• Level Passwords

    Expert Level 1VLT1
    Level 02VGL1
    Level 03KLL1
    Level 04KGL1
    Level 05WLL1
    Level 06WGL1
    Level 07JLL1
    Level 08JGL1
    Level 09XLL1
    Level 10XGT1
    Level 10XGL1
    Level 1005Z5W
    Level 100KGLJ
    Level 100KZ5J
    Level 11HLL1
    Level 11HLT1
    Level 12HGL1
    Level 12HGT1
    Level 13ZLT1
    Level 13ZLL1
    Level 14ZGT1
    Level 14ZGL1
    Level 15GLT1
    Level 15GLL1
    Level 16GGL1
    Level 16GGT1
    Level 171LL1
    Level 17ILT1
    Level 181GL1
    Level 18IGT1
    Level 19FLL1
    Level 19FLT1
    Level 2VGT1
    Level 20FGL1
    Level 20FGT1
    Level 213LT1
    Level 213LL1
    Level 223GT1
    Level 223GL1
    Level 24DLT1
    Level 24DGL1
    Level 25DGT1
    Level 254LL1
    Level 264LT1
    Level 264GL1
    Level 274G51
    Level 27CLB1
    Level 28CGB1
    Level 28CL51
    Level 29CG51
    Level 295LB1
    Level 3KLT1
    Level 305GB1
    Level 305L51
    Level 315G51
    Level 31BLB1
    Level 32BL51
    Level 32BGB1
    Level 33VLBF
    Level 33BG51
    Level 34VGBF
    Level 34VL5F
    Level 35KLBF
    Level 35VG51
    Level 36KL5F
    Level 36KGBF
    Level 36 (Alternate Music)KZ5K
    Level 37KG5F
    Level 37WLBF
    Level 38WL5F
    Level 38WGBF
    Level 39JLBF
    Level 39WG5F
    Level 4KGT1
    Level 40JL5F
    Level 40JGBF
    Level 41XLBF
    Level 41JG5F
    Level 42XL5F
    Level 42XGBF
    Level 43XG5F
    Level 43HLBF
    Level 44HL5F
    Level 44HGBF
    Level 45HG5F
    Level 45ZLBF
    Level 46ZGBF
    Level 46ZL5F
    Level 47ZG5F
    Level 47GLBF
    Level 48GL5F
    Level 48GGBF
    Level 49GG5F
    Level 491LBF
    Level 5WLT1
    Level 501GBF
    Level 501L5F
    Level 511G5F
    Level 51FTBF
    Level 52FZBF
    Level 52FT5F
    Level 533TBF
    Level 53FZ5F
    Level 543ZBF
    Level 543T5F
    Level 55DTBF
    Level 553Z5F
    Level 57DT5F
    Level 574TBF
    Level 6WGT1
    Level 625ZBF
    Level 62DZ5F
    Level 634T5F
    Level 63BTBF
    Level 644Z5F
    Level 64BZBF
    Level 65VTB3
    Level 65CT5F
    Level 66VZB3
    Level 66CZ5F
    Level 675T5F
    Level 67KTB3
    Level 685Z5F
    Level 68KZB3
    Level 69BT5F
    Level 69WTB3
    Level 7JLT1
    Level 70WZB3
    Level 70BZ5F
    Level 71JTB3
    Level 71VT53
    Level 72VZ53
    Level 72JZB3
    Level 73KT53
    Level 73XTB3
    Level 74XZB3
    Level 74KZ53
    Level 75WT53
    Level 75HTB3
    Level 76HZBW
    Level 76WZ53
    Level 77ZTBW
    Level 77JT53
    Level 78JZ53
    Level 78ZZBW
    Level 79GTBW
    Level 79XT53
    Level 8JGT1
    Level 807Z53
    Level 80GZBW
    Level 811TBW
    Level 81HT53
    Level 821ZBW
    Level 82HZ5W
    Level 83ZT5W
    Level 83FTBW
    Level 84ZZ5W
    Level 84FZBW
    Level 85GT5W
    Level 853TBW
    Level 86GZ5W
    Level 863ZBW
    Level 871T5W
    Level 87DTBW
    Level 88DZBW
    Level 881Z5W
    Level 89BTBW
    Level 89FT5W
    Level 9XLT1
    Level 90FZ5W
    Level 904ZBW
    Level 91CTBW
    Level 913T5W
    Level 92CZBW
    Level 923Z5W
    Level 935TBW
    Level 93DT5W
    Level 94DZ5W
    Level 945ZBW
    Level 954T5W
    Level 95BTBW
    Level 964Z5W
    Level 96BZBW
    Level 97VTBJ
    Level 97CT5W
    Level 98CZ5W
    Level 98VZBJ
    Level 99KTBJ
    Level 995T5W
    Normal Level 01VLL1


  • Unlock The Endings

    The game has 3 endings, depending on the following:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bad EndingBeat the last boss without getting the 3 secret items (Cup, Jewel and Crown)
    Good Ending 1Beat the last boss in normal mode after collecting the three secret items
    Good Ending 2Beat the last boss in expert mode after collecting the three secret items

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

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