 
Punch Skill).

You will notice a bluish bar appearing over your character's head (this is 
called a Casting Bar), quickly filling up. As soon as the bar fills up, the 
Skill is being executed, the enemy takes some damage and a few Points are 
subtracted from your character's Energy Points.

You can't cast more skills while the Casting Bar is filling up but if you have 
good timing (and enough Energy Points) you can spam your skills very quickly.
You can only cast the Sucker Punch Skill while you're actively attacking an 
enemy. Most Attack Skills (Skills which deal damage to enemies) work this way.

Continue taking down Soft Shelled Crabs this way. 

Oh noes! We've been taking damage and our Health is dropping. Don't Panic. You 
may have already noticed sometimes some green and blue numbers appear over your
character's head when you're standing doing nothing, or walking around.

When you're not actively attacking an enemy (no line running from your 
character to a monster) you will slowly regenerate your HPs and Energy Points.
In addition to this, if your health is running dangerously low during a fight 
or you simply want to regen more health more quickly, you can use a Healing 

Click on the "Lick Your Wounds" Skill's Icon down in your Skills bar or press
the "2" key on your keyboard (the current hot-key for the Lick Your Wounds 
Skill). You will notice the Casting Bar appears and quickly fills up when this 
skill is casted as well. A small amount of your character's HPs will be 

Remember you can use Lick Your Wounds and other Healing Skills while in combat.
You don't need to first select your own character when casting Not-Attack 
Skills (like Lick Your Wounds). Even if you're attacking an enemy and it's 
selected while you cast Lick Your Wounds, the Skill will still heal your HPs 
instead of the enemy's.

If you instead want to cast Lick Your Wounds, or any other Not-Attack Skill on 
another player, though, you will first have to select the player's character in
order for you to be able to cast the skill him.

Enough talk. Kill your 5 Soft Shelled Crabs if you didn't already and go back 
to Fishman Gorton and talk to him. You will be awarded 200 XP, 10 Gold Coins, 
and a few items: "Tighty Off-Whities", "Dirty Undershirt" and a "Note to 
little girl".

As it turns out, dear Gorton gently robbed you of all of your belongings while 
you were unconscious laying on the shore. Such a nice old geezer, isn't it?

Luckily enough, he didn't manage to sell at least your pants and undershirt, so
equip those right along by opening your inventory (click on your Bag's Icon, at
the bottom-right, or press the "B" key on your keyboard) and double-clicking on
the item's icons. You can open your character's Window at anytime by clicking 
on its icon or by pressing the "C" key on your keyboard, to look what are your
currently equipped items (not much, I know), your Stats and more.

The nice Fisherman also gave us one last task, to take the note to his niece.
You will easily find her slightly to the North of where you are. Walk that 
direction a few steps and you'll see a House. Talk to the little Girl.
You will earn 100 XP and 10 Gold Coins for bringing the Groto's Note to 
Nicole (easy enough).

Nicole will point out to you how to open your bag, your character's Window and 
equip stuff. Do as she says and talk to her again.

~ #5.1.3 Farming Turnips ~

Nicole will offer you another Quest (Little Girl Hungry). Accept it.

Before doing anything else, talk to the other man with another Yellow 
Exclamation Mark. Farmer Ted will tell you how he used to grow delicious 
Turnips. Unfortunately a bloody battle happened right on his little plot and 
now all which comes out of his dirt are nasty Turnipheads. He will ask to take
down 10 Turnipheads for him. Accept this quest as well.

Also, before moving on, you may want to check with Timmeh (a little brat, Ted's
son actually) who is slightly to the East from Ted's Farm, near the Woods.
He sells junk equipment only actually. I wouldn't spend the few coins you have
at this point on those, as you will be able to find much better stuff at the 
NPC shops you will find in town.

Move to the nearby Turnipheads wandering just on Ted's plot and take down 10 of
them. Remember to use Lick Your Wounds to keep yourself healed and don't forget
to loot the corpses. Turnipheads, in fact, do drop the Turnips you need to
complete the Quest Nicole gave you.

Once you've killed 10 Turnipheads and collected 5 Turnips come back and talk to 
the two NPCs.

Nicole will take the 5 Turnips (you didn't have any use for them anyway, trust 
me) and will award you 200 XP and 5 Gold Coins.

Ted will thank you and reward you with 200 XP and 10 Gold Coins and a "Barrel 
Lid". The Barrel Lid can actually be equipped as a shield. Do so if you need

~ #5.1.4. Noobville ~

Ted will also ask you to deliver a letter to Captain Bill, who can be located
to the near town to the North. Accept the Quest (Letter For Bill).

Walk North to reach Noobville.

Sal the Shopkeeper sells some basic equipment worth your attention.
Know the shirts he sells for only 1 Gem might look fancy at first, but those
are pretty useless equipment. Buy Shirts only if you need those for look, as
they find little use in the actual game.

North-East of Sal's you will find the Hero Armor Shop, selling Gem Items only.
The Space Marine Stuff is cheap but not that much great (these are still
powerful items at your current low level). I wouldn't really spend Gems on
those items.

The other items are all very powerful (and more expensive).
If you chose to play an Archer/AGI class, the Sammy Set is for you (greatly 
enhances your AGI Stat).
If you chose to play a Mage/INT class, the Dark Mage Set is for you (greatly 
enhances your INT Stat).
If you chose to play a Warrior/STR class the War set is for you (greatly 
enhances your STR Stat).

That is if you can afford to buy those Gems. All of this items will be 
available for you to purchase in the game's Gem Shop as well, so you won't need
to backtrack to Noobville if you ever make up your mind for a purchase at a
later time.

You may be guessing "How do I get those Gems?". Check the FAQ section to find
out. Gem items are (usually) way more power full than the normal stuff you will
find in the game until you reach much higher levels. If you're the kind of guy
who doesn't disregard spending a few bucks on a game he likes you may actually
want to purchase a bunch of Gems (you will also support this free game). You
will be able to get Gems by paying with Gold Coins as well on the Player Run
Market later in the game.

Next, East of the Hero Armor Shop, is the Skill Trainer Miyagi Shop. Here you 
can learn the following Skills, for a price:

   - Nerd Rage - Rank 1 (Buff)
   Boosts your ATK Power for a limited time, making you deal more damage as you

   - L33t Skillz - Rank 1 (Buff)
   Boosts your Crit % for a limited time, making your chance to land a critical
   hit more likely.

   - Self-Motivated - Rank 1 (Buff)
   You will regen a small amount of additional Energy Points for a short
   amount of time.

   - Lick Your Wounds - Rank 2 (Healing Skill)
   Heals you or another player for a small amount of HPs.

   - Thick Skin - Rank 1 (Buff)
   Grants you additional Armor for a long amount of time.

   - Boom! Headshot! (Attack)
   Deals a small amount of damage to an enemy.

   - Fireball - Rank 1 (Attack)
   Deals a small amount of damage to an enemy.

   - Left Hook - Rank 1 (Attack)
   Deals a tiny amount of damage to an enemy.

   - Noob Island Teleport (Teleport)
   Instantly teleports you back to Noobville.

You won't probably meet the requirements for these Skills as the first time you
reach this shop, nor you won't be able to pay the price for them. As you earn 
more levels and gold, come back to Miyagi's to learn the ones which cater most 
to your character. Also, as a general advice, don't try to be a jack of all 
trades (especially if you're new to the game), but stick with a main stat (of 
course spending points so that you can equip better armors too) and choose the 
skills which work best with your character.

Back to the action. Talk to Captain Bill to give him Ted's letter and complete 
the Quest. You will earn 100 XP and 20 Gold Coins. As it turns out a mysterious
enemy is attacking!

~ #5.1.5. Something's not right around town ~

When talking to Captain Bill you will be automatically given a new Quest (Find
the Scout), do exactly as Bill said. Move East past the Dwarf Skeles and walk
up two ramps. East on the ledge you will find Scout Finch, talk to him. Finch
already smelled something wasn't alright a long time ago, but no one believed
him. Seems like he now has proof.

He will give you an "Evil Army Membership Card". You will also gain 225 XP and
20 Gold Coins. You've just taken another Quest (Show Your ID). Go back the Evil
Army Membership Card to Captain Bill in Noobville.

As you talk to Captain Bill again, he will award you 300 XP and 30 gold coins 
for yet another easy Quest. He will also give you a "License to Kill" (a 
Trinket you can equip in one of your Item Slots). Equip it as soon as you meet 
the level requirements for it.

Turns out the Evil Army is on the move to find more recruits, unleashing 
troubles around the place in the process. Bad stuff.

~ #5.1.6. Taking Skeles down ~

Now talk to Guardsman Phil, who's right where Captain Bill is. He will ask you
to take down 10 Dwarf Skeles, which are East just outside of the Town's walls.
It's another quest, just accept it and go take down 10 of those.

Dwarf Skeles are a bit more though than the the Turnipheads you fought awhile 
back. They're Peaceful monsters though, meaning they will attack you only if 
you do so first. Just be sure your Health doesn't fall too low and, in case
your HPs and Energy are low, just rest a few seconds for you to regen before 
fighting more monsters.

As you're done killing Dwarf Skeles, go back to Town and talk to Phil 
again. He will give you more XP and 15 Gold Coins for completing the Quest.

Talk to Phil right away for a second time, as he has another Quest for you 
(Right to Boney Arms). He needs you to take down 5 Armed Skeles, which you can 
find up on a Hill to the South-East. We will take care of those Armed Skeles in
a while.

Instead, Exit Town again by the East and go South past the Dwarf Skeles.
You will see regular Skeles, take a few more steps to the South and you will 
see a small house with a lady (actually a witch) and another guardsman standing
outside. Talk to the Witch.

Lori Formergoth will tell you she needs 5 skulls to prepare a spell. Of course 
another Quest (Witch's Brew). Accept it and go slay some Skeles nearby until 
you successfully loot 5 skulls. These aren't particularly dangerous either, 
just assure your Health doesn't run too low.

Once you've collected the Skulls, talk again to Lori. She will give you a nice 
reward of 600 XP and 25 Gold Coins. She doesn't sound like she enjoys this game
too much lol.

She looks like she has another quest ready for you. Let's ignore her for a 
while and go back to where we were left with the Armed Skeles. From Lori's 
House, move right to the East. You will find another ramp, leading onto a Hill.
Found them! Take down 5 Armed Skeles.

This is a slightly harder fight. Keep yourself healed and be prepared to run if
things don't turn too good for you. Once you killed 5 of those just backtrack
to town and meet Guardsman Phil Again. His reward for completing the quest is 
250 XP and 35 Gold Coins, not bad. Phil's wondering who's arming the Skeles and
why. The guy's gotta be not so smart, he's a lowly Guardsman after all, since 
we already have been told by Captain Bill that The Evil Army is recruiting. 
Just leave him alone, poor guy.

You should have reached level 5 by now. You may have noticed a lot of people 
have quests for you to take all of a sudden. Don't drool yourself, as this is 
a good time to pay a visit to Miyagi and see if he has some Skill we can now 
learn and put to good use. Remember that after you learn a new Skill, you will 
have to first drag it from your Skill Book Window (Icon to be found at the 
top of the game's screen, identified by a big "S") to your Skills Hotbar to be 
able to effectively cast it on anything.

Your Gold should currently still be very low. Did you remember to sell all of 
the useless stuff you looted from monsters up 'til now? Take a look and see if
you happen to have some useful weapon and piece of equipment among that junk 
too. In case, equip it. Okay, now we feel all mighty and pumped up, so let's go
take more jobs done.

~ #5.1.7. Farm Work ~

Move the Western side of Noobville and talk to a granny which is standing near
a bunch of Domesticated Ogre. She will ask you to accept another Quest for her 
(Dead (Pumpkin) Rising), you will have to take down 5 Pumpkinheads in the 
fields North of where she's standing.

Before you crush any vegetable, go a little bit further to talk to Farmer
Gunter, who needs you to kill 10 of those same pumpkins. After you accept his 
quest it's time for pumpkin-mash. Kill 10 Pumpkinheads (completing both quests
in the process).

Gunter will reward you with 200 XP and 30 Gold Coins, while the Old Lady McGee
will give out 500 XP and 15 Coins. On top of that, she's just another quest for
you, she wants you to kill a Domesticated Ogre. I honestly can't see a reason 
to take down one of those things, given they are just steps away from you and 
much weaker than the eye could initially tell.

Take a Domesticated Ogre down and talk to Old Lady McGee again. She will pay 
you with another 600 XP and 20 Gold Coins for completing the task.

~ #5.1.8. Taking care of more Skeles and Ogres ~

Go back to Noobville Eastern part, near the town's walls. Talk to General 
Unrest (he's right where Captain Bill and Guardsman Phil are).
He will give you a Quest (The Annoying Skeles) to kill 10 Skeles. Not  exactly 
thrilling, but since we're at it...

Proceed outside of the town's walls and go South where the Skeles are. Take 
down 10 of them. You will have a much easier time with the Skeles this time 

Go back to Noobville and talk with General Unrest to complete the Quest. 
Despite the ridiculously easy task, Unrest will give you a good amount of XP, 
15 Gold Coins and a Dull Wooden Sword (which, depending on your character's 
Stats and level, may or may not be of any use to you).

Now, head back to where the Witch House is.

Lori will ask you to take one Giant Skull from the corpse of freaking, huge, 
Giant Skele (Giant Skele Skull Quest). Can you sense something nasty? Right. 
That's not all: Guardsman Paul will tell you about the troubles he got with a 
group of nasty very Angry Skeles. He wants you to kill 10 of those for him 
(Angry Angry Skeles Quest). 
Maybe he will pretend he killed those himself to General Unrest and be all 
cocky about it, knowing how smart guardsmen are in this game...).
Accept both of the Quests of course.

Head South and be very careful not to get too much near to the Angry Skeles.
Those are Aggressive Monsters (the very first exemplar you're to meet during 
your journey, in fact). If you experienced taking on one monster at a time
have been proved to be not exactly a piece of cake previously, you won't like 
these guys much.

Aggressive Monsters (like the Angry Skeles), unlike Peaceful ones, will attack
you as soon as you come sufficiently close to them, entering their Aggro Zone. 
You will notice when this happens, since the monster will immediately walk up 
to you instead of caring for his own doings.

What you don't want to happen is your character going straight into a bunch of
them, as this will result in many monsters attacking you at once. Rather, you 
should try to engage only one at a time and deal with it without alerting his 
unpleasant friends. Bottom line, if you find yourself surrounded and in a bad 
spot, just run-back to a safer zone. Monsters will stop chasing you as soon as
you move sufficiently far away from them.

While taking down the Angry Skeles, try to move to the East, maintaining 
your character as close to the woods as possible. This way, you should safely 
reach the spot on the shore where the Giant Skeles are.

Those guys do not seem much friendly either, isn't it? That's your lucky day, 
as Giant Skeles are Peaceful Monsters. Of course they will start pounding you 
hard as soon as you engage, and they take a substantial number of hits to fall.
Just keep casting Lick Your Wounds on you until the mountain of bones dies and 
you shall be fine. Be sure to kill Gian Skeles until you're able to loot that 
Giant Skull you need for the Quest (this usually happens at the first try).

Once you've got the Skull, make your way out of the Angry Skeles. Remember you 
Need to take down 10 Angry Skeles to complete the other Quest.

Go back to the Witch's house. Lori will tell you she doesn't really need the 
Giant Skull anymore (for serious B... Witch?). She will pay you with 400 XP 
nonetheless, and will give you a Small Ring of Endurance as well (which gives 
you +2 to STA, if you can equip it).

Guardsman Paul will instead reward you with a WHOOPING 800 XP and 50 coins. 
Such a nice guy Paul is. Also, if you talk to him again, he will give you 
another Quest (What's that smell?). Accept it, you'll have to take out 5 
Smallish Ogres, up on the Hill where Armed Skeles were.

Go East and up the ramp to the Hill. North of the armed Skeles you'll find 
the Smallish Ogres. Those are a bit less friendly than their Domesticated 
counterpart. Yet if you managed to take down the Giant Skeles, these won't 
pose a big threat to you, regardless of their high HP.

Go back to Guardsman Paul once you're done killing ogres. He will be more 
than happy to reward you with another nice amount of XP and 60 Gold coins.

This is a good time to go back one last time to Noobville to pay a visit to 
Miyagi's, as there's not much for you to do anymore there. You should check if 
you can afford to buy some useful Skills you may need. I don't advice to spend
more gold on equipment here (if you actually ever did), as a better shop is to
be found only a short way ahead of you.

~ #5.1.9. Enemy at the gates ~

After you're done with everything concerning setting up your character's 
Skills, Stats and Equipment, it's time to finally depart for a long and 
exciting trip which will lead you to new fields and greater adventures.

From Noobville, head South-East, past the Dwarf Skeles, Skeles and the ramp to 
the Hill where Armed Skeles and Smallish Ogres are. You will soon reach a 
wooden wall with a watch-post and a few people standing there.

You will finally found some decent equipment (both defensive and weapons) at 
Salesman Wynn Shop. It won't come cheap though. This all makes sense, as the 
guys here are watching over what seems to be the real enemy, Noobville is far 
away, gas prices are going higher and higher, etc.

Talk to Guardsman Warren. He will say the General Unrest wants more 
proof of the Evil Army's presence in the zone. We just had a scratch telling 
us the General wasn't really a genius after all.

Accept his Quest (The Evil Army) and you will have to gather 5 Evil Army 
Enlistment Cards back to him. This Evil Army 'oughta be some serious stuff if 
they require recruits to carry an enlistment card along just to join the ranks.

You will find Recruits of Evil and Interns of Evil just past the wooden 
blockade. Both have a chance to drop the Cards you need, prepare to take down 
quite some of those guys.

Be aware that the Interns (the bluish ones) are Peaceful, while the Recruits 
(the reddish ones with a pon on their cap) are Aggressive. These guys don't 
otherwise pose a serious threat to you, so just be cool and avoid getting 
surrounded by many of them.

Once you've got your 5 Evil Army Enlistment Cards go to Warren. He'll award
you 300 XP and 60 Gold coins for your troubles. He has another Quest for you 
(Thinning the Ranks) if you talk to him once more. You'll have to kill 5 Intern
of Evil this time.

Do it and come back for another reward: 600 XP and 65 Gold Coins.

~ #5.1.10 The Evil Army ~

Now talk to the man on top of the watch-post. Guard Captain Pete will let you 
know even scarier members of the Evil Army are gathering. He wants you to kill 
5 Evil Swordsmen for him. Accept the Quest.

Go North past the Evil Army recruits, you will pass through a choke surrounded 
by tree-topped hills. Evil Swordsmen will be waiting for you there.
These are slightly more dangerous than the enemies you just fought. Be 
cautious as they are Aggressive and come in high numbers.

Go back to Captain Pete for 750 XP and 60 gold coins. Talk to him again for 
Noob Island last Quest (Evil McBadguy). Pete will let you know he was able to 
spot the vicious Evil McBadguy  further behind the enemy lines. He of course 
wishes you to take the big baddie down once and for all.

Go North past the Evil Swordsmen. You can walk by their side if you don't wish 
to fight more of them. Continue on the path, past a group of trees and you 
will meet a group Evil Guards. These are Peaceful Monsters, less threatening 
than Evil Swordsmen. You don't need to fight them, although they do have a 
chance to drop some valuable loot.

Be aware that a couple Evil Swordsmen do hide among the Guards, so don't let 
them fool you and catch you by surprise.

Evil McBadguy is right past the group of guards, next to the bridge. He won't 
attack you on sight, since he's Peaceful (which all in all is just hilarious).
Prepare yourself for a harsh fight. McBadguy doesn't really take extremely long 
to fall but he will hit you hard in return. Use everything you've got and this 
battle should go smoothly, given you're not equipped with complete crap and you
can put your Skills to good use.

Congratz on Taking down Noob Island's local Boss. Take a moment to contemplate
your achievement. Now be aware that you've got a long way in front of you and 
you're still a big noob in the game. Sorry for smacking the crude truth in your
face, but it's for your own good :P

Go back to Guard Captain Pete for your reward, a WHOOPING 900 XP and 100 Gold 
Coins. Thanks pal, that was appreciated. He will also tell you Crab Coast 
(the next game area) is to be found across the wooden bridge where McBadguy 
was, waiting for you with more stuff to do and its Hubtown. Yes, that's the 
best line the devs came out with for such a climatic moment in the game.
I guess they just don't really like Guards at all.

Head North once again and cross the wooden bridge, Crab Coast is waiting for

* #5.2. Crab Coast *

Crab Coast's environment and look highly resembles that of Noob Island, with
green, grassy lands rich of woods dominating it.

Crab Coast is a peninsular region. The Southern coast is populated by crabs of
various species. A dock from which you can travel to Pirates Shore can be found
on the coast's Western end. Norther in the mainland lies the hub town for this
area, known by the original name of Hubtown, one of the more highly populated
spots of FO's world. A few Farms are also located here. The Western region of
the area is occupied by hills, which are the domain of spiders and other nasty
creatures. The entrance to the Cave of Some Return is located here too. The
Eastern lands of Crab Coast features lakes and a river. The entrance to Swamp
Grotto can be found here, and a path to the East will lead you to Mirabella

- Monsters to be found in this area: Spicy Red Crab, Zombie Crab, Rock Crab,
Royal Purple Crab, King Crab, Killer Tomato, Zombeet, Baby Dirt Spider, Yellow
Slime, Failed Spider Hunter, Dirt Spider, Lucky Skull Spider, Skele Chop, Skele
Block, Green Slime, Skelestab, Skeleguard, Skele Elite, Skele Champion


As you walk across the wooden bridge you will enter Crab Coast. The very first
thing you will notice as you take a few steps along  the shore is the heavy
presence of all sorts of crabs. At least you now know why the region's being
called this way.

Talk to Fisherman Santiago with no fear. He won't steal your clothes as soon as
you're distracted by something else. In fact, all he seems to care for is
something yummy to fill his belly with. He will offer to you a Quest (Peanut
Butter Jelly Time) to gather 10 blobs of Royal Crab Jelly, accept it.

Head West along the shore ignoring all the crabs there. You may have noticed
this already, but monsters won't be able to hit you as long as you walk without
stopping, no matter if they're Aggressive or not.

You will stumble upon a little hill with a brat standing on it. Talk to Little
Jimmy. It seems some farmer by the name Clooney needs some tasty Spicy Meat to
cook delicious Manhattan Crab Chowder. Accept the Quest (Crab meat for Little

Spicy Red Crabs abound on the shore, as you may have noticed. Kill a few of
those nearby until you've gathered 10 Spicy Crab Meat Chunks. Spicy Red Crabs,
unlike Rock and Zombie Crabs, are Aggressive, although weak, so pay the needed
attention. Little Jimmy will reward you with 360 XP and a miser 10 Gold Coins
as soon as you talk to him. He will hand a Bag o' Crab Meat he wants you to
deliver to Farmer Otis, another Quest (That's a Spicy Crabmeat!).

Little Jimmy also have another Quest (Undeath isn't just for people) for you if
you talk to him again, to kill 6 Zombie Crabs. Accept it right along.

It is now time to gather those 10 Royal Crab Jellies for Fisherman Santiago.
Move slightly West from where Jimmy is and you will immediately notice a bunch
of purple crabs surrounding a big crowned crab. You'll deal with him in a
while, so just kill enough Royal Purple Crabs to collect the 10 Jellies you
need. Those are aggressive just like Spicy Red Crabs, but tougher to deal with,
so be careful. Move close enough to one of them to pull it out of the group, if

Once you're done gathering Jellies, backtrack to the East along the shore.
As you go to Fisherman Santiago, take the time to kill 6 Zombie Crabs along the
way. Those are located slightly to the North, near Spicy Red and Rock Crabs.
Zombie Crabs have a lot of HP, but are easy to take down otherwise. Also
they're Peaceful monsters, so get close to them with no fear.

Santiago will give 350 XP and 50 Gold Coins in exchange for your 10 Royal Crab
Jellies. He will also you the path to Hilltown is the one leading North from
where Royal Purple Crabs Are. He probably doesn't like going there often, since
the town's name's Hubtown. Only a Fishman, after all.

Talk to him again and he will offer to you a quest to kill the crowned crown
(Kill the King Crab), for no apparent reason. Accept it of course. Head West
once again (lots of back and forth action). Talk to Little Jimmy again to get 
your reward for killing the Zombie Crabs (do it now, if you didn't). You'll
gain 450 XP for your effort, but no Coins (he's only a little brat with no
money, what else did you expect?).

Go West at the Royal Purple Crabs place. Depending on your level and equipment
this may prove to be the very first hard task in your FO journey. King Crab has
plenty of HP, he's Peaceful but will hit you moderately hard and Royal Purple
Crabs won't be shy about getting on you if they are close enough.

Your best tactic with taking on the king of all crabs is to try and catch him
alone. Killing a few among his escort may not be a smart choice, as they will
likely respawn fast enough to get you while you're fighting their king, so
don't think twice about running away if stuff doesn't seem to go well for you.
Remember you can always wait to get to a higher level (you should be lvl 8 if
you followed this guide step-by-step) to complete this quest. But we hate
waiting, isn't it? You can of course ask fellow players to buff you with more
powerful Skills you're capable of (mean) or search for a group (that's
team-work in action!): just type "anybody willing to help me with the King Crab
quest?" in the public chat and someone will come at your rescue in no time
(given you're not playing on an empty server). Chances are you will find
players of around your level going for the King Crab too, so don't be afraid to
ask them to party up (killing the guy while in a party will make all of the
group's members complete the quest).

If you manage to kill the King Crab, go back one last time and talk to
Fisherman Santiago once again. He will award a nice amount of XP and 30 Gold
Coins for taking the King Crab down. He will also give a Ring of Crabbiness to
you as a thank you gift. It's a pretty poor ring, to be honest, but you may
want to equip it if you happen to use a STR weapon (it gives you +2 STR and +50
Armor in exchange for -2 INT). Also, this is the only way (apart from buying it
on the Market later, of course) for you to complete your useless Crab Armor
Set, if you're the "I want to collect everything" kind of person.

You're finally done with crabs! From where the King and Royal Purple Crabs are,
head North. You'll notice a dock with a nasty-looking, one-eyed guy standing on
it. I will offer to take you to Pirate Shores if you talk to him, but only if
you're at least level 12 (chances are you won't). Ignore him and walk the path.

You'll walk between a hill and woods until you finally enter Hubtown. If you
play on a higly populated server, the town's square will likely choke-full with
fellow FO players. Don't be shy to take your time and relax while chatting with
the people there, as the local community's very nice and fun and more than
willing to help out noobs like you xD. Also, you'll probably spot the most
bizarre and fun looking people around here, as vanity never is a scarce good in
FO. If you spot a guy by the name Bango, be sure to say him "Hi!", as you'd
have just met the author of this very guide!

Enough talk already. Right West of Hubtown's central plaza can be found the
Cosmetic Surgery NPC (he looks like a barber, sorta), where you can change your
character's appearance by paying 10 Gems, if you ever wish so. In clock-wise
order, you will be able to find all kinds of useful equipments and goods at
Shopkeep Gil Shop (stuff for archers and mages, potions) and Blacksmith Mike
Shop (all which a Warrior needs).

Zutroy Who Holds Stuff will offer to hold your stuff good, but only if you pay
40 Gems to him: this mainly is the Bank guy NPC, by talking to you will be able
to access and manage your banking storage. If you ever get serious about FO you
will want to pay those 40 gems, trust me (storage space exceeds 100 item slots,
expandable several times by paying additional Gem fees if you ever need really
freaking huge storing space).

Continuing our nice tour, a strangely placed little skele, by the name Skinny.
You can create your very own, coolest-among-the-coolests Guild by talking to
him. Unfortunately, it's a toy which would cost 1,000,000 Gold Coins to you
(yes, you did count six freaking zeroes there), so I won't lose much time on
this (refer to the Guilds section if you want to know more about this)

Next, the real attraction for all who take their first step into Hubtown, we
have (drum-roll please) the Market guy. By talking to him, the Market interface
will show up. By "the Market", I do refer to "the Player-run Market" I've
already mentioned many times up to this point in this guide.

At the Market, you'll have very high chances to buy almost every item you could
ever need, put on sale by other FO players just like you. Basic stuff usually
go cheap (cheaper than what you can buy at NPC Shops), while the most powerful
and popular items' prices easily reach mind-boggling heights. The very good,
once-in-a-lifetime deal is always behind the corner though.

Under the Browse tab, you're able to search among the countless player's
listings for items you may need/wish to buy. Using the menu on the right, the
search fields and ordering drop-down lists, you can filter the listings however
you see fit. Under the Listings tab, you can post put your own items on sale
for other players to (hopefully) buy. I won't go over all of the details about
the Market and the economy game here, as you'll likely learn yourself while
playing with it over time. Do refer to the Market section in this guide to know
more about the Market System.

Next to the Market, at its right, can be found Shopkeep Boshed Shop. It holds
various Gem items, along gem notes. Items which can be purchased aren't really
useful as fighting gear, rather they are funny-looking items to satisfy your
vanity-needs, in case all you want is to show how cool you are on top of all of
the other players.

South-East of the plaza, Skill Trainer Remo Shop wraps up the list of Hubtown
list of most important NPC shops. A good deal of very useful Skills can be
purchased here for both Gold Coins and Gems. You will likely want to pay a
visit here, as soon as you hit the Level and Stats requirements for skills you
need. Skill Trainer Remo will be more than willing to teach you the following

   - Thick Skin - Rank 2 (Buff)
   Grants you more additional Armor for a long amount of time.
   - Twilightning Bolt - Rank 1 (Attack)
   Deals a small amount of damage to an enemy while healing you for the same

   - L33t Skillz - Rank 2 (Buff)
   Boosts your Crit % and ATK Power for a limited time.

   - Self-Motivated - Rank 2 (Buff)
   You will regen more additional Energy Points for a short amount of time.

   - Nerd Rage - Rank 2 (Buff)
   Boosts your ATK Power for a limited time, making you deal more damage as you

   - Fireball - Rank 2 (Attack)
   Deals a good amount of damage to an enemy.

   - Feeling Crabby (Morph)
   Morphs you in a Crab for a short amount of time. Your Armor will also be

   - Noob Island Teleport (Teleport)
   Instantly teleports you back to Noobville.
   - Crab Coast Teleport (Teleport)
   Instantly teleports you back to Hubtown.
   - Pirate Shores Teleport (Teleport)
   Instantly teleports you back to Pirate Shores.

Slightly to the South of the Skills Shop, NPCs whose only focus is on Crafting
can be found. The Blacksmith looking dude will take care of refining ores and
crafting various goods for you, given you have the required materials and Gold
Coins required. The Crafting Supplies Shop sells various goods required for
actually Crafting anything valuable, for prices which can't be told to be
exactly cheap. Crafting isn't something for a low level player as you'll
probably be at this point in the game, so let's just ignore these two guys for
the moment. Refer to the Crafting System section in this guide if you want to
know more about Crafting.

North of Hubtown's central plaza and the Market can be found a farm. Talk to
Farmer Clooney to be awarded a bunch of XP 20 Gold Coins for bringing Little
Jimmy's Bag o' Crab Meat this far to him. 

Before doing anything else, you may want to visit the NPC stores in town to
sell all the junk which is probably filling up your inventory and make a good
deal of coins out of it. This is a good chance to think about buying Skills and
Equipment which more caters to your current level, even if you'll probably be
able to afford only a few things, since your money shouldn't really amount to a
good sum. Remember most items in the game can be purchased at the Market for a
price lower than that at the various NPC stores, although you will need a bit
of time to make the habit and learn to discern between a very good deal and a
overpriced one.

Talk to Farmer Clooney again and he will offer a new Quest to you (Attack of
the Killer Tomatoes). He needs 20 Killed Tomatoes to cook his Manhattan Crab
Chowder. Seems like living, naughty vegetables are common in FO's world, a
farmer's life oughta be pretty hard around here. 

Killer Tomatoes, right in Clooney's plot, are Aggressive monsters. They really
aren't that much of a threat, as long as you don't get surrounded by a whole
bunch of them. Take the required rest to replenish your HP and Energy as
needed. Gather those 20 Killed Tomatoes and talk to Farmer Clooney again to get
your hard earned reward: 450 XP, 30 Gold Coins and a bowl of Clooney's best
Spicy Manhattan Crab Chowder. This is a powerful healing item, which you'll
want to remember about during your tougher fights. Also, the Attack of the
Killer Tomatoes Quest happens to be a daily quest, so you will be able to take
this quest and its rewards again once a day, if you wish so.

On the Western limit of Hubtown, a little girl stands next to a guard, talk to
her. Jen will tell you how she hates spiders, another Quest for you (She Hates
Spiders)to kill 20 Baby Dirt Spiders. Accept it.

Up on a ledge, North of where Jan stands, you'll find a bunch of those spiders.
Baby Dirt Spiders are fast and Aggressive. They really aren't a fearsome enemy,
just don't let them catch you off-guard. Talk to Jen again as soon as you take
down 20 of those and she will reward you with 500 XP and 30 Gold Coins for your
spider-killing deeds. She will also be ready to hand out yet another Quest to
you right along. Ignore her for now.

Go South of Hubtown's central plaza, past the Skills Shop and the Crafting
NPCs, past a wooden fence. You'll reach another farm. More living (well,
unliving actually) vegetables action! Talk to Farmer Otis, he will ask you to
take care of 20 Zombeets as a Quest (Night of the Zombeets).

Zombeets are tougher, more nasty and hit harder than Killer Tomatoes and Baby
Dirt Spiders. Since it ought to be your lucky day, they're Peaceful Monsters
too, so you can just relax, take your time and kill one of them at a time. Will
still require you longer than anticipated. Once you're done killing
Zombeets, talk to Farmer Otis again and he will pay your zombeet-farmer work
with 500 XP and 50 Gold Coins. He will also hand you a Zombeet (an item, not
one of those nasty things) for you to bring to Guardsman Charlie, another Quest
(Zombeet for Charlie). Charlie's the Guard which is next to Jen, in the far
Western side of Hubtown.

Farmer Otis will also offer another Quest for you (Zombeet Marathon), if you
talk to him again. As the Quest's name should have suggested to you, this time
you will have to deal with a greater number of Zombeets, 100. I'll leave up to
you the decision to take this quest right now or not. As Otis wisely suggests,
you can take down a bunch of Zombeets each day. Or, in as a smarter move, you
could ask other players to party up for your Zombeet-killing needs to cut down
the time required for the task dramatically (remember, kills are shared among
party members). With a full party of 3 people, this should take significantly
less time. Completing the Zombeet Marathon Quest will make you score a huge XP
reward, 200 Gold Coins and you'll be gifted with The Beetslayer (a decent lvl
14 sword), so I highly suggest you to take down this quest, however you want.

Go to Guardsmen Charlie and hand him down the Zombeet by talking to him, it'll
earn you a bunch of XP and 25 Gold Coins. He's ready to give another Quest to
you (Sometimes You Fail), if you talk to him again. Accept it. You'll have to
kill 15 Failed Spider Hunters. Talk to Jen again, so you can accept her other
Quest too (She REALLY Hates Spiders), consisting in killing 15 Dirt Spiders.
All of these monsters will be found by heading West on the Hills.

Go up the ramp where Baby Dirt Spiders are, ignoring them, then head West. A
soldier stands near a wooden bridge over a valley. Talk to Captain Morgan, he
lost his sword while fighting some Yellow Slimes. Your Quest (Captain's Morgan
Slimy Sword) will consist in retrieving the sword and returning it back to him.
Accept this one as well, of course.

Head South past two bridges to meet the Yellow Slimes. These are Peaceful
Monsters which hit hard but don't take too long to fall. Kill as many of them
as required for you to loot Captain's Morgan Slimy Sword , this could take a
while depending on your luck, as the drop rate isn't exactly high.

Go back to hand the sword to its owner. Captain Morgan will be happy enough to
reward you with 700 XP, not bad. Also, he will accept to clean the sword and
gift it to you. You'll end up with a Large Sword in your inventory, a pretty
decent weapon, if your character's main focus is in STR. Captain Morgan will
also have another Quest (Who's the Boss?) for you to Accept. He's wondering
about why all of these spiders are swarming the place. Your mission will be to 
gather a Lucky 8 Skull from the Lucky Skull Spider, up in the Hills.

Head South once again, past the Yellow Slimes. A gang of Failed Spider Hunters
is near another ramp. You already proved capable of taking down spiders, so
just show them who's the real man. Those guys shouldn't prove to be any real
threat to you, just pay the needed attention to not getting surrounded, as they
are Aggressive.

Once you're done killing Failed Spider Hunters, you could want to try to
take on the Dirt Spiders, which can be found North up the ledge. Unlike many
monsters you've encountered up until now, this will more likely than not prove
to be a tougher fight than you would expect, especially if your level is low
(you should be around lvl 10 at this point) or if you're not well equipped.

You need to take down 15 Dirt Spiders to complete Jen's Quest. They move slowly
and are Peaceful, but will hit you hard and they take a good deal of damage
before falling. Also, Baby Dirt Spiders swarm the place as well, so don't let
them catch you in big numbers while you're dealing with the bigger guys.

If you're experiencing a hard time, remember you can party up with other
players who need to kill those Dirt Spiders (or who are just willing to help
you out) to make things easier for you. Or, you could take on easier monsters
(ie, you could work a bit on that Zombeet Marathon Quest, if you didn't before)
until you hit a higher level or until you can loot or afford to buy better

I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to complete this quest now or at
a later time (as you'll have to return this side of the map later anyways).

Whatever your decision is , don't even think about going on the look out for
the Lucky Skull Spider involved with Captain Morgan's task, as you probably
wouldn't stand a chance at this point. Be wise and backtrack to town instead.

Talk to Guardsman Charlie along the way, he'll give a reward of 550 XP and 100
Gold Coins for taking care of those Failed Spider Hunters back on the Hills. He
will also let you intend you could have ended up like one of those happy guys
he sent you to bash, if things went another way.

Also, if you did kill those Dirt Spiders, you can talk to Jen for your 700 XP
and 50 Gold Coins reward.

As you return to Hubtown, you should probably pay a visit to the local Skills
to purchase some new tricks. You may likely want to check the Market or other
NPC Shops to see if you can afford some good stuff to equip you with better

Now, If you're at least lvl 11, a few new Quests will be available to you in
Hubtown. Otherwise, just go kill enough enemies to hit level 11. Remember you
can take the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes once every 24 hours for easy bonus
XP. Once more, if you didn't complete the Zombeet Marathon Quest yet, this
could be a good chance to do so for a HUGE XP reward (I won't mention that
quest again, I promise ^_^).

Go to Hubtown's Eastern Gate and talk to Guardsman Dan. Surprise surprise,
seems like McBadguy recruited more Skeles. Also, you'll likely have to deal
with another useless general, sooner or later.

Accept Dan's Quest (Enemy at the Gates) and start whacking some of the
Skelechops swarming outside of the city gates. They're not big trouble if dealt
with one at a time, problem's they're Aggressive and they come in big numbers.
Also, you wouldn't tell they move so fast at first glance. Be very careful
about not getting yourself surrounded. You can safely run into town if needed,
just be aware those guys can chase you right up to the very gate's doorway.

As you take 20 of those down as requested, talk to Guardsman Dan again for your 
800 XP and 25 Gold Coins reward. He should have another quest ready for you if
you talk to him again (What About Bob?). Dan will tell you about someone by the
name of Bob near the river, he also wants you to kill 20 Skele Blocks. Accept

Go past the city gate again avoiding the Skelechops. Skeleblocks are Peaceful
enemies, so taking down 20 of those will prove easy, as long as you pay
attention to a few Skelestabs spawning among them. Go back to town right after
that and talk to Guardsman Dan again for a 1000 XP and 30 Coins reward.

There's currently yet another quest for you in town, so go South of the central
plaza past the Skills Shop until you reach Otis' Farm again. This is a good
chance to... talk to Otis' wife (you did fall for it there, didn't you? :P).
Old Lady Olga's Zombeets have been regularly "stolen" by some Green Slimes in
the forest, so she'll ask you to retrieve 10 of her precious vegetables (you
serious? Slimy Beets, does it sound tasty at all? Whatever, as long as she pays
you back for the effort). Accept the Quest (Slimy Beet Stealers) and take the
path in the woods South-East of Otis' Farm.

You'll reach a wide open space where Green Slimes like to hang out when they're
not enjoying some beets-stealing action. This may prove to be another tougher
than expected fight, if approached lightly. Green Slime don't fall quickly and
hit for decent damage. Plus, they're Aggressive. Kill enough slimy things to
loot 10 Slimy Zombeets.

Take the path in the woods back to Otis' Farm and hand Olga her Slimy Zombeets
back, she will kindly reward you with 600 XP and 50 Coins for your slimy

Olga will also give you another Quest (Zombeet Defense) if you chat with her
again. This is another Daily Quest you can take every 24 hours about killing 25
Yellow Slimes.

You should be at least lvl 12 by now, so be sure to be equipped with the best
stuff and skills you can afford before leaving town, as you'll soon go and try
to hunt down that nasty Lucky Skull Spider. 

Go West from Hubtown up on the hills again and past the wooden bridges to kill
those 25 Yellow Slimes, it will be easy. You can go kill the nearby Dirt
Spiders if you haven't completed the quest last time.

Head North from where the Dirt Spiders are, past another bridge and you'll find
another spider. That's her! The Lucky Skull Spider is a Boss Monster, so be
prepared for a harsh battle. It has plenty of HP, so it will take a good deal
of damage before falling. He will also hit you hard in return. Be sure to have
your best Buffs cast on you and wait until your HP and energy are full before
attacking. Keep casting Lick Your Wounds to keep your HP up. It could be a very
good idea to bring a few Health Potions along with you, in case you need 
emergency healing. This could be a good chance to put that Spicy Manhattan Crab
Chowder to good use, if you still have it.

Of course you can just party with two other people and make life easier for the
three of you dealing with the Lucky Skull Spider. If this proves to be too much
for you you can just complete this quest at a later time when you get much

The Boss will drop the Lucky 8 Skull you need. The cave's entrance which is
near Lucky Skull Spider is leads to the Cave of Some Return. You can talk to
the NPC standing there to enter the cave, but he'll let you pass if you're at
least lvl 16 and only if you accept to pay 20 Gems. Once you spend those Gems,
entering the cave will be free for you. The Cave of Some Return is a very
interesting area, populated by enemies which earn you lots of XP, valuable loot
and Gold Coins. Also, it currently is the only area in the game where Iron
Veins can be found (you can mine various Iron Ores from Iron Veins by the use
of a Pickaxe, a Gem Item).

Chances are you won't be able to enter the Cave of Some Return right now, so
talk to Captain Morgan on your way back to Hubtown. You'll get a nice 1200 XP
and 100 Coins reward in exchange for that Lucky 8 Skull. Once in town, pay a
visit to Old Lady Olga, she will award you 500 XP and 40 Coins for taking the
Yellow Slimes down. She will remind you you can take this quest every day for
more XP and Gold.

At this point, you could even consider going back to the dock at the shore to
reach Pirate Shores (you should be lvl 12 and above right now, allowing you to
take the trip). I Will return on this matter briefly.

After you did all of the usual selling stuff, checking for Skills and Equipment
to buy and relaxing in Hubtown, head past the Eastern gate and walk South-East
until you reach a bridge guarded by a soldier. Guardsman Bob will have a Quest
for you (Skeleguard Skulls) if you're at least lvl 13. He wants you to collect
10 Skulls from the Skeleguards on the other side of the river.

Walk across the bridge. The Skeles armed with a sword (Skelestabs) are
Aggressive, but you don't need to kill any of them to complete the quest, just
ignore them. Go slightly up to the North to find the Skeles which carry a
purple shield. Skeleguards are passive and have lots of HP, they're no big
issue otherwise. You may want to look out for Skelestabs nearby, who will
immediately jump on you as soon as you're close enough. The Skelestabs hit
harder than the Skeleguards, so be careful about not putting yourself in a
tight spot.

Kill enough Skeleguards to loot 10 Skulls and head back to Guardsman Bob for
your reward: 1300 XP, 30 Gold Coins and a Metal Shield. He will also give you
another Quest (The Skele Elite) this time about killing 6 Skele Elites.

Skele Elites are North of the Skeleguards. As the name suggests, these are more
powerful enemies. They basically are as tough as a Skeleguard and will hit you
as hard as a Skelestab. They're Aggressive too. Take on one of them at a time
and rest between fights. Don't be shy about running away if they catch you in a
tight situation, you should be able to kill 6 of them otherwise.

You'll see another, bigger Skele close where the Elites are, it's the Skele
Champion, ignore him for now. Return to Guardsman Bob near the bridge on the
river to the South. Talk to him once more to gain a whooping 1800 XP and 50
Cold Coins. He will also hand a Letter to General Quixote for you to deliver.

Head back to Hubtown. General Quixote stands between the Killer Tomatoes farm
and the town's Eastern gate. Talk to him to deliver the letter (ignore the fact
he doesn't have any question mark over his head), you'll get another 1000 XP
and 10 Gold Coins. The oldie will talk about a giant, but we already spotted it
just a few moments back, isn't it? You'll be given another Quest (We Are the
Champions!) to kill the Skele Champion. Note that you can get this quest even
if you haven't completed the Skele Elite one, but you'll have to be at least
lvl 14.

Skele Champion is a Boss Monster (in fact, he is Crab Island's main Boss) and
the strongest enemy you will find in this area. If you thought Lucky Skull
Spider was trouble, prepare for more. He has 1500 HP, so it will take quite a
while to fall, and he will hit you hard, very hard. No need to say you should
better cast your best buffs on you and keep yourself healed. Use whatever you
can, you'll need it.

Well, if you manage to be successful, congratulations! You just completed all
of Crab Island's Quests (given you've followed this guide step-by-step ^^).
The NPC next to the cave's entrance by the East of where Skele Elites and the
Skele Champion are will let you enter the Swamp Grotto, as soon as you are at
least lvl 17, while walking past the wooden gate which is there will bring you
to Mirabella Cove, a higher level area which doesn't currently feature a level
requirement to enter.

Go back to General Quixote in town for a hard earned 2500 XP and 250 Gold Coins

This is a bit of a crossroad in FO. You have no Quests to complete in Crab
Coast anymore (accept for the Killer Tomatoes and Yellow Slimes dailies), while
most of the higher level areas are still closed for you.

You should however be able to travel to Pirate shores (level requirement is
12), so you may consider moving there and completing Quests which deal with
killing Scorpions, rescuing Pirates' treasures and getting rid of zombies. This
is a secondary area, meaning it doesn't really feature anything ultra
important, so many people just skip on this entirely. Just saying, I enjoyed it

As soon as you hit level 16, you could want to consider paying those 20 Gems
and buying access to the Cave of Some Return. This area is entirely optional
too, you don't have to go there. Yet, it is currently the only place where Iron
Ores can be mined (you'll need to buy a Pickaxe to mine) and many Quests and
Monsters there yield high amounts of XP, Gold Coins and valuable loot.

You will be allowed to enter the Swamp Grotto by reaching lvl 17. Entering this
area is otherwise free of charge. Monsters and Quests there quickly become
quite engaging, it's a preferred place to gain more XP, Gold Coins. In addition
to that, the Skill Trainer and NPC Shops both have powerful Skills and
Equipment for you to buy, if you can afford it, so visiting this area is highly
advice-able. Swamp Grotto currently is the only place where Silver Ores can be
mined, if you're into crafting.

Last, you may choose to travel to Mirabella Cove, by heading to the East, past
the Skele Elites, the entrance to the Grotto and the wooden gate there.
Entering to this area is free and doesn't currently have a minimum level
requirement, so many players just venture there and try to get on monsters of a
much higher level to gain huge amounts of XP and level up more quickly.

Crab Coast is however an area you'll return to more than once, especially if
you later gain interest into crafting. If you decide to stay for a while more
into the surroundings of Hubtown, be aware that Skele Elites and Skele
Champions are a popular and convenient choice to grind for good XP, loot and
Gold Coins.

So make your choice, maybe pay a visit to each of the aforementioned areas as
soon as you're allowed to enter and stick to the one you like the most by
taking the Quests you will find.

I will next talk about Pirate Shores and the Cave of Some Return, although as I
already stated these are optional areas for the most part, so maybe jump
directly to the Swamp Grotto section if you want to skip them entirely.

* #5.3. Pirate Shores *

Only characters of at least level 12 are allowed to enter this area. To travel
to Pirate Shores, talk to the Pirate Navigator who stands on a dock at the
Western side of Crab Coast's coast, in the Southern region of that area.

Pirate Shores is composed by a little archipelago of islands connected via
wooden bridges. It is covered by grass and palms, although a few desert-like
spots are present on the bigger island. As you enter the area your character
will be brought on one of the smaller islands. Whenever you wish to return to
Crab Coast just talk to the Pirate Navigator on the dock by the East and he
will teleport you to Hubtown.

Pirate Shores is densely populated by scorpions, pirate NPCs and enemies and
undeads. The most peculiar of this area is the presence of many Chests of
different sizes you will need to open in order to complete many of the Quests
you can take here. To be open able to open the Chests you will need to equip a
Standard Lockpick though, a tool which can be purchased at some NPC Shops (or
at the Market for Gold Coins).

Monsters to be found in this area: Small Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest, Large
Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest Mirage, Scorpion, Noob Treasure Hunter, Undead
Archaeologist, Undead Assistant, Undead Scallywag


As soon as you enter Pirate Shores, you'll reach a spot where a few NPC are
located. Pirate Navigator, on the dock, will offer to bring you back to Hubtown
anytime if you talk to him. The Pirate Pawn Shop holds Health, Energy Potions
and a Map for Pirate Shores for you to buy, if you need any.

You'll need a Standard Lockpick to open the Chests in Pirate Shores in order to
complete some quests. It's a tool you equip in place of your weapon: it only
does 1 dmg when attacking anything and you can't cast Skills while using it,
but that's the only tool which enables you to open the Chests in this and other

It's not like you absolutely need to complete the Quests concerning Chests
(although rewards and loot from chests in this area and later in the game are
usually pretty nice), so if you don't want to buy the Standard Lockpick or just
can't afford it skip over them. You can of course take those Quests at a later
time, if you wish so.

The Standard Lockpick can be bought at various NPC Shops for 12 Gems. A NPC
Shop which has Standard Lockpick up for sale in Pirate Shores is in the 
North-West corner of the area, on a small island connected to the main one by a
wooden bridge. Alternatively, in case you don't wish to spend Gems on that, you
can usually find Standard Lockpicks up for sale for Gold Coins at the Market.
It doesn't go for very cheap though.

Pirate Patrick and Pirate Mir will have a few Quests for you as soon as you hit
lvl 14.

~ #5.3.1. Standard Lockpick only Quests ~

Move slightly to the West and talk to Pirate Josh. You will need the Standard
Lockpick to successfully complete his Quests. He will tell he lost his booty.
He means treasures of course. Accept the Quest (Booty Call) and move West past
the bridge. Equip your Standard Lockpick and open enough Small Treasure Chests
(just attack them like they were regular monsters) to collect 20 Booties. Talk
to Pirate Josh, getting back is Booty to him will make you earn 1000 XP and 50
Gold Coins.

Talk to him again to take another Quest (Booty Camp). He will ask for 40 Better
Booties, so go open even more Small Chests. By completing this other Quest Josh
will award you 2000 XP and 100 Gold Coins and an Eye Patch (HARR!).

Return where Small Chests are and go North slightly to Talk to Pirate Harley
near a hill with two palm trees on it to get another Chests-related Quest (The
Mirage). You'll need a Standard Lockpick to complete this Quest as well. Open
enough Treasure Chest Mirage in the surroundings to find a Lost Treasure and
give it to Pirate Harley to be awarded 1000 XP and 100 Gold Coins. He will also
give a Sharp Cutlass to you.

Matey Mir will give you another Chests-related Quest you need the Standard
Lockpick to complete (Mo' Better Booty). Go North across the bridge and to the
West. Open enough Treasure Chests to loot 10 Mo Booty and return to Matey Mir.
Your reward will be 800 XP and 50 Gold Coins.

Talk to Matey Mir again for another Quest (Mo' Booty, Mo' Problems) to gather
50 Mo Mo Booties from the same Treasure Chests as the previous one. After more
Chests-opening action, come back to Matey Mir for a 2400 XP and 200 Gold Coins
reward. You'll also receive the Black Pearl for your efforts. After that you're
done with Quests which have to do with opening chests.

~ #5.3.2. Exterminating Scorpions ~

Talk to Matey Moy, near the Small Chests and next to a palm tree, and accept
his Quest (Scorpions on the Plains)). You will have to kill 20 of the Scorpions
nearby to the South. Scorpions aren't a big deal and they're Peaceful Monsters,
just take them down one at a time (or party-up with someone else to make it
quicker). Accomplishing this task will make you earn 800 XP and 20 Gold Coins.

As Matey Moy tells, seems like Scorpions are a big issue to this island's
inhabitants. He will give you a Scorpion Report to deliver to Captain Crunch
and will ask you to tell other NPCs in the surroundings about the Scorpions
threat. This is another Quest (Scorpion Report).

Go North and up a ramp to a ledge where more Scorpions are. Slightly ahead to
the South-West talk to Matey Daniel. This will make you earn 300 XP and get
another Quest (Scorpion report: The Sequel). Be aware that you won't be allowed
to deliver the Scorpion Report to Captain Crunch if you don't talk to Matey
Daniel in advance.

Move to the East, down the ledge and more to the East. Talk to Captain Crunch
to deliver the Scorpion Report and complete the Quest and get 500 XP and 50
Gold Coins.

Talk to Captain Crunch again to get another Quest (Scorpion Extermination).
You'll need to take down 50 scorpions, so go back to the ledge and start
killing more of them. Partying up with other people is advisable, as you'll
need far less time to complete the task that way. Go back to Captain Crunch
again after you're done to receive a nice XP and Gold Coins reward.

~ #5.3.3. Noob Treasure Hunters are n00bs ~

Go South-East past the Noob Treasure Hunters and across a bridge to go where
you first were upon arriving to Pirate Shores.

Pirate Patrick, near the NPC Shop, will give you a Quest (Bad n00b Treasure
Hunters) if you talk to him. You'll have to kill 20 Noob Treasure Hunters. Walk
North past the wooden bridge and then head to the West where the Treasure
Chests are to find them. Just like Scorpions, Noob Treasure Hunters are Passive
Monsters and not much of a deal, just take on one of them at a time and rest to
regen HP and Energy as needed until you complete the Quest.

Come back to Pirate Patrick for a 800 XP and 50 Gold Coins reward. You'll also
get a Chicken Cutlass. Pirate Patrick will also give you another Quest (Insert
Clever n00b Pun Here) to kill more Noob Pirate Hunters, 60. Party up with
someone else who needs to kill those guys to make the whole process much
quicker of course. Completing this last long quest will make you earn 2200 XP
and 150 Gold Coins if you talk to Patrick again.

~ #5.3.4. Dispatching Undeads ~

Walk North again, past the Noob Treasure Hunters and go where Captain Crunch
is. Talk to Angry Al, he will give you a Quest (The Assistant) to take care 20
Undead Assistant, they're just nearby to the North-East.

Undead Assistants are Peaceful and nothing to be worried about. Just take on
one of them at a time until you've killed enough to complete the quest. Talk to
Angry Al again for a 1000 XP and 40 Gold Coins reward.

Talk to him again and he will give another Quest to you (Fallen Arches) to take
down 40 Fallen Archaeologists. They're near the Undead Assistants. Completing
this last quest will make you earn 2400 XP and 120 Gold Coins.

* #5.4. Cave of Some Return (optional) *

I will add info regarding this area of the game at a later date.

* #5.5. Swamp Grotto *

I will add info regarding this area of the game at a later date.

* #5.6. Mirabella Cove. *

I will add info regarding this area of the game at a later date.

* #5.7. Cave of Despair *

Cave of Despair has officially been announced as the name for the new area to
be added to FO late in January/early in February. 

   - You will need to be at least lvl 30 to enter.
   - It is known to have a volcanic/magma theme. 
   - Gamer hinted at several bosses having their home in the cave, as he said
"for you to be able to craft powerful items in the game you will have to first
loot the pieces from their corpses".

I will add info regarding this area of the game at a later date.

* #5.8. What's coming up next? *

In this section, I will give out info about what's known regarding areas to be
added to the game next.

Announced Areas:
   - Cave of Despair.

Tidbits and rumors:
   -At some point, Gamer (the game's owner and coder) mentioned he was working
on an area featuring a big city. It is not known if this will eventually be
added to the game.

*                             #6. Game Systems                              *

In this section, I will talk in full detail each of the main systems which make
up FO's game-play.

* #6.1. Your Character *

In this section I will go into full detail about everything there's to know 
about your Character, including how Stats work, how those affect your
how damage is calculated and the likes.

* #6.2. Battle System *

In this section, I will talk at length how battle in FO works and give you many
hints at how to get better at it.

* #6.3. Skills *

In this section, I will examine the Skills your character can use, make
comparisons and give you tips about how to take them the most out of your

* #6.4. Party System *

In this section, I will talk how to Party up with other FO players and why you
should choose to do so.

* #6.5 Guilds System *

In this section, I will talk how Guilds work in FO, how to create or join one
and what's cool about being part of it.

* #6.6 Market *

In this section, I will talk the Player-run Market, how it works and the
Economy Game around it.

* #6.7. Crafting System *

In this section, I will talk FO's Crafting System and how to become a master

* #6.8. Pets System *

The Pets System has not been yet implemented into the game, but it has been
announced for a long time now.

You'll be able to have a Pet follow you around and, likely, have it fight
enemies along with you.

How exactly Pets will work is still unknown. Developers stated Pets will have
their own level and will be able to gain experience. It's also been said many
kind of Pets will be available and obtainable by different means, supposedly by
buying them with money, gems, by completing Quests or by other unknown means.

All of this info is of course subject to change as development continues.

I'll add more info as those are released and start filling out this section
when Pets get implemented.

* #6.9. PvP *

PvP has been announced for a long time now, and a greatly sought after the FO
community feature, and debate abounds. It has yet to be released.

Only bits of info have been disclosed about this feature. As it seems, PvP will
take place into specially designed PvP Arenas.

I'll add more info as those are pop out and start filling out this section
when PvP gets released.

*                                 #7. Quests List                             *

In this section I will fully detail all of the game's available quests.

*                            #8. Items & Equipment List                       *

*                                 #9. Skills List                             *

In this section I will fully detail all of the game's available Skills.

*                                #10. Monsters List                           *

In this section I will fully detail all of the game's monsters.

*                                  #11. NPCs List                             *

In this section I will fully detail all of the game's NPCs.

*                                 #12. Builds                                 *

In this section I will give you extensive info and general advices about how to
plan your character's build.
I will also detail some of the most basic and some of the most fancy builds 
used by other FO players.

*                             #13. Version History                            *

- 2011.01.22. Started work on this FAQ.

- 2011.01.23. First publicly available version of this FAQ (0.1) being 

- 2011.01.25. Spell-checked the whole guide for the first time ~_~ I'll be sure
              to do this before uploading any new version.
              Updated the To be done list section.
              Added the "How do I get Gems?" question to the FAQ section.
              Added various info to the Basics & Controls section.
              Added to the Walkthrough Section up to where you first visit
              Hubtown in Crab Coast and slightly thereafter.
              Slightly modified the FAQ's index and added the Game Systems
              section with its own sub-sections.
- 2011.01.26. Version 0.2 released!

- 2011.01.27. Started work on v0.3.
              Found and got rid of many more typos (big thanks to Aylas ^^).
              Added #5.7. Cave of Despair section.
              Completed walkthrough for Crab Island! Next up is Pirate Shores.
              Added #5.0. Useful things to know section, this is intended for
              players new to FO.

- 2011.01.28. Done writing the Useful things to know section.
              Version 0.3 uploaded!
- 2011.02.01. Started work on v0.4
              Got rid of more typos (thanks to Aylas again).
              Added sub-sections about Facebook-exclusive features and rewards.
- 2011.02.02. Added complete Walkthrough for Pirate Shores.
              Started adding proper sub-sections to the Walkthrough for
              enhanced structure/readability.

*                               #14. To be done                               *

- Completing the game's Walkthrough

- Proof-reading

- Filling in all of the FAQ's sections

- Expanding content

- Enhancing format and readability

*                            #15. Legal Information                           *

This FAQ is the property of its author, Andrea Portale. All rights reserved. 

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Any other trademark or material subject to copyright mentioned in this FAQ are 
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*                                #16. Credits                                 *

Most of the info contained in this FAQ I have gathered myself by the mean of 
playing and excerpting the game itself.

http://www.fo-wiki.com - My first reference site. Maintained by Amy and 
   regularly updated by fellow FO players. I actively contribute to keep the 
   wiki's database as up-to-date as possible, given real life is kind enough to
   grant me enough free time xD

http://www.fantasy-mmorpg.com/forums - FO official forums, where the most 
   interesting talk about the game's development status takes place and home of
   the game's fantastic community.

http://www.gamefaqs.com/gba/560436-final-fantasy-tactics-advance/faqs/33671 -
   Quan Jin's superb FAQ about Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, which I took as a
   example while writing my own first FAQ.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who helped me with proof-reading, spotting
typos, suggestions and whatnot:
   Boshed (One of the best and more active FO players. I love you pal ^_^),
Aylas, AConspiracy

Also, I'd like thank everyone who's been supportive about my work with this
FAQ. Guys, it is only because of you I'll be able to push hard and keep
updating this guide ^_^
   MurdockSiren, mdccxxvii, KnightBlood, Drakonious, FailCard, Filio123,
Jman12390, Mir2, Keel1369

I am not taking credit for the hard work of others and I hope they do the same.
Not giving proper credit is plagiarism and it's against the law.
*                             #17. Closing Words                              *

This is the first FAQ I ever wrote. I hope you will love it reading it as much 
as I loved writing.

My goal writing this FAQ is to create the most detailed FAQ possible. I will 
put all of my Fantasy Online knowledge into it.

Thanks for reading this, I hope it serves you well and you enjoy playing 
Fantasy Online.

- Bandreus