• Level, BGM, & sound effects codes (JP)

    In the Japanese version, begin a new game, go to the first Merry-Go-Round map screen and enter the following:

    BGM & sound effects availableSelect, B
    Level select availableSelect, Select, B

    Contributed By: CharlieF.


  • Level Passwords

    For the following passwords:

    * = heart
    ^ = triangle
    # = diamond
    + = plus/cross

    Also O and 0 look alike so I will clarify which one is used after the password.

    Level 01-021*W996
    Level 01-03O924PI (O)
    Level 01-04B680LY (zero)
    Level 01-05MORF5A (O)
    Level 01-06^MXBL6
    Level 01-070J3+HI (zero)
    Level 01-08N5MQ0Y (zero)
    Level 01-09Y2SLWA
    Level 01-10L0YHC6 (zero)
    Level 01-11#I5CWI
    Level 01-12ZFNVSY
    Level 01-13+DTR#A
    Level 01-14XA0M86 (zero)
    Level 02-01KWI6NI
    Level 02-02*UO17Y (O)
    Level 02-03IRVX3A
    Level 02-049^1CJ6
    Level 02-05W+J#FI
    Level 02-06J8Q7ZY
    Level 02-07UQW2EA
    Level 02-08HNEIA6
    Level 02-098LKDUI
    Level 02-10FIR^AY
    Level 02-1164XS+B
    Level 02-12T2FOQ7 (O)
    Level 02-13GZMJMJ
    Level 02-14RHSF5Z
    Level 03-01EEAYLB
    Level 03-026CHUH7
    Level 03-03TYNP1J
    Level 03-044VT8XZ
    Level 03-05RTC4DB
    Level 03-06EAIZW7
    Level 03-075#OFSJ (O)
    Level 03-08C+*A#Z
    Level 03-0937D+8B
    Level 03-10QPJ5O7 (O)
    Level 03-11DNQL8J
    Level 03-12OK#G4Z (O)
    Level 03-13B6EBJB
    Level 03-1423KVF7
    Level 04-01P17QZJ
    Level 04-020J^MFZ (zero)
    Level 04-03NGFHBB
    Level 04-04AEM1V7
    Level 04-05LB8WAJ
    Level 04-06#XAS+0 (zero)
    Level 04-07ZVH*QC
    Level 04-08MS37M8
    Level 04-09XA926K
    Level 04-10K*CHM0 (zero)
    Level 04-11*9IDIC
    Level 04-12YR4#18
    Level 04-139O*8XK (O)
    Level 04-14WMDND0 (zero)
    Level 05-01JJZJXC
    Level 05-02*56ET8
    Level 05-03I3#Y^K
    Level 05-0490ET90 (zero,zero)
    Level 05-05WI0OOC (zero,O,O)
    Level 05-06JF7K88
    Level 05-07UD^34K
    Level 05-08HZVZK0 (zero)
    Level 05-098W2UGC
    Level 05-10FU8A08 (zero)
    Level 05-116BA9FK
    Level 05-12T^X5B0 (zero)
    Level 05-13G*3KVC
    Level 05-14R89FB8
    Level 06-01EQSB*L
    Level 06-025NY+R1
    Level 06-03SL4QND
    Level 06-0437NL69
    Level 06-05Q4THML
    Level 07-01D2Z0I1 (zero)
    Level 07-024K6W2D
    Level 07-03BHORY9 (O)
    Level 07-042FUNEL
    Level 07-05PC06X1 (zero)
    Level 08-01CYJ1TD
    Level 08-02NWPX^9
    Level 08-03ATVC9L
    Level 08-041B2#P1
    Level 08-05O#K79D (O)
    Level 09-01Z+QN59
    Level 09-02NSXIKL
    Level 09-03APFEG1
    Level 09-04LNL^0D (zero)
    Level 09-05#KSSG9
    Level 10-01Z6YOCL (O)
    Level 10-02M4GJW1
    Level 10-03X1N3BD
    Level 10-04KJTY*9
    Level 10-05*GBURM
    Level 11-01YEIPN2
    Level 11-0290O97E (zero,O)
    Level 11-03WXU4N+
    Level 11-04JVD0JM (zero)
    Level 11-05+CJF22
    Level 12-01HAPAYE
    Level 12-028#*+E+
    Level 12-03V9EPYM
    Level 12-04IRKLU2
    Level 12-05TOQGAE (O)
    Level 13-01GM^C++
    Level 13-0278FVPM
    Level 13-03E5LR92
    Level 13-04538M5E
    Level 13-05SKA5L+
    Level 14-01FIG1HM
    Level 14-02QGNW12
    Level 14-03DD9CGE
    Level 14-044ZB*C+
    Level 14-05SXI7WM
    Level 15-013U42C2
    Level 15-02QC+I#E
    Level 15-03D^DDS*
    Level 15-044*J^ON (O)
    Level 15-05BT5S73
    Pro Stages2Q*NNF

    Contributed By: DEngel.


  • Solutions To All Stages

    You can see how to solve any stage in the game with this.

    All you need to do is stand still for about 7 minutes. Then you should see a menu pop up that says: ''WHAT AN IDEA!'' You then pick whether or not to execute the idea (show the solution).

    Then the computer shows you how to beat the stage, just like in the tutorial of the game.

    Contributed By: DEngel.

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