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Why did my saved game delete on pokemon yellow?

I was playing pokemon yellow for a while on my gb then i saved the game and got off...a few hours later i wanted to play again but when i started it up it said my data was gone...what happened?

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pokedude7 answered:

2 possibilities:

1. You turned it off while it was saving.

2. The battery died.

Play it and then save, if it holds the save then it's number 1 (it happens usually when the batteries on the GB die in the middle of saving). If it doesn't hold a save the it's number 2.
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SlImEsLiPpEr answered:

The battery that is used for saving pobably died. That is what happens to old gameboy games. Inside the cartridge itself is a flat circular battery that powers the cartridge when the gameboy is off. If it dies, then the game will not be able to save when you turn it off. It happened to my Gold and Crystal versions. In order to fix it, you have to open up the cartridge and replace the battery with a new one. I'm sure there are youtube videos about how to replace it.
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