• Level passwords

    Enter the passwords in the password screen, then press start. You'll be taken back to the main screen. Now point to Start New Game and press start, and you'll start on that level.

    Also note that level ''HOME'' is the last level of the game. (Level 101 actually because you start out at level 00).

    Level 01KKRRTRZW
    Level 02K4NRTR2B
    Level 03KSLTTZXC
    Level 04KWJVTZWB
    Level 05K1HX5KKB
    Level 06L2DY54HC
    Level 07L3ZY54LG
    Level 08LLRT511H
    Level 09LLRT54KF
    Level 10LPPV511H
    Level 11LTMWV2W3
    Level 12LX3HVPKH
    Level 13LBFXVMNH
    Level 14MF2BWF53
    Level 15MJZ1VBYH
    Level 16MNWBVBZ3
    Level 17MQS1V2XJ
    Level 18M541V2XJ
    Level 19MYK1VM54
    Level 20MCHBVXJ4
    Level 21NGPCVXJ4
    Level 22NKYBVB2N
    Level 23N4WDVBHQ
    Level 24NRSCVQ14
    Level 25NVM1VQBZ
    Level 26NZ31VYRX
    Level 274DD1WFKY
    Level 284HZ1WRYY
    Level 294K7XWNCY
    Level 3044PXWCQB
    Level 314SMYVMK2
    Level 324W3YV5BD
    Level 33412YVYXD
    Level 34P21ZWG4D
    Level 35P3WZWFKY
    Level 36PL51WFLZ
    Level 37PPQ1WCRC
    Level 38PTNBWJKC
    Level 39PXJBWRWW
    Level 40PB21WRYY
    Level 41QFZ1XCKW
    Level 42Q3VZWNBX
    Level 43QMRZWFJX
    Level 44QQNZVYRX
    Level 45Q5HXVYQW
    Level 46QYDXWJFX
    Level 47QCZXVXLQ
    Level 48RFVXVXLQ
    Level 49RJRXV5PR
    Level 50RNMWV5NP
    Level 51RR3WV5NP
    Level 52RV2WVX3N
    Level 53RZ1WVX3N
    Level 54SDWXWR44
    Level 55SGSWWNTP
    Level 56SKPXWJXP
    Level 57S4KWWFCQ
    Level 58SSGWWYKR
    Level 59SWCWXGCS
    Level 60S1W5XYRP
    Level 61TD5WXVJ4
    Level 62THQWYHXP
    Level 63TLMWYPPP
    Level 64TP3WYHXP
    Level 65TT2WYPRR
    Level 66TX1WYPSS
    Level 67TBWWZ2CS
    Level 6852SWZX3R
    Level 69534WYWKR
    Level 705MKWY1GR
    Level 715QGWZQQS
    Level 725SCWZ315
    Level 735Y1YZ3CW
    Level 745CWYZB3V
    Level 75VFSY1YKV
    Level 76VJ4YBCBR
    Level 77VNKYBVGP
    Level 78VR2WBVGP
    Level 79VVGCCHXT
    Level 80VZCCYWLS
    Level 81WDYDYLXT
    Level 82WG5CYLXT
    Level 83WKQCYLXT
    Level 84W4MCYLXT
    Level 85WSHBXSQS
    Level 86WWDBXSRT
    Level 87W1ZBXKZT
    Level 88XDVBXKZT
    Level 89XHVFX4VT
    Level 90XLRFX4VT
    Level 91XPLDXC35
    Level 92XTFBXC35
    Level 93XXCCWRVV
    Level 94XBYCVBL5
    Level 95Y25CV5TV
    Level 96Y3QCV5S5
    Level 97YMMCVMZT
    Level 98YQ3CVMZT
    Level 99Y52CVQVT

    Contributed By: WhizKid_.

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