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Can you get all 3 starting pokemon without trading for them? If you can where?

My cusin told me he got all 3 without trading. he wont tell me where he found them.

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xfir answered:

One way is by the Missigno way.


Another way is using the no glitch.

The last way is that he had the pkmn yellow way.
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VVoody answered:

Without the Missingno glitch, no.
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pokedude7 answered:

You can get them through the Mew/ditto glitch. Read the Mew Glitch FAQ for the Specials needed to get the Starters Through the Ditto.
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Journey55 answered:

Sadly no, you cannot get all three starter pokemon without the Missing No. glitch.
Unless, of course, you are playing pokemon yellow, in which you can get them all.
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