Question from near001

How can i duplicate my master ball ?

How can i do the item duplicating ? ..

near001 provided additional details:

How can i do that?
im playing in my phone ..

not in the GB

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pokedude7 answered:

Use either the MissingNo Glitch or the Mew glitch to encounter MissingNo.
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CallMeBanjo answered:

pokedude7 is right. To do the Missingno glitch, place the Master Ball in the 6th slot in your items bag. Go to Vermilion City and watch the tutorial on catching Pokemon. Immediately fly to Cinnabar Island and Surf along the edge of the island until you encuonter Missingno. Run from it and you'll have many many Master Balls. :)
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CallMeBanjo answered:

Although I would imagine that the glitch no longer exists if you're not playing on the Game Boy. Not sure though.
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