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Say hello to gamefreak's first remake!6xdandangp7/10
Basically a suped up version of its predecessorsaleeock1578/10
We don't really need another versionAndy0078/10
I can't put it down!APTrainer10/10
Its fun but can get on your last nerve...brado9977/10
Bad idea on Nintendo's behalfBrak4/10
Little bit more features than Red and Blue versions but 'evolved' graphics make it little bit terrifying!CChan9/10
Red+Blue=Yellow! Well for Pokemon it isDantesamanoske9/10
Get this game only if you don't have Red or Blue or you think pikachu is your best friend.DarkLink898/10
Amazing how such little differences can make a great game betterDuke Nukem10/10
An under rated RPGHappybuddha3119/10
In my opinion, it's an improvment over Red and Blue.iammaxhailme9/10
It is a good game, although little improvement, it did quite well. Much better than Red and Blue.JCook9/10
Now you don't have to pretend to be Ash!!!JENISAMAZING10/10
Not Much Different Except Pikachujoeyissoweird5/10
Ummm...I thought the TV series was supposed to be based on the first game...matt914866/10
Hey, it was addictive, wasn't it?Murk8/10
One of the most addictive games ever, just got a little bit better.--Hey that Rhymes!PContaminator10/10
Wait.....I thought this was suppose to be a new game!ProtoZero7/10
Never in my life have I played a more addicting gamePsycho Penguin10/10
It's Red and Blue repackagedRed Viper8/10
Very Funsheik__freak8/10
Wow, not badstrawhat9/10
I don't want to catch 'em all again! ._.striker647/10
Merely a version 1.1 of Pokemon Red and Blue.Terran4/10
A Little Better then Red and Blue...XeroXtancy8/10
Oh come on, they could have done a lot better!Zorlond6/10

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