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Where can I find (rock smash)?

Where can i find rock smash ...

ryanman2158 provided additional details:

Umm i didnt need 3 people to say it ..

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XTApocalypse answered:

There is no Rock Smash in Red, Blue, or Yellow version. It's not introduced until Gold and Silver.
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pokedude7 answered:

Talk to the fatso after you clear Sudowoodo, in other words, Rock Smash is not in RBY. So if you're looking for Rock Smash ,you're looking in the wrong Gen.
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Rickthenerd answered:

It Is Only Available In Gold And Silver Versions For Game Boy Color.
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SupaPimpin4Life answered:

Make this 4 people....its not in red, blue & yellow.....and close the question if you dont want more people to answer it
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