Question from CodySheldon

How do I get the key to tail cave?

I have gotten the shell and banana but i can't find out what to do next!

CodySheldon provided additional details:

But what do you mean by look through one of the walkthroughs because I don't know what the walkthru is

Accepted Answer

th3l3fty answered:

The key to Tail Cave is in the Mysterious Forest to the northwest of Mabe Village. To get to it, you'll need to get some Magic Powder by finding a mushroom in the forest and taking it to the witch (head east out of the forest) or by winning some from the Trendy Game.

Sprinkle the Magic Powder on the raccoon and you'll be able to go to the next screen, which has the key.
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greencus90 answered:

Just look at one of the walkthroughs and you will find out.
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