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Plot Help status answers
I need more info on the 99 rarecandys? Answered 5
Lavender Town "White Hand" girl? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
About the game (needs question mark so ?) Answered 2
Are they fake? Answered 3
At what level does charmeleon evolve into charrizard? Answered 3
At what level does ivysaur evolve? Answered 3
At what level does pikachu evolve? Answered 5
At what level does spearow evolve? Answered 4
Bulbasaur? Answered 5
Can i breed hitmonchan/hitmonlee with a ditto? Answered 1
Can i catch articuno, moltres, zapdos, and metwo ? Answered 2
Did They Ever Make This For Game Boy Color? Answered 2
Does Leer and other status lowering movies stay after the battle? Answered 3
Help Encountering Growlithe? Answered 1
How can I and what do I have to use or do to print pokemon? Answered 1
How can i get Xp all fast? Answered 3
How do i catch missingno.? Answered 6
How do I find the secret house in the Safari Zone? Answered 1
how do I get all three starters? Answered 2
How do I use the pokecenters? Answered 1
How do you get MEW in ALL the pokemon games? Answered 3
How does psyduck evolve? Answered 2
How much is this game? Answered 3
is there a glitch to get another EEVEE? Answered 3
Is there a move deleter in Pokemon Yellow, like in the older generations? Because i tought my charmeleon CUT. Answered 1
Kanghaskhan? Answered 3
Leveling up? Answered 4
Mew ? Answered 2
Mew Glitch Clarification? Answered 7
Mew glitch trouble- Misty? Answered 1
Name all pokemon that can learn tm16 Payday? Answered 2
Pickachu ? Answered 2
Plz give your comment on my question ? Answered 1
Pokedex Completed? Answered 1
Still Confused About Specifics of "Special VS Physical" Attack and Defense? Answered 1
Strange "pokemon"? Answered 1
Two questions in one. 1. Mew Glitch; 2. Re-battling trainers? Answered 1
Using the mew glitch to get the pokemon only gotten by trading? Answered 5
What do i do? Answered 4
What do Pikachu's stages of happiness look like? Answered 3
What is a Pokemon's SPECIAL? Answered 5
What is eithers used for? Answered 1
What PokeMon are NOT in Yellow? Answered 2
What special valued pokemon do i need to encounter meowth? Answered 1
What's the best level to evolve pokemon? Answered 1
When does Rattata Evolve? Answered 2
Where are the three lengendary birds?? And how do you catch them?? Answered 2
Where can I find Chansey? Answered 5
Where can i find pikachu? Answered 3
Where is missingno where can i find him or it? Answered 3
Where is the Fucha Gym? Answered 2
Who to pick? Answered 1
Will pokemon red gameshark codes work on pokemon yellow? Answered 2
Will the "Nintendo Pokemon Universal link cable for Game Boy" work between a GBA and a GBA SP?? Answered 2

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