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A fun, simple game.AKMoose7/10
A Kirby Classic!BongoGoku8/10
A great start to one of the best (and most underrated) series everBrak8/10
A must have for those long and boring road trips.chrono trigger fan9/10
A great way to kill an hour.FlameDrake7/10
Powderpuff? pffft!!! Powerpuff is more like it.Funk Punk9/10
I love good ol' Kirby!Last Avenger10/10
How Could Anyone Ever Get Tired Of KIRBY!!!!!LMouth7/10
The Kirby's Dreamland ReviewMarkyJoe7/10
Oh no...The Pink Puff Ball is gonna get us!!!MTincher9/10
When Kirby Was Whitemushroomfantasy7/10
I don't care if it's short, it's still really good!nintendonut88810/10
One of the best time killers available........and only thatNivla7/10
Pink VS. B&W = 1 - 0Ofisil4/10
The original Kirby game still is a fun romp years later, but don't expect a classic.Psycho Penguin6/10
Fun, but difficult? HardlyPumpkin_Fan7/10
The Pink Wonder's first adventure!Rich Uncle Skeleton8/10
While there are two things that hold Kirby's Dream Land back, they are hardly insurmountableroadtosalvation8/10
A pink puff ball trying to be cool. Next!RollsRoyce1/10
Kirby's debut was very cool.Saikyo Ki8/10
Pretty good platformer but way too shortShenmue Fan7/10
Great game but too shortSkull Dragon8/10
Itís not a bad game at all; the series is off to a good start.SneakTheSnake6/10
A good platformer that falls short due to its low length and difficulty.sword6927/10
It could have been longer.thegreatestgamefan6/10
The start of the pink puffballTZ1237/10
Humble beginnings, I suppose the phrase is?UltimaterializerX4/10
Can you say this?Unleashed Vortex7/10
Very basic, very short, but very fun!Wiggis7/10
Good For Kirby's First OutingXCommander8/10
A game with Kirby without his copy ability is still an ok game...Zylo the wolf6/10

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