FAQ/Walkthrough by American Arsenal

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                                  HOME ALONE
               A Full FAQ/Walkthrough, ver 1.01; March 13, 2005

                           For the Nintendo GameBoy
         By American Arsenal <americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com>
               (c) 2004-2005 Chris Noonan. All rights reserved.

             TABLE OF CONTENTS

         I.  Introduction 
        II.  Controls
       III.  Walkthrough
             a.  Level One:  Valuables
             b.  Level Two:  Toys
             c.  Level Three:  Electronics
             d.  Level Four:  Pets
        IV.  Revision History
         V.  Legal Disclaimer
        VI.  Closing

  Just a slight revision, format-wise.

     I ------------------------------------------------------ INTRODUCTION

Whatup, loyal FAQ readers!  Chances are, no one will ever read this FAQ, as it
is for a game that sucks more than just a bit.  Nevertheless, Home Alone had no
other FAQs whatsoever, so I figured I may as well be the first.  In any event,
I tend to ramble far too much in these intros, so I'm gonna keep this one short
and sweet.  Just one thing:  if someone for some strange reason needs to get
in contact with me, simply hit me at <americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com>.
No drawn-out contact info here (unlike my other guides >_>)!

Enjoy the FAQ!

  - American Arsenal

     II --------------------------------------------------------- CONTROLS

Start    - * Pause the Game

Select   - * Cycle through your available weapons

D-Pad    - * Left and right move Kevin around
           * Down ducks
           * Up inspects chests, drawers, pictures, refrigerators, et cetera

A Button - * Jump

B Button - * Use current weapon

     III ----------------------------------------------------- WALKTHROUGH

Here it is, the part that you (most likely) came for. Enjoy!

                           a.  Level One:  Valuables

First of all, press up while standing next to the dresser to reveal a Slingshot
for you to grab.  After that, use the bed to jump on top of the same dresser, 
where there is some jewelry.  Proceed left into the second part of the room--
inspect the desk here to find a bag of money and a slice of pizza.  Leave the
room and grab the Slingshot to your right, as well as the valuable on the shelf
to the left. 

Head left onto the next screen, where you'll find a bad guy clad in black. 
Resist the urge to open the nearby cabinet and instead jump into the banana
peel on the shelf.  Once you've done that, go ahead and open the cabinet.  The 
foe will try to grab the watch that comes out before you, but he'll slip on the
banana peel.  Nice.  Now head back to the right.

Another foe dressed in black is pacing back and forth here.  Blast him a few 
times with your water gun to knock him out, then quickly drop the bowling ball
off the shelf above, thus causing the valuable ahead to fall as well.  Grab it
before the thief wakes up, then progress onward down the hallway.  Take the
watch out of the cabinet, then press up while standing in front of the hole in
the wall to deposit your valuables into the basement.  We'll take care of them

In the next area, spray the thief a few times to knock him out, then inspect
the cabinet to find another valuable.  Grab it before the thief can, and then
enter the doorway.  Jump into the shower and look at the pipe to find a slice
of pizza, then hop over to the sink and press up to find a necklace hidden 
behind the mirror.  Head right into the subsequent part of the bathroom and 
open the trash can to find a valuable.  Before leaving, jump onto the toilet 
and press up to propel yourself upwards, where a full pizza is concealed. 

Exit the bathroom and head to the right.  Take the valuable off of the table,
then use the adjacent chair to climb atop the table.  From there, proceed up 
the next few shelves and a slice of pizza will appear.  Snatch it before 
jumping from the top shelf onto the next screen, where yet another valuable 
awaits us.  At this point, you'll want to return to the laundry chute and 
deposit all of the valuables you've collect thus far, as you can only carry six
at a time.

Anyway, return to the last area and enter the doorway to find yourself inside
a bedroom.  Take the necklace from the bed and continue to the left, where you
will find a watch on top of the dresser and a piece of pizza inside.  After 
that, make your way to the opposite side of the room and open another dresser
to find some more pizza.  With that done, there is one last thing to do before
leaving here.  Open one of the drawers on the dresser, then use the nearby 
chair to jump into the drawer.  From there, simply jump and grab the money bag 

Leave this bedroom and continue to the right, where you'll locate a staircase.
Press down to descend it.  On the following screen, be sure to jump into the
painting hung over the stairs to reveal a money bag.  You may also notice a 
door under the stairs--this leads to the basement and will remain locked until 
we find enough valuables.

In any event, proceed to the left and enter the first door you come across. 
Once inside, quickly run left and use the chair to leap onto the table, as an
angry and rather burly thief will come after you.  Take the valuable on the far
end of the table and jump into the chandelier to unearth a slice of pizza. 
After taking both of those, jump over the muscular thief and sprint to the
right.  Grab the money bag and whole pizza from out of the cabinets, then turn
around and knock the oncoming thief out with some shots from your squirt gun.
Be wary though, because he'll only remain knocked out for a few moments, so
you need to move with haste.

Head back outside and run to the left. You probably can't hold any more 
valuables at the moment, so simply run onto the next screen and deposit 
everything you've got, then return to the previous area and grab the stuff.  In
the hall with the laundry chute,  be careful not to run over the strange object
in the center of the room, as it will cause damage.  Anyway, jump into the
painting to get an item, which you may as well drop into the basement now.

Continuing ahead, turn around and head back from whence you came as soon as you
set foot in the area ahead.  A lanky thief will begin to chase you, so jump
over the object in the ground and let him step on it, thus eliminating him.
Very nice.  Now head back to where you were going and grab the valuable item
from the chest.  Enter the doorway after that and run left.  Inside the cabinet
is yet another valuable item, while you can find a baseball hidden within the

Now run back to the right and take the money bag off of the couch.  Proceed to
the right and you'll meet up with another black thief.  Knock him out with your
squirt gun, then jump onto the piano (using the nearby chair) and hop into the
picture to reveal a watch.  Make sure you grab it before the thief can.  There 
is also a slice of pizza that you can get from the chair next to the piano.

Return to the hallway and head left.  The next screen has another strange 
object on the floor, so be sure not to step on it.  Jump into the painting to 
get a watch, then continue to the left.  Enter the first new door you come 
across and open the refrigerator, thus locating a watch.  Although the watch 
seems to be out of reach, simply jump a few times and it will come closer to 
you with each jump.  Simple stuff.  On the other side of the room you can find 
another valuable and slice of pizza.  Nifty!

Back in the hall, extract a necklace from the painting and run to the left.  In
addition to a second tall and lanky thief, you can also find a whole pizza and
one last valuable.  Lure the thief into the dangerous object a few screens 
back, then go claim your prizes! 

At this point, you'll want to deposit all of your valuables into the basement
and head for the basement door, which now has a key sitting in front of it. 
How convenient!  Anyway, head into the basement and get ready for some tricky 
jumping segments.  The first area is actually pretty easy--the spiders don't
move at all, so just jump between them. In the second area, the first and third
spiders move down when you jump whilst the second and fourth spiders move
upward.  What to do?  Jump over the first spider, then quickly run ahead under
the second.  Do the same thing for the third and fourth spiders.

The subsequent area is pretty similar to the first, only now the spiders are
moving.  Wait for them to spread out, then jump past them in a timely manner.
The area after that is like a mix of all the previous areas: the spiders are
moving and some move up or down when you jump.  Leap over the first two
spiders, then quickly run underneath the third and hop over the last one. 
Proceed onwards to encounter...

  Defeating this boss can actually be kind of tricky, especially since none of
  your weapons have any effect on it.  So how do you damage it then? Well, you
  may notice that one of the bricks on the wall is a different color than the
  rest.  Jump into it and it'll fall, damaging the spider if it is below you. 
  Try to hit the block just when the spider turns around and starts moving 
  towards you.  Keep in mind, though, that this monster will speed up every
  time you hit it with a brick.  Five hits and this beast is finished!

                             b.   Level Two:  Toys 

First off, check both sides of the desk in this first room to uncover a toy
and a baseball.  Head left onto the next screen and grab a second toy from atop
the dresser.  Check the drawer to locate another baseball, then exit the room.
Run left and quickly snatch the toy off of the small table before the muscular
baddie can get to it.  Unfortunately, he's following us now, so we need to get
him off our tail.  Run two screens to the right and open the chest to find yet
another toy, then proceed right again.  Take another toy from the table, then
hop onto the rifle of the toy soldier to the right.  From there jump to the
other soldier's rifle and wait for Mr. Muscles to walk under you.  When he 
does, jump to drop the paint bucket on him.  Nice!

Proceed right on screen and carefully jump over the thorny plant on the floor.
Pick up the toy soldier pacing around for our sixth toy thus far.  Enter the
room in this hall and take the RC car adjacent to the doorway.  That's toy
number seven, which means we need to find a place to drop off our load.  Exit
the room (don't worry, we'll be back in a second to clear out the remaining
loot) and head right.  Lo and behold, there's a laundry chute just ahead!  Drop
your luggage, then open the chest to find another toy.  May as well drop it off
while we're here, so go ahead and do so.  Also, one of the pictures on the wall
contains a slice of pizza, which you'll probably want to grab.

Now then, head left one screen and reenter the room from before.  In the
pinball machine (at least, I _think_ it's a pinball machine) to the right is a
slingshot.  Continue to the right and use the pool stick rack on the wall to
jump onto the billiard table, where a full pizza awaits.  Also, pick up the
robot toy on the floor.  Go right once more and inspect the central machine to
find a baseball.  There is also a toy helicopter flying around above, but it's
out of reach.  How do we get it?  Easy, head left and step onto the pool stick
rack, then jump right onto the next screen.  If done right, you'll land atop
one of the machines.  From there, jump onto the next machine and grab the 

Return to the hall and run right two screens, dropping off your toys at the
laundry chute along the way.  Now, there's a slice of pizza in one of the wall
paintings, and you'll also want to take the helicopter.  Use the door to enter
the room after that.  Pick up the truck on the table, then jump into the
circular design on the wall to receive a full pizza pie.  Head right onto the
next screen and you'll find tacks strewn all across the floor.  You can't go
under them, can't go around them, so it looks like we need to go over them. 
Hop on the green armchair a few times to get some momentum, then launch toward
the shelf over the tacks.  Drop off onto the other side and take the two prizes
before returning to the main corridor.

Run to the right, hop onto the table and jump into the wall painting, causing
a toy to appear.  The black-clad foe wants it bad, but you should be able to
beat him to it.  Proceed onward.  A slice of pizza is available if you jump
into the first painting on the following screen.  Additionally, there's a robot
toy in one of the pictures on the opposite side of the room.  Grab those, then
enter the room.

Take the baseball to the right and the truck to the left, then run left onto
another screen.  Grab the toy here, which should give you seven.  Looks we need
to find another laundry chute.  There's only one on this floor, and we've
already used it once, so return there and deposit your loot.  With that done,
make your way back a few screens to the right, passing the weight room that we
were just in (as we're done in there).

The next room should be inclusive of a giant toy soldier, a few wall paintings,
and a baddie on the soldier's rifle.  Inspect the second painting to reveal a
toy, which the baddie will race for.  Make sure you beat him to it, then keep
going to the right.  Take the toy truck off of the floor, then head into the
room.  Grab the remote control car to the right and the whole pizza from the
painting on the left wall.  Proceed leftward to find another toy and a baseball
in the crib.  That's all for this room, so return to the main hall and run to
the right.

The door to the basement is, of course, locked at the moment, so ignore it for
now and ascend the staircase instead.  Once upstairs, take the baseball and run
left.  The first wall painting has a toy inside, and the second has a slice of
pizza.  Head into the room after grabbing said goodies.  In the box to your
right is some more pizza, and the left box has a toy inside.  Go left and check
every single box to find yet another piece of pizza as well as another toy.  

Back in the hall, go left and jump on the various stuffed animals to avoid the
wrath of Mr. Muscles.  One of the small pictures near the ceiling will reveal a
toy if you inspect it, so make sure you do that.  Continue onward and find a 
laundry chute, which you should definitely use.  After that, check the picture
to find another toy, which you may as well drop off, then enter the bedroom.
Hanging over the doorway is a toy that we need to collect, so get some good
bounces using the beds to the right, then leap towards it.  The left side of
this room contains two large bureaus, which contain a toy and a slingshot.

Return to the hallway and run to the left, grabbing a pizza from the wall
paintings.  Enter the room ahead, but be careful of the foe in here.  He'll
toss his hat at you like a boomerang, so you need to duck and avoid it.  
Carefully make your way toward him, then take the RC car and get out of there.
In addition to two slices of pizza, the area to the far right also contains a
toy on the floor and a flying helicopter, which I'm not quite sure how you can

Anyway, get back to the hall and run left.  Hanging around some more stuffed
animals is another helicopter toy for you to take.  Only one more toy before
we can head for the basement!  Continue to jump using the stuffed animals as
platforms and leap onto the subsequent screen.  If done right, you'll land on
another animal, which is just beneath a painting.  Inspect this painting to
find the final toy.  Sweet!  Drop off everything at the laundry chute, then
return downstairs and head into the basement.

The basement this time around is pretty similar to the one seen in level one,
only now there are rats instead of spiders.  Also, rats will also drop from the
ceiling every so often, making this a good bit harder than last time around.
Pretty much what you need to do is carefully jump over each rat, making sure
that the guys falling from above don't hit you.  A few screens of rat-jumping
madness and you'll meet up with the boss.

  This is almost the exact same thing as the last boss, only the rat tends to
  shy away from the center of the room.  This makes it difficult to hit him
  with the brick.  Basically, just stand near the brick and wait for the rat
  to come for you, nailing him whenever you get the chance.

                         c.  Level Three:  Electronics

As usual, start off by clearing out the dresser.  Take both the slingshot and 
the piece of electronic equipment from it before moving on.  The desk in the
other side of the room contains some more electronic stuff, so be sure to grab
that before leaving.  Once in the main corridor, step onto the small object
directly to the right of the door (an electrical outlet maybe?).  From there
you can jump towards a set of wall paintings, one of which is concealing some
more electronic stuff.  Now head left onto the subsequent screen where you can
pick up a baseball and a TV before running two screens to the right.

Ignore the bowling ball here and, instead, climb onto the coat rack and jump
towards the TV-holding shelf.  Continue to the right after that and grab a
TV from the table, then enter the door.  Both of the wall-mounted speakers in
this room contain stuff, so be sure to inspect them.  Additionally, the right
side of the room is inclusive of another piece of electronic stuff and a 
baseball.  Before clearing out the opposite side of this same room, we first
need to locate a laundry chute to drop off our current luggage.  Just return
to the main hall and run a few screens to the right.

After dropping off your loot, grab the stereo lying on the floor and head back
to the left.  The first screen to the left has a TV and a full pizza hidden in
the paintings, so use the outlet to jump onto the table, then to the pictures.
With that done, head back into the room we were in before we needed to use the
laundry chute.  The left side of this room has a TV and a baseball that you'll
want to grab, so do that.

At this point, you'll wanna head back to the laundry chute and drop off 
everything.  From there, proceed to the right, but stop as soon as you enter
the next screen.  Tacks cover the floor ahead, so we need to be very careful.
Jump onto the outlet (which is somewhat hidden behind a TV) and fire a few
shots with the slingshot at the baddie to knock him cold.  Before he wakes up,
quickly jump past him and dash into the room.

In here, snatch the TV off of the dresser and take the pizza out of the drawer.
Head right and you'll find a series of shelves that you can climb right up.  As
you may expect, they bust when you reach the top (just like in the movie!).
Fortunately, in the dust you can find another piece of electronic stuff as well
as a 1-Up!  Good deal!  Return to the hall.

Watch out for the baddie who'll be right outside the door and quickly stun him
with some slingshot firing action.  Before he comes to, race past him onto the
next screen, where you'll first want to pick up the TV on the floor.  After 
that, jump onto the coat rack and wait for the baddie to come waltzing by, at
which point you should jump towards the iron to take him out for good.  Keep
going to the left and grab the TV, then hop onto another coat rack to avoid the
oncoming thief.  Leap towards the wall painting and grab the piece of pizza
that will appear, then duck into the doorway.

Check the cabinets on either side of the room to find a slice of pizza and a
TV.  Also, head left onto the subsequent screen to locate a VCR (or some
similar device) on the floor, as well as another slice o' pizza hidden in the
bookcase (I've heard of people hiding money in books, but this is ridiculous!).
Before leaving, hit up the right side of the room to find a GameBoy, as well as
a full pizza hidden in the bookshelf.

Once you leave, immediately race to the left and climb the coat rack to evade
the attacking thief.  Leap over his head and sprint to the right, grabbing any
electronics you find along the way.  When you come to a doorway, pass by it for
now and go pick up the TV by the staircase first.  That done, return to the
laundry chute and drop everything off, then enter the doorway one screen left
of the stairs.

Once in this room (the bathroom), check the trash to find a GameBoy, then hop
onto the toilet seat and press up to launch yourself to the ceiling, where a
pizza is concealed.  Check the other side of the bathroom to find another TV,
as well as a bottle of stuff that will make you temporarily invincible.  Make
sure you use it wisely!

After your short-lived invincibility has worn off, head on upstairs. Pick up
the baseball right at the top, then run left and take the TV, as well as the
slice of pizza hidden in the painting.  After that, enter the first upstairs
doorway.  As usual, check the objects on either side of the door to reveal one
piece of electronic stuff and one slice o' pizza.  One of each can also be 
found if you check every box in the area to the left.  The right side of this
room also contains a piece of electronics, as well as a baseball.

Make your way back into the hallway and run to the left.  Grab the TV you find
lying on the floor, then jump from the coat rack to the painting to reveal a
piece of pizza.  Now run to the left again and snatch a GameBoy off of the
table, which should give you your eighth piece of electronic stuff.  What's
that mean?  It means we need to find a laundry chute to drop off all the loot!
No worries (okay I'm not Australian, but I can still say that, right?), there's
one just a few screens ahead.

Now that your hands are free again, head back to where we were before.  Pick up
a TV from the floor, then enter the room by way of the green door.  There are
several different things in this room, including a baddie and some electronics.
First off, grab the TV on the table before going to the left side of the room.
Here there is a GameBoy that you need to take, but a hat-throwing foe makes
things a bit more difficult.  Just duck whenever he tosses his boomerang-hat 
and slowly make your way towards the GB.  Additionally, there's a baseball in 
the TV cabinet that you might be interesting in taking.

Back in the main hallway, run left and take the slingshot and TV (if you didn't
when we were here a second ago) and drop your electronics through the laundry
chute.  Progressing left still, check the paintings on the wall to find a piece
of pizza and some more electronic stuff, then enter the door.  Sitting on a
shelf just above the door is an electronic we need to grab, so start bouncing
on the bed and leap for it.  Another electronic item, as well as a baseball,
can be located on the opposite side of the room.

Return to the main corridor and run left.  Take the VCR off of the shelf, then
gobble up the pizza that can be found in one of pictures on the wall.  Head 
through the doorway after that and take another TV in addition to a pizza that
can be located in the wall picture.  Head for the right side of the room, but
be careful because a burly thug will drop down from above.  He'll start 
stomping like some sort of goat or something, so run to the far side of the
area and start flipping switches (the correct order for the switches is as 
follows: up, down, down, up, up).  Eventually he'll bite the dust and a TV will
appear as if from nowhere.  Go back to the hallway.

Run to the left and pick up the electronic item on the floor, then run left 
another screen and grab another item.  This should be eight, so go drop your
stuff off at the chute, then come back here.  Head left one screen and snatch
the GameBoy off the table.  That should be your final item needed, and if not
you'll need to go back through the walkthrough and see what it is you missed.
Anyway, go drop it through the chute and head back downstairs to enter the

  NOTE:  If you're some sort of perfectionist, you can climb up the coat rack
  and jump along a variety of platforms to eventually climb up the ladder you
  probably saw hanging from the ceiling.  Inside the attic are tons of items
  to grab, although none of them are necessary.  Still, you may want to check
  this place out.

As you may expect, things are even tougher this time around.  So what's in the
basement this time around, you ask?  Even worse than spiders and rats... it's
spooks!  Yup, lotsa ghosts in here.  In the first screen, simply wait for them
to float by before carefully running past.  No problems there, hopefully.  The
second room is similar, only now ghosts will come flying towards you.  Just
duck to avoid them, then proceed onwards.  In the subsequent area, you need to
turn your back on the spooks to get them to move, then quickly run past before
they start to block you again.  The fourth screen is a lot like the second,
except there are more ghosts now.  Apply the same tactics to get by.

  The method is the same here, but the tactics are different.  You still need
  to nail ghosty here with the brick in the center of the room, but he moves
  around sporadically and even disappears from time to time.  Trickery!  In any
  event, just try to stay far away from the ghost and be sure to stay on the
  offensive to win here.  A method I've found quite effective is to run from
  one side of the room to another, hitting the brick as you go past it, and
  ducking to avoid the ghost's attacks.

                            d.  Level Four:  Pets

Like always, start off by collecting the goodies found inside the desk.  Then
grab the bird flying around above the desk and head for the other side of the
room.  In addition to a frog on the floor, there's a rifle (perhaps a bebe 
gun?) in the dresser.  Nice!  Exit the bedroom and snatch the puppy that's
walking around.  Head left after that, but immediately turn tail and run the
other way to avoid the angry man who's chasing you.  Attacking him will do no
good, so instead hop onto the small platform near the bedroom entrance and,
from there, jump right onto the next screen.  You should land on a small shelf,
from which you can drop a bucket on the thief's head.

Once he's out of the way, you can head two screens to the left and grab a whole
pizza from a wall painting, as well as the little doggy that's over here.  Now
head back to that muscled baddie kicked the bucket a while ago (get it?).  Use
the shelves to jump over the tack-covered floor and to the safety of the other
side.  The subsequent screen contains a kitty sitting in plain view, as well as
a slice o' pizza hidden in a painting.

Proceed onto the next screen, where another muscled baddie awaits.  He'll start
chasing you, so quickly toss a baseball at him and then use the animal cage on 
the floor to jump onto the shelf, where he won't be able to touch you.  
However, he can stomp, causing bad stuff to rain from the ceiling, so 
constantly jump between the three shelves while waiting for the lizard on the 
wall to climb towards you.  After grabbing him, leap over Mr. Muscles and 
sprint to the left.  Knock the banana peel off the shelf and laugh as the thug 
dies.  Take the kitty and enter the doorway.

Check the plant on the left to find a pet, then head for the right part of the
room, where a baseball and a lizard wait.  Although there's more to find in
this room, we're now maxed out on pets, so we'll have to come back after
dropping off our luggage.  Back in the hallway, head right one screen to find
the laundry chute.  Leap over the tacks (it seems difficult but it is actually
possible to do) and drop off the pets, then grab the leaping lizard to the left
and return to the room we were just in a moment ago.

Once inside the room, run two screens to the right and pick up a cute little
kitty as well as a slingshot.  In the last portion of this room, stand on the
plant in the middle and jump toward one of the plants hanging from the ceiling
to reveal a hidden lizard.  We're done in here now, so exit the room and
deposit your findings through the laundry chute.

Okay, now head to the right and grab the puppy meandering around its cage prior
to entering the room (there is also a baseball hidden in the cage).  In the
initial part of this room you can find a kitty to the left and a slice of pizza
in the picture to the right.  Check the right side of the room to find a
second kitty and another piece of pizza in the mobile above the crib.  Make
your way back to the main hallway at this point.

Head to the right and you'll find a kitty lounging atop one of those kitty
house things (I dunno what they're called :/).  Grab it, then go right onto the
subsequent screen.  However, quickly turn around and retreat to the previous
screen after grabbing the pet, as an angry foe will begin to chase after you. 
Here's how to avoid him:  jump from the kitty house in the middle to the one on
the right, then over the thug and onto the next screen.  Voila!

Duck through the doorway and check out the room you appear in.  The first part
of this room has a single pet and a slice of pizza hidden within some boxes.
Check the right and left sides of this room to find two more pets and two more
slices o' pizza.  Now would be a good time to return to the laundry chute and
deposit your furry buddies, so go ahead and do that before proceeding onwards.

Afterwards, head one room to the right of where we last explored to find a
closed kitty carrier.  Open it up to find, as unbelievable as it may be, a
kitty!  You can also find some slingshot ammo in the picture at the top-left
side of the screen.  Proceed to the right to find another lanky thug--deliver a
few shots with the bebe gun to kill him off, or just knock him cold with your
slingshot.  Take the wall-climber and head upstairs.

Pick up the slingshot you'll find at the very top, then proceed onward.  There
is a piece of pizza hidden in one the paintings and a bird flying about.  Take
them both before heading through the doorway.  Once inside, check the two boxes
for a lizard and some more pizza, then head to the left.  Another slice of pie
(in one of the boxes) and a kitty await you.  Leave once you've collected your

One screen to the left you'll be able to locate a frog dude sitting on the
floor in addition to a whole pizza pie in one of the paintings.  Continue
onward to find a kitty and a baseball hidden in the cage.  Again, proceed to
the left.  Here you'll find two things: a door and a ladder leading into the 
attic (too bad we can't quite reach it :|).  Since the latter will do us no
good at this point (get it? GET IT!?), we'll have to head through the door.

First off, grab the bird flying around, then leap over the stack of cars and
run left.  Using the small table, jump to the larger tables and snatch a
second bird, which gives us 9 pets!  That means we need to go find a laundry
chute to drop this stuff off.  Conveniently enough, leave the room and go left
one screen to find exactly what we're looking for!  Drop off the pets, then
pick up the puppy who's pacing around ahead.  Deposit it as well, then return
to the room we were just in a moment ago to retrieve one final bird.  To get
him, climb onto the tables in the area just before it and leap left onto the
next screen.  You should land on another table, from which you can grab this

Back in the main hallway, head left from the laundry chute (where you should
drop off that bird we just grabbed).  Check the electrical outlet for a tasty
slice o' pizza, then enter the doorway.  Immediately sprint to the left, as an
angry thug with many a muscle will charge at you.  Take refuge atop the tub,
where he can't quite reach you.  Since he's one of those punks who doesn't take
any damage from your weaponry, we need to apply some alternative tactics.  The
basic gist is that you need to leap over his head and run to the right side of
the room, where you'll use the toilet to launch onto a shelf where a paint can
happens to be sitting.  You get all that?  Good.  Once he's been disposed of,
check the trash can for a pet.

Return to the hall and run left.  Check the outlet for some cheese-encrusted
bread, then grab the puppy and enter the door.  In here you'll locate a kitty
atop a dresser and some pizza inside it.  Additionally, there is a birdie
flying around to the right, so use the incredibly bouncy beds to snatch it
without the slightest bit of remorse.  Head back to the hall.

Go to the left (of course) and use the small cage to climb onto the shelves,
on which you can find a slice of pizza.  As you did on the first floor, wait
for the lizard on the other side to climb up to your level, then quickly (but
carefully) leap over the thug's head and onto the next screen.  Hopefully you
will land on the shelf, otherwise you're probably screwed (try to escape across
the tacks if you have three hits left).  Jump from shelf to shelf and finally
back onto the ground.

On the following screen, take the pet and the pizza from the picture before
moving onward.  The subsequent screen has nothing but a ladder leading into the
attic, so go ahead and climb on up.  Unfortunately, the basement isn't as cool
as it was before--there are now enemies to watch out for!  Anyway, grab the
kitty on the floor as well as the pizza in the light then move ahead.

The next area has a chest and a bird flying around.  Simply tap the jump button
to grab it without hitting any foes, then open the chest when the bats move to
the top of the screen.  Grab the baseball and carefully make your way past.  As
you may guess, the next room is even tougher, but only if you want to grab the
item from the light fixture.  It really isn't necessary, so just run past and
take the kitty on your way ahead.

Now then, wait for the bat to fly upwards, then jump over the cluster of toy
cars and grab the froggy.  Quickly run ahead and deposit everything you've got
into the laundry chute, then move on.  Pick up the pet on the floor and bypass
everything else in this room--it's all useless.  In the following area, run
underneath the bats and take the kitty, then open the chest, revealing a nifty

Run into the next area and get ready for some trickiness.  Run under the bats
as usual, then hop up and grab the wall-climbing lizard while avoiding some
more bats.  Move ahead to the final area of the attic, where you'll find some
bebe gun ammo (cool beans!) and a kitty.  Exit via the ladder and watch as a
1-Up appears.  

Now then, return downstairs and head to the right.  A lanky thug will start to
pursue you, so whip out that bebe gun and deliver four quick shots to
neutralize the threat.  Inspect the pictures for a baseball, then take the frog
and head into the room accessible from this area.  Pick up the kitty to the
right and check the left table for a whole pizza.  In the right side of the
room is a baddie who'll toss baseballs straight at you.  Duck to avoid them,
then flip the switches so that they go in this order: Down, up, up, up, down.
Take the puppy that appears before returning to the main hallway.

Run to the right and say hello to Mr. "I'm Gonna Chase You So Shoot Me Four
Times With Your Bebe Gun!".  In case you didn't get that, I meant shoot him a
few times to kill him.  Once he's gone, check the picture for some pizza and
the cage for a puppy.  Move onto the next screen to find yet another lanky
thug who needs to be shot with your bebe gun a few times.  When he's gone,
grab the wall-climbing lizard and enter the doorway.

First of all, take the kitty off the bed (how cute!) and run to the left.  In
addition to a kitty sitting atop a tall dresser, there is also a ball-tossing
thug who you need to defeat.  I recommend giving him a taste of his own
medicinal treatments--two baseballs will do the trick.  Once that's done, stand
on the chair and open the dresser drawer.  Use that as a step and grab the
kitty.  The right side of the room requires you to apply the same tactics (just
watch out for the cluster of hot wheels on the floor) as before, so do so.

Return to the hallway and run to the right, grab the slingshot and descend the
staircase.  Here you'll find the door to the basement, so remember where it
is (shouldn't be hard).  On the next screen is another of those crazy lunatics
who race after you.  Shoot him down with your bebe gun if you've got the ammo,
otherwise knock him out with your slingshot instead.  Duck into the first room
you come across, which turns out to be a bathroom.  Check the right sink to
find a frog, then head right to find another frog, this one on the floor.  Also
check the central mirror to find a slice o' pizza.  One final thing, hop onto
the toilet seat and press up to propel yourself into the air.  Move to the
right and land on the sink in the adjacent screen.  Check the mirror to find
some "OUCH", which makes you deadly to the touch.  I highly recommend using
this to go on a mad killing spree, wiping out all the foes you can before it
runs out.

Restarting from outside the bathroom (and assuming you used the "OUCH" to kill
off all the lanky foes who chase after you), head left one screen and open the
cage to find a pet.  Move ahead to find a laundry chute--be sure to drop off
your loot.  Continue onward and enter the first door you come across.  Pick up
the kitty to the right, then run right onto the next screen.  First off, take
down the ball-thrower by using a couple of your own baseballs.  After that,
get some pizza from the cough and bounce up to grab the bird.  Now head left
two screens and do the same bouncy thing to obtain a second bird.  Go one more
screen to the left to encounter another ball-thrower.  Take him down, then
bounce off the chair to grab another bird.

Back in the main corridor, head down the hallway, collecting various goodies
from the paintings and whatnot as you go, until you reach the area with tacks
all over the floor.  The idea here is to carefully jump from each kitty house
until you safely reach the opposite side.  Once you do so, head through the
door you come across first.  Pick up the cat, then check the left drawer for
some pizza.  Head left and use the chair to hop onto the table, where another
kitty dwells.  Go one more screen to the left and take a frog in addition to
a piece of pizza hidden in a drawer.  

At this point, you should only need a few more pets before the key to the
basement will appear.  Return to the hallway and run left two screens, taking
down the black-clad thug with whatever artillery you happen to have left.  Once
you're past him, enter the next door you find.  The photo to the left contains
some pizza, and you know what to do with the lizard on the right.  There is one
last lizard on the right side of this room, which should be the final pet you
need (otherwise you must've missed something above).  Deposit your possessions
into the nearest laundry chute and head for the basement door.

As with all previous basements, there is a common foe who you need to look out
for.  We've already defeated spiders, rats, and ghosts, so what could possibly
be worse?  Furnaces, perhaps?  I wouldn't think so, but Kevin McCallister is
quite the little punk, so who knows.  In any event, the first area simply
requires you to jump between them.  The second starts off similarly, but
after clearing the second one, be sure to duck.  Also, you'll want to duck as
soon as you enter the third area to avoid being clonked by another flying
furnace.  You also need to duck after clearing the second furnace.  The fourth
area comes complete with radiators that move upwards as you near them. Strange,
but nifty, I suppose.  The boss fight is imminent, and you know it.

  Enjoy the short dialogue, then get ready to scrap.  Check the first sink to
  find your bebe gun, which your should promptly equip.  Start firing away at
  the thieving cretin's face, and move around sporadically to evade his 
  projectile attacks.  Should you run out of ammo, you can always check the 
  sink again to get more.  Once the first guy's been defeating, you'll be
  given a 1-Up and sent in to face the other!

  There are two things to take note of in this battle.  First of all, the 
  various chairs strewn around the area are absolutely INTEGRAL to you winning
  this fight.  Stand on them and jump over the thief's head to avoid getting
  totally clobbered.  The second thing to take note of is that there are three
  windows, one of which will be blue.  Check it to open it, allowing the
  shovel dude to reach in a whack with his space of doom.  Try to open the blue
  window right when the thief's standing near it to knock him out.  

Once he's been defeated, run forward and pretend that you've won.  Boss time
again, suckas!

  The key to winning this battle is not your bebe gun nor your baseballs and
  not even your slingshot.  Nope, it's your puny little squirt gun.  Run up and
  pop a few shots into the FFH's "mouth" to cause damage.  Use the chair to
  leap over the projectiles that he fires at you and this battle shouldn't be
  too difficult.

After the battle, you get to enjoy the heart-warming ending.  Aww, how sweet!
Anyway, congrats for surviving this festering mess of poo that some people
refer to as a videogame! ;)

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