FAQ/Move List by WSiglerJr

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/09/98 | Printable Version

For the Nintendo GameBoy
Written by William Sigler, Jr. (ssigler@prodigy.net)
Please do not reproduce this without my permission. Also, please do not change 
ANYTHING! And if you do have my permission to copy this to you website, etc., 
GIVE ME CREDIT! Thank you.

Revision 1.00: Everything! (10/9/98)
1. Controls
2. Basic Moves
3. Finishers
4. Credits

1.                              CONTROLS
Control Pad: Move, Select: Special, Start: Pause, B: Interact, A: Attack

2.                             BASIC MOVES
Opponent Standing:
MOVE:                   SITUATION:                    BUTTON(S):
Punch                   Standing                      Attack
Haymaker                Walking                       Attack
Tie-up                  Standing/Walking              Interact
Clothesline             Running                       Attack
Dropkick                Running                       Interact

Opponent is Down:
MOVE:                      SITUATION:                 BUTTON(S):
Elbow Drop              Standing/Walking              Attack
Leg Drop                Standing/Walking              Interact
Body Splash             Running                       Attack/Interact
Pin                     Standing/Walking              Special+Down

MOVE:                       SITUATION:                   BUTTON(S):
Kick out                Opponent pinning              Rapid Left/Right
Break Pin               You pinning                   Interact+Up

MOVE:                    SITUATION:                   BUTTON(S):
Climb cage              Next to cage                  Interact+Up
Elbow Drop              Climbing, Opp. Down           Interact
Stop Climbing           Climbing                      Attack

MOVE:                      SITUATION:                    BUTTON(S):
Climb Turnbuckle        Next to Turnbuckle            Interact+Diagonal
Flying Splash           Standing on Turnbuckle        Attack+Up
Flying Elbow Drop       Standing on Turnbuckle        Attack+Left
Flying Leg Drop         Standing on Turnbuckle        Attack+Right

Opponent inside:
Climb out: Dropkick to outside
Climb in: Press Interact+Up next to apron

Opponent outside:
Climb out: Press Interact+Down
Climb in: Press Interact+Up next to apron
NOTE: You can throw an opponent outside with moves like suplexes, etc.
MOVE:                      SITUATION:                   BUTTON(S):
Elbow Drop              Standing on apron              Attack+Down
Drop down               Standing on apron              Interact+Down

MOVE:                   BUTTON(S):
Knee to Face            Up
Headbutt                Left
Eye Rake                Right
Vertical Suplex         Attack+Up
Body Slam               Attack+Left
Power Slam into Pin     Attack +Right
Irish Whip              Interact+Left/Right
Rear Tie-up:
Atomic Drop             Left/Right/Up
Back Suplex             Attack+Left/Right/Up

Tag partner: Go to him and press towards him and Interact.

3.                               FINISHERS
To do a finisher, get in a Tie-up and hold special, and press these 3 
directions. Mankind's is done over downed opponent's head.

Shawn Michaels: Left, Right, Up (Sweet Chin Music)
Kane: Right, Up, Down (Tombstone Piledriver)
Ken Shamrock: Left, Up, Right (Ankle Lock)
Steve Austin: Down, Left, Right (Stone Cold Stunner)
Faarooq: Down, Up, Left (Dominator)
Goldust: Right, Down, Right (Curtain Call)
Triple H: Up, Left, Down (Pedigree)
Mankind: Up, Right, Left (Mandible Claw)
Owen Hart: Down, Right, Left (Spinning Heel Kick)
The Rock: Left, Down, Up (Rock Bottom)
British Bulldog: Right, Left, Down (Running Power Slam)
Ahmed Johnson: Up, Down, Left (Pearl River Plunge)
The Undertaker: Left, Down, Right (Tombstone Piledriver)

4.                             CREDITS
William Sigler, Jr. (ssigler@prodigy.net) I made the FAQ!
The Icemaster (warzone@icemaster.org) I used his FAQ for some of the moves and 
other stuff.