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Asked: 5 years ago

Leveling up?

Whats a fast way to level up pokemon? cause it takes me a while to get them to level up.

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Thanks. Do you know of any other ways cause there i have about 2 or 3 pokemon past 30?

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How can i get the lvl 100 pokemon? I know theres like a glitch or something but i cant remember how to do it

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From: ughwhoawee 5 years ago

I'll help you. Here are the instuctions:

First, Go get 1 really weak pokemon into your pack.

Second, Go get some really strong pokemon (lvl 100 is reccomended)

Third, Put the weak pokemon in the 1st slot.

Fourth, Go to the elite 4.

Fifth, Battle one pokemon at a time and switch as soon as it faints. (If you use lvl 100s, the weak will get all exp.

6th, Watch as your pokemon grow.

Tips: This might be difficult so i suggest some rare pokemon lvl 100 and a jolteon lvl 100, Prinape lvl 100 (it knows metronome after a high lvl for some reason), And finally, Dragonite lvl 100. The rest should be Moltres Zapdos and Articuno lvl 100 with good moves.

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Once you beat the Elite 4 and have an EXP All, you can put up to 5 weak pokemon in your party and go to the Mystery Dungeon near Cerulean and using a strong Water type, you can level up the weak pokemon pretty quickly.

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By just taking time to do it.

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Seems to me that you haven't beaten the game yet. While playing the game, I would recommend only leveling up one or two pokemon; that's all you really need. Just battle trainers as you go through the areas, and you will level up fine.

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