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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I beat ghost?

In pokemon tower the ghost house when you are almost up to the top of the buldning there is a stairs thats blockt of a ghost how do you beat that ghost ?

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From: butters165 3 years ago

pokedude has the correct answer, you need a Silph Scope from **SPOILER**(Rockets secret base under the Casino in Celadon)**END SPOILER** than the ghost will reveal itself, also there is a tiny glitch were you can buy a poke doll from Celadon department and use it on the ghost and the ghost will flee, either way the Ghost will no longer be a problem

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First, you will need the Silph Scope (*spoiler* it will reveal that the "Ghost" is a Marowak). Once the Ghost is revealed, you beat it the same way you beat any other pokemon.

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