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Castlevania II FAQ/Walkthrough
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=====Version History=====

Version 1.5-8/30/01-Major changes to format. Also fixed some typos.

Version 1.0-8/21/01-Finished and submitted first draft

This FAQ is copyright me (Sir Gareth/ Josh Burr) 2001. You may not sell
it or in any way use it to gain a profit. Use of this FAQ is free and it
will remain that way. 

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====Table of Contents====
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I. Game Basics/Controls
  A. Controls
  B. Weapons
II. Level Walkthroughs
  A. Plant Castle
  B. Cloud Castle
  C. Crystal Castle
  D. Rock Castle
  E. Dracula's Castle
III. Contact Info
IV. Credits


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=I. Game Basics/Controls=
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===A. Controls===
The controls for Castlevania II are simple and easy.

A button-Select stage; jump.

B button-Attack with whip/ball & chain.


Up/Down-Climb up/down ropes, etc. Down to crouch.

Up+B-Use axe/holy water

Down+A-Go down ropes faster.

===B. Weapons===
There are not many weapons, but they suffice:

Whip-This is the weapon you start with. Press B to whip it. 

Ball and Chain-Longer, more powerful version of the whip. B to use.

Upgraded Ball and Chain-Same as Ball and Chain, but a ball of energy is
shot when you whip it.

Axe-Special Weapon. Throws Axe in a high arc. 

Holy Water-Flames on the ground for a few seconds when used. Can light
dark rooms.


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===II. Level Walkthroughs==
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There is no particular order to do the levels in, so I will just do them
in the order you see them.

=====A. Crystal Castle=====
First, whip the candles you see to get a ball and chain and some hearts.
Then continue left and either dodge the bird or kill it. you have to be
careful when you go across the square blocks-they will crack and break,
so be quick. Climb the rope up and get another whip upgrade, then go
destroy the big guy. Three hits should do it. In the next room, stay on
top and forget the moving platforms below. Watch out for demons that pop
out of the ground. You will be able to see them coming, so be ready. Go
up the next rope to meet the most annoying enemy in the game. This thing
will spit balls at you. If you touch the balls, you will lose your whip
upgrades, then your energy. Destroy the thing as quickly as you can. At
the top of this room there is a secret 1-up. whip above the door to get
it. Use Down+A to get past the next few screens. Watch the eyeballs as
you go up to the next room. Here, you can go either up or down. It
doesn't matter. 

If you go down: First fight a jumping thing by getting under it and
hitting it when it lands. Then kill another ball thing and go left. Go up
and destroy two jellyfish. It takes three hits for each. In the next
room, go left, not up. Up takes you back to the original crossroads.

If you go up: Destroy the bats and get the axe, then go up. Use the axe
to kill the ball spitter, then go left. Try not to get hit by the bats,
as you will fall off if you do. Take the rope down, then kill two more
jellyfish and continue down.

Go through the next door after you destroy the spitter. Go past the ice
blocks and moving platform to get to the boss.

===Crystal Castle Boss: Weatherman===
Difficulty: 6

This boss is kinda easy. Whip him when he is about to appear-he is only
vulnerable when he is flashing. Run away from the cloud overhead, it will
fire a beam at you with a small shockwave. You can jump out of the way if
the shockwave gets too close for comfort. Just keep hitting and dodging,
and this boss's in the bag.

=====B. Cloud Castle=====
The first room is easy-just whip the candles, kill the birds, and
continue through to the next room. Kill the big guy, then go up. Be very
quick and very careful on the moving ropes, especially the three
together. If you don't move fast enough, you'll fall and die. Go past
another four rprs together, then go up again. Kill the spitter, then go
through the door and down again. You can get the whip upgrade on the next
screen if you want, but it's very hard. Kill one more bat and go to the
next room. On the next few screens, you must time your jumps exactly
right or else you'll die. It helps if you have a fuly upgraded whip to
deal with the spitter on the moving platform. Kill a jumper guy, then
move on to the hardest part of the level-the ropes. 

On this part, you have to negotiate a room full of moving ropes. Be
especially careful on the last four ropes. Kill one more spitter that
hange from the ceiling, then go through the door. Then it's just a few
more moving platforms, and it's on to the boss.

===Cloud Castle Boss: Skulls===
Difficulty: 7
This boss is hard if you don't know what you're doing. First go up top
and hit the higher skull. Then when the bones fly off, crouch in the
lower left corner to dodge. Then hit the lower skull. Repeat the process
until he's dead. Another tactic is to just stay on the bottom and always
hit the lower one. 

=====C. Plant Castle=====
Watch out for the frogs in the beginning. Go through the door. It doesn't
matter whether you go on the top or bottom in the next room. Go down,
then left. I suggest you go on the bottom here. It's hard to go on the
top, as the eyeballs make holes in the walkway when you destroy them. In
the big room with the ropes, carefully dodge the skeletons, then destroy
them. The big bats will split into two small bats when you hit them, so
watch out. Get the axe here if you can, it will help later. Try to stay
on the bottom n the next few screens, to kill the spitters easier. When
you get to the room with the spiders, kill them whem they are as low as
possible-you will need all the "rope" you can get. If you can't reach the
far ones, remember that you can still climb the "rope" if the spider is
still on it. Dodge some eyeballs on the next couple screens, and you're
at the boss. 

===Plant Castle Boss: The two Knights===
Difficulty: 5
This boss is only vulnerable in its head(s). Remember I told you to get
the axe? When you are down, use the axe to hit either head. When it fires
at you, whip the shots to make them disappear. It's that easy. 


=====D. Rock Castle=====
In the beginning, use the Holy Water to destroy the ooze people, because
if you just whip them, they will come back. Go through the door, get some
items, then go down the rope. Continue down into the next room. Okay, I
lied. The spitters aren't the most annoying enemies. The frogs are. You
will be able to see them before they jump out of the holes. Hit them
before they come out or position yourself to hit them when they do. Once
you're finished with them, go up. In the next room, Jump on the spikes as
they come out to get to the top. Then you get more frogs(yay). Continue
right then down, past more spikes. Go down past even more spikes, then
back up and through the door. In this next room, don't whip all the
candles. If there are no candles, it gets dark and you can't see
anything. If you have the Holy Water, you can light up the room for a few
seconds with it. Go down. then back left through another room like the
one you just went through. The next screen requires exact timing and a
lot of luck. First, crouch under the spikes on the left side. When they
go up, jump over the platform, then crouch on the other side-you won't
have enough time to get all the way across. The next one is optional.
Continue down past some spitters, and one of thse jumper thingies. Drop
down off the rope to get to the boss.

===Rock Castle Boss: Big guy===
Difficulty: 8
The first stage of this boss is easy-just whip him and get back when he
swings his sword. The second stage, however, is what gives this boss a
difficulty of 8. Dodge his jumping as much as you can, and whip him when
possible. Duck when he shoots low. I really don't know what else to say. 

After you finish all 4 castles, Dracula's castle will rise up out of the
water(big suprise). A small map will  give you a (very) rough idea of the
castle. Then you will start.


=====Dracula's Castle-Stage 1=====

When you begin, go right and kill some birds. Guess what? I lied again.
The frogs aren't the most annoying. The reapers are. To kill them(What?
Kill them? Aren't they already dead?), hit it 4 times with your upgraded
whip, or 8 times with your regular whip. What maks this enemy annoying is
its boomerang scythe. Duck(or jump, if he's kneeling) when he throws it,
then do the opposite when it comes back. Continue right through the door,
jump over some moving platforms, and go up. You will go over some moving
spike platforms on the next few screens, but they shouldn't be a problem.
When you get to the two big bats, use the axe if you have it- they'll
split into two if you whip them. When you go back down again, be careful
of the rope skeletons-they are fast and can hurt you more than you think.
When you have to choose to go up or down, go down. If you go up, you will
face an endless series of loops(don't ask me how or why this is, just go
down). Go through another door and past some clay guys to get to the
hardest boss yet. 

===Drac's Castle Stage 1 Boss: Big Dragon===
Difficulty: 9
This dragon, which bears an uncanny resemblance to Volvagia from Zelda
64, will go up and down, in and out of its holes. The Drsgon is only
vulnerable in its head. During this battle, it is imperative that you
stay on the right side of the screen. You don't want to get caught
between the Dragon and the left side of the screen. Keep hitting it, and
you'll win.


=====Dracula's Castle- Stage 2=====
The beginng of this stage is simple-stuff like this should be a breeze at
this point. You will most likely run into some trouble when you encounter
the two spitters on moving platforms. Also watch out for some falling
spikes. Everything else in this level is rather easy. When you get
through a door and the music changes, get ready to face the next
boss-your son.

===Drac's Castle Stage 2 Boss: Trevor Balmont===
Difficulty: 9.5
There is not much to say except KEEP MOVING! If you stop, even for a
second, you will die. Just keep whipping, and use the axe or holy water
if you have them. 

After you beat Trevor, he will tell you about Dracula coming back by
using the spirits of the 4 castle bosses. 


=====Path to Dracula=====
This isn't really a level, but I just stuck it in anyway. Get all the
candles and go down to meet Dracula. 
===Final Boss: Dracula===
Difficulty: 10

Dracula has only 1 attack, but it's a doosie. About 10 balls will spin
around him, thenfly out in all directions. It is possible to dodge it
though. If he is on the lower left or right, go way left or right on the
opposite side and crouch next to the wall. If he appears high center,
crouch on the right edge of the lower center platform. When you're not
running or dodging, whip Dracula in his head, preferably when he first
appears, then run for cover. Keep at it. You'll beat him. Eventually.

That's it! You've done it! Now sit back, relax your thumbs, and enjoy the
ending sequence and credits. 


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=III. Contact Information==
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If you have any questions, comments, or if you find a typo or any mistake
in this or any of my FAQs, please E-mail me at:

Thank you.


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========IV. Credits========
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Me-For writing this FAQ.

Konami-They made the game.

You-You read this FAQ(if you didn't, read it anyway, or I will have to
delete this line).