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HOW DO I CATCH CHANSEY???????????????(omg!!!)

HOW DO I CATCH A CHANSEY OR A TAUROS??? Y I can't catch them? O, thats right, because they always run, the safai ball either misses, or he pokemon broke through, and bait and rocks don't work well!!! PLZ tell me how 2 catch Tauros and Chansey, PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I alway throw the safari ball but it says I miss the pokemon when i encounter chansey!!!!! And Tauros, he always breaks through the safari ball!!!

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Yea......... about that callmefriek..... I DO throw rock, but on Chansey, the ball always misses!!! It sucks. Same with tauros, but he always breaks through the pokeball!!! And then they might run! (and bait still has the same affect) But I'll try.

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O, and I need to find the earth badge, (last badge) and the madge badge (7th badge) so I can cross to Indio Plague and do somethin so I can enter Cerulean cave

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I FINALLY CATCHED A TAUROS!!!!! (now I still need help with chansey. I didn't do anything with tauros. First ting, throw a ball, then, it was capured. Does it all depend on ur rate of special?)

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Side to Side with the safari ball or Safron City? Safron City question closed, I already got the answer from Nintendo, (the user)and can someone say if catching a Chansey is up to special? Is that what im supposed to do? Do I need a certain amount of special? If yes, how much?

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I threw a rock, then safari ball, then it misses, then it runs......... Bait doesn't help either. I keep getting Nidoran and it p*ssed me off.

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Tried, that, poke ball misses on Chansey. Runs, gone forever (until I turn the game off and turn it on again.) I had trouble with Zapdos. I kept missing with my Ultra Balls. Whe he had 1 HP, I caught him. I can'y do damage in the SZ. It's still hard.

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Adokad answered:

I suggest using bait on Chanseys, as they are harmless and rocks wouldn't really help to catch one of them. Keep trying to lure them with bait, then use a safari ball. You can also find Chanseys in the cave at Cerulean City that has Mewtwo inside. They are around level 60, and I found them pretty often (from what I remember). If all else fails, ask a friend to trade one to you.
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callmefreik99 answered:

The best way is to first throw bait then throw a rock. It will get mad and stay there to see what your next move is. Then throw a SAFARI BALL and it will toss back and forth three times. Yeah I am having the same trouble catching Moltres in Victory Road. Don't answer back to the sentance about Moltres!!!! I know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Link959 answered:

Callmefreik, I seen u answer my other question. Im lookin for the Saffron Gym, what city? And What do u mean toss back and forth with the safari ball? That never happenes. I still ALWAYS miss with chansey...... wait, do I need to raise my special?
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Coralinefan09 answered:

Well Link959 what I meant was that it went side to side and you have to get a drink from Celedon City then go to the gate then you get access. Okay this is my back-up user alright!!!
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Coralinefan09 answered:

And no you don't need to raise your special.
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pokemon300 answered:

All you can do is keep trying to catch it. if you use a rock two to three times it is easier
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