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Where do I get a silph scope?

or where do I find one?

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SmokeRulz answered:

The Silph Scope is a key item that you'll acquire as the game's plot progresses. You need it for the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, but it appears you've already been there if you're asking where it is. Just continue on through the game until you reach Celadon City. In the Celadon City, there's a secret Rocket Hideout hidden beneath the Game Corner. Beating the Rocket boss in there will grant you the Silph Scope, so you can climb the Pokemon Tower later.
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MewBaura answered:

Go to CELEDON and talk to the ROCKET at the game corner poster to get into the hideout. go through and defeat GIOVANI. He leaves the silph scope behind, and you can pick it up, just like that.
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Smurf_Assasin answered:

Get into the rocket hideout and beat Giovanni. That being done, he will run away and leave behind the SILPH SCOPE in his place.Then you will be able to retreive the SILPH SCOPE and leave. -- O
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