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What do Pikachu's stages of happiness look like?

Well, I'm trying to get Bulbasaur, and when I talk to Pikachu, he jumps up and looks pretty happy, but the girl won't give Bulbasaur to me. So, I'm pretty confused.

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pokedude7 answered:

I might be wrong, but here is what Pikachu's stages of happiness look like:

Very unhappy: back turned to you
unhappy: one ear down and trembling
neutral: nothing doing
happy: jumping up and down
Very Happy: jumping up and down with hearts floating above (the more hearts and faster they blink, the happier Pikachu is)

To get Bulbasaur, try to get at least 2 hearts going.
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WildWesley answered:

I have also heard that you have to talk to everyone else in that house before she offers the Bulbasaur.
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XTApocalypse answered:

Heal Pikachu to full health, then try to give him a Potion. It will prevent you from using it because his HP is full, but it will still increase his happiness. Keep trying to give him the Potion a good number of times and you'll max out his happiness. Then, just talk to the girl and she'll give you the Bulbasaur - none of the other Pokemon in the house have anything to do with it.
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