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Level Help status answers
How do I get past the guards to Saffron city? Answered 1
Plot Help status answers
What's happening with the tower in Saffron City? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
About Missingno......(my question needs a question mark so.....?) Answered 6
About trading ? Answered 2
All Pokemon in Red and Yellow? Answered 1
Berry Powder ...? Answered 2
Can you catch the level 30 Marowak in the Pokemon tower? (Spoilers) Answered 1
Can you get all 3 starting pokemon without trading for them? If you can where? Answered 4
Can you trade Pokemon who have already been traded from another game? Answered 1
Celadon Mansion? Answered 1
Chansey? Answered 1
Chansy? Answered 3
Does Pokemon Red Have Color When Used In A Gameboy Color? Answered 1
Does the Pokemon's level matter when maxing stats? Answered 8
Does Using A Cheat To Get Master Ball Mess With Game Saves? Answered 1
Fuchsia city Zoo? Answered 2
Graveler? Answered 1
Guy in Viridian Disappeared!?!?!?!?!??! Answered 1
Help finnishing team? and Good training spot before E4? Answered 1
How can i get in the saffron city gym??? Answered 1
How can i let my pokemon out? Answered 1
How do i catch the pokemon ? Answered 2
How do I get back to Viridian City from Cerulean City? Answered 1
How do i get mew? Answered 10
How do I load game data? Answered 1
How do I move boulders? Answered 2
How To Enter Cerulean Cave ? Answered 4
Is there a way to catch a charmander, charmeleon, or charizard using the mew glitch? Answered 1
Is there any pokemon that can learn all HMs (excluding flash)? Answered 1
Is there any way to catch Missingno without changing my name? *new* Unanswered 0
Is this the same as fire red on gb advance? Open 5
Is your pokemon weaker when raised in daycare? Answered 4
Mass Pokemon Transfer? Answered 1
Missingo Glitch Help? Answered 6
MissinNO. locations...? Answered 1
Need advice? Answered 1
New moves for Pokemon that evolved via trading? Answered 1
Pokedex ? Answered 1
Pokemon areas? Answered 2
Regions? Answered 1
Regions?#2 Answered 2
Safari Zone? Answered 3
Sleeping pokemon? Answered 2
Slowbro? Answered 1
Starmie ? Answered 2
The gym in cerulean city how do i get the door open??? Answered 2
Union Room ....? Answered 4
Vermilian city i think thats the name? Answered 1
What are the the levels for each badge that you're pokemon will ignore you? Answered 2
What is the chance of a shiny starter like charmander? Answered 3
What moves does mew learn and when? Answered 1
whats the mew/ditto glitch, how do You use it? Answered 1
Which Pokemon evolve through trading? Answered 1
Why is there no Mankey's appearing on route 22? Answered 1
Will my game be ruined if I catch Missigno.? Answered 2
Your Pokemon has.. died? Answered 3

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