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Dragon Ball Z 1: Gokou Hishouden
Faq version 1.0
By Casey Anderson (Ken-Ohki00)

  I. Updates
  II. Game Info
  III. Introduction
  IV. Starting Your Game
  V. Explanation of the Battle System
     A. The Main Menu
     B. [Physical Attacks]
     C. [Movement]
     D. [Power Up]
     E. [Energy Attacks]
     F. [Done]
     G. The Battle
     H. Defending Yourself
     I. The End
  VI. Story Mode
     A. The Beginning
     B. 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai
     C. Kami's Training
     D. Raditzu
     E. Kaiousamma's Training
     F. The Saiyai-jin Attack
  VII. Tournament
  VIII. 2 Player Fight
  IX. Kaiousamma's Training
  X. Credits


I. Updates

8-6-00:  Started this faq.
8-8-00: Finished this faq.


II. Game Info

Release Date: 1994 (Japan)
Publisher: Bandai
Platform: Game Boy
Features: Super Game Boy Supported, 2-Player Support 

III. Introduction

     Hello!  This is my faq for the first Dragonball Z game for the
Game Boy.  While reading this, you should keep in mind that I know 
almost no Japanese, though I do have a basic understanding. It will 
help you if have a basic understanding of Japanese too.  I can 
recognize, read, and translate the, characters' names in English, but 
that's all.  All the terms I use to describe the options are ones I 
made up, but I think they'll do.
     Anyway, this document serves as a full walkthrough for the game 
and also provides explanations for the battle systems and for the 
moves.  So,...I guess that's all I have to say.


IV. Starting Your Game

     After booting up your Game Boy you will be greeted with a title 
screen asking you press start.  Doing so you will take you to another 
screen with four options.  From top to bottom, here's what each option 
takes you to:

     [Story Mode]
     [2 Player Fight]
     [Kaiousamma's Training]

     Story Mode takes you through, well, part of the story of the 
Dragonball saga.  Tournament mode takes you into the action of a 
Tenkaichi Budokai.  Two-player mode pits your trained Gokou against a 
player your friend picks.  Kaiousamma's Training lets you practice the 
four mini-games that you get to play in the story mode.  Select one 
then go to the appropriate section of my faq.


V. The Battle System

     I guess this is a good as place as any to put the explanation of 
the battle system.


Directional Pad-move cursor
Select-no use
Start-no use

     Now for on-screen information.  There will be a picture of you and 
a picture of your opponent on the screen.  There will also be a HP (Hit 
Points) meter, a KI meter, a SP (Speed) meter, and a BE (Battle 
Experience) meter for both you and your opponent.  The HP meter shows 
how much health you have.  The KI meter shows you how much ki you have 
to attack with.  The SP meter determines when you get to attack.  The 
BE meter shows you how strong you are.

     When your SP meter is full, the other player's picture and 
information is taken away and replaced with a "map" telling where you 
are (center) relative to your opponent (somewhere not in the center).
You will also notice a number of dark circles.  The number of circles 
you have determines how many attacks you can perform.  After selecting 
a move, a dragonball is put in one circle.  You start out with three 
empty circles.


    A. The Main Menu

     There will be five Kanji symbols in the box at the bottom of the 
screen.  Each leads to another menu with moves or attacks (except for 
[Done], guess what it does).  I have listed all the moves and what 
category they are in below.  If there is a * beside the move you DON'T 
start out with it.  Here are the options for the main menu (Everything 
I put in [] is a selectable option):

[Physical Attacks][Movement][Power Up][Senzu*][Energy Attacks][Done]


    B. [Physical Attacks]

     Let's start out with [Physical Attacks].  Once you select this, 
you are taken to another screen with two options:


Select one of those and you will be taken to another screen where you 
choose which punch or kick you want to use.  At the beginning, you only 
have one option, [p1] or [k1], but later you will learn [p2*], [p3*], 
[k2*], and [k3*].


   C. [Movement]

     Now for [Movement].  This option moves you around the battlefield.  
After selecting this there will be five more options:

[+1][+2][-1][-2][In front of your opponent]

The first two, [+1] and [+2], moves you one or two spaces closer to 
your opponent respectively.  [-1] and [-2] move you one or two spaces 
away from your opponent respectively.  The last option put you directly 
in front of your opponent (I think...).


    D. [Power Up]

     The third option is [Power Up].  This restores a portion of you ki 


    E. [Energy Attacks]

     [Energy Attacks] takes you to the more powerful attacks of the 
game.  Here are the options it takes you to:

[Ki Attacks][Taiyou-Ken][One-Pattern][Kaiou-ken*][Special Attacks]

     [Ki Attacks] gives you the option of choosing, well ki attacks.  
You start out with two, but you learn more later on.  Here are the two 
you start out with:

[Regular Blast][Kamehameha][Chou-Kamehameha*][Genki Dama*]

     [Taiyou-Ken], or "Sun Flare," blinds your enemies and makes it 
easier to land a blow.

     [One-Pattern] lets you use the one pattern technique.  You can 
only use the [2x] at first, but later you can use [3x*] and [4x*].

     [Kaiou-Ken*] is, well, you know what it is.  You can only go up to 
[x4], though.  You should know that the more that you use the [Kaiou-
Ken], the less Ki energy you will be able to gather after you use the 
attack.  Only use this when you really need to.

     [Special Attacks] are special moves that aren't [Ki Attacks], but 
are a little more that simple punches and kicks.



    F. [Done]

     The last option on the first menu is [Done].  If you don't want to 
attack or use all your turn, select this.


    G. The Battle

     After you use up all your dragonballs, you can watch what happens 
at the top of the screen.  It's not too hard to figure out what's going 
on.  Anyway, once your turn is over, the opponent's speed meter will 
fill and it will be his turn.  That brings me to the next subject...


    H. Defending Yourself

     When it is your opponent's turn, he most likely will attack.  When 
he does you are given the option to defend your self.  Three Kanji 
symbols will appear:

[Block][Dodge][Don't Even Try]

     Selecting [Block] will take you two a mini-game.  There will be a 
long meter at the bottom of the screen and a 10-second timer.  The 
object of the game is to press the A button when the little arrow above 
the meter is over the darkest markers on the center of the meter.  The 
closer to the center of the marker, the less damage you take.  If the 
timer runs out the marker will stop moving and you will get hit and 
take full damage.  The speed of the arrow is determined by the strength 
of the enemy, the strength of the attack, and the distance between you 
and your enemy.

     Selecting [Dodge] takes you to a "simon says" type of mini-game.  
You will see a dragonball with a "Z" in the middle.  Arrows pointing 
up, down, left, and right will appear.  Quickly press the corresponding 
direction on the directional pad.  How fast you must press it is 
determined by the strength of the enemy, the strength of the attack, 
and the distance between you and your enemy.

     Press [Don't Even Try] if you want to beat up badly.


    I. The End

     O.K., you will either win or lose (duh...).  If you lose, you 
return to the title screen.  If you win, your stats will increase and 
you will go on to the next section of the game.


V. Story Mode

     After selecting the first option, Story Mode, you have three 
options to choose from.  Actually, the first two aren't options, 
they're save files.  The third option you can change by selecting it 
then pressing the A button.  The default option (which is written in 
Katakana) makes the game save automatically.  Choose the second option 
(which is written in Hiragana) if you don't want to save your game.  In 
either case, choose which file you want use, it doesn't matter.  I have 
no idea what the next screen of options does, but I think it may be 
difficulty selection.  Now for some action...


  A. The Beginning
     Contrary to what you might think, this game does no take place at 
the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.  The game opens at Kami's lookout a 
little before the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai.  After Gokou and Kami chat a 
bit, Gokou fights himself, well not himself, but rather a clone of 
himself.  I think his name is Kopi-Gokou.  Anyway prepare for your 
first battle.

     Kopi-Gokou's stats and moves are the same as yours, except you're 
a little faster.  I don't really have a full-proof strategy, but here 
are some basic hints for the battle, in fact for all battles.

     *Make sure you have enough ki to complete the attack you want to 
     *You're strongest attacks are easily dodged by you opponent.  To 
improve you odds of landing a blow you can use [Taiyou-Ken], move [In 
front of your opponent], and [Kaiou-ken] (I think the [One-Pattern] 
might help too).
     *Using the [-2] [Movement] at the end of your turn will help by 
either wasting one turn of the enemy's by forcing him to move closer to 
you or, if he doesn't move closer, his attacks will be less effective.
     *I your Ki is nearly completely empty, spend four or five 
dragonballs on [Power Up].  On your next turn unload with some weaker 
attacks that don't cost more that 5 Ki.  Keep doing this until you Ki 
is as high as you like.

     Um...that's all I can think of now.  If you have any strategies 
send them to me.

     So anyway, after the fight you go to Karin's Tower where he gives 
you a [].  Then Gokou goes off to the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai.  


  B. 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai

     When you arrive you are given two option, [Talk] or [Stats] where 
you can look at your stats.  Look at your stats if you want to then 
choose [Talk].  You can talk to two different people; it doesn't matter 
which option you choose.  Then you will go back to the [Talk]/[Stats] 
screen.  Select [Talk], then you will be able to talk to (from top to 
bottom) [Bulma], [Kamesennin], or someone I don't know (can anyone tell 
me).  I think it might be Lunch... Anyway, it doesn't matter which one 
you choose.  After a while of dialog, Kuririn shows up.  He starts to 
freak out cuz' he can't believe it's really Gokou.  Then come [Yamcha] 
and [Tenshinhan].  Keep pressing [Talk] when that menu comes up and 
talk to different characters if you get stuck.  Eventually, Piccolo 
will show up.  Then there will be more talking.  After awhile Chi-chi 
will show up and get really mad at Gokou because he doesn't recognize 
her.  Then the announcer will appear and you will have eight numbered 
options to choose from.  It doesn't matter which one you choose.  For 
your first fight, you will be pitted against either Chi-Chi, Tao-pie 
pie, Kuririn, Yamcha, or Dr. Gero (I think...).  For your next fight 
you have to fight against Tenshinhan, and for the third you have to 
fight Piccolo.  So here's your strategy for surviving the 23 rd 
Tenkaichi Budokai.

     The first of the three battles shouldn't be too hard. The only 
thing that is different from the first battle is that there is an extra 
option on the main menu.  In-between [Power Up] and [Energy Attacks] is 
[Senzu Bean].  That's right, you have a HP restoring [Senzu Bean]!  You 
should save it for the last fight, though.  Anyway, after that battle 
you will fight with Tenshinhan.

      This fight, you will be able to select up to four turns instead 
of three.  You also might gain some new moves sometime during this 
battle.  The only thing you really need to worry about is when he uses 
Kikouhou.  Don't worry about it too much though as he doesn't always 
use it.  If he does end up using it you may have to use the [Senzu 
Bean] if hits you with it.  He also is able to counter your attacks, 
but I've only seen him do this when he has almost no HP left.

     After the battle you will see some scenes with Piccolo and the 
Denshi Jar.  Some talking between all the fighters commence.  Then you 
will fight him.  After getting him below 500 HP, Piccolo says some 
things and then powers up and becomes huge.  He calls himself "Big Ma" 
(Big Demon).  The fight continues.  When he is around 400 HP some more 
events will occur.  Gokou launches a Kamehameha and flies down 
Piccolo's throat.  He comes out with the Denshi Jar and Tenshinhan sets 
Kami free.  You fight the rest of the battle uninterrupted.  After it 
is over you see Gokou lying on the ground almost dead.  Yajirobe shows 
up and gives Gokou a Senzu bean.  Some talking and animations follow.  
Gokou finally recognizes Chi-chi when he has a flashback to years 
earlier.  They fly off together.  The next scene happens when they are 
married and living together.  


  C. Kami's Training

     Like I said, this section opens at Gokou and Chi-chi's house.  
Gokou says something and Chi-chi look's really mad.  Apparently she 
doesn't want Gokou to train at Kami's Lookout.  As dangerous as it is 
to defy the wishes of Chi-chi, Gokou goes to train anyway.  When he 
arrives Gokou and Kami talk a bit, and then you will be able to select 
some mini-games from a menu.  Here are your options:

[HP Booster]
[KI Booster]
[SP Booster]

     You can only train three times, so decide which stats you want to 
boost.  Keep in mind that all training exercises boost you BP.  Here's 
how to train:

     [HP Booster] is the only one you won't be familiar with.  There is 
a bar at the bottom of the screen, half shaded, half not.  An arrow 
will slowly move to the shaded end of the bar.  Press A as fast as you 
can to keep it at the non-shaded end.  If you do this you move on to 
the next level.  Simple, eh?  There are a total of seven levels.

     The [KI Booster] is the easiest of the three, in my opinion.  
Basically it's the same thing as the [Block] mini-game.  Stop the arrow 
in the middle of the bar.  There also are a total of seven stages.

     Lastly, the [SP Booster] is just like the [Dodge] mini-games.  
Press the control pad button that corresponds with the arrow.  Once 
again, there are seven stages.


  D. Raditzu

     Finally, we're in Dragonball Z!  The scenes play through just like 
the first few episodes of the series, so let's just skip to the fight.

     If you didn't use the [Senzu Bean] in the Piccolo fight, you'll 
notice that you still have it.  You also will notice that you have five 
dragonballs now.  Nothing too bad to worry about.  Raditzu can 
counterattack, but not often enough to be a big threat.  If you can't 
seem to hit him, try powering up to your max Ki, then use a [Taiyou-
Ken], [Power Up], a [3x*] [One-Pattern], and finish with a [Kamehameha] 
or a [Chou-Kamehameha*].  You can also use a [Taiyou-Ken] and then some 
weaker moves such as [p2], [k2], or [Head-Butt].  Anyway, once he has 
about 800 HP, Piccolo joins in the fight, but he won't be able to lay a 
finger on Raditzu.  A little later, Gokou and Piccolo stop fighting and 
talk a bit.  Piccolo says he will charge up his special move if Gokou 
can keep him busy.  A little later, Piccolo launches his Makkanosappo, 
but it will miss (what a surprise!).  The fight will continue until you 
get Raditzu's HP below 100.  Gohan will attack Raditzu, and then Gokou 
will hold Raditzu down.  Piccolo launches his Makkanosappo and the 
fight is over.

     Before Raditzu dies, Piccolo tells him of the dragonballs.  Vegita 
and Nappa hear this through Raditzu's scouter.  Bulma and Kuririn show 
up and talk a little bit.  Then Gokou dies and you can see how his 
stats increased.


 E. Kaiousamma's Training

     You are treaded to a scene of Nappa and Vegita talking then 
heading to Earth.  Meanwhile Gokou is about to start on his journey to 
Kaiousamma.  That's right, you have to travel along Snake Way.

     Well, it shouldn't take you as long to get there as it did Gokou, 
but you should still hurry.  Why?  Because the quicker it takes you to 
get there the more the training time you have!  You may want to 
practice this before you try it for real, so go to [Kaiousamma's 
Training] from the main menu after you turn you Game Boy on and see 
section IX for details.

-Snake Way-

Directional Pad-Move Gokou
Hold right and B, then press A-Fly (release A to stop flying)

  -Running into a wall with B pressed causes you to fall backwards.
  -Falling off snake way causes you to stop for several seconds.

     Anyway, you will see two meters at the bottom of the screen.  The 
first is a "Fuel" meter.  It empties very quickly, so only Fly if you 
really need to.  The second tells you how far along you are on Snake 
Way.  There also is a timer.  If you get to Kaiosamma's before the 
timer get to 200, and then you can have three training exercises.  If 
you get there between 200 and 250 seconds, then you can undergo two 
training exercises.  Arrive over 250 seconds and you'll only have time 
for one exercise.

     Once you arrive Kaiousamma tells you how many exercises you have 
time for.  Then, you get to choose from this list:

[Genki Dama]-Boosts Ki
[Catch Bubbles]-Boosts Speed
[Kaiou-ken]-learn Kaiou-ken up to x4.

     If you only get to choose one, choose [Kaiou-ken] as it will prove 
to be the most useful for your final three fights.  Next, would be the 
[Genki Dama] exercise.  I recommend practicing for these like you did 
for Snake Way.  You may get one shot at these so you better be able to 
ace all of them, especially [Kaiou-ken].  You should practice this 
until you can get to [Kaiou-ken] x4 easily.

-[Genki Dama]-

Control Pad-Move Cursor

      Hit the 10 blocks with 10 Genki Damas.  You have 10 seconds to 
hit each block.  That's all there is to it.

-[Catch Bubbles]

Press A and B alternately to walk

     You have 60 seconds to catch Bubbles 5 times.  Simple huh?


Press A and B when prompted

     This is the only mini-game that's hard to explain.  OK, here it 
goes.  It opens with Gokou trying to learn Kaiou-ken.  He has 60 
seconds.  There is a meter with a ball in the middle.  Commands on the 
ball will alternate between A and B.  Keep pressing A and B and the 
meter will start to fill.  When the meter is full, a timer in the lower 
left-hand corner of the screen will count down from 10 to 0.  When it 
get to 0, you will have reached Kaiou-ken x1.  Little waves of energy 
come out from the sides of the meter to the ball in the center.  When a 
wave of energy reaches the center you press either A or B.  Waves 
coming from the right side of the meter to the center will tell you to 
press A.  Waves coming from the other side tell you to press B.  Press 
them at the right time 10 times, and you will move on to Kaiou-ken x2.  
The waves are much faster now, but you can still see them.  Press A or 
B at the right time 10 times and you will moves up to Kaiou-ken x3.  
You can hardly see the waves now, so it's all guesswork from here.  
Once you get to Kaiou-ken x4, the game will stop.  All this will make 
much more sense when you practice this.  Try to get to Kaiou-ken x4 
when you do it for real or else you won't have Kaiou-ken x4 for the 
hardest battle of the game.

     After you finish training, Kaiousamma will talk of the Saiya-jin a 
bit, then Gokou goes back to Earth.


F. The Saiyai-jin Attack

     Gokou will meet up with Kami and then Karin, who gives you a 
[Senzu Bean](You'll have two if you still have the one from the 3rd 
Tenkaichi Budokai!).  When you arrive at the battlefield you see 
Piccolo sacrifice himself for Gohan.  Some talking goes on, then you 

     First up is one of the Sabamen.  You shouldn't need to use your 
[Senzu Bean] until the Vegita fight.  Unless you caught all five 
Bubbles at Kaiousamma's, the Sabamen will be faster than you, but that 
shouldn't be too much of a problem.  The only thing you should be 
careful about is one of his attacks (don't know what it's called...) 
where some kind of liquid shoots out of his head.  Try to dodge it 
because it can really hurt you.  Just keep using [Taiyou-Ken] to blind 
him and/or a [One-Pattern] then pummel him with whatever you like.  You 
won't need to test out the [Kaiou-Ken].  If you do decide to use it 
though, remember that you won't be able to gather as much ki energy 
when you [Power Up].

     The Nappa battle won't be as easy as the last.  His normal attacks 
can cause 100+ HP of damage while his ki attacks can cause between 200 
and 500 HP.  You'll notice that you have six dragonballs now.  I find 
that the best way to take this guy down is to hit him with your weakest 
attacks.  [p1], [k1], and [Regular Blast] work best, but you can 
sometimes get a [Throw] in too.  If you get low on HP, try to use your 
highest x [Kaiou-ken] you have and unload the weak attacks.  Hopefully 
you can take him down before he kills you, because you really need to 
save that [Senzu Bean] you have.  Anyway, you shouldn't have too much 
of a problem if you follow my advice.  Now for the hard one...

     Vegita is the last and hardest opponent in the game.  You'll have 
all seven dragonballs, but so does Vegita.  Vegita also has 9999 HP!  
This is going to be a long fight, but now, even your weakest attacks 
cause around 150-200 HP of damage.  Vegita's attacks, however, cause 
between 250-600 each turn.  You should still have that [Senzu Bean], if 
now it will be near impossible to beat him.  Use it when your health is 
around 2500-1500.

     Anyway, there are two ways to do this.  The first and longest is 
to just use [p1] and [k1].  They are the only moves you can hit him 
with most of the time.  Don't be afraid to speed up the process a 
little when he's around 4000 HP by using [Kaiou-Ken].  The second 
requires you to have a max KI of around 160.  The very first turn of 
the battle you must use [Taiyou-Ken] twice, then [Genki-Dama].  If you 
don't know how to use this, here's a simple explanation: Select [Genki-
Dama] twice.  Why?  The first time you use [Genki-Dama] in battle makes 
you gather energy.  The second time you use it you fire the [Genki-
Dama].  Use you last three turns to power up.  The next time you 
attack, power up three or four times then use [p1] or [k1] the last 
three or four turns.  The next time you attack, go back to what you did 
the first turn: power up if you need to, [Taiyou-Ken] twice, [Genki-
Dama] twice, then power up.  Granted, it won't hit Vegita every time, 
but because it's so powerful it doesn't matter.  Even if Vegita blocks 
it, it causes about 700 HP damage.  If it does hit Vegita, it will 
cause between 1300-2000 damage!

     Keep fighting Vegita until you've got most of his health down, I 
think somewhere between 3500-2500.  During this time Vegita will see 
he's outclassed and decides to turn Ohazaru.  His attacks will be much, 
much stronger now so don't be afraid to use that [Senzu Bean] now if 
you haven't.  Keep using the same strategies as before.  Be careful 
because he attacks now cause between 300-700 HP damage.  Also, any 
speed advantage you had on Vegita will now be gone.  On the bright side 
of things he's so big that it's hard for him to dodge any of your more 
powerful [Physical Attacks].  Keep fighting until he's down to below 
500 HP.  When this happens you've won!  Yajirobe will pop out of 
nowhere and cut off Vegita's tail, then, well you know what happens...


VII. Tournament

     This is basically a Tenkaichi Budokai without the plot line.  Not 
much explaining to do.  You can use the Gokou that you built up from 
the Story Mode.  The strongest enemies that you've faced in the Story 
Mode are entered in the Tournament.  The stronger you are the stronger 
your enemies will be.  Also, if you had a [Senzu Bean], you'll have one 
here too.


VIII. 2 Player Fight

     You (Gokou) fight against a friend who plays one of many different 
characters.  After you select this from the main menu you are taken to 
another menu.  I don't know what this one does, just pick a job.  Then 
you are taken to a menu with your save files.  Choose the one you beat 
the [Story Mode] with to get these characters (in the same order):


     I know what you're thinking, Codes or Passwards??  That's right, 
select the last option and you're taken to some sort of code or 
passward screen.  It's pretty useless considering I don't know any 
codes for it...Oh well.. .Here's the list of characters if you use the 
file that has no data on it:


     In a week or two I'll make a moves list for all these characters, 


IX. Kaiousamma's Training

     This option lets you play the four mini-games I discussed in    
VI. Story Mode E. Kaiousamma's Training.  After selecting this it takes 
you to a menu that I don't what's for, so just choose an option.  
You're taken to a menu where you choose from four options:

[Genki Dama]
[Catch Bubbles]
[Snake Way]

     See VI. Story Mode E. Kaiousamma's Training to learn how to play 


X. Credits

     I've written this faq all myself so far, but if you have something 
to contribute or if you found a mistake I'll put your name here.  Just 
e-mail me at kenohki00@hotmail.com.  E-mail me if you have any questions 
too.  If you want to put this faq on another site besides 
www.gamefaqs.com, feel free to do so, but put it up in its entirety and 
make sure to credit me.  Any reproduction of any portion of this faq 
without contribution to me is forbidden.  It is also forbidden to use 
this faq for money making purposes.

Copyright 2000 Casey J. Anderson