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Final Fantasy Legend
Human FAQ
July 24, 2000
WonderLlama (

July 25, 2000  Fixed some minor formatting issues.  Added shields to 
the equipment section.
July 24, 2000 - This is the first version.

1) What is this FAQ about?
2) Improving your human.
3) Equipping your human.
4) Copyright notice

=======================What is this FAQ about?=========================
     This is not a walkthrough.  If you want a walkthrough, I would 
recommend K. Megura's Mini-FAQ.  This FAQ will address the human 
character, who I believe to be potentially the most powerful member of 
your team.
     First, humans, mutants, and monsters are all fun and rewarding 
characters in this game.  You probably should not limit yourself.  But 
the most powerful party possible is probably four humans.  With this 
party, I have killed Creator before he even gets to attack.  The 
methods you use to improve your human are a little unconventional, so 
I'm going to explain how to get the most for your money.

========================Improving your human===========================
     Humans do not get stronger as a result of battle.  Instead, they 
have to buy potions to raise their attributes and HP.  There are five 
items that improve the human.

Strength Potion:  This item costs 300 and raises a human's strength by 

Agility Potion:  This item costs 300 and raises a human's agility by 2.

HP200:  This item costs 100 and raises a human's HP by up to 20, unless 
HP is already above 200.  Then it only raises by 1.

HP400:  This item costs 1000, and is the same as HP200, but it works up 
to 400 HP.

HP600:  This costs 10,000, and works up to 600 HP.

     Use the HP items to raise your HP.  If money is an issue (i.e. 
early in the game) you should save before you use it.  Try to get at 
least 15 HP out of it.  HP600 is not worth the money.  It costs less 
money to buy HP200 over and over.  Still, it is faster if you can 
afford HP600.  I recommend buying a few HP200's on the first world.  On 
the second, get your HP up to at least 400.  After that, go wild.  The 
limit is not 999 HP.  That is the most that can be displayed, but the 
limit is much higher.  My guess would be 2047, since I know it can go 
over 1023.  I've never had the patience to count that high.
     Use the Strength and Agility potions to make your human more 
deadly in combat.  These raise the stat 2 per use.  These stats max out 
at 255, even though 99 is the most that can be displayed.  Be careful, 
they wrap back to 1 if you go over.  I don't recommend counting, 
instead, just save every once in a while, and reset once you wrap.  The 
power of a human with 255 strength and 254 agility is amazing to 
behold.  The first time you can afford many of these potions is on the 
second world.  I recommend specializing in agility to begin with, since 
it effects both your chance to hit, and your damage with the saber, and 
similar weapons.  Later, you will want to work on strength too, as the 
strength based weapons eventually get much more powerful than the 
agility weapons.

========================Equipping your human===========================
     One of the best features of humans is that they can hold 8 items.  
This means they can hold 4 pieces of armor without sacrificing weapons.  
Always get the best armor available, even before buying stat potions.  
In the end game, you probably don't want the ParaSuit.  You can get 
nearly the same defense with the other armor you can buy, and the 
Dragon armor will protect you from many spells.  You can get even 
better defense from the armor in the final tower.
     Humans don't use spells.  Well, they can, but only if you equip 
the shoe, which you don't get until late, and even then they suck at 
it.  That means they stick to weapons and potions.  There are 3 main 
types of weapons, strength, agility, and projectile.  All three types 
use agility to hit, but strength weapons do damage based on strength, 
agility based on agility, and projectiles do fixed damage.
     Humans can also equip shields.  Shields are not used 
automatically, but instead must be used to defend instead of a weapon.  
For this reason, they aren't very good.  They have two uses.  Some 
shields protect the whole party from certain spells.  The shield user 
must go before the spell is cast for this to work.  Also, the user has 
a chance to evade attacks in the round the shield is used.  I don't 
recommend the shield, but if you must use it, give it to a human.  Try 
to find a shield that says, "A barrier covers the party" when you use 
it.  Give it to the highest agility human you have and put them in the 
front.  They will be hard to hit, and will protect the rest of the 
party from spells.
     Early on in the game, focus on improving agility.  This means you 
want mainly agility weapons.  Get the rapier on the first world, the 
saber on the second, and the l-saber on the third.  But also carry a 
projectile weapon.  Rocks are very good for the price.  And projectile 
weapons always do about the same damage, even against enemies with very 
high defense.
     Later, get the best strength weapon you can.  Still carry a 
projectile weapon for those pesky high defense monsters.  When the Ice, 
Thunder, and Flame swords are available, get one, but make sure you 
have another weapon in case the monsters are strong against your 
element.  If you have multiple humans, give each a different element.  
Thunder tends to be the best of the three.
     At the very end, the Glass Sword and the Excalibur are your best 
friends.  The Excalibur can take out a whole group if your strength is 
255.  And the Glass Sword does unmatched damage.  The Sun Sword is 
probably the next best, and it gets critical hits on undead, and even 
some bosses.
     If you have extra slots, equip the best potion you have.  You 
shouldn't need them during battle that often, but they don't hurt.

     As usual, feel free to do whatever with this FAQ as long as you 
don't change it, make money off it, or delete this notice.  And it is, 
of course, Copyright 2000 Justin Lyon.
     I can be contacted with any questions at