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Where can I find the Madgebadge?

I need 2 no what city the badge is in. It's badge 7, the Madgebadge(new from the guy on the way to Indio Plague or somethin...) and how do I get it? Does it require a key or somthin? I think its in Virdian, is it? The doors r locked still. Tell me what to do, how to do, and yes or no. Thanks for answering all these questions!

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Ok. I no Sabrina in the Saffron City gym but where is Saffron City? Do I need 2 cross the power plant? I got to an exit but it leads me to where i started, near the pokemaniac or somethin. I already got the volcano badge before the marsh badge. Is it still possible to get the Marsh Badge? And where do I find mew and mewtwo?

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no, no,no.. I ALREADY got the volcano badge. Im lookin for the city that holds the SAFFRON gym. Is it past the power plant? only caught items, a zapdos, and when I reached the exit, I returned outside.......... Where's the saffron gym? What city?

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AND THE CHANSEY N SAFARI ZONE IS STILL PISSING ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(theres a question in here and I still need better advice...)

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and I already have the m,s cut, flash, fly, dig, surf and strength

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HMs* I meant. Srry

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ok. but the guard blocks my way. I need to get into Saffron, how? Do I need 2 cross somethin? Go through a cave? Need an HM?

Accepted Answer

---Nintendo--- answered:

You need to buy a drink from the vending machine on the Celadon department store, then give the drink to the guard.
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---Nintendo--- answered:

The 7 badge is the Marsh Badge, wich you earn after beating Sabrina in the Saffron City gym. The Virdian Gym is opened after getting all the other badges.
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ttocsic1 answered:

The marsh badge is the 6th badge, and the volcano badge is the 7th badge. Which you get from blane after gettng the secret key in the pokemon mansion on Cinnabar Island. The gym is on Cinnabar Island but it is locked when you arrive.
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callmefreik99 answered:

Oh I know what you mean. You're looking for the Volcano Badge! Well first you have to have surf. Then you have to go below Pallet Town to Cinnabar Islands. The first builing there is the gym the other is the burnt-out building. But first you need to stock up on a lot of burn heals because he is the user of Fire type pokemon. Also first you better get Zapdos (in the old Power Plant), and then Articuno(Seafron Islands) Then return to Cinnabar Island and you will win. Oh yeah another thing is that you should also get Aerodactly and the first one before evolving into Ohmaster.(Dead anlimas(pokemon sorry!)
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---Nintendo--- answered:

Saffron City is south from Cerulean City, north from Vermilion City, east from Celadon City and west from Lavender Town.
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