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Is there a way to rebattle trainers?

I need help! I battled all of the trainers in yellow, and have faced the pokemon league I got all the way up to lance and Blacked out and have only 8000 Poke Dollars is there any way to get like a vs. seeker or another item to rebattle trainers in Yellow, or am I screwed?

bearkid3 provided additional details:

Thanks for the help! I figured so I just wasn't sure so that games now a dud no big deal though I just got Platinum and it is awesome! So thanks anyway.

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cr1985 answered:

The only trainers you can re-challenge are the Elite Four plus your rival, and even then you have to go through them all in one shot.
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---Nintendo--- answered:

Sorry, you can't re-challenge a trainer you already beat.
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Bokaru answered:

No chace to rebattle untill later games
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