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                    Alien vs. Predator: The Last of His Clan
                                   Game Boy
                    Developer: ASK   Publisher: Activision
                              By: GammaBetaAlpha

                               Table of Contents

                        Basics                      [HELP]
                        Walkthrough                 [WALK]
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                        Contact Info                [CONT]
                        Credits                     [CRED]


        Alien vs. Predator: The Last of His Clan is a fairly simple game. This
Basics section outlines the items used and three concepts to keep in mind during
the game.


A - Jump
B - Attack (Cannot attack while in a jump), Use Item
Select - Open and Close Item Menu
Start - Pause and Unpause
Up - Slight Camera Movement
Down - Crouch, Pick Up Items, Slight Camera Movement
Left, Right - Move Around

Wrist Blade
        Your standard weapon, the wrist blade lets the Predator punch right in
front of him.

Cutting Disk
        A weapon that can only be picked up in certain levels, the Cutting Disk
is thrown like a shuriken. If it does not hit a wall, it will also return back
to the Predator after a short period of time. If it does hit a wall, it is gone
for good.

Laser Cannon
        Ammo/energy is picked up at certain spots throughout the game. The Laser
Cannon sends out a small burst of energy that homes in on a nearby enemy,
tracking it down and hitting it.

        Can only be picked up from certain spots in levels. Bombs are used to
blow up brick walls and floors, and can also be used to do a bomb jump for extra

Invisibility Suit
        Powered by the Energy Tanks that are found in a few locations, the
Invisibility Suit temporarily makes the Predator invincible (though not
necessarily invisible), and bleeds through energy fairly quickly.

Bomb Jumping
        On a few mandatory occasions throughout the game, as well as an optional
tactic against the final boss, bomb jumping involves using bombs to increase the
height of your jump. Plant a bomb wherever it is you need to jump, then jump
slightly before the bomb explodes. The power behind the explosion will thrust
the Predator up high into the air.

Invisible Corridors

Spawning Aliens


Level One
        Move right from the start, and hop onto the platform. Press down when
standing above the item with the arrow pointing at it to get some Cutting Disks
(shurikens). Once you get off the platform, take out the alien parasite that is
spit out from the pod using your fists or destroying the pod before hand by
crouching and throwing the Cutting Disk.

        Continue on through the narrow corridor. Wait for the Alien to move to
the right a bit before jumping up, then throw a Cutting Disk (wait a few seconds
for it to return right back to you). Continue on until you get to another pod,
and kill the alien or destroy the pod first.

        Proceed rightwards again, and you may encounter a few more Aliens. Take
them out through punches or repeat usage of the Cutting Disk, then drop down the
hole in the floor at the end. Go right and grab the E-Tank (restores your
Energy, which is what will keep the map on the top bar active, and also powers
the Invisibility Suit), then turn around and start walking left. When making
your trip, you should occassionally see some snakes slithering around - ignore
these, and just keep on walking.

        Once you get to the hole in the floor near the left end of the map,
ignore it, and instead jump over it. Climb up the ladder at the far wall, walk
right, and pick the item up here. Drop down the ladder, then drop down the next
hole to the bottom floor. Start off going right again, taking out any of the
aliens and snakes you may encounter. Near the end, you will encounter a black
block - just walk right into it to make it disappear. Move some more rightwards,
until you finally finish off the Level.

Level Two
        Move right and drop down the hole at the start. Continue walking right,
crouching underneath the brief small space, then start up again, taking out a
snake, and jumping over the ladder in the middle of the long hallway. Grab an
item in a small chamber, then move back left and climb the ladder down a floor.
Start walking left, and go down a floor again at the first opportunity.

        Make your ways leftward again, taking out another alien parasite/pod. Go
down the next ladder, and head right, picking up some laser blasts for your
Laser Cannon. Go through another narrow corridor, and make sure not to get hit
by the liquid leaking from the ceiling. Walk until you hit the end of this
hallway, drop down a floor, then walk left down another long hallway until you
hit a dead end, with a block floor underneath the Predator.

        Open the menu screen (Select button) and select the Bombs, then lay one
down on the floor to destroy it. Down below, grab the Energy tank to your left.
Start going right, avoiding a dripping ceiling and snakes, and climb the ladder
up at the end. Ignore the black block you see at the end, then start climbing up
and down all the ladders until you get up to the fourth floor, where you should
see a key icon on a ledge. To get onto the ledge, drop a bomb underneath
yourself to power the Predator upwards, then grab the Key. Go back to the lower
right corner and go through the block into Level Three.

Level Three
        Start off by going right and down the first ladder, watching out for the
snake, then go left and down another ladder to end up two floors below the
upper-left corner. Press your way to the right, drop down again, then go left
and drop down once more, so you are only one floor up above the bottom floor.
Head right, grab the item, then go back up a total of one ladder. Run right to
the end and go down another hole, then left and finally down to the ground

        Here, walk left into a cubby in the lower left corner, taking out an
alien parasite and the pod, before claiming an Energy tank. Walk back out, then
head right, ignoring the second ladder you see. Walk past the door-wall to get
an item, then walk back and take the first ladder up (not the one you came down
earlier). Get off to the right, take out a snake, and go up the next ladder. On
the third floor, go left and up the ladder at the end.

        Proceed right and take a ladder up onto the fifth floor, and eliminate
the alien parasite and the pod. Crawl through the narrow passageway, then drop
down onto the fourth floor once you get out. Go right through the black box,
then jump over the pit. Take out your bombs and lay one at the base of the brick
wall here to blow it up, then continue on, blowing some more sections of wall
up. Drop down the first ladder you see to the third floor, then continue right
down to the second floor. Bomb open another section of wall, then head off to
the lower right corner to  wrap up Level Three.

Level Four
        Go right, and drop down to the fifth floor. Take out a snake, then walk
left, crouching through a narrow hallway on the way, and drop down another
floor. Walk right, this time ignoring the first drop and ladder you see, and
instead remain on the fourth floor, crawling through another narrow and lengthy
strip of corridor. Climb up the first ladder you see after getting out of the
narrow area, and get off onto the left side.

        You should be on the fifth floor right now, so head left, and walk
through the wall until you come out into the western room. Grab an item sitting
on the ground, then go back through the wall, and to the right side of the
ladder. Continue walking until you finally hit a wall at the end with a ladder
right up against it. Climb the ladder up to the sixth floor, then go left and
pick the item up. Head back to the ladder and drop down to the fourth floor,
killing a snake in the process.

        Go left a short ways until you spot a brick section in the floor, and
lay a bomb down to destroy it. Once you succeed, head on left. Ignore the
ladder, and instead make a series of jumps across the platforms - if you
encounter Aliens, either wait for them to jump to you, or use the Cutting Disk.
At the end, grab an Energy tank, then drop down two stories to the bottom floor.
Go left until you hit the wall. Press the Down button to CROUCH, then press up
against the wall to find another hidden passage. Grab the Key in the corner
chamber, then make your way back out right.

        Back out in the main bottom floor hallway, head right, climb a ladder up
to the second floor, then head right again and climb the next ladder up to the
third floor. Continue on right and through the black wall, and climb the ladder
up to the fourth floor. Take out a snake before going up to the fifth floor. Go
up one last ladder to the sixth floor, then head out the upper right corner onto
the next level.

Level Five
        Immediately take out an alien parasite and the pod housing it, then go
down the ladder. Head right, skipping the hole down, and instead go through the
narrow corridor again. Grab the Cutting Disk off the floor, then return back
through the short space, and drop down to the lower level. Head left through yet
another small section, grab the item in the chamber at the end, then return back
to where the ladder is.

        From here, proceed right, down a floor, right again, and down another
floor. There should be a brick wall to your left - set a bomb down at the base
of the wall to destroy it. Move through the hallway, take out an alien
parasite/pod, and grab the item. Go all the way back to where the ladder is,
then walk right. Go down the ladder, then head down another long passageway.
Take a snake out before climbing up the ladder.

        From the second floor, go right and climb up a second ladder, and then a
third ladder up until you hit the fourth floor. Jump off to the left, and plant
a bomb at the base of the wall to shatter it. Walk along until you hit the end.
Jump into the air while pressing against the left wall to find the hidden
passageway, then grab the key. Exit out into the large chamber, then walk right.

        Do NOT go down any floors - instead, jump past the ladder until you hit
a high ledge. Bring out your bombs, and let one explode to thrust the Predator
up onto the high floor. Scale the ladder, open the door, and jump across the gap
to end the level.

Level Six
        Crawl through the narrow corridor at the beginning, then go down the
ladder. Take out the snake before continuing on, then proceed until you spot the
Cutting Disk on the floor. Grab the weapon, and continue on going right, taking
out whatever enemies may be in your path on the way. Near the end, you will
encounter an alien parasite and pod and a snake, so watch out for them. Jump
over and climb up the ladder once you finally hit the end of the long hallway.
Get off the ladder and go left for an item in a small cubby.

        Exit the niche in the wall, then climb up the last ladder to the top.
Walk left until you get the key. Walk a bit more, and you will drop down an
invisible hole in the floor. Head to the left end of the long hallway, taking
out a snake at the end, and climb down the ladder at the wall. Go right, and
jump into the top space. Crawl through a short narrow strip for an item, then go
back out and down the ladder to the lower space.

        Eliminate a snake, then drop down the ladder and head left. From the
lower left corner, go right and open the black door up, then use several bombs
to blow your way through the large fortifaction of brick wall. Continue going
right, blowing through more brick walls, then crawl through another long, narrow
space before blowing up some more walls. Take one last snake out before finally
making your way out of the level.

Level Seven
        Head right and pick an item up. Continue on right, taking some alien
parasites and pods out while dodging liquids leaking down from above, until you
hit the end. Equip your bombs and blow the floor up to drop down into a space
where you will finally face off against the Alien Queen.

        The Alien Queen has two parts to fighting her. During the first segment,
she will swing out her grey claw at the predator at body length. You need to hit
the claw 17 times in order to destroy it, and you can only cause damage to her
when her claw is actually out. My best suggestion is to use the Invisibility
Suit to render yourself invulnerable and hit her until you run out of energy. If
you still have not destroyed her claw by then, get back and use the Cutting Disk
on her once for an extra hit, then duck and weave out of her reaches out and hit
her after she finishes attacking. Note that there is no actual visual indication
that you will have hit her, so just keep on attacking.

        Once her arm is gone, you need to hit her body. Like before, there will
be no visual indication (though there is a light sound of a punch), so keep
attacking. The Alien Queen herself takes 41 hits to kill.

        There are two methods to attacking the Alien Queen: the first is to use
a bomb on the floor and blow it up, giving you a little bit of extra space. In
this small hole in the floor, go right and hit the Alien Queen a couple of
times, then quickly move left and dodge out of the Alien Queen's fire/acid spit
attack. Move back in right afterwards and attack again. Repeat this difficult
process many, many times until you finally finish her off.

        The other method is to use a bomb jump from the blocks onto the top of
the Alien Queen's head (as evidenced in the fourth of ShaolinYautja's Youtube
videos posted in the Credits section). From here, you are invincible, and can
just hammer away at her head until she dies.


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                                 Contact Info

        Although I believe I have found everything there is to find in this
game, there is occasionally the possibility of some super secret level in an
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you have anything that you feel needs to be includes, feel free to email me at
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        Credits go to ShaolinYautja's channel on YouTube and his run-through of
Alien vs. Predator: The Last of His Clan, particularly helpful in finding the
hidden passageways, as well as the alternative strategy for defeating the Alien


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