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 ____        ____    __________     ___________            ____
|    \      /    |  |          |   /           \          /    \
|     \    /     |  |    ______|  |   /¯¯¯¯¯\   |        /      \
|      \  /      |  |   |______   |   |      ¯¯¯        /   /\   \
|       \/       |  |    ______|  |   |   ______       /    ¯¯    \
|   |\      /|   |  |   |         |   |  |__    |     /    ____    \
|   | \    / |   |  |   |______   |   \_____|   |    /    /    \    \
|   |  \__/  |   |  |          |  |             |   /    /      \    \
|___|        |___|  |__________|   \___________/   /____/        \____\
       ____        ____           ____           ______     ___
      |    \      /    |         /    \         |      \   |   |
      |     \    /     |        /      \        |       \  |   |
      |      \  /      |       /   /\   \       |   |\   \ |   |
      |       \/       |      /    ¯¯    \      |   | \   \|   |
      |   |\      /|   |     /    ____    \     |   |  \   |   |
      |   | \    / |   |    /    /    \    \    |   |   \      |
      |   |  \__/  |   |   /    /      \    \   |   |    \     |
      |___|        |___|  /____/        \____\  |___|     \____|

                                              DR. WILY'S REVENGE


Mega Man (Game Boy) Guide
Written by Spug ( spug_enigma@hotmail.com )
Version 2.2
Last updated December 30, 2002
File size: 68.9 kb



|-- 0) About this Guide
|  |- 0.A) Updates
|  '- 0.B) File format
|-- 1) Introduction
|-- 2) FAQ
|-- 3) About the Game
|  |- 3.A) Game Bio
|  |- 3.B) Story
|  '- 3.C) Controls
|-- 4) Items
|-- 5) Enemies
|-- 6) Game Layout
|-- 7) Robot Masters
|  |- 7.A) Recommended Order
|  |- 7.B) Level strategies
|  '- 7.C) Boss strategies
|-- 8) Weapons and Adapters
|-- 9) Passwords
|-- 10) Hints for winning
|-- 11) Credits
|-- 12) About the Author
'-- 13) Legal Information / Disclaimer

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I guess I didn't need to write the above, but just in case, y'know.



This is a Walkthrough for Mega Man (Game Boy).
It was written over some bottles of Fanta and lots of OLW Cheez Doodles.
It's completely original - I wrote this over my personal experience
with this game, and I did NOT copy (read: steal) ANY information from any
other source. Honest.
I've tried to cover every single piece of the game here, but I don't know if
I've succeeded. At least you can use it as a resource if you're stuck in the

I'm from Norway, and my English isn't too good. If you find any errors in the
language, bear over with it, unless it's impossible to understand what I'm
Also, my English is probably a mix between American English and British
English. But that doesn't matter too much, does it?

If you find any information that's wrong, if you have additions for this
guide, if you need help with the game, or ANYTHING, please e-mail me at
spug_enigma@hotmail.com .

Oh, and yeah, if you'd like to make me a better ASCII logo at the top of the
document, saying MEGA MAN, then please, go ahead, and mail it to me. The
current sucks (especially the E and the G), as I'm terrible at ASCII. You'll
be acknowledged in the Credits or something, of course.



Version 2.2 - December 30, 2002
  Minor fixes. Happy new year.
  File size: 68.9 kb

Version 2.1 - October 5, 2002
  Seems I forgot to add the Checkpoints for the Wily levels. They're there
  File size: 68.7 kb

Version 2.0 - August 22, 2002
  The first major update of the guide. I realized that the walkthrough for the
  levels (section 7.B, Level Strategies) really sucked and was really short,
  so I rewrote the whole thing. I also added Checkpoints to the walkthrough.
  Yay for me!
  This caused a big change in the file size, though... Oh well, you can't get
  something for nothing, I guess.
  As totally rewriting the walkthrough is quite a big update, I changed the
  version number to 2.0. Hope you don't mind.
  File size: 68.2 kb

Version 1.2 - August 1, 2002
  ANOTHER minor update and fix. Added, among other things, the incredibly
  useful Cartridge Code in the Game Bio section.
  File size: 56.3 kb

Version 1.1 - July 12, 2002
  Some minor updates and fixes.
  File size: 55.3 kb

Version 1.0 - July 4, 2002
  Initial release.
  File size: 53.6 kb



This Guide was written solely in an ASCII (pure text) editor called Araneae
( http://www.araneae.com ), so I could watch that I didn't write too many
characters on each line :-)
The file contains no text formatting whatsoever. This file has 79 characters
per line or less. Compatible with any screen resolutions (AT LEAST 800x600 and
If you have problems reading this guide, please e-mail me at
spug_enigma@hotmail.com .

NOTE: I would advise you to view this guide in either your web browser or (if
you download this file to your hard drive) Notepad. You can also view it in
WordPad if you want to, but be sure that you've set Text -> Word Wrap to
'Wrap words after window width' (or something similar, I use the Norwegian
version, so I just translated it) in the Options window.



Just as a note, this is my first attempt on a guide, ever. So don't get mad
if it's a little bad (Wow, I can rhyme too. Those skills never stop annoying
me.). I'll try to write one guide for every Mega Man game I've played...
Hopefully. At least that's my plan.
I'll AT LEAST write a Guide for each Mega Man game for the Game Boy (1 - 5).
So if I get more trained in writing guides with time, I guess I'll probably
rewrite the bad ones.

This Guide is for the GAME BOY GAME Mega Man, not the NES game... Sorry for
some confusion. By the way, blame Capcom, not me!
I dunno why the games are named the same; they have nothing with eachother to
do (well, they're both Mega Man games, but you see what I mean).
In Japan, this game is called Rockman World (Mega Man is named Rockman in
Japanese), so I don't see why they didn't name this game Mega Man World or
The full name of this game, though, is actually Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge.
But what the heck. As long as you understand it, it's OK.
Mega Man 1 for Game Boy is NO recompilation of the NES game. They're
completely different games. There, then it's settled.

I started my Nintendo-career with this game (and Tetris) as a six or seven
year old. My older brother borrowed me his Game Boy Original (also known as
'the brick'), and with it Tetris and - yeah - Mega Man.
Not necessary to say, I didn't understand much of Mega Man at that time, but I
played it through all the upcoming years. I didn't complete it until I was 14!
At first I thought it was just another Game Boy game, you know, a one-timer, a
no-hit. Not a part of a series. A single game that didn't sell much. A game
with few fans worldwide... I think you get it.
Myself (and my brother), I thought it was very good. Even though I didn't know
the story or anything about who Mega Man was (at first I thought the Stage
Select screen was were you chose what character to CONTROL; not fight... ;P),
but that changed nothing. The game ruled!
Maybe I thought it ruled simply because I was a kid, but the game was so
simple (not simple as in 'easy to beat' (As I said, I didn't complete it
before I was 14), but it's not a complicated game like Zelda or something), I
had fun with it.

I still play this game. It's a wonderful game, and in my opinion, it's one of
the games with the best feeling of the whole series.


2)  FAQ

Q: Is this Guide for the NES game Mega Man?
A: No. It's for the Game Boy game Mega Man.
   Read section 1, Introduction, for more information.

Q: What's the difference?
A: They're completely different games.

Q: How many Robot Masters does this game feature?
A: There are 8 Robot Masters in this game, and they appear 4 at a time.
   The four first Robot Masters are from Mega Man 1 for NES, and the
   other four are from Mega Man 2 for NES.
   There's also another boss in the game, named Enker.

Q: Does Mega Man have any helper in this game?
A: No, he doesn't, unfortunately. But he'll receive the adapter Carry.

Q: Why do you say 'Mega Man', and not 'Megaman'?
A: Because it's correct. Both spellings have been used in the games, but
   'Mega Man' is used more frequently and is considered correct.
   As an addition, I actually e-mailed Capcom and asked - they answered
   that 'Mega Man' is the correct spelling.
   EVEN FOR PROTO MAN. I know most of you people spell it 'Protoman', but
   Capcom says that 'Proto Man' is correct even for him. Yeah.
   Every robot in the Mega Man series that ends on -Man is spelled that way,
   with a space. So there.
   If you don't know who Proto Man is, don't care.
Q: Why do you call Mega Man's arm cannon 'Plasma Cannon' and not
   'Mega Buster'? I know that it's named Mega Buster!
A: No, Mega Man's arm cannon is named Plasma Cannon in the first two Game Boy
   games and in the first three NES games. His Plasma Cannon is upgraded to a
   Mega Buster in Mega Man 4 for NES (and Mega Man III for Game Boy), with
   the ability to charge energy in the cannon and release a more powerful
   shot. So no, you're mistaken. In this game, Mega Man's arm cannon is named
   'Plasma Cannon'. Why do you think it's denoted by the letter 'P' on the
   weapons sub screen, anyway?

Q: Why is this guide so long?
A: Well, I don't really know. I said it would cover every nidbit of the game,
   and then it has to be pretty long.

Q: I hate you!
A: I hate you too. Piss off.

If you have other questions, e-mail me at spug_enigma@hotmail.com .



Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge is the first of five Game Boy Mega Man games
Capcom released.
The considered 'real' Mega Man series are Mega Man 1 through 6 on the NES
console, Mega Man 7 for SNES and Mega Man 8 for PlayStation.
However, Capcom released 5 Game Boy games as well. These don't fit in the same
timeline, apparently, but I believe they consist of the same line.

There are some differences between the 'original' Mega Man games and the
Game Boy games, but the basics are all the same, together with the story:

Dr. Albert Wily has released eight so-called Robot Masters to conquer the
world, and the super robot Mega Man has to fight his way through several
stages and defeat each of these robots and in the end face Dr. Wily himself.

The differences between the 'original' games and the Game Boy games are:

- The Game Boy games don't feature new Robot Masters, but they reuse
  eight Robot Masters from the previously released NES games (this doesn't
  apply for Mega Man 5 for Game Boy, because it doesn't have Robot Masters
  at all, but something called Star Droids).
  Mega Man I for Game Boy (the game covered in this Guide) reuses Robot
  Masters from Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 2 for the NES system - the first four
  (Cut Man, Ice Man, Elec Man and Fire Man) are from Mega Man 1, and the
  last four (in the teleport hatches, Quick Man, Bubble Man, Flash Man and
  Heat Man) are from Mega Man 2.
- Whereas most of the original Mega Man games challenges you with eight Robot
  Masters at a time, where you can choose who you want to fight, the Game Boy
  games challenge you with FOUR Robot Masters in the start (you can still
  choose who to fight), and later in the game you have to fight four other
  Robot Masters.
- The obvious - the NES games are in color, and the Game Boy games are black
  and white. The quality of the graphics and sound are identical with the NES
  games though, as both the NES and Game Boy are 8-bit systems.
- The Game Boy screen is quite a lot smaller than the NES screen (which, in
  turn, is your TV screen). This makes it a bit harder to navigate Mega Man
  around, as he's bigger in the Game Boy games than he is in the NES games,
  considering the screen size.



American Title:   Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge
Japanese Title:   Rockman World
Cartridge Code:   DMG-RW
Developer:        Capcom
Publisher:        Nintendo
Genre:            Action / Platform
Players:          1
Save:             Password
Release Date:     26. July 1991
ESRB Rating:      E




Background story:

Dr. Thomas Xavier Light created the humanoid robots ROCK and ROLL (I think you
get it). But when his assistant, Dr. Albert Wily, later turned evil and tried
to take over the world, Light rebuilt Rock to the super robot MEGA MAN to
defeat Wily.


This game's story, as it appears in the original game manual:


Mega Man, once again you must save the world, because Dr. Wily just won't
stop! This time the unbelievably insane scientist has restored eight of the
Robot Masters you previously mashed into metal marmalade.

Four of them - Ice Man, Electric Man, Cut Man and Fire Man - are running wild
and tearing up the town. Those are the nice ones!
Another four - Quick Man, Heat Man, Bubble Man, and Flash Man - are lurking in
Dr. Wily's complex, with a factory-full of industrial-strength robot smashers
that you won't believe!

But that's nothing compared to what you'll face in Dr. Wily's Space Node.
So load up the Plasma Cannon, Mega Man. It's time to get the lead out!



These are the buttons you use to control Mega Man in the actual game.
The buttons UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT are on the pad that looks like a plus
sign. This pad is called the D-Pad, or Direction Pad.

UP    - Climb up a ladder.
DOWN  - Climb down a ladder.
LEFT  - Move left.
        Aim in the left direction while you're climbing a ladder.
RIGHT - Move right.
        Aim in the right direction while you're climbing a ladder.
A     - Jump. The longer you hold the button, the higher Mega Man jumps.
        Fall down if you're climbing a ladder.
B     - Fire Mega Man's current weapon.
START - Bring up the sub menu, where you can choose what weapon to use.

A + B + START + SELECT - Reset the game.



All of the below listed items can be received in any of the following ways:
- If you kill an enemy (not Robot Masters), it MAY leave a random item.
- If you kill one of the last four Robot Masters (teleport hatches, look
  below), he will leave a Big Energy Pellet.
- All the items can be found scattered around in various levels.
  Note that if you pick up one item that's just lying in a level, it will
  NOT come back if you die.

Small Energy Pellet  -  A small, flashing orb.
                        This Pellet restores two units of Mega Man's energy.

Big Energy Pellet    -  A large, flashing ball.
                        This Pellet restores ten units of Mega Man's energy.

Small Weapon Capsule -  A small capsule.
                        Will restore two units of the currently active Weapon
                        or Adapter.

Big Weapon Capsule   -  A large capsule with a flashing center.
                        Will restore ten units of the currently active Weapon
                        or Adapter.

1-Up                 -  Looks like a Mega Man head.
                        You will get 1 new life - another try. If Mega Man
                        loses all his energy, you will now be able to continue
                        one more time.

The Energy Pellets are known as Power Pellets in the instruction booklet for
this game, the Weapon Capsules are known as Energy Pellets, and the 1-Up is
called Extra Life Capsule.
However, I have chosen to use the names that are more frequently used for
these items.



The names used for the enemies here are the same as the ones used in the
ending sequence of the game.
I will use these names throughout the Guide, so remember to read this section
if you don't want to be confused later on.



The Suzies are small squares with one eye in the middle. They move in a fixed
pattern - from left to right, or up and down. They will stop when they hit a
wall, the ceiling or the floor. Then they will close their eyes and rest for a
second, before they travel back the same way they came from.


Changkey Maker

The Changkey Makers are huge fire fiends. They have legs and arms, and a head
with fire on the top (much like Fire Man). Found mainly in Fire Man's level
and Dr. Wily's Castle and Space Node, they will throw Changkeys (look below)
at you.
They never move, but stay put in one place, so they're easy to kill as long
as you avoid the Changkeys they throw at you.



The Changkeys are fireballs with eyes. They appear in Fire Man's level (where
they fall down passages to make your life harder), and they are thrown out by
Changkey Makers (look above).
They really can't move by themself, they just fall or get thrown.
You can't kill a Changkey either. Not that you want to.


Cutting Wheel

The Cutting Wheels look like saw blades with eyes. When a Cutting Wheel
appears, it makes a weird sound.
The Cutting Wheels don't move before you approach them (until then they
usually hover in the air), and then they fall down to the ground and roll
around. Very irritating, try to get rid of them while they're still hovering.
Mainly found in Cut Man's level and Wily's Space Node.


Screw Driver

The Screw Drivers are small things that pop out of the ground or ceiling,
shoot out Plasma Shots in every direction, and go into the ground again so
only the 'head' is visible.
Okay, that wasn't a really good explanation, but they are those enemies found
almost everywhere. If that said you anything.


Super Cutter

The Super Cutters look just like Cut Man's weapon; the Rolling Cutter.
Much like the Cutting Wheels, they are mainly found in Cut Man's level and
Wily's Space Node.
They also hover in the air, but when you approach them they start moving
around in a circle.
Can't be killed. But remember that you can freeze them in their tracks with
the Ice Slasher, and can then be easily avoided.



The Metalls - usually known as just 'Mets' - are the little guys that normally
hide inside their helmets. When you approach them, they'll shoot out three
Plasma Shots, and then hide under the helmet again.
Other Mets will open their helmets, shoot three shots and then walk a little,
before they hide in the helmets again.
Can only be damaged when the helmet is opened. But then again, they only take
one hit to die.



The Gabyoalls are small things that just travel along the floor, and never
stop. They are lower than Mega Man's knee (almost), so Mega Man can't shoot
them unless he's standing on a lower floor than them.
If Mega Man shoots it with his normal Plasma Cannon, it'll just freeze in its
tracks. In other words, use another weapon to kill it.



The Scworms are boomerang-shaped worms that jump out of a small thing on the
ground (which I like to refer to as a Scworm Maker (much like Changkey Maker,
however, I guess Scworm Nest would be more accurate)). The Scworm Maker is too
low for Mega Man to shoot, unless he uses another Weapon or stands on a lower



The Moles are drills that drill through the floor, come out in the open and
then disappear through the ceiling. Or vice versa.
They only appear a couple of times in the game, but when they appear, they
come out in an endless flow. These areas are good places to get back some



The Pipis are birds that come flying in, drop an egg and fly out again.
The egg cracks open, and five (or so) small Pipis will come out of it and fly
straight at you. Annoying little things.


Sniper Joe

The Sniper Joes are the robots with the shield and one eye.
First they cover themselves with the shield, then they take away the shield
and shoot three shots at you, then they hide behind the shield again.
They are only vulnerable when they're not hiding behind the shield (duh).
Some Joes even jump around. If one of these Joes covers himself with the
shield while he's in the air, his shield will have no effect - you can always
damage a Joe if he's jumping. Shield or not.



The Bigeyes are huge robots with one, big eye (thus the name).
They stand still on the ground, before they jump towards you.
They can only be harmed while they're in the air.


Kaminari Goro

(Name note: As Kaminari Goro is the Japanese name, and pretty weird, I will
use the English name for this enemy throughout this entire Guide:
Lightning Lord.)

The Lightning Lords are enemies that sit on top of small clouds and fly
around in circles. Every now and then they will throw a small lightning at
After you kill a Lightning Lord, you can stand on his cloud and use it as a


Bunby Heri

The Bunby Heris are small heads that fly in the air. They only take one Plasma
Shot to die.
Also known as Bladers.


Enough talk already. Let's get on with the Guide!



Stage Select (4 bosses; Cut Man, Ice Man, Elec Man and Fire Man, each
with one respective level)

     \  /

Wily's Skull Castle

     \  /

Teleport Hatches (4 + 1 boss; Quick Man, Bubble Man, Flash Man,
Heat Man and Enker, all are immediate boss battles, meaning no level)

     \  /

  Space Node

     \  /

(boss with two forms)





This is the order I like to defeat the Robot Masters, and with what weapon:

Elec Man   -  Use Plasma Cannon
Ice Man    -  Use Thunder Beam
Fire Man   -  Use Ice Slasher
Cut Man    -  Use Fire Storm

Flash Man  -  Use Ice Slasher
Quick Man  -  Use Plasma Cannon, then Time Stopper
Bubble Man -  Use Quick Boomerang
Heat Man   -  Use Bubble Lead

Enker      -  Use Plasma Cannon



In the Recommended Order.

Some places in the levels there are 'checkpoints' - if you get to that special
point in the level, you will reappear there if you die.
I've denoted these checkpoints with "** CHECKPOINT **" in the walkthrough
(Note: There is ALWAYS a checkpoint right outside the door of the Robot Master
of each level, but I won't denote those. They're there, though.)

(For strategies on fighting the Robot Masters, check out section 7.C, Boss



His level is kinda long, but pretty easy. It starts off with a fan that'll
blow you backwards (*cough* Air Man similarities?). You'll meet those a couple
of places throughout the level. Just run against it and approach the spikes.
Don't fall down on them. Some Disappearing Blocks (now you can stand on me;
now you can't) will appear in the air over the spikes. They're pretty
annoying, but with some training you'll handle them very easily. Jump on them
and use them as platforms. Be careful so you don't fall down to the spikes.
When you're across, climb the ladder on the other side.

You'll see two electricity beams there. When the one close to you is gone,
jump quickly through so you won't get electrocuted. Watch it so you don't
smack your head in the ceiling above the ladder as you jump, walk as far out
to the left of the ladder as you can.
Now jump through the vertical beam (while it's away, of course). Climb the
next ladder.
Okay, this is a tricky one. Another Disappearing Blocks area. Luckily, if you
miss this time and fall down, you won't be killed instantly, you'll just fall
sown one screen.
When the first Block appears, jump on it. Jump further up to the second block
and then to the bottom third. Now it gets tricky. The next Block will appear
directly over your head - the only way to land on it is to jump upwards BEFORE
the Block appears, and you'll jump THROUGH it as it appears, instead of
slamming your head up in it.

When you're past, climb the ladder to the left. Two more electric beams.
Jump through the first one when it's inactive and land on the middle platform,
but don't go too far right on it as you might get hit by the second beam then.
When the second beam is gone, jump right and climb up the ladder.

Another place with Disappearing Blocks. Isn't this great fun? This time you'll
only have to jump forwards. The tricky part is that all the time you'll be
blown backwards by a fan, plus that the instant a new Disappearing Block
appears, the previous one will disappear. So learn the pattern and time your
jumps - jump to the next Block right BEFORE the current disappears, and you'll
land on the other one. Climb up the ladder when you're set.
Now you'll enter a room with some Suzies. Kill them all off (it's not hard),
and climb the ladder at the top.


Now you're outside. Doesn't fresh air feel goooood?
Walk to the right and kill the Lightning Lord (*cough* Air Man again?). Don't
get hit by the lightnings he throws out. When he's dead, jump and land on his
cloud. Wait for it to move more to the right, and kill the next Lightning Lord
you see there. Jump over to his cloud, and repeat this process with the last
Lightning Lord in line and climb up the stairs to the right.

Kill the three Suzies. When the Disappearing Block over the spikes APPEARS in
the middle, jump down on it and back up again, and climb the ladder on the
left. Jump on and over the electric beam in the next screen and continue
upwards. Kill the Suzies and keep going up.

Another fan will blow you backwards here while you have to jump through two
beams of electricity and watch out so you don't fall into the spike pits.
Just run slightly to the right all the time, and you won't fall into them.
In the next screen, walk as much to the left on the ladder as you can without
falling, and then shoot the Met when it opens its helmet. Jump over to the
second platform and shoot the other Met too before you advance upwards.
Kill the three Suzies, and then use the Disappearing Blocks to reach the new

Here you have to watch out. You'll have to climb up the ladder while
constantly pausing so you won't get hit by the electric beams.
Then kill the Suzies in the next screen while you climb the ladder.
Then you have to pass another ladder section with two electric beams.
Kill or dodge the Bigeye on the top of the 'roof' of the level. Take care of
the two Mets as well, then jump into the hole at the right to face Elec Man.



You start off out in the open. Remember that the ground is slippery.
Right when you teleport down, a Buby Heri will try to attack you, so shoot
it. Just run to the right while you jump and kill all Bunby heris you see.
Don't let anyone of them hit you, because then you'll never get rid of it.
Climb down the ladder. You'll come inside, where you can fetch a Big Energy
Pellet if you need it - but I don't think you do this early in the level.
Remember that if you take it, it won't reappear if you die. If you leave it,
though, you can come back later if you need it.
Kill the Suzies and climb down the ladder.


Earliest checkpoint in history... Anyway...
Shoot the Bunby Heri and jump on the Ice Platform to get to safe ground. Don't
fall down on the spikes. Also don't stand on the Ice Platform too long, as the
heat Mega Man emits (even though he's a robot) will slowly melt it under your
feet. Kill the next Bunby Heri, and then jump over two other Ice Platforms.
Shoot the Bunby Heri that appears midways on those platforms.

If you need the Big Weapon Capsule, stand on the Ice Platform directly above
it and wait for it to melt. When it has, fall down, take the Capsule and jump
right up again before you hit the spikes.
Kill the Scworm Maker (best way is with a Master Weapon, but if you don't have
any, just try and hit it with your Plasma Cannon from the air.
Kill the three Suzies and then the second Scworm Maker. Use the platform the
Scworm Maker was on to reach the top ladder.

Then you have to do something interesting; some icicles will fall down from
the ceiling. Avoid them, if they hit you, you will die, but you have to use
them as platforms when they've hit the ground. Cool.
As soon as you've entered the room, jump up on the platform and run to the
left side of it. When the icicle has hit the right side of the platform, jump
on top of it so you don't get hit by the one falling down to the left.
When the third and last icicle has fallen, jump on it and jump to the ladder.
In the second icicle room, wait until the first icicle has hit the snow on the
far right of the platform you're standing on.
Jump on it, then jump as far to the right as you can. You'll land on the
platform under the ladder. Climb up.
(This wasn't the way that icicle room was intended to be solved, I know, but
that was the easiest.)

A Bigeye is waiting for you in the next room. As fast as you can, run against
it and towards the wall on the left side. Then, when the Bigeye jumps, it'll
jump right over your head. Climb the ladder.
Take the Big Energy Capsule there if you need it. Kill the Bunby Heri to the
right, and get ready to fight the Sniper Joe. Be careful so you don't fall
into the pit, and fire loose at the Joe.

Jump from platform to platform, and be extremely careful not to accidentally
slip off the edge or otherwise fall into the pits. Kill all the Scworm Makers
you see on your way. Right after the last one (there are four or five, I
think), fall down the hole on the right and get ready to face Ice Man.



First you'll have to handle some Suzies. Easy and greasy. Climb down the
ladder on the right. You'll have to kill more Suzies, a good tactic is to kill
the ones in the ceiling from the ladder and then take the two on the ground in
two goes. Leap down the hole to your left.
Now you'll have to jump over those lava pits, while avoiding the falling
Changkeys (those fireballs there).
Remember that lava is like spikes - you can stand on lava if you're flashing!

After the second pit a Bunby Heri will appear. Jump and kill it before it
starts swarming. After the next pit a new one will appear. After you've shot
it, wait until the 'firewall' (har har) on the next platform has temporarily
calmed down, and continue rightwards. Kill the Bunby Heri that appears, and
then kill the Sniper Joe there. Shouldn't be too hard.
Yet two Bunby Heris will appear, before you'll have to get past another wall
of fire and kill three more Bunby Heris (has Wily got an unlimited supply of
those?). Climb down the ladder to the far right.

Now you'll have to do a risky jump over another lava pit (while Changkeys fall
down). If you can't do the jump, get hit by a Changkey on purpose and walk on
the lava. Then you fall down into a big, dark and gloomy room.


Okay, walk towards the right. Now get rid of that nasty Changkey Maker up
there. A tips; always be on the move, or the Changkey Maker'll hit you with
its Changkeys and leet aiming skillz.
You'll then face two more Changkey Makers. Don't get hit much, or you'll be
dead in a minute. When you're through, climb the ladder.

Now you'll have a close combat with a Sniper Joe. Just fire away and climb up.
Three Screw Drivers are waiting for you - kill'em all.
There's a Big Energy Pellet on a platform above you - to reach it, you need
the Ice Slasher. Freeze the fire wall thing that comes out of the wall, and
stand on it when it's frozen to reach the platform with the Pellet
(I didn't know you could freeze fire?).

Walk to the right and jump over the lava, past the Changkeys. Kill the Suzies.
Get past another fire wall, and then kill the Changkey Maker before it kills
you. It can be pretty hard, as you'll have to jump and shoot continually, but
you'll manage.

Jump over the lava and shoot the two Screw Drivers. About four Bunby Heris
will approach you, but you can handle them.
Now you'll come to two rooms (not at once though) where you'll have to jump
over two small flames (one in each room) that move along the floor. These can
be pretty tricky to jump over, but there are no general advices... Just jump
when they've just started moving towards you again.
Or, even better, if you've got the Ice Slasher, freeze the flames with it.
Then you'll have to take care of an unfair amount of Changkey Makers, before
you at last meet the boss.



This level is kinda tricky, but it's not as long as it seems.
Mega Man will start off near a Screw Driver. Walk a little to the right, then
Shoot it when it pops up. Then jump and fire a couple of times at the Cutting
Wheel on the ledge to the right. Don't get to close to it, or it'll attack.
Jump down on the other side and get rid of the Screw Driver there. If you have
a Master Weapon that can do the trick, you can kill the Screw Driver in the
ceiling as well, but it might be just as well to just run past it. Kill the
next Screw Driver on the ground, and the last one in the ceiling if you want.
Continue right wards, under the small shelf with the 1-Up on it. Hurry to the
right so you don't get hit by the Cutting Wheel that'll hurl itself down at
you. Dodge the shots from or kill the Screw Drivers. Continue until you're
standing at the edge of a pit.

If you want a 1-Up, jump up to the right, on the conveyor belt. Run to the
left, against it, and shoot the Cutting Wheel before it can react.
Then just jump to the left (time it a little, or you'll miss) and land on the
platform with the 1-Up.

Jump over the pit to the right and then over the Gabyoall. Dodge the Cutting
Wheel as good as you can, or kill it with a Master Weapon. Then drop down the
hole to the right.

Keep as far to the right wall as you can, and kill the Cutting Wheel that's
closest to you. Then walk to the left, until the Cutting Wheel drops down,
and jump over it and down on the left.

Right, more conveyor belts (I thought conveyor belts were Metal Man's thing?).
Walk slowly to the right, and then jump over the Cutting Wheel when it
attacks. Kill the next Cutting Wheel before you jump up on the next conveyor
belt. Jump to the right (where you can grab a Big Weapon Capsule) and advance
to the right. Dodge the Gabyoall on the ground AND the Screw Driver in the
ceiling, or kill the latter from one of the platforms. Take the Small Energy
Pellet on the platform if you want to.

Go to the right (without falling down the pit) and climb up the ladder.
Argh, now comes a painful room. Especially if you're low on energy.
Jump up on the platform that's closest to you and walk as far to the left edge
as you can without hitting your head in the platform above you when you jump.
When the Screw Driver to the right isn't shooting, jump and fire a few shots
at the Cutting Wheel and the other Screw Driver until they're both dead.
Then drop down and run to the left side of the room - don't get hit by the
Screw Driver's shots. Then just climb up the ladder.


Finally a checkpoint...
Take out the Sniper Joe there (maybe not from the ladder, if he hits you you
might get blown back down to the previous room and get attacked by the Cutting
Wheel), and continue to the right. When you step too close to that Super
Cutter there, it'll start moving. Time your jumps correctly to get past it.
Then you'll face ANOTHER Super Cutter, which you'll have to get past while
running towards a conveyor belt, plus that you'll have to kill two, count'em,
TWO Cutting Wheels on the end of the conveyor belt. Maybe you should use a
Master Weapon if you've got them. Drop down to the right.

A Bigeye's waiting for you down there. As I've mentioned, I like to freeze the
Bigeye with the Ice Slasher while it's in the air (which is the only time it's
vulnerable) and then walk under it (or kill it if I can't fit under it).
Right; You'll probably get past him whatever procedure you use. When you have,
trigger the Cutting Wheel there and jump over it when it comes.
Do this again for the second Cutting Wheel up there. Then get past a Super
Cutter (tricky one; try freezing it with the Ice Slasher).

Defeat the Sniper Joe, then get past two Super Cutters (Ice Slasher is a good
idea here too), and you're through Cut Man's level.



Well, this is it - you've reached Wily's Castle.
Grab the 1-Up in the start using your newly obtained item - the Carry Adapter.
This nifty thing will create a platform directly under Mega Man's feet, so
equip it, jump, fire and voila, fetch the 1-Up.
Don't pick up the Weapon Capsule on the opposite side of the room yet, as all
your weapons already are full. Save it for later, in case you die and restart
here with less weapon energy.
Or, you can use it on Carry, of course.

Right - better get started on the level itself.
You'll face a multitude of Suzies, before you'll have to destroy a Sniper Joe
while you're being blown backwards by some oversized fans. Easy.
Then a Bigeye appears - freeze it while it's in the air, with the Ice Slasher,
and either walk under it or kill it.

Then you'll reach a narrow passage, where lots of Moles try to block your
path. Just destroy as many as you can as you advance forwards - slowly.
This is your fat chance in getting some power, mind; just stand still in one
spot and shoot at the helpless Moles, and they'll eventually drop some useful
stuff, like energy and - if you're lucky - a 1-Up.

Now, here comes a tricky part. You'll find yourself falling down. To be fairly
safe, equip Carry and press B if you're near death. If you can land on one of
platforms, even better. If you did, let yourself fall on the LEFT side of the
screen, and whatever you do, stay out of the middle (where some spikes will
appear). As soon as you're past the spikes, get yourself a bit to the right,
so you're near the wall separating the screen, so you won't be hit by the
Changkey Maker.

Now, equip Carry again, because you'll most likely hit the spikes underneath
if you don't. Press B as soon as you're in the screen with the spikes, and
leap to safety on the left.


Now you have to fight a Sniper Joe - although this one jumps if you jump. Not
very hard, though, as his shield doesn't work while he's in the air.
Some Metalls and Bunby Heris will appear, just blast them while you jump over
the spikes. Then you have to kill some Metalls who actually have legs - watch
out for that.

If you need some life energy or weapon energy, you can pick up some in the
next screen - but they're under an electric beam. You should be able to
quickly jump down and then up again, though. If Carry has low energy, refill
that one using the Weapon Capsule, as you'll need it soon.

Now you'll meet a Scworm Maker, which will ... make Scworms. It's too low for
you to shoot it with your Plasma Cannon, so pick another weapon. I always use
the Thunder Beam. You have to use Carry in order to advance here.
Keep Carry equipped - you'll fall down again. At once you've started falling,
steer left to land on a platform. If you desperately need some Weapon
refilling, try some risky Carry usage to fetch the three Weapon Capsules -
otherwise, don't bother.

Fall down again, still equipped with Carry, and press B if you're facing the
spikes (which you probably are). Get down to the left.
Right, now it's kinda tricky, here. When the beam of electricity that comes
out of the wall is temporarily gone, quickly run forwards and jump onto the
next level. You'll be blown backwards by a fan here, while you have to look
out for the electric beam, so be careful. Kill the Gabyoall. Not with your
Plasma Cannon, however, as it's ineffective.

When you fall down now, equip a long-range weapon such as Thunder Beam.
A nasty Pipi bird will appear, you see, and drop an egg. You have to kill it
before it drops its egg, or kill the egg if it's already dropped. Use the
Thunder Beam (or another long-range weapon, as I said) for that.
Now you'll approach the second (and last) army of Moles. If you're low on
energy, get some here.

When you're done, leap down (and stick to the right wall) to land on a
platform. If you fancy an extra life, use the Carry twice over the gap and
take the 1-Up (you have to time good in order to make Carry platforms in the
right moment). If you don't need it, or when you've taken it, fall down and
STICK TO THE MIDDLE of the screen, unless you'd like to hit the spikes.
When you're through, you're in the Teleportation Room. Here you'll fight
four more Robot Masters, plus the humanoid robot Enker. For strategies on how
to beat them, see the next section (7.C), Boss Strategies, and scroll
down until you see Wily's Skull Castle.

Here's the layout for the Teleport Hatches found in the end of the level.
Each of them brings you to an instant boss battle with the respective Robot:

   _______           _______
  |       |         |       |
  | Quick |         | Bubble|
  |  Man  |         |  Man  |
  |       |         |       |
   -------  _______  -------
  |       ||       ||       |
  | Flash || Enker ||  Heat |
  |  Man  ||       ||  Man  |
  |       ||       ||       |
   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

The Enker hatch in the middle doesn't appear before you've
defeated all the other four Robot Masters.



If you've reached the Space Node but you get Game Over, don't simply turn off
the Game Boy. You won't have to finish the entire Skull Castle all over again
to reach the Space Node!
Just press B (Continue) on the second Game Over screen (the one that doesn't
display a Password), and you'll start at the beginning of the Space Node.

Okay, here I am again, strolling off.
In the start of this level, you'll immediately face a Sniper Joe - he's one
of those who jumps. After you've got rid of him, some walking Metalls will
appear. After they're destroyed, use Carry to get up to the high platform, and
then use it again to reach the ice cubes. Those will melt as you stand on
them, so wait until at least one and a half are melted, and you can advance
through the level.

Destroy the Screw Driver in the ceiling, then jump over or destroy the
Gabyoall that'll zoom against you. Then, destroy the Scworm Maker.
Don't get hit by the electricity, and kill the Metall while you dodge the
Screw Driver in the ceiling.
As you're falling, stick to the wall to the right to land on a platform.
From there, you'll have to jump over some spikes and walk through a beam of
electricity when it's away - all while you struggle to walk towards a blowing

Then you'll have to get over the dreaded spike pit. Some Disappearing
Platforms will appear (and disappear), so jump from platform to platform as
fast as you can. It's not that hard, really. Just don't rush it, wait and see
where the next platform appears.

Right, when you're past that, get out the Thunder Beam (or another long-range
weapon) - yep, it's another Pipi. Shoot it before it can deliver the egg - or
shoot the egg itself.


Now you'll face three Bigeyes, so use whatever strategy you like - I use to
freeze it with the Ice Slasher when it's in the air, and then finish it off
with a Thunder Beam or Rolling Cutter.

Then two Cutting Wheels will appear. The first one will almost immediately
launch itself at you, try to jump over it, and it'll be caught in the lower
corner of the screen. Approach the second until that one also hurls itself at
you. Jump it, and you're past them.

Aaargh, now you'll face the second and worst spike pit. This one also has
Disappearing Blocks, but this time they're used more in a pattern.
Also, the hardest thing here is that when you're standing on a platform that's
directly above the spikes (meaning almost touching the spikes), a platform
will appear over your head. You have to learn the pattern - jump upwards
BEFORE the platform appears over your head. If you jump too early you won't
land on any platform, and if you jump too late, your head will hit the
platform above and you'll hit the spikes. You encountered this once before,
remember, in Elec Man's level.
Just time your jump very good, and you'll do fine. If you die, don't be sad.
You'll start at the three Bigeyes, so you won't have to walk long to get here

When you're past it, equip the Ice Slasher before you jump down the hole.
A Sniper Joe will jump against you, so freeze him before he can hit you.
Now, jump over the Cutting Wheel that appears and jump over to the second
platform before the Wheel bounces off the wall and hits you.

Approach the nearby Super Cutter, and freeze it with the Ice Slasher when its
high enough in the air so that you can walk under it. Kill the Cutting Wheel
with one easy shot of the Rolling Cutter. Repeat the Ice Slasher process with
the second Super Cutter. Now, a Super Cutter with a Cutting Wheel just above
it will appear. Kill the Cutting Wheel while its in the air, if you can, but
if you do you'll probably trigger the Super Cutter anyway. Well, use a
powerful weapon and get rid of the Cutting Wheel, then dodge the Super Cutter
(you won't have to freeze this one as its high up already).

Another platform, another Super Cutter with a Cutting Wheel above it.
Approach them, so they both start moving, then jump over the Cutting Wheel
as it closes in on you. It'll fall into the gap between the two platforms.
This Super Cutter is actually so low, that you can jump over it as it moves
under you. You won't have to freeze this one either, but you can if you want
to. Then you'll face another Supper Cutter - this one's even lower, so if you
time good, you can actually stand unharmed in the middle of the circle it
moves in.

Use Carry to fetch the Weapon Capsule if you need some Weapon Energy - which
you probably do. Kill the Cutting Wheel first, with a long-range weapon like
Thunder Beam. I'd probably use the Weapon Capsule on Ice Slasher or Thunder
Beam if you are low on them.

Climb up the ladder, then quickly climb up the next one. If you hesitate, a
Pipi will come flying in. Then leap to the next ladder, and in the next room,
equip the Thunder Beam again. Use it on the new Pipi that appears if it
threatens you, but if you're fast you should manage to slip down the next
ladder. Climb down, avoid the electricity beams, then kill the next Pipi that
flies in, or it'll knock you down the ladder. Climb up, then kill the other
Pipi again.


If you need a small Energy Pellet and a 1-Up (which you maybe do as you're
soon facing the final boss of the game), equip the Atomic Fire (HE) and charge
it up to the third level before blasting away the wall covering the items.
Use Carry to get further.

Now, you can use Carry to reach the platform high in the air, or you can keep
going. I totally think you should choose the upper path.
If you do, equip the Atomic Fire again and blast away the second wall there.
As you fall down, avoid the shots of the Sniper Joe. Then avoid the Changkey
Maker while you pick up the Weapon Energy to refill your Atomic Fire (you will
need it on Dr. Wily). Atomic Fire should be completely full now. Use the next
three Weapon Capsules on Carry, if you want to.

Now, fall down, and stick to the right wall all the time to avoid spikes.
Just escape from the Changkey Maker you meet, and then destroy the Scworm
Makers. These can be hit by your Plasma Cannon, as they're stationed on a
higher level than you, but I still prefer a powerful weapon like Rolling
Cutter or Thunder Beam.

Now, run past the Screw Drivers in the ceiling (or finish them off with
Thunder Beam), and kill the ones on the ground.
Get past the electric beam.

Three Super Cutters? This isn't your day, is it? Equip Ice Slasher and move
towards them, so they start moving. Freeze them while they're above your head
(you'll probably have to shoot a couple of times to get them all), and walk
under them. Now, when you make this final fall, stick to the right wall and
keep holding right to get an extra life.

Right then, are you ready to face Doctor Wily himself?
Go to section 7.C, Boss Strategies, and scroll to the bottom of it
(where it says Space Node) if you want help on fighting Wily. Good luck.



Here follows strategies on how to beat every Robot Master (plus Enker and
Recommended Order here too.

(For strategies on playing through the levels, check out section 7.B, Level





Weakness: Rolling Cutter
Obtain:   Thunder Beam

Elec Man jumps and runs a little while he's firing his dreaded Thunder Beam;
an electric beam that sparks over the screen. Try to avoid it, if you get hit,
it will take a good amount of energy.
If you've got the Rolling Cutter, fire away. Make it hit him both when it's
shot and when it's returning to you.
But if you haven't got it, just use the Plasma Cannon. Even using that weapon
this is a pretty easy battle, as long as you manage to avoid the Thunder



Weakness: Thunder Beam
Obtain:   Ice Slasher

And here comes the Escimo!
Ice Man moves back and forth, while he jumps (it's supposed to look like
jumping, anyway). He fires Ice Slashers frequently. Avoid them as best as you
can. Remember that the floor is icy, and thus slippery.
If you've got Thunder Beam, USE IT, Ice Man will take heavy damage from it.



Weakness: Ice Slasher
Obtain:   Fire Storm

Fire Man really is a piece of cake.
The funny thing here is that he nearly doesn't move at all. He moves when you
move, copying your moves. Meaning that if you go left, he'll go left as well.
So, general rule; Don't move. Jumping is fine, but don't push LEFT or RIGHT.
He'll stand still and shoot a big fireball at you. Jump it and shoot him.
Repeat the process. As long as you manage to jump over them, you'll be fine.
If you've got the Ice Slasher, even better. He's toast!



Weakness: Fire Storm
Obtain:   Rolling Cutter

Cut Man doesn't move very fast, but he jumps around a lot.
He attacks by taking his head scissors off and throw them at you, then
it returns back to Cut Man like a boomerang. So be sure to dodge it twice.
Fire at him with the Plasma Cannon as many times as you can, but you should
use Fire Storm if you've got it. If you use it, make sure you hit Cut Man
with he fire shield as well for a quick defeat.




Here's the layout for the Teleport Hatches found in the end of Wily's Castle.
Each of them brings you to an instant boss battle with the respective Robot:

   _______           _______
  |       |         |       |
  | Quick |         | Bubble|
  |  Man  |         |  Man  |
  |       |         |       |
   -------  _______  -------
  |       ||       ||       |
  | Flash || Enker ||  Heat |
  |  Man  ||       ||  Man  |
  |       ||       ||       |
   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

The Enker hatch in the middle doesn't appear before you've
defeated all the other four Robot Masters.

When you defeat a boss, you'll receive a Big Energy Pellet.
After you've picked it up, walk to the left side of the screen, stand on the
teleportation device and wait to be teleported back to the Teleportation Room.



Weakness: Atomic Fire
Obtain:   Time Stopper

Flash Man'll run around in the room, using his weapon, the Time Stopper, once
in a while. If you fire a shot at him, he'll jump.
Just fire away on him with Ice Slasher, and if that one runs empty, use
the Plasma Cannon.
When he uses his Time Stopper, you will be totally frozen - even in mid-air.
After using the Time Stopper he'll fire with some sort of a Plasma Cannon
at you. Just try to jump OVER him before he freezes the time, and he won't
hit you with the Plasma shots, which he just shoots in front of himself.
Then you can safely land on the other side of him and fire some Ice Slashers
at him.



Weakness: Time Stopper
Obtain:   Quick Boomerang

He can be quite a pain in the neck, as he's pretty fast (as the name
suggests), but he's not too fast for Mega Man!
Fire loose on him with the Plasma Cannon, and when he's lost about
half or more of his energy, use the Time Stopper to drain the rest of
his energy away.



Weakness: Quick Boomerang
Obtain:   Bubble Lead

Bubble Man will shoot some Lead Bubbles at you, and while you're busy with
them, he'll shoot some other shots at you. You might take big damage,
but whatever you do, don't jump! The room is actually filled with water,
although you can't see it (Bubble Man is a water Robot Master), so if
you jump you'll jump way too high to control it properly.
Just use the newly received Quick Boomerang on him (hold down B to shoot
three at a time), and make sure each hits him twice. If you run empty of
the Quick Boomerang (which I don't think you will, they use almost no
energy), use another weapon like Ice Slasher.
Not a very big deal.



Weakness: Bubble Lead
Obtain:   Atomic Fire

As long as you have Bubble Lead, this lad won't be a problem at all.
Shoot one bubble against him, and he'll take significant damage.
Then he'll teleport to the other side of the room (where you're standing),
so jump over him as he teleports, and repeat the process.
The fire he shoots out isn't very dangerous.
However, if you hit Heat Man himself, you'll receive a great deal
of damage! So make sure you jump over him as he teleports.



Weakness: None
Obtain:   Mirror Buster

Enker is a weird Robot - only the Plasma Cannon can harm him, and
even that does he use against you.
He holds up his lance, and if you shoot at it, the shots are drawn up
to it like a magnet. Enker takes damage, but his sword also absorbs the
plasma shots.
After some seconds, he shoots an arrow-shaped energy beam at you. The size of
the arrow depends on how much plasma energy Enker absorbed. Bigger arrows
means more damage to you if you hit it.
Meaning, the more you damage Enker, the more will he be able to damage you.
Despite this, Enker is really not a big deal. Just use your gun.
When he shoots back at you, jump over the shot.





Weakness: Atomic Fire
Obtain:   None

So, there he is at last - Dr. Wily.
His machine opens up its hatch and shoots out Cutting Wheels.
To beat this first form, stand pretty close to the machine (but not so close
that you're not able to avoid the Cutting Wheels).
If he shoots out a high one, walk under it, and if he shoots out
a low one (along the floor), jump over it.
Shoot the hatch with either the Plasma Cannon or Atomic Fire. He has a slight
weakness to Atomic Fire, even more if it's charged, but as it can be pretty
hard to charge the weapon while avoiding the Cutting Wheels, I'd suggest you
use the Plasma Cannon, or just shoot at him with a not-charged Atomic Fire.



Weakness: Mirror Buster
Obtain:   None

As the battle starts, press and hold B while the Mirror Buster is active.
Mega Man will form a little shield in front of himself.
Now the Wily Machine gets a big claw. It will be launched against you, try to
avoid it.
Then, when Wily shoots a beam at you, make sure it hits your shield, and it
will be reflected back at Wily. Just repeat this process.
Don't let the shield hit the claw, however; that will drain the shield's
energy. And intelligent enough, the game is designed so that you MUST have
the Mirror Buster to defeat this boss.
So if he attacks you with the claw, it might be wise to unequip Mirror Buster.



Mega Man is able to acquire the weapon of a Robot Master he defeats
(these weapons are known as 'Master Weapons' or simply 'weapons').
Through the sub menu, you can choose what weapon Mega Man will use (press the
START button to access the sub menu).
However, all Master Weapons consumes energy from their own little energy bar
on the bottom of the screen. When the energy meter is empty, the weapon can no
longer be used. However, the weapon energy can be refilled if you pick up a
Weapon Capsule while the respective weapon is active (see section 4, ITEMS).
In this game, Mega Man will also receive an adapter.
Adapters are used in the exact same way as weapons, but they do something else
than dealing damage.

To read more about the Robot Masters you obtain these weapons from,
see the ROBOT MASTERS section.

The letters in the parentheses (the ()'s) are the letters the weapons are
shown as in the Sub Menu. Throughout this Guide, I will however use the full
name for every weapon.
If you care, the letters in the parentheses are the two first letters of the
name of the Robot Master you got the weapon from (not counting Plasma Cannon
and Carry).

All weapons will, when it hits an enemy, just continue through the enemy.
This makes it possible to hit multiple enemies with one shot.
The only exception is the Plasma Cannon, whose shots disappear on impact with
an enemy.

All weapons will however go through walls, even the Plasma Cannon.


Plasma Cannon   (P)

This is Mega Man's standard weapon. You have this from the beginning.
Mega Man will fire a tiny Plasma shot in the direction he's facing.
It can be fired unlimited times, but only three shots can be in the screen at
the same time. This isn't a very big problem, though, as the Game Boy screen
is so tiny the shots will disappear out of the screen pretty fast.


Rolling Cutter  (CU)

Obtained from Cut Man.
Mega Man fires a scissor blade like a boomerang - he chucks it out, and it
will return to him. Therefore one shot can do damage more than once on
Only one shot can be in the screen at a time.


Ice Slasher     (IC)

Obtained from Ice Man.
Mega Man shoots an ice spear straight forward that will freeze (stop in its
tracks) some enemies and damage others.
Only one shot can be in the screen at the same time.


Thunder Beam    (EL)

Obtained from Elec Man.
Will fire three beams of electricity - one up, one down and one in the
direction Mega Man's facing. This way you can damage enemies above or below
Only one (or three, depends on your view) can be in the screen at the
same time.


Fire Storm      (FI)

Obtained from Fire Man.
Mega Man fires a big fireball in the direction he's facing, and while the shot
is on the screen, a fire shield will spin around Mega Man, hurting all enemies
less than one block away from him.
The shield spins around Mega Man four times, damaging an enemy hit by it
three or four times.
One shot can be in the screen at the same time.


Carry           (CA)

Obtained when you have defeated all the first four Robot Masters,
Elec Man, Cut Man, Ice Man and Fire Man, in any row.
Mega Man creates a small platform directly underneath his feet, which he can
stand on. This way you can avoid hitting spikes you're falling directly
Carry uses energy, one unit per second, as long as a platform exists.
The platform will disappear after approx. 3 seconds. So, doing calculations,
each platform will take 3 energy units.
Only one platform can be in the screen at the same time.


Quick Boomerang (QU)

Obtained from Quick Man.
Mega Man throws some small boomerangs that will return to him after travelling
for a short time. Limited range.
Hold down the button for a while to throw up to three boomerangs.
Three is also the maximum amount of boomerangs that can be on the screen at
the same time.


Bubble Lead     (BU)

Obtained from Bubble Man.
Mega Man throws out a big, heavy bubble that will roll along the floor.
One can be on the screen at the same time.


Time Stopper    (FL)

Obtained from Flash Man.
Time will stop, and almost all enemies (including some Robot Masters) will
stop in their tracks and some of them will even lose energy as they are
paralyzed. However, the Time Stopper will lose energy all the time as it's
active, and you can't change weapon or fire while it's active either. You
can't turn it off, so you'll just have to wait until the whole energy meter
is consumed.


Atomic Fire     (HE)

Obtained from Heat Man.
Shoots out a fireball.
Hold down the button to charge it up, it can be charged up to three levels.
Higher the level, more damage is caused, but more energy is consumed.
This weapon can also be used to destroy certain walls (found in the Wily
One can be on the screen at the same time.


Mirror Buster   (EN)

Obtained from Enker.
A small shield is created in front of Mega Man. This shield will repel some
enemy shots and reflect others, to damage the enemy with its own weapon.



The passwords only store what Robot Masters you've defeated (of the first
four). There are no Energy Tanks or other stuff that the Passwords need to
However, as I said, the Passwords only remember which Robot Masters you've
defeated of the FIRST FOUR, so the last Password there is will only bring
you to the start of Wily's Skull Castle - you'll have to play through
Wily Level 1 and 2, and defeat all the five robots in the Teleport Hatches,
and THEN defeat Wily, all in one go.

To input a password, choose the option PASS WORD on the game's title screen.
A password grid will appear (4x4 squares, from A to D on the horizontal rows,
and from 1 to 4 on the vertical columns).
Each password consists of 5 dots.
Move the cursor around in the password grid with the D-pad (left, right, up,
down), and place a dot in a square with the A button. Remove a dot with B.
Look at the below passwords and input the dots in the correct positions
(example: B3 is the square that's in the B row, and in the 3 column).

A3, B1, B3, C2, C4  -  Nobody defeated

A2, A4, B3, D1, D2  -  Elec Man Defeated
A1, A2, B2, B3, D4  -  Ice Man defeated
A1, B1, B2, C4, D2  -  Fire Man defeated
A4, B3, C4, D3, D4  -  Cut Man defeated

A1, B4, C1, D2, D4  -  Elec Man and Ice Man defeated
B2, B4, C1, C3, C4  -  Elec Man and Fire Man defeated
A1, A3, B1, B3, D3  -  Elec Man and Cut Man defeated
A2, B3, D2, D3, D4  -  Ice Man and Fire Man defeated
A1, A3, A4, B4, D2  -  Ice Man and Cut Man defeated
A2, B2, C3, D1, D3  -  Fire Man and Cut Man defeated

A2, A3, C1, D2, D3  -  Elec Man, Ice Man and Fire Man defeated
A1, A3, C1, C4, D3  -  Elec Man, Ice Man and Cut Man defeated
A3, B2, B3, B4, C4  -  Elec Man, Fire Man and Cut Man defeated
A1, A2, B3, C4, D4  -  Ice Man, Fire Man and Cut Man defeated

A2, A3, B4, C2, C3  -  Everybody defeated  -  Skull Castle



- When hurt by an enemy, Mega Man will flash for some seconds. He cannot be
  damaged while he's flashing, and will walk through most enemies. Use this to
  your advantage. While flashing, he can even walk on stuff like spikes!
- All Robot Masters are vulnerable to a certain Weapon. Find out
  which Weapon works well on what Robot Master (these are displayed in the
  ROBOT MASTERS section), and defeat the Robots in the right order for a
  super-easy defeat!
- If you lose all your lives, the Game is Over. Or is it?
  You have an unlimited amount of 'continues' - after you get Game Over, you
  can restart the level you died on by choosing 'Continue' from the Game Over
  screen (by pressing B). You will still have all the Weapons you had when you
  died, and you will again have 2 lives.
- If you're plummeting down somewhere, have Carry equipped. If you see that
  you're falling towards spikes, press B, and Mega Man will create a platform
  beneath his feet.
- If you're slipping on ice, such as on Ice Man's level, jump. You'll stop




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