• Passwords for all the levels

    These codes have to be entered in the Password section (third option on the menu screen). Everything has to be entered in hiragana, so if you don't speak Japanese, look up a hiragana chart so you can enter the passwords.

    Level 1-1ha-e-se-he
    Level 1-2i-he-fu-shi
    Level 1-3a-ni-no-na
    Level 1-4o-hi-ne-a
    Level 1-5o-ta-te-so
    Level 10-1tsu-na-ho-e
    Level 10-2ho-ka-no-ki
    Level 10-3ho-su-ke-ka
    Level 10-4ki-se-no-o
    Level 10-5ne-u-fu-ta
    Level 2-1!-so-e-ni
    Level 2-2ha-su-u-ki
    Level 2-3o-to-to-ku
    Level 2-4na-ke-a-ha
    Level 2-5ke-ki-fu-te
    Level 3-1ku-a-?-u
    Level 3-2?-u-ta-chi
    Level 3-3ke-ta-ni-ho
    Level 3-4!-e-o-?
    Level 3-5ko-te-ni-ku
    Level 4-1no-ki-se-fu
    Level 4-2a-e-na-fu
    Level 4-3i-ki-ho-?
    Level 4-4a-i-o-ni
    Level 4-5se-?-sa-ku
    Level 5-1ho-ka-hi-te
    Level 5-2chi-so-ku-ta
    Level 5-3shi-se-shi-so
    Level 5-4!-so-ke-na
    Level 5-5?-ni-sa-e
    Level 6-1shi-he-u-te
    Level 6-2shi-no-shi-ta
    Level 6-3su-to-ku-e
    Level 6-4ka-te-u-so
    Level 6-5to-ta-se-ka
    Level 7-1?-?-e-hi
    Level 7-2nu-se-ki-na
    Level 7-3ta-he-u-tsu
    Level 7-4ke-ke-ke-shi
    Level 7-5ke-o-to-ta
    Level 8-1ho-ho-ki-ki
    Level 8-2!-na-shi-ta
    Level 8-3ko-ki-na-i
    Level 8-4ka-ku-he-se
    Level 8-5a-u-ki-ha
    Level 9-1tsu-hi-he-ki
    Level 9-2ne-sa-chi-sa
    Level 9-3ne-ku-!-ni
    Level 9-4a-he-ku-so
    Level 9-5ko-su-nu-nu

    Contributed By: Krisipoke.

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