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How do I get past dungeon 4?

I am stuck. i beat this game when i was a kid and found it on ebay for .99 and thought why not. i have a gba, so get it. i am also a huge zelda fan. anyways, i am in the 4th dungeon and the only key i dont have is under water, i need the key to get the flippers. i cant get the key without the flippers and i cant get the flippers without the key. sounds messed up. i walked right by the door i needed to use it on and used it at a differant key hole. i have been hours serching and cant get it. help. the only thing i can see that i can do is start over. i realy dont want to do that. i know i didnt have this problem the first time i beat this game, but this time i mistakenly used the key else where, and the only key left is under water. so like i said i cant get the key without the flippers and cant get the flippers without the key. i thought someone else might have done this. if you have what did you do. i think i have to start over. help!! is there a way to reset the dungeon?

trottster provided additional details:

I realy dont want to start the whole game over. help?

trottster provided additional details:

Can i use the wall walker glitch to get threw this? how do i do the wall walker glitch? so i can walk threw walls.

PerpetualGamer2 asked for clarification:

Have you solved the puzzle of the five squares? Are you sure you didn't miss anything? Have you searched the whole area? Also don't screw with the Wall Walker Glitch unless you know what you are doing. Most importantly... DID YOU CHECK THE WALKTHROUGHS ON THIS SIGHT-?

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Blackdrazon answered:

Actually, it IS possible to mess up the keys in Dungeon 4: it's possible to make your way across a gap you're supposed to have to swim over and unlock the door past there. The gap is the one near the centre of the dungeon, past the Tektites with a button on the ground next to the door. Just passed it is a key block. Unlock that and you're dead. But it's a rough jump to make, enough so that you should probably realise you're not supposed to make it, so it's far more likely that you're just missing a key.
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orius answered:

I haven't played the game in a while, and the 4th dungeon is hardly my favorite, but there should be enough keys in the dungeon for you to get through.
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Shadowlynk answered:

I don't think you can mess up the keys in level 4. Check the map and make sure you have all of them:

There's two on the far right side, one in the south, and one in the middle you can get by jumping across the narrow water south of the hint slab, walking below the lake, and then going north. The only way I can see to waste a key is if you somehow unlocked the block next to stairway D, which you really shouldn't be able to reach without the flippers.
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Shadowlynk answered:

So you CAN reach the block next to stairway D? Yeah, if you unlock that first, then you're screwed. Sorry!
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Zinyin answered:

If your still stuck I will give you a step by step awnser

Start: Room One
1: Go up once
2: climb the stairs and Walk walk to the left
3 Walk to the right and go up once.
4: Jump down, and go trough the top door you should now be in a room full of water with 5 panels ignore them for now and go one to the right
5: Walk walk up once and continue up
6: defeat the Slimes
7: Open the chest
8: You now Have the Flippers


*Note the only way I know this, is that it happened to me*
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Zinyin answered:

and as for using the "Wall Walker Glitch"

Walk to the edge of the Screen don't pass yet, when you push the direction the screen is press Select at the same time
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sharky42 answered:

You probably got the keys in the wrong order, can u leave the cave and have it reset itself?
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Shadowlynk answered:

In this case, your best bet would be to wall walk through the locked door. Start in the room at the center of the level with the hint slab. Go to the top edge of the screen and line up with the locked door in the next room. Walk into the room to the north and press Select at the same time as the screen begins to scroll. If you did it right, you should be inside the locked door. Push north, and hopefully you'll go through to the miniboss room. If you get stuck in the wall, just Save and Quit and try again.
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