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Asked: 10 months ago

What's the best use for TM 04, 08, 11, 12, 28, 34 and 44 with a starter of Bulbasaur?

None of the Walkthrough/FAQs offer suggestions for their use. Also, this is for non-competitive play.

Additional details - 10 months ago

I'm playing through this game for the very first time, so I won't be cheating or duping anything.

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From: pokedude7 10 months ago

TM04- Sell (Whirlwind is useless ingame)

TM08- Dupe it and teach it to pokemon on your team <Body Slam>

TM11- Teach it to your Water pokemon 'til you get Surf <Bubblebeam>

TM12- Either teach it to an Unexpected pokemon (Clefairy) or sell it <Water Gun

TM28- Teach it to one of your main pokemon <Dig>

TM34- Sell

TM44- Dupe and teach your main pokemon <Rest>

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