Walkthrough by Anonymous

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DuckTales 2

Complete map for Ducktales 2 is in Nintendo Power 47 (Star Fox

You start the game with one piece of the map, recover one in each
level, and buy another.  Once you have all seven pieces, a new
area will open up next to the castle in Scotland.  In this area
is the hidden treasure of McGurk, which will give you a new e
nding when you finish the game.

I found this to be the best order to work in: Niagara, Bermuda,
Mu, Egypt, Scotland, Underground, and then the final level.


Talk to Huey, then jump up and to the right into the waterfall
behind him.  Run right, pogo jump off the top block into the
waterfall at the right side of the screen.  Open the box to find
a 1-UP DOLL.  Climb down the rope next to Huey, grab the iron
box , drag it to the left, and jump up to the ledge.  Jump up and
golf swing to knock out an invisible block.  Go left to find the

Talk to Webby, go down rope, ride raft to the left, duck under
the low ceiling.  Jump up to Gyro, talk to him and he will give
you the IRON ADAPTER, which lets you break stone blocks with a
pogo jump.

End Boss - Firequacker - pogo jump on his head five times.


Pull iron box to the left past the mouse, jump up onto the ledge,
open the chest to find 1-UP DOLL.  

Talk to Launchpad,  go right across the water and rings, then
climb up the rope.  On the next screen up (the one with the crab
on the left side), go right through the false wall.  Golf swing
at the chest, pogo jump up and to the right, open the chest for

Talk to Gyro, who gives you the HAMMER ADAPTER, which lets you
break harder objects with your golf swing.

Pull lever to the left, pogo jump off the box, open the chest for

End Boss - Pirate - hit him on the head 5 times.


Pogo right across the spikes at the begining, jump up onto the
first column, pogo on the first rock on the left side, then golf
swing the second rock up at the chest in the ceiling.  The rock
will break the chest, revealing a rope.  Climb up the rope and
talk to Gyro, who gives you the POWER ADAPTER,  which allows you
to pull larger objects.

Talk to Launchpad, then jump into the left wall behind him. 
Break  the third block from the left, drag one of the iron chests
into it.  Break the second block, and drag the other block into
that hole.  This causes the city of Mu to raise up.

Walk right from Launchpad, climb down the chain, open the big
chest to find the CANE HIDDEN TREASURE.  Golf swing through the
rocks and blocks to find the MAP PIECE.

End Boss - RoboDuck - duck under his flying fist, golf swing
block into him, which will make him collapse into a pile of
rubble with a gem on top.  Pogo jump off the gem, which is the
only way to hurt him.  Repeat 5 times.


At the area with the hanging ring, the blocks on the floor, and
the platform with the hook, pogo jump on the blocks, drop through
the sand, talk to Dewey, then jump left over the blocks until you
come to a room with numbers written on the floor.  Jump on the
blocks in following order: jump on block #1 three times, #3
twice, #4 once, and #2 four times.  Open the chest to find the

Run left after talking to Launchpad, jump over snake, move the
blocks, pogo through the floor, go left to get the chest you see
but can't reach at the beginning of the level.  

Talk to Louie, jump on switch to activate platforms, open chest,
go through the wall to get some gems.  

After talking to Louie, golf swing through the wall, open the
chest, pogo up and to the left to find the mirror.    Drag the
mirror into the sunlight, jump down the hole it creates to find

End Boss - Pharaoh - jump over his energy blast, jump on his head
as he disappears back into the sand.  Do this 5 times.


Go right up the first chain, then right and up the second chain. 
Pogo jump in front of the right wall to make a box appear.  Pogo
off the box to the right.  Break through the last two blocks in
the line and fall down pushing right to run thorough the fa lse
wall.  Watch out for the hole in the floor underneath the chest
in the middle of the room.  Open the two small chests to find a
1-UP DOLL.  

From Launchpad, go up two chains, through the false wall to the
right, pogo off the three floating hands, drop off platform to
the right, open the chest to find the MAP PIECE.

End Boss - Sorcerer - wait for one to disappear, then jump on the
other's head.  Do this 5 times.


After you have found all seven pieces of the map, this area
appears next to the Scotland castle.  Complete this level to
receive McGurk's Treasure.


FINAL BOSS - D-1000 - wait for all of the D-1000's limbs to
retract, then jump on his head when he is on the floor.  Do this
five times and you've won the game!