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Is your pokemon weaker when raised in daycare?

Recently i found that "candied" Pokemon are weaker than "battled" Pokemon because rare candies do not increase Stat experience like battling. That sparked the question: in what way does daycare work like a candy, battle, or something totally different? Please i need help deciding weather to leave my precious lil guys with that shady old guy.

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porktank2000 answered:

They don't get any EV's when they are in the daycare, and also the day care man will put moves randomly as your Pokemon learns them, for example, let's say you put your Charizard in the Daycare with Hyper Beam, there is a chance that the daycare man will replace Hyper Beam with Fire Spin(not good!). They tend to be weaker than Pokemon that are trained by battles, but it all depends on how long you stick them in there for.
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pokedude7 answered:

In regards to raising your pokemon, Day Care works like Rare Candy (as in the pokemon levels up without battling). However by using the Box Trick, you can make up the difference anyway.
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Othienka answered:

It does, but as long as you don't raise them to 100, you can just pick the EVs you want from wild battles.
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angelwolf666 answered:

They are rather weaker and also the new moves they learn will radomly take out an old move so when you come to pick them up your favorite move can be deleted and a move you didn't want could be over it.
Side note: they will not evolve while they are in there. If they are the level or past it to evolve you take them out and you must level them one more time and they will evolve.
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