• Sound Test

    At the main menu where it shows 1Player, 2Players, and Password, either select 1Player or Password. Press and hold the A button, then follow it with pressing and holding the Select button. If done correctly, you should be at the Sound Test.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.


  • Level Passwords

    Level 002ITOH MIWA
    Level 003SAWA ITOH
    Level 004GOTA GOTO
    Level 005DON. DOKO
    Level 006PUZZ NIC.
    Level 007YUPO NTAN
    Level 008ZUN. DOKO
    Level 009ZUN. TATA
    Level 010TAKA MINE
    Level 011NISI YAMA
    Level 012DARI US..
    Level 013FLIP PULL
    Level 014NAOM I.N.
    Level 015YUYA NISI
    Level 016MOGU MOGU
    Level 017TOMO YO.H
    Level 018TAKA SUZU
    Level 019AKIT OSHI
    Level 020HORI MOTO
    Level 021BABU CHAN
    Level 022DOKU GASU
    Level 023SUGA PEE.
    Level 024INEM URI.
    Level 025SEXY ITOH
    Level 026SERA HOSI
    Level 027MUKA SHI.
    Level 028ARU. TOKO
    Level 029RONI OJII
    Level 030SANT O.OB
    Level 031AASA NGA.
    Level 032SUND EIMA
    Level 033SITA MARU
    Level 034NINT ENDO
    Level 035GAME BOY.
    Level 036CHAS E.HQ
    Level 037BAKA TONO
    Level 038KODO MONI
    Level 039MAKE RUNA
    Level 040HATT ORI.
    Level 041MEIJ IN..
    Level 042DONT MAID
    Level 043UCHI MURA
    Level 044NOGU NOGU
    Level 045TENT SUKI
    Level 046PCNO .SCI
    Level 047KYOM O...
    Level 048ICHI NICH
    Level 049IGAN BARO
    Level 050PASS WORD
    Level 051MINA SAMA
    Level 052NO.O KAGE
    Level 053DE.N ANTO
    Level 054KASH IAGA
    Level 055RIMA SITA
    Level 056THAN KYOU
    Level 057MAID OOKA
    Level 058IAGE ITAD
    Level 059AKIM ASHI
    Level 060TEAR IGAT
    Level 061OUGO ZAIM
    Level 062ASU. KONG
    Level 063OMOH IKIT
    Level 064ATEN OHOD
    Level 065O.YO ROSH
    Level 066IKOU NEGA
    Level 067IMOU SHIA
    Level 068GEMA SU..
    Level 069YONJ UUME
    Level 070NNO. SAIK
    Level 071OUTO KITE
    Level 072NWA. NANT
    Level 073ENDE SHOU
    Level 074HAGA KIWO
    Level 075OKUT TEKU
    Level 076DASA I.CH
    Level 077USEN DEJU
    Level 078UMEI SAMA
    Level 079NI.T AITO
    Level 080TOKU SEIN
    Level 081O.PR ESEN
    Level 082TWO. SASH
    Level 083IAGE MASU
    Level 084NAO. HAPP
    Level 085YOWA WASS
    Level 086OUWO MOTT
    Level 087EKAE SASE
    Level 088TEIT ADAK
    Level 089IMAS U.DO
    Level 090SHID OSHI
    Level 091OTAY ORI.
    Level 092KUDA SAI
    Level 093MOUS UKOS
    Level 094HIDE OWAR
    Level 095IDAK ARA.
    Level 096GANB ATTE
    Level 097CHOD AINE
    Level 098INVA DER.
    Level 099YORO SIKU
    Level 100MOMI AGE.
    Level 101FUTO MOMO
    Level 102MIMI TABU
    Level 103HARA HORO
    Level 104HIRE HARE
    Level 105SUKI YAKI
    Level 106FUJI YAMA
    Level 107TENP URA.
    Level 108HARA KIRI
    Level 109DOMO DOMO
    Level 110SABU KITA
    Level 111JIMA JOJI
    Level 112YAMA MOTO
    Level 113JITA TATA
    Level 114JUNY A.N.
    Level 115MOHI KAN.
    Level 116SAYO CHAN
    Level 117HARA KIRI
    Level 118FAMI COM.
    Level 119SAMU RAI.
    Level 120OGEI CHAN
    Level 121KOGA YUJI
    Level 122HARU KUNN
    Level 123NAO. SAN.
    Level 124TERI YAKI
    Level 125SHOU TARO
    Level 126KATU KATU
    Level 127KORE NITE
    Level 128SAIS HUU.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM and KeyBlade999.

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