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Dragon Ball Z 2: Gekitouden
FAQ by the Nesshelper
Version 0.2

Table of Contents
1. My introduction
2. History of the FAQ
3. The basics
4. Walkthrough
5. Other stuff

1. My introduction

Hello, I'm Nesshelper, the author of Battle of the New Super Smash Brothers at
http://www.best.com/~donh/BOTNSSB/. I'm doing an FAQ on Dragon Ball Z 2: 
because, first off, it's one of my favorite Game Boy games. Secondly, it's 
the Game
Boy game that's been requested for an FAQ the most. And third, I want to 
increase my
popularity a little, which I use BOTNSSB for.

2. History of the FAQ

Version 0.2 - I'm up to the end of day 1, most of the basics, except menus 
(which I
would need help on), done.

3. The basics

Okay, DBZ2 can be hard or easy to learn, so you might want to listen.

Outside battle:

Controls for walking:
Up on the D-Pad: Makes your fighter talk to a person or frog, or enter a 
cave or open
Left on the D-Pad: Moves your fighter left.
Right on the D-Pad: Moves your fighter right.
A: Makes your fighter jump. Press this in midair to start flying.
B: Hold to dash.
Start and Select: Press either of these to go to the subscreen.

Down on the D-Pad doesn't do anything while walking.

If you fall into a pit, you'll automatically jump and fly.

Controls for flying:
D-Pad: Moves your fighter in the direction you're pressing the D-Pad in.
A: Makes your fighter fall to whatever is below him.
Start and Select: Press either of these to go to the subscreen.

B does not do anything while your fighter is flying.

If your fighter touches an enemy, he'll have to fight him, and you can't 
run away.

Battle mode:

Commands in order from left to right, top to bottom:
Punch: A fist attack. You have to be close to the enemy and facing him for 
the attack
to have any effect. If you use enough of this command and enough power in 
each of
these, your BE will increase.
Kick: A punt attack. Same as punch, except more powerful.
Dash: If you get close enough to an enemy, and face him, you will do some 
damage to
him. This can also be used to run for a second in the direction you're facing.
Powerup: Use this to fill your energy meter. The more energy you have to give
yourself, the longer you have to stand and be unable to evade or block any 
Knock away: Face your opponent, then use this to knock your opponent to the 
edge of
the battlefield.
Control Shot, fast version: Face your opponent, then use this to fire a Ki 
blast you
can control, and move it toward your opponent. If you use enough of this 
command and
enough power in each of these, your EE will increase.
Control Shot, slow version: Same thing as the fast version, except slower.
Straight Shot: Get in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line with your 
face him, and then use this to fire a Ki blast more powerful than either 
version of
the Control Shot. If you use enough of this command and enough power in 
each of these, your EE will increase. Kuririn doesn't have this.
Sun Flare: Face your opponent, then use this to reverse your opponent's 
control. Only
Kuririn and Goku have this.
Random: You get a random command.

Commands Control (hey, that's alliteration):
Control Pad: Changes your command.
A: Confirms your command.
B: Cancels the previous command. Doesn't work if your fighter's command 
meter is full.

Start doesn't do anything. Neither does Select.

Battlefield screen:
Top meter on the left side: Your fighter's energy meter. Don't let this 
empty or
you'll be unable to do anything until this becomes no longer completely 
empty. This
slowly fills up during battle if it's at least partially empty.
Bottom meter on the left side: The more energy in this meter when your 
fighter uses
his attack, the more effective it will be, as long as your opponent doesn't 
block it.
HP amount on the left side: Shows how many HPs your fighter has left. If it 
reaches 0,
your fighter dies, and your game is over, and you lose.
Command square on the left side: Shows what your next command is.
BP amount on the left side: Shows your fighter's Power Level. At higher 
PL's, your
fighter's attacks are more effective.
Top meter on the right side: Your opponent's energy meter. Try to let this 
empty so
that they can't block or evade your fighter's attacks until he has any 
energy in this.
This slowly fills up during battle if it's at least partially empty.
Bottom meter on the right side: The more energy in this meter when your 
opponent uses
his attack, the more effective it will be, as long as your fighter doesn't 
block it.
HP amount on the right side: Shows how many HPs your opponent has left. If 
it reaches
0, your opponent dies, and victory is yours.
Command square on the right: Always a question mark on it. I don't know why 
it's in
the game, but why may be more obvious than it seems.
BP amount on the right side: Shows your opponent's PL. At higher PL's, your 
attacks are more effective.

Battle Tactics:
Tactic 1: Select a dash attack, and make the rest Punches or kicks. Then 
wait until the other guy has launched a bunch of Ki attacks, and has run 
out of energy. Rush them, punch the crud out of them, then get out of there 
before YOU run out of energy.
Tactic 2: Go all out in straight Ki blasts. Dodge around until they are low 
in energy, then start throwing them like a madman. They'll be able to block 
a couple, but once their energy runs out, they'll take a lot of damage.
Tactic 3: Go varied. Dash + Kicks, then back up and use a few ki blasts to 
keep them at bay while you recharge. Use heat-seeking blasts while dodging. 
Whatever works for you.

Controls for the Battlefield:
Control Pad: Moves your fighter in the direction you press it, and also 
changes the direction your fighter faces.
A: Makes your fighter use his command.
B: Makes your fighter block any incoming attacks. He can do it only as long 
as his
bottom meter has any energy.
Select: Switches from Manual to Auto control, and Visa-versa.

Start does nothing, so you can't pause during battle.

Tournament mode:
Okay, this is for knowing how to battle in the Tournament. What you do is 
between whomever you want to battle as out of Gohan, Vegeta, and Kuririn. 
You can
battle as Goku and Piccolo, too, but you have to wait to play as either of 
them. After
either snagging Vegeta's hidden Dragon Ball as Gohan, defeating Zarbon the 
2nd time
you battle him, or leaving the cave permanently and making your fighters' 
new hideout
a canyon is when you are able to play as Goku in tournament mode, but I'm 
not sure
which one. I don't know when you can play as Piccolo, since I've never 
played as him
in either mode, but I'm extremely close to sure playing as him is possible 
in this
game. Please note that the fighter you choose is as strong as he is in the 
game you
select. Anyway, after selecting whomever you want to fight as, you can 
either have the
computer choose the 7 people competing with you by selecting the top choice 
of the 3rd
question, or have yourself choose by choosing the bottom choice of the 3rd 
You can't battle bosses unless you have defeated them in the game you 
selected. Kuwi
is an exception to this rule, though. After you or the computer happens to 
be done
choosing your competetors, you will battle one of them. If you win the 
battle, the
game will ask you if you want to watch the next battle, then after the 
battle ends,
the game will ask you again if you want to watch the next battle, then 
after the
battle ends, the game will ask you yet again if you want to watch the next 
then after the battle ends, you will battle whomever won the 2nd battle. If 
you win,
the game will ask you yet again if you want to watch the next battle, then 
after the
battle ends, you will battle whomever won the last battle. Win, and you're 
the king of
the 7 battles. You can use this mode to learn the basics of DBZ2: 
fighting more easily, or for personal enjoyment of the tournament battles.

4. Walkthrough

The beginning of the journey:

You start the game with the Namekian ship landing on Namek. Soon 
afterwards, Bulma,
Gohan, and Kuririn who come out of the ship become happy, probably because 
they found
that 3 DB's are together, until they see a space pod crash landing on 
Namek. Inside is
Vegeta. What do you do, you ask? Well, if you get in an unlikely event that 
gets within 4 yards of you and he knows that you're within 4 yards away 
from him, try
to negotiate, as you'll see why within a few minutes. Of course, that's not 
going to
happen anytime soon, and you probably will forget that you should by the 
time that
happens. Forget what I just said already, because it's just silly stuff, 
just like
calling Goku, Gohan, Kuririn, Vegeta, and Piccolo rebels. Anyway, at a 
Namek village,
you'll see a Namek, probably dead, since he's lying on the ground and 
there's a bad
guy nearby, another bad guy who comes out of a building with a Dragon Ball, 
and then 3
other bad guys, and the fat tub of lard is Dodoria, the guy with long hair 
is Zarbon,
and the guy on the floating chair is Freeza. It looks like Freeza is 
collecting DB's
too, and in fact already has 4 DB's. Too bad he is evil and his wish is 
because that tells you that you have to get one of the remaining 3 DB's 
and hold it long enough to get the other 6 and make your own wish so that 
no evil gets
immortality and rules the universe for eternity. Anyway, you soon see a 
space pod.
Inside is Kuwi. After he leaves the screen, you'll be asked to save the 
game. Do so to
avoid having to go through all this again. Soon afterwards, 2 bad guys will 
arrive at
the ship, and the guy with PL 840 fires a Ki blast at the ship, destroying 
it. Gohan
and Kuririn attack the twosome. You battle as Gohan, and your opponent is 
the guy who
blew up the ship, who has 840 HPs. Remember what I taught you about the DBZ2:
Gekitouden-style fighting and you shouldn't have serious problems. When you 
win, you
get 122 experience points, and Goku's PL increases by 290. Next is the 
other guy,
whose PL is 980 and amount of HPs is 980, as Kuririn, who is currently 
better than
Gohan. Win, and you get 155 experience points, and Goku's PL increases by 
368. Shortly
after the battle, Kuririn, Gohan, and Bulma decide to find a hideout, then 
the screen
switches to Vegeta, who is encountered by Kuwi. Shortly afterwards, you 
enter a battle
that's on auto mode. You think Vegeta gets blown to bits? Wrong! He 
obviously blocks
all of the attacks thrown at him except the last one which he evades. You 
then go into
a battle with him. Kuwi's PL is 19080, and his amount of HPs is 3740. If 
you win
(which shouldn't be a problem if you know all the basics), you get 380 
points, and Goku's PL increases by 902, then you'll soon switch to Kuririn 
and Gohan.
Talk to the Namekian frog, and he'll save your game. Now, you can recover, 
but after 5
small recoveries, you can't recover anymore. What I would do is go right 
and avoid
touching anybody in the area, and you'll reach a cave which is a great idea 
for a
hideout. When you enter it, you'll see Freeza and men fly over the cave, 
and your
fighters will notice that he is really powerful, and he has 4 DB's already 
and stops
where a 5th one is. It doesn't look like you have a chance, but look on the 
side; Goku's coming to Namek, giving you a chance if you stay alive without 
him for 6
days, which can be easy if you take advantage of your hideout, which you 
can use to
recover for free and also save your game, making it a perfect place to stay 
near while
building up your fighters' levels.

Dodoriaville or Alive Namek town?

Well, build up Kuririn's BE, EE, and the number next to the plus symbol 
until you have
to give up building up one thing to build up another, then do the same with 
Gohan. Oh,
and after each fight, if all three things increase, go back to your hideout 
and save
your game. If you can't get all three things to increase at once in 40 
tries, reset
the game and try to increase BE and the number next to the plus symbol. 
Keep trying
until you have managed to get both to increase at once, then go back to 
your hideout
and save your game. The guys I reccomend you fight are the clones of the 
guy Kuririn
fought at the beginning of the game. Once Gohan has reached level 10, save 
your game
at the hideout, then go to where the path splits, without touching any 
enemies. If you
select the bottom choice and continue on, don't try to touch any enemies, 
then when
you get to the where the path splits again. Your choice should be the 
bottom one, then
you'll soon come to the village Freeza has managed to get to earlier. 
You'll watch
Dodoria kill the old namek in the front and the elder destroy Dodoria's 
scouter and
another 2 of Freeza's goons and then Dodoria kill the kid in front. Soon, 
the elder
gets the DB and gives it to Freeza, and then Dodoria kills off the elder. 
Just as
Dodoria is about to kill a young kid named Dende, Gohan appears and bashes 
then Kuririn also appears and attacks Dodoria, then your fighters take off 
with Dende,
and then Dodoria will chase them, and you'll start a mini-game where you'll 
have to
dodge Dodoria and his fireballs. To win, make Dodoria's will meter empty. 
If you hit a
fireball, Dodoria's will meter will become full, and if you touch Dodoria, 
you have to
battle him. If you make Dodoria's amount of HPs go below 5500, he'll 
retreat. Now, if
you made the middle choice, and then made the bottom choice where the path 
splits off,
you would be in a village. Talk to everybody twice, the 2nd time after 
talking to
everybody, then leave the villlage. Along the way back, you'll see Dodoria 
Dende. While you see this, Kuririn appears right above Dodoria and knocks 
him down,
and then he and Gohan grab Dende, and then Dodoria will chase all 3 of 
them, then
you'll play the mini-game. Anyway, after winning the mini-game or making 
Dodoria run
away, he'll fly to Freeza, but along the way, he'll run into problems, 
particularly in
the form of Vegeta. You'll then battle Dodoria with Vegeta. You should know 
Dodoria's PL is 21500, and he has 9600 HPs. If you followed my suggestions, 
should be stronger than Dodoria, and if you still follow my suggestions, 
you shouldn't
have any serious problems. After the battle, day 1 ends, you get 650 
points, Goku's PL increases by 1544, and you'll go back to Gohan, Kuririn, 
and Dende,
who have managed to reach the hideout safely, and then find that Bulma has 
built a
house in it.

5. Other stuff

~Me, the Nesshelper, because I did most of this
~Vegita, Guardian of Destiny (VegitaBOD@aol.com) for the tactics

Legal stuff:
This FAQ should be available at the following places:

You may not plagerise off of this FAQ. However, you may paraphrase off of 
it, and if
you copy anything in this FAQ, give me credit. You may not use this FAQ to 
make money,

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