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Where can I find surf?

I want to get to Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres

Accepted Answer

Link959 answered:

Go to the Safari Zone. Do NOT go in any of the houses. If u go up, there should be somethin lookin like a fence or somethin. U need 2 go all the way into the Safari Zone to find the house,(which has the same pattern as that fence like thing, same statue.) and talk to the person. make sure the timer (the amount of steps u can take) has enough steps for u to get a chance 2 talk to that guy in the secret house. U'll begin to talk about somethin that ur the first here and blah,blah,blah..... then, u'll begin to get the HM for surf. Have some time 2 catch pokemon o not. If u wanna get out earlier, use surf to get back 2 the first area and go out of Safari Zone
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YUGGIB answered:

Well to get surf you must go through the safari zone find the house with a man in it and he will give you the HM for surf
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