Question from alexisrcano

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can i buy rare candies or how can i get 99 of them?

Dont know where to buy them.

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From: pokedude7 4 years ago

You can't buy them anywhere. You find them laying on the ground. To get 99 of them, you either:

1. Encounter MissingNo, and dupe the Rare Candy that way.

2. Deposit Rare Candy in Pokemon Stadium until you have 99 or more, then move 99 onto your cartridge.

3. Use a Monster Brain/Game shark to give yourself 99 Rare Candies.

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All of those answers are possible except for the Missingno trick, which is only possible to do on Red/Blue.

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Alyasmer is wrong. You can use the "Mew Glitch" (check the FAQ) to encounter missingNO.

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Actually,Alyaasmer,I have a copy of Yellow and the Missing No. trick does work on it.

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