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Does Raichu learn the moves Pikachu would have if you evolve early?

I had a pikachu at level 29 and I have just evolved it into Raichu using the thunderstone. However, have I made a terrible mistake?!

Because it is now evolved into Raichu, does this mean my pokemon will not now learn the moves PIkachu would have had I not evolved it? i.e. at level 45 (I think), Pikachu would normally learn Thunder. Will Raichu now learn this or have I missed out?

I really hope I haven't messed up here!!

Accepted Answer

pokedude7 answered:

Once you evolve a pokemon that evolves via stone, it usually ceases to learn any moves whatsoever. However, if you want Raichu to learn Thunder, you can teach it via TM (TM25). TBH, you only missed out on 2 moves (Agility & Swift).
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