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                                                   Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:

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Dr. Mario FAQ

Authored by: Bkstunt


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                              - TABLE OF CONTENTS -

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 - Introduction.......................................................[DM-INT]
 - Controls...........................................................[DM-CON]
 - Game Options.......................................................[DM-GOP]
 - How To Play........................................................[DM-HTP]
 - Cool Things........................................................[DM-COL]
 - Credits............................................................[DM-CRE]


Hey guys, Bkstunt here doing a guide on the GameBoy Game Dr. Mario.

What's there to say about Dr. Mario that hasn't been said? Nothing! It's a
classic puzzle game that's been around since the Nintendo era, first coming
out in 1990. From there is was ported over to the Game Boy (which is what
this faq is fore) as well as multiple other platforms over the years (SNES,
Nintendo 64, etc...).

This guide is a direct result of Gamefaqs collection of faqers trying to put
up a complete FAQ for EVERY GameBoy game that was ever released. I found it
hard to believe that a game like Dr. Mario hasn't been covered. I mean, it's
a relatively simple game (especially compared to other puzzle games out there)
and it's such a BIG name.

Speaking of the GameBoy Completion Project, if you want to help we'd love to
have you on board. These older games AREN'T that hard to write for!

You can find the gamefaqs topic about it here:

 o http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/2000094-faq-contributors-general/56763726

You can find the webpage that was made for it here:

 o http://www.gameboycp.webs.com

Anyway, enjoy the guide. Below is the rest of the stuff I put in all my
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~ Bk

Onto the table of contents, and don't forget to have fun!


Here you can find the controls for this game. There's more than I thought
there would be! I usually do fancy ASCii art, but not for GameBoy games...

 Directional Pad: Controls pills.
 ** Pressing DOWN will make pills drop faster.

 A Button: Rotate Pill Clockwise.

 B Button: Rotate Pill Counter-Clockwise.

 Start Button: Pauses Game

 Select Button: Not Used.

                                Game Options                    

 When you start a game, you'll be given an option to either play in ONE
Player Mode or TWO Player Mode. One Player Mode is pretty self-explanitory.
Two Player Mode requires you to have a link cable, two systems, and two copies
of Dr. Mario. You can then play head to head, in a series of best-of-three
games where whoever finishes off their viruses first wins.

 Single Player Mode on the other hand has some options, see below:
    Here, you select what LEVEL you want to play. That's right, ALL of this
   games levels are available right from the start. You can start on the
   beginning level, level 0, where you will face FOUR viruses or you can start
   on the last level, level 20, where you will face EIGHT-FOUR viruses.
    Here you select what speed you want to play at. Your options are: 

    - LOW: Pills fall at a rather slow pace, making the game much easier on
           the player.
    - MED: Pills fall at a normal pace. This should be considered normal for
           most gamers.
    - HI: Pills fall at a rather fast pace, really challenging how far you
          can think ahead. For experienced players.
    Here you can select what background music you want to play. You have
   three options. FEVER is a faster-paced song. CHILL is a slower, funkier
   song. OFF means no music, of course.

                                 How To Play                     

 The premise of Dr. Mario is pretty simple. Mario stand off to the side of
the screen and tosses pills into the bottle. The bottle is the playing area.
Inside the bottle (before tossing in any pills) will be a TON of viruses
(Virii?). It's OUR job to destroy all these viruses. There are three types of
viruses in the game: BLUE, YELLOW, and RED. The color doesn't mean anything
special, but is essential to how to destroy them.

 First, let's go over the pills. There are six types of pills, which I show
below. BUT FIRST, realize that we are playing on the GAME BOY. THERE IS NO
COLOR ON THE GAME BOY! Therefore everything is in shades of grey.

 BLACK = BLUE on the Game Boy.
 GREY = RED on the Game Boy.
 CLEAR = YELLOW on the Game Boy.
 Ok, let's go over the pills now.
 - Blue/Blue
    | BL | BL |
 This pill is great for killing off blue viruses.
 - Red/Red
    | RD | RD |
 This pill is great for killing off red viruses.
 - Yellow/Yellow
    | YW | YW |
 This pill is great for killing off yellow viruses.
 - Blue/Red
    | BL | RD |
 This pill is a hybrid, designed for taking on blue and red viruses at the
 same time.
 - Blue/Yellow
    | BL | YW |
 This pill is a hybrid, designed for taking on blue and yellow viruses at the
 same time.
 - Yellow/Red
    | YW | RD |
 This pill is a hybrid, designed for taking on yellow and red viruses at the
 same time.

 You DESTROY viruses by lining up FOUR blocks (pills) in a row, of course
INCLUDING a virus as part of that string. See below:

                     | BL |         This pill heading down is about to kill
                     +----+        the RED VIRUS (RV) by making a row of four
                     | RD |        red-colored objects, which will eliminate
                     '----'        them all.
    .----+----..----.      .----+----.
    | YW | RD || RV |      | RD | BL |
    '----+----''----'      '----+----'
 However, you REALLY should be aware of your surroundings and look for
opportunities to CHAIN TOGETEHR combos. This increases your points that you
receive as well. Look at the example below:
                     | BL |         This pill heading down is about to kill
                     +----+        the RED VIRUS (RV) by making a row of four
                     | RD |        red-colored objects, which will eliminate
                     '----'        them all. THEN the blue section of the pill
                                   will continue down and connect with the two
                                   blue viruses and with the help of the pill
                                   under them, will kill off TWO MORE viruses.
    .----+----..----.      .----+----.
    | YW | RD || RV |      | RD | BL |
    '----+----''----'      '----+----'
                     | BV |
                     | BV |
                | RD | BL |
 Don't forget that you can FLIP pills. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to KNOW

 Also, you don't HAVE to destroy viruses from above. Be creative! Since the
viruses are spread throughout the bottle you can often get away with placing
pills UNDER viruses to destroy them:

    | YV |
          .----.      .----.
      <-- | YW |      | YW |
          +----+      +----+
      <-- | YW |      | RD |
          '----'      '----'
    .----..----.      .----.
    | YV || BV |      | RV |
    '----''----'      '----'

 Also, note that the game features EXTREMELY tight controls. You can literally
flip a pill in the below example to make the YELLOW portion line up with the
other three yellow squares. You wouldn't think it could flip like that, but it
    | YV |
    .----..----.      .----.
    | YV || RD |      | YW |
    '----'+----+      +----+
FLIP ---> | YW |      | RD |
CLOCKWISE!'----'      '----'
    .----..----.      .----.
    | YV || BV |      | RV |
    '----''----'      '----'

 Now, the viruses will appear in the pill bottle in random locations. There's
really no way to forecast what you face. However, each level you face throws
four more viruses at you:

 - Level 0: Four Viruses
 - Level 1: Eight Viruses
 - Level 2: Twelve Viruses
 - Level 19: Eighty Viruses
 - Level 20: Eighty-Four Viruses
 On LOWER levels you can use corners of the bottle as a wasteland. Let's
face it, you can't use SOME pills if, say, only yellow viruses are left.
You can dedicate a corner to dump blue and red pills in until you get the
yellow pills you want. Using spaces of the bottle to put pills strategically
is always a plus.

 Speaking of placing pills in certain places, do your best to place red/blue,
blue/yellow, and yellow/red pills in their own little sections...
 On HIGHER levels, when the viruses are packed in the bottle, aim for wiping
out pairs of viruses at once. This makes double-color pills especially
valuable. Quickly scan the playing field for viruses stacked on top of each
other or, perhaps, two spaces apart.

 REMEMBER, you can destroy viruses HORIZONTALLY as well as VERTICALLY!
Honestly, vertical is preferred as you can often "clean up your own mess"
that way, but keep your options open. That includes placing pills underneath

 I won't lie, level 20 is BRUTALLY HARD. Viruses can appear THREE SPACES
away from the top. You have to REALLY practice to stand a chance on the later
stages. Practice makes perfect.

                                 Cool Things                        

 o Destroy FOUR or more viruses at once and the STAR POWER music (popular from
   the Super Mario Bros. games, of course) will play! COOL!
 o Complete level 20 to view a special ending animation. You will also see
   animations on levels 5, 10, and 15 when your speed is set to HI.
 - Info taken from the 'CODES' section on Gamefaqs.com, and verified by me.


Gamefaqs Gameboy Completion Project for providing the motivation. No way I
would have done this without that!

Starman3 and AWingPilot for the music info, for when you bust 4 or more

R. Harrison and MLewlin for info on the animations, so I knew they existed
and could see them.

I'll also thank Monster Absolute Energy. It's kept me awake many a night!