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(C) 2004 Davie Glaskox
E-Mail: davieglaskox07@yahoo.com

Table of Contents
1. Intro/Story
2. Version History
3. Controls
4. Modes
5. Walkthrough
6. Level Passwords
7. Frequently Asked Questions
8. Legal Stuff
9. Credits

1. Intro/Story

You might be wondering why I made an FAQ for such an old game.  Well, it's 
mainly because I wanted to, and the fact that GameFAQs doesn't have one.  This 
game is pretty old.  Made in 1996 for the Game Boy Pocket, this game has held 
my interest longer than any other Game Boy game.  Old, but always challenging.  
Well, enough chit-chat, on to the guide!!

Story: This is the tale of a knight who slew a dragon and vanquished evil...

The knight's name was Sir Bowen and he was the sworn guardian of King
Freyne's son, Einon.
Years ago, the young prince was mortally wounded whilst trying to save
the life of the King during a battle with rebel villagers.
In order to save him, his mother, Queen Aislinn took the dying boy to a
dragon named Draco.
The dragon gave the prince half his own heart and made him well again.
From that day, Einon became bewitched with evil.
Sir Bowen vowed to hunt and kill all dragons until he found the one that
turned the young prince evil.
Only then could he rest...
2. Version History

0.25 - (2/2/2004)Got through with Controls, Modes, and the Walkthroughs 
       for levels 1-2.

0.50 - (2/8/2004) Finished Walkthrough for level 3.

0.55 - (4/12/2004) Haven't been on computer much, but plan to get the guide 
       done soon.  Finished walkthrough for level 4.

0.60 - (4/15/2004) Finished walkthrough for level 5.

3. Controls

(A) button:  Confirm; Attack*
(B) button:  Cancel; Defend*
D-Pad:  Move (Up is fowards, Down is backwards, Left/Right changes direction)
	Move cursor; Select message (Up/Down)
Start:  Pause the game
Select:  Bring up cursor+

*In battle mode only.
+In Adventure Mode only.
4. Modes

	Adventure Mode
  | dragon that's flying  |
  |                       |
  |                       |
  | tree                  |
  |                       |
  |               (etc.)  | 
  ||||||||||  W | INV |MAP|
   Health Direction Inventory Map   

This is Adventure Mode.  This mode takes up most of the game.  It is in first-
person and is quite good looking for regular Game Boy game.

        Talking Mode
  |    YOU SEE A MAN -----|---- Person you're talking to  
  |                       |
  |"hello Sir Bowen"  :) -|---- Character profile
  |            \          |                       
  |             \-------- |--------- Words spoken by the person you're talking
  |			  |	     to
  |         o "Hello!" ---|----- Words you speak (select a message)
  | :)                    | 
      \------------------------------Your character profile       

This is Talking Mode.  It is used when you talk to other game characters.

	Battle Mode
 |                        |
 |   /--------------------|-- Your Character
 |:)               (: ----|-- Enemy Character 
 |                        | 
 | |||||||| |  ||||||||   | 
      ^            ^
  Your Health    Enemy Health

This is Battle Mode.  This mode is used when you fight other characters and 
5. Walkthrough

Level 1:  Dragon Trouble 

First, find your way to a village (Hexwood Village) and enter the tavern.
Talk to "a strange man" and then talk to "jolly peasants."  Select the message
that says "That's kind of you.  This hot weather brings quite a thrist."  
You'll get Inventory Item:  Drink.  If you're itching to fight, talk to "a 
weary soldier" and then talk to him again.  The fight is easy.  Now talk to "a
strange man" again.  Give him the drink by selecting the corresponding message.
For now, ask about the dragon and leave the tavern.  Visit the blacksmith and 
when the time comes, select the message that says "I'll keep that in mind, 
thanks."  Now leave the village and find "Monk."  Ask for money, and return to
the village.  Go to the blacksmith and sharpen your sword (to do this, first 
select the message "How's the work going?"  then select "I'll give you two
silver pennies if your sharpen it.").  Now for some fun.  Look in the buildings
until Talking Mode says YOU SEE A MAN.  Keep talking to him until he challenges
you to a fight.  Kick his arse and leave the village, but before you do, if you
want to be a good neighbor, find the building where Talking Mode says YOU SEE 
AN OLD WOMAN.  She'll tell you she needs turnip for her soup.  Now go find the
farmer and select the message "Such fine turnips they are too.  May I have 
one?" Now go back to the village and give the old woman her turnip.  Didn't 
that make you feel good?!  Now for some more fun.  Leave the village and find a
"Peasant" and he'll eventually challenge you to battle.  Kick his arse too :) .
Finally go back to the village and talk to "a strange man" in the tavern again.
Choose to say "I'm looking for a way through the forest." and he'll show you 
the way.
Now go through the forest until you come out, and then find an "old man."
When you ask him if he's seen the dragon, he'll tell you that he knows where 
the caves are.  Say "Speak or I'll lose my patience!" and he'll take you to the
dragon's cave.
You should now be in the caves.  Go on your own, it's easy to find the first

***BOSS FIGHT: Dragon #1 (Unnamed) Health Lev. |||| 4/20

You'll automatically go into Battle Mode with the dragon.  This fight 
will be a little bit harder because the dragon can shoot fireballs from a 
distance, and you need to be in close to hit him.  But he only has 4 Hit points
while you should have at least 15 or 16 Hit Points (the bars count as 1 hit).
When you defeat the dragon, congratulations!  You have beaten the first level
of DragonHeart!

Level 2:  Lord Felton 

Go foward from the start and to the house.  A worried woman will ask if you've
seen her husband.  Select any message and turn right, then turn left until you
see a village.  This is Felton's Village.  Anyway, turn right from the village
and in this area, you'll find the woman's husband (Talking Mode will say YOU 
SEE AN ANGRY PEASANT).  After you talk to him, go back to Felton's Village and
enter the town hall.  If you want it, near the mill (the house right before 
the village) is the map.  When you talk to the guard, just select the first 
message and you'll go right in.  Talk to Felton.  He'll tell you about the 
dragon making people not want to work in his mill.  Select the messages that
put Felton down.  It doesn't really matter, but I just like to make him mad.
Now leave the village (the game will leave automatically), and go to where you
found the woman's husband.  "Gilbert" will be near here, and near "Gilbert" 
will be the entrance to the forest.  Too bad, Sir Bowen, it's barricaded.  
Talk to "Gilbert" again, and this time say "Have you seen anyone pass through
that barricade into the forest, friar?" Then select any message.  After the 
talk, go to the mill.  You'll get the axe easily because there is only one 
answer to each thing the guard says.  Now go back to the barricade, and break
it.  You're now in the forest.

First just go strait and turn left, then go until you see a path branch to 
your right.  Go on that path.  Go foward and turn right (your direction should
say West). And there's the dragon!

***BOSS FIGHT: Dragon #2 (Bodega) Health Lev. |||||||||||||||||||| 20/25

This battle is a lot harder than the first Dragon.  Hope your thumbs don't get
tired easily, because this battle is all about defending.  The things that 
differ from the first Dragon is that this one attacks faster, shoots more 
fireballs, and also has more health.  You'll have to defend and attack upwards
by holding "Up" on the D-Pad, and then pressing and holding (B) for defense,
or pressing (A) for attack. For only being the second level, this guy is HARD!
The right time to attack is when Bodega puts his head down, attacks, and then
as soon as he puts his head up, run in, attack, and quickly run out and put 
your shield up. This battle takes longer, but with patience, you'll defeat it.

Level 3:  Long Lost Brothers 

OK from the start, talk to the woman walking around.  Ask where did the dragon
go, then ask if the forest is far.  Now select the last message and turn until
your direction says South.  Go forward and turn right.  Don't worry about the
house for now, instead, talk to the person walking around near it.  Ask if he
can take you to the forest, and then ask "Your father?".  Keep heading in your
current direction and you'll see the map.  Gilbert's near here also.  If you 
haven't noticed, Gilbert is like your guide throughout the game, kind of.  From
where Gilbert is, turn left until you see a house.  Enter it and you'll talk 
to Lord Brok.  You will fight him, but he's easy.  

Now you're in Lord Brok's dougeon.  Go foward, turn right, then left, then 
right, then head straight until a path branches off to the left.  Take the
branch.  Now turn right, and right again.  Another path will branch off to 
your left.  Go in it and talk to the guy roaming around.  He'll give you a 
wooden pony to take to his brother.

You're now in the castle.  Go forward, turn left, then right.  You'll fight a 
soldier.  He's easy.  After the fight, turn right, then left at the branch.
Now turn right, then left. There's the map!  Go back the way you came, except
when you go through the branch, turn left.  Now turn right, then another right
AHHHH!  Too many turns!!  From here on out, just take paths.  When you find 
another soldier, you're on the right path.  Again, the soldier's easy.  After
you fight him you'll be out of the castle.

OK, we're at the beginning of the level.  Go back to Brok's house. But instead
of Brok, we find an old geezer. Select the message that says "I have something
for you."  After you talk to the old guy, go back to the house that I told you 
not to worry with at the beginning of the level.  First select message "I want 
oats!" then, "Please, just a small amount..."  Now go back to the old man's 
house and give him the oatmeal.  After the talk, go back to the "glum peasant"
house.  Select the second message, and then the third message, and finally the
first message.  Go back to the old man now and give him the sugar.  Continue
to chat with him.  Now go find the guy walking near the first house.  He'll
take you to the forest.

Into the forest we go!  First go forward and left, then take a right at the 
branch.  From here, go on your own.  It's easy.

***BOSS FIGHT: Dragon #3 (Unnamed) Health Lev. |||||||||||||||||||| 20/25

This is kinda funny.  This dragon is EXACTLY like Bodega.  Health level, 
strategy for killing it, everything.  So just fight it just like you did Bodega
in level 2.  You should be able to defeat it!

Level 4:  A Revolting Woman

Right from the start, talk to the guy walking around in front of you to learn
just what in the heck is going on here.  He'll tell you your first "misson", 
free the village.  Keep heading east until you see a person walking.  That's
Gilbert!  Turn south and go until you run into the trees, then turn west.  Go
that way, then turn to your left.  Soon, on your left, will be where the map is
and a retarded guy is here too.  Head west from here until you see another guy
(you may have to turn left to see him). If Talking Mode says "YOU SEE A MAN" 
you're on the right track.  After you talk to him, go back the way you came. 
When you get back to near where the map was, turn right and to into that house.
When time comes, select the message "May I borrow the hammer?".  Head back to 
that other man (the one with the stocks on him).  Help him out, you should be 
able to get the stocks, but if you don't just talk to him again, and select the
message "I take it you feel better?" then "I'll take them if you prefer".  Now
go back to where the map was again and turn left (direction:  North).  Find the
way to a village.  There'll be a guy near here, fight him if you wish. Anyway,
go to the village.  Talk to the soldier, select the last message.  After the
soldier says "Quick men, capture the prisoner!" you'll talk to a girl.  Just 
select the first message.  Find your way into the forest.  

Once in the forest turn right, then left, then left again (I'm sure this is 
right, if not, just go until you find Kara).  After you talk to Kara, take the
first branch, then go all the way to the end and turn left.  You should find 
the map.  I'll be doing the rest of this level using the map, so use the map.  
Continue down and turn the only way you can, then turn left at the branch.  
You'll run into Hewe. Continue down the path and there's the dragon!

***BOSS FIGHT: Dragon #4 (Unnamed) Health Lev. |||||||||||||||||||| 20/25

MY GOD!  These guys sure didn't spend a lot of time on the dragon bosses, did 
they?  Use the same tactics for Bodega in level 2, and the dragon in level 3.

Level 5:  Friendly Dragon

Go foward and head right when you can, then head north again.  Straight ahead 
of you is a village.  Enter it.  First, look at the "Town Well", then head over
to the pub.  Play Honest John's game.  If you pick the wrong one, just keep
picking the cups, you'll know you got the right one if Talking Mode says HONEST
JOHN LOOKS MAD.  Select the first message and get the heck out of here.  Go to
the hat shop now.  Buy a small hat  After that, just head to Kara's house.  
You need to bring some water back to the village, so leave and head east.  
There's a guy walking here, talk to him.  First say "First tell me who you 
are." Then ask him why he has a bucket on his head.  Now just go through 
messages until you can say "Give me the bucket and you take this hat" DO NOT 
SELECT THE FIRST MESSAGE HERE!  Now that you have a bucket, head back to the 
village, and go to the well.  When the man fixes the well, he gives you some
water as thanks for your troubles.  Now head to Kara's house.  Select the first
message, then the first again. Talk mode will switch to you talking to Redbeard 
(no relation to the pirate).  

After that, you'll automatically be put into the forest.  If you run into a 
wolf, don't worry, they're easy.  You shouldn't lose to much HP.  Anyway, turn 
left at the first branch.  Then right, and there's your first wolf (Health 
Level:  ||||| 5/25).  Anyway, continue down the path then left.  You have the 
map!  Now turn right.  You'll run into another wolf.  Kill it, then be on your 
way.  Turn right (direction should say North), then left, then right again.  
Now, right again (!!), then left.  Another wolf!! Head foward again, and you'll 
run into an old guard.  Just select the first message on everything.  

Now out of the forest.  Head straight, near you is the map.  Head west, and 
there is Gilbert.  Ask him where he's been, and go through the rest of his 
jabber.  He should take you to the waterfall.  If not, keep on talking to him.  
At the waterfall, select the only option, to enter the fall.  Select the first 
message, then the second, the first, then go through the rest of the talk until
you can select more than one message again.  When you can, select the first 
message.  The finish the talk.  

***BOSS FIGHT: Dragon #5 (Unnamed) [Health Lev. ||||||||||||||||||||||||| 25/25

OH BOY!  Your FIRST HARD DRAGON BATTLE!  Really though the same tactics apply
that you used on the other dragons.  This one has a LOT more health though, so
watch out. 

(ACK! MY Batteries needed to be recharged before I could finish this fight

6. Level Passwords

This section contains the level passwords just incase you want to play a 
certain level.

Level 1 - None

Level 2 - BCDLST

Level 3 - DCLTSB

Level 4 - LCTBSD

Level 5 - CBLSBT

Level 6 - TTSCDC

Level 7 - SDCDTS

Final Level - BVDVSC
7. Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why make an FAQ for such an old game?
A:  Read the intro.

Q:  Is Dragonheart really as challenging as you say it is?
A:  Let me put it this way;  I bought the game when I was 6 years old.  I've
    just beat it, and I'm 15 now.

Q:  You said to use the same tactics on Dragon #4 that you used on Bodega but
    I still got killed!
A:  I said use the same tactic.  The timing is crucial, watch the attacks.
    I've sat there for 5 minutes one time watching the attacks, in between my

Q:  But I haven't got that much time!
A:  Not my problem...

Q:  Are you planning to write any other FAQs?
A:  Probably not, but we'll see how things go.
8. Legal Stuff

This FAQ is protected by copyright and cannot be published/printed/whatever for 
distribution, only your personal and private use.  If you violate this, I could
take you to court and I KNOW you wouldn't want that now would you?

Sites allowed to have my FAQ:


If you want to put my FAQ on your site, e-mail me davieglaskox07@yahoo.com and
I will be sure to reply.  There is a 95% chance of you getting my FAQ on your 
site.  I just want to know where it is going.  Thanks.
9. Credits

Torus Games and Acclaim; for making the best Game Boy Pocket game!

GameFAQs; for hosting my FAQ

Nintendo; for making the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP, which I beat DH on.

Me; I wrote it!

You, the reader; for reading this!