• Passwords

    Format- [GRID]: [LETTER]

    Almost all weaponsA1: B, B1: B, C1: E, D1: B, E1: R, A2: R, E2: R, F2: E, A3: B, B3: E, C3: B, E3: E, F3: B, B4: B, C4: B, D4: B, E4: B, F4: R
    Final stage passwordC1: R, D1: R, E1: B, B2: E, D2: R, E2: E, A3: B, E3: E, B4: B, C4: R, F4: B
    Skip past Dr. Wily's TankB1: R, C1: R, D1: E, E1: B, F1: B, B2: R, C2: R, E2: B, F2: R, A3: E, B3: B, C3: B, D3: R, E3: E, F3: E, A4: R, B4: E, D4: R, F4
    Skip to Dr. WilyA1: E, B1: R, C1: E, D1: E, E1: E, A2: B, B2: R, C2: E, E2: B, F2: E, A3: E, B3: E, C3: R, E3: R, A4: B, B4: R, C4: B, D4: E, E4
    Start game with 4 extra weaponsC1: E, D1: B, E1: E, F1: E, A2: B, B2: R, C2: R, D2: R, F2: E, A3: E, B3: B, D3: E, B4: E, C4: B, D4: E, E4: R, F4: B
    This password starts you off with Beat, the Energy Balancer, max P-Chips (999), max E-Tanks (4), max W-Tanks (4), and max S-Tanks (1) but with no bosses beaten.A1: R B1: R D1: B E1: R F1: B A2: E C2: B F2: R A3: R B3: B C3: B D3: R F3: B A4: E B4: E D4: E F4: R


  • Unlimited Pharoah Shot

    Much like in it's FamiCom(NES) counterpart, this game's Pharoah Shot weapon has its own glitch which can be exploited. For unlimited Pharoah Shots, simply charge the Pharoah Shot weapon and touch an enemy with the hovering Hyper Pharoah Shot globe over your head. So long as you keep 'B' held down, you'll always generate a new sphere that can damage enemies on-contact, but your Weapon Energy will never suffer!
    Note: Even if you let the Hyper Pharoah Shot's sphere charge to maximum, the hovering globe will only do the damage of a normal, uncharged Pharoah Shot.

    Contributed By: Joseph Collins.


  • Upgraded Mega Buster

    To get an upgraded Mega Buster, get a lot of game overs in the same level. Soon, Dr. Light will call you to his lab, and he will upgrade your buster

    Contributed By: TJackson.

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