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"Say hello to gamefreak's first remake!"

Pokemon Yellow is a remake of Pokemon Red and Blue, and the first Pokemon remake in the US. Though it's been 10 years since Yellow came out, I will give the review like it has just came out.

Gameplay 8/10
Pokemon Yellow has good gameplay for a gameboy game, you'll be training all your Pokemon to try to beat all the gym leaders and the rather tough Elite Four that it offers. You'll also be trying to catch all 151 Pokemon that Pokemon R/B/Y has. Though this doesn't seem like much nowadays, it's a whole lot for a gameboy game. Pokemon Yellow, however, doesn't have much better gameplay than Pokemon Red/Blue, there is only a 1 year difference between these games in the US, so I won't expect that much more content.

Story 6/10
Pokemon Yellow's story is a little bit over mediocre, it's also a little bit better than Pokemon Red and Blue's. You'll be trying to collect all 8 badges and trying to stop team rocket from doing evil, their motivations, however, are not clear at all. Pokemon Yellow version also allows you to fight Jessie and James a couple of times throughout the story. After collecting all 8 badges, you'll be facing the Elite four. The story has a lot of content for a gameboy game, it's just incredibly short and lacks depth.

Graphics 9.5/10
Pokemon Yellow's graphics are absolutely beautiful for a gameboy game! I can only think of a couple that can match or beat it in terms of graphics. You can get color if you play it on a Gameboy Color or a GBA. The sprites have been improved dramatically from Pokemon Red and Blue. The textures, however, are largely the same as the original versions. Nevertheless, you'll still be amazed at the graphical quality that Pokemon Yellow offers.

Sound 5/10
The music, however, is repetitive and can often be annoying. The champion theme is the only theme that I actually enjoyed. All the other themes are average, with the exception of the wild Pokemon battle theme and the Pokemon center theme, which are kind of annoying. Pokemon Yellow's music remains the same as Pokemon Red/Blue's.

Replay value 8/10
The Replay value is pretty good, you'll be trying to beat the elite four or collect all 8 badges, defeat team rocket, and trying to catch all 151 Pokemon it offers. This game can keep you occupied for about 35-50 hours, which is quite a bit for a gameboy game. You'll enjoy about 90% of those 35-50 hours, so the replay value is definitely one of the game's strong points.

Overall 7.3/10
Pokemon Yellow is the first English remake of the series, and it's definitely the game to buy if you don't have Pokemon Red or Blue. If you do, however, then get it or don't get it, it's your choice. There's not a lot of extra content from Pokemon Red and Blue, but this game definitely holds its own.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/09/09

Game Release: Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition (US, 10/19/99)

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