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How do you get the Poke-flute?

I am in a lot of trouble finding the Poke-flute.
Please elpe me.

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XTApocalypse answered:

You'll have to beat the Team Rocket underground base in Celadon City, which is accessible by speaking to a Rocket Grunt in the Celadon Game Corner, to get the Silph Scope. You can then use the Silph Scope to identify and defeat the event ghost (Marowak) in Pokemon Tower - Lavender Town. Once you make it to the top of the tower and defeat all the Team Rocket members you'll be rewarded the Poke Flute by Mr. Fuji, who they had held captive atop the tower.
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---Nintendo--- answered:

You receive it from Mr. Fuji in Lavender Town afer saving him in the Pokemon Tower.
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Gunbladelad answered:

If you can't get through Pokemon Tower in lavender Town, then there's 2 things you can do.

1. Beat Team Rocket in the basement of Celadon City's Game Corner

2. Simply use a Pokedoll to escape the battle with the scripted unidentified ghost encounter (The ghost Marowak - Cubone's mother).
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