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How do I beat Buried Alive?

My mother bought me an old japanese version, and i got to a boss named "Buried Alive" who uses white hands, gengar and muk
whenever i beat it, the game freezes, and when i lose, it looks like the dude is eating me D: help me please!

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ryuuhi answered:

Either this is some pirate game and not the real Pokemon (Pocket Monsters), or else you're trolling. Assuming the latter is not the case, I would suggest looking for a serial number or something on it and seeing whether that matches a photo of an authentic Japanese Pocket Monsters Red cartridge.
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123omegamk2 answered:

Fake game dude, you got played.
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INEEDZPIE answered:

This is true. very true.
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usafaca answered:

I want that game. Look up "the Lanender Town syndrome"
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usafaca answered:

Lavender, not lanender
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