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Asked: 5 years ago

Can I have Gen-Bu, Sei-Ryu, Byak-Ko or Suzaku as a playable monster?

I want to know if I can have Gen-Bu, Sei-Ryu, Byak-Ko or Suzaku.

Accepted Answer

From: Skygor_II 5 years ago

No, you may not have any of the boss monsters as a playable character. There are Gen-Bu, Sei-Ryu, Byak-Ko, and Su-Zaku monsters in FFL2. The only way to get them in FFL would be gratuitous hacking of your character's stats and skills.

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No. They are available in the sequal, Final Fantasy Legend II, but not in this game.

What you may be thinking of is this: In the final area of the game, you will get to fight the four of them again. They may drop meat after those battles. If your monster(s) eat that meat, they will be ranked up into the highest "tier" of playable monsters.

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