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For example:Pokemon Red = Kanto.I don't know the other ones.

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What a bout Sevii Islands?

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xXhakuhyouXx answered:

Gen 1 has Kanto, Gen 2 features both Johto and Kanto, Gen 3 has Hoenn, Gen 4 has Sinnoh, Gen 5 has Unova. Pokemon Collosseum and XD both use Orre. The Pokemon Ranger games are in multiple regions unused in any other games. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series doesn't feature any regions, as the Pokemon live in a world where they are the only form of intelligent life. Pokemon TGC and TGC 2 on the Game Boy Color are set in the TGC Islands, although it is not said whether they are in our world or not.
You expanded question, about the Sevii islands, is a great question. I think the best answer is that they are in Kanto- not a region of their own.
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pokedude7 answered:

The others are:

Johto: GSC

Hoenn: RSE

Sinnoh: DPPt

Unova: BW/B2W2

Orre: Coliseum

????: XY
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