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Does the Pokemon's level matter when maxing stats?

Let's say I'm levelling a Pokemon to level 100. Does it matter if it's level 2 or level 70 when I catch it? Will I still be able to max its stats regardless of level due to stat experience? I know stats are handled differently than in the 3rd and 4th gen games, but I want to be sure.

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Gunbladelad answered:

OK, assuming the 2 Pokemon have identical "DVs", (or "Genes" if you prefer - they're basically the same thing as IVs in Gens 3 & 4, although the numbering is different), then the Pokemon WILL have the same stats when they've been trained up to Max stat Experience.

Unlike Gens 3 & 4, the is no overall Stat Experience Cap. You can keep gaining Stat Experience, even once a Pokemon has reached level 100. You just need to get the Pokemon to enter the party to recalculate the stats to take into account the new Stat Exp. This is known as the Box Trick.

Simply put, do a bunch of battles (Going through the Elite 4 a few times works well), then put the Pokemon being trained into a PC box, and withdraw it again. Assuming the Pokemon's not maxed out the Stat Exp for each stat, there should be a slight increase. Just repeat the process until there's no more boosts in any stat.

On a final note, Stat Exp is based on a Pokemon's "Base Stats", so level doesn't matter. You would get the same Stat Exp fighting 10 Level 2 pidgeys, as you would 10 level 50 Pidgeys.
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---Nintendo--- answered:

If you catch two of the same Pokemon in different levels, let say, one level 2 and other level 70, when they reach lv. 100, the lv. 2 Pokemon will have higher stats that the lv. 70 one (supposing that you didn't use any stats booster or Rare Candy).
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Arkmenhah answered:

From all i know, a pokemon raised from level 2 to level 100, and a pokemon raised from level 70 to level 100, they will have the same stats if they are of the same species. On the first generation games, EVs do not exist, so, 2 charmanders will always have the same stats at level 100.
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SpartanBlueFour answered:

Catching pokemon at the youngest level is the best idea for good stats. Pokemon stats increase MORE when you battle and level them on your own. So catching them at a young level gives you more time to level them on your own.

Take rare candy for an example. Using that ONLY increases the level and as a result you'll have a weak pokemon with good attacks. The attacks though are nothing without the stats.
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EdgeMaster answered:

If both pokemon's Individual Values are the same, both should be able to have max stats (with the max IVs (31 in each stat)) if you acquire all the necessary stat experience.
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aniclima answered:

Pokemon of the same species and even the same level all have different stats, it doesn't matter when you get it, when they're at the same level one will be better, though it's random.
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Ronnie_Mac answered:

I'd say that the lower your Pokemon's level and the more fights its been in, the stronger it will be at Level 100.
Check the Base And Max Stats FAQ for info on how to correctly maximize Pokemon stats.
(Some Pokemon cannot be maxed out completely, but can still end up being pretty useful)
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UltimateDigimon answered:

It makes a big diffrence becaus you can learn him what you want him to learn. And it makes also a little diffrence on the status.
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