FAQ by Squaresoft

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These are the most frequently asked questions about Final Fantasy
Legend from SquaresoftUs Game Counselors.

1.  Where did the Steward go in the Castle of Sheild?

He walked through the upper wall on the left side, follow him!

2.  If youUre at the Statue of Hero and you have all 3 of the
KingUs items, what do you do next?

Un-equip the KingUs items, face the statue and press the A
button. You will receive the Black Sphere. Try to walk away from
the statue at that point, and Gen-Bu will attack you.

3.  YouUve been through all the caves in the World of Ocean, and
you canUt get anywhere else, what now?

Step on all the little islands that are just off shore of the big
islands. When you step on one of them your character will
disappear and you will be able to sail to that little island.

4.  What do I do after IUve gotten the Airseed?

Go to the upper left corner of the ocean and look for the
Whirlpool. Float into it.

5.  What is the answer to the riddle:  RWhat can you get for 2
long swords, 3 gold helms and 4 potions?S

This riddle appears in the World of Ocean. To answer it add the
cost of buying all those items and buy something else which also
costs that much. The Battlesword is the answer.

Answer this riddle to receive the Blue Orb.

6.  I keep searching the Palm tree in the World of Ocean and I
know it is the right one, but it wonUt give me the Airseed. What
do I do?

Stand beside the tree, not on top of it, and press the A button
to search it.

7.  Which Orb is the real one in the room with all the Orbs?

Remember the 2 previous rooms? There were 2 lines of Orbs, one
vertical and one horizontal. Where those 2 lines would cross in
the room is the real Orb. It is 3 down and 3 left from the upper
right corner. Stand beside that Orb and press the A button to

8.  I keep running into Su-Zaku in the World of Ruin but I canOt
defeat him. How can I defeat him?

You need to run from him if you meet him in the overworld. You
can also use the Saw on him and he will stop harrassing you.
After you get everything you need to defeat him, you will fight
him in the Subway.

9.  Where do I find the ROM?

In the Invisible Building.

10.  Where do find the Board?

In the Northeast Town.

11.  Where is the Secret Tunnel in the World of Ruin?

So-Cho, the character who gives you his bike in the Southeast
Town, takes you there after you have the ROM and the Board.