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What's the best level to evolve pokemon?

Nidorino(both), shellder, haunter, graveler, poliwhirl, vulpix, jiggypuff, clefairy, weepinbell, gloom, eevee, machoke, and staryu.

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pokedude7 answered:

Both Nidorino/a: As soon as you get the Moon Stones to do so or before level 23 (Nidoqueen learns Body Slam at that level, Nidoking learns Thrash)

Shelldar: Level 50, after it learns Ice Beam

Haunter: When ever you want or just when it evolves from Ghastly

Graveler: See previous answer (just substitute Ghastly with Geodude)

Poliwhirl: After it learns all the moves you are interested in, or Whenever

Vulpix: After it learns Flmethrower or Level 35

Jigglypuff: After it learns all the Techniques you are interested in or level 39 when it learns its last move.

Clefairy: After it learns all the techniques you are interested in.

Weepinbell: After it learns Razor Leaf

Gloom: After it learns Petal Dance or Solarbeam, your choice.

Eevee: As soon as possible, it learns different move depending on what you evolve it into, so why not dupe Eevee and get all it's evolutions

Machoke: As soon as it evolves from Machop

Staryu: Do so at least after level 27 ( so Starmie knows Recover at least), other wise when ever you want.

Note: The stone evolve pokemon on this list (with the exception of Eevee and the Nidoroyals) won't learn any moves after you evolve them and the Trade evolve pokemon learn the exact same moves at the exact same levels as their previous evolutions.
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