GREAT GREED WALKTHROUGH Version 6.0 1/21/2000
by Mike Mawhinney (

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1. Updates
2. Walkthrough
   A. Beginning
   B. Island of Royal Refuge
   C. Nation of Sushi
   D. Nation of Chow Mein 
   E. Nation of Curry
   F. Nation of Spaghetti
   G. Nation of Escargot
   H. Nation of Soup *INCOMPLETE*
3. Equipment List
   A. Weapon List
   B. Helmet List
   C. Armor List
   D. Shield List
   E. Scroll List
   F. Misc. List
4. Monster List
5. Experience List
6. Shopping List
7. Contact Information
8. Copyright Information

1. Updates
6.0 - 1/21/2000. Completed up to the Nation of Soup!
5.0 - 1/13/2000. Completed up to the Nation of Escargot!
4.0 - 1/11/2000. Completed up to the Nation of Spaghetti!
3.0 - 1/9/2000. Minor format changes. Completed up to the Nation of 
2.0 - 1/8/2000. Added Misc. List and Shopping List. Completed up to the 
                Nation of Chow Mein! Guide now also availible on 
1.0 - 1/7/2000. Walkthrough Release. Completed up to the Nation of 
                Sushi! Yay and lali-ho!

2. Walkthrough
Hello and welcome! I'm Mike, and I'll be your resident Gaming Guru for 
this walkthrough. Together, we'll go deep into how to complete and 
master this fun, environmentally-sound, food-conscious Gameboy RPG. 
Let's start from the very beginning, shall we?

2A. Beginning
The very beginning is, of course, the title screen! You'll want to make 
sure the arrow-shaped cursor is pointing to "NEW GAME", and press the A 
BUTTON. Now we can enter our name. We only get four letters, just like 
in the ancient RPGs of days past. Move the cursor around, noting that 
you can scroll to the right of the screen for more letters. The A BUTTON 
will let you select letters, while the B BUTTON backspaces, so you can 
choose another letter. Bear in mind, the text of this game is entirely 
in capital letters (I know I try to keep my letters close to the game's. 
Some of you out there might do the same!) When you pick your letters, 
move the cursor down to END, and press the A BUTTON. If you pick four 
letters, the game will do this automatically. Now we can sit back and 
watch the opening!

Opening on a duel, a being known as Hunter is trying to stop an old 
woman, Microwave, from learning more about someone named Bio-Haz. 
Microwave flees to the human world, good ol' polluted Mundania. Your 
character and his father are in a forest, checking on how much acid 
rain's there. Your father leaves you alone, just in time for Microwave's 
prone form to be visible, laying on the ground!

Before you galiantly dash to the woman's aid, let's take this chance to 
familiarize ourselves with the Menu! To access it, press the START
BUTTON. We'll see our Level on the left, along with our HP, MP, and 
Experience. Money is located on the lower right, which proves our young 
hero is flat broke. Not even an allowance, Dad? We'll also have a 
listing of commands we can choose from:

ITEM: This is where we view the items in our inventroy. Weapons and
      armor, along with more mundane items, can all be found here.
      Clicking something will bring up another menu:
   USE: USEs the Item you've selected. At the moment, none of our Items
        can be USEd.
   EQP: If the selected Item is a weapon or some sort of armor, we can
        equip it with this command. Right now, all our equipment's
        already equipped, and can't be de-equipped.
   DROP: This lets us get rid of unwanted items. This action is always
         permanent. As it is at the moment, we're too under-equipped to
         toss things in the trash, so let's not do this right now!

SCROLL: This command lets us examine our magical scrolls. Right now,
        this category is empty.

MISC.: This is where we store miscellanious goods? This category is
       currently empty.

STATUS: Clicking this, we can see our basic status. In the upper left,
        our equipped weapon, helmet, armor, and shield can be seen. We
        currently have a Knife, a Hat, and some Cloth armor. On the
        bottom, we can see what scrolls we have equipped, and what
        direction on the CONTROL PAD it's set to. Right now we're a
        magicless Mundane. On the right, we can see our vital stats:
   PWR: This is how strong our character is, and helps in dealing
        damage. It's currently set to 8, because he has a Knife    
   DEF: This is how good our character is at blocking damage. It's
        currently set to 3, because of his Hat and Cloth armor.
   SPD: This stat shows how speedy we are, and wheither we will get to
        attack before a monster. It's also set to 3 now.

PARTY: This command lets us see how much Experience is needed before we
       can advance a Level, increasing our character's statistics.
       Experience is gained from monster-bashing in this game, and the
       more you do, the more effective you are at it. Also, if you have
       a party member travelling with you, the PARTY command will let
       them have a word of advice for you.

Back on the map, Microwave is still laying there. Delaying our help 
again, press the SELECT BUTTON! The simple question "SAVE?" will appear. 
Saving keeps your progress up to that point stored on the game, so you 
can return to it. Go ahead and click YES. You'll be shown three save 
slots, and an AUTO SAVE category. As many people forget to save 
regularly, the AUTO SAVE will periodically save your progress by itself, 
without letting you know. Try not to rely on it, as it usually doesn't 
save as often as you'd like or need. When you're finished here, feel 
free to speak with Microwave.

Very quickly, Hunter will appear, having had plenty of time to follow 
Microwave here. Don't worry, we needed to check our menus anyways! >=) 
After a few attacks from Hunter, Microwave will try warping away, only 
to be interrupted in casting, or something similar. The result is our 
hero and Microwave being catapulted to another realm, which the game 
happily refers to for us as the Island of Royal Refuge.

2B. Island of Royal Refuge
Lookie, there's Microwave again! Talk to her, and say yes to carrying 
her on your back. Take the Yoda-old mage to the East, heading up a bit 
before you move back to the west. You should see lots of trees, 
obviously a forest of some sort. That's your destination!

Inside, it appears to be a secret base of some sort. Try walking through 
the doors, and Microwave will chat with the young woman near the door. 
This is Princess Candy. You'll get to go with her, while Microwave 
leaves to discuss things with the King and Queen. It seems the 
mysterious, evil Bio-Haz gets his power from the Human World, where the 
hero's from. Unfortunately, Microwave can't send us back home without 
her magic book, which is in the enemy-occupied Burger Castle. Wouldn't 
be much of a game if we could go immediately home, would it?

While this is occuring, the hero-to-be's chatting with Candy in her 
room. She formally introduces herself as Princess Candy Greene, of the 
Greene Kingdom. The Kingdom's in retreat, hiding from Bio-Haz and his 
followers. Candy explains how Microwave was trying to find the secret to 
beating him, before Hunter appeared. That's how you got stuck here, and 
Candy recommends asking her father, the King, how to get you back home. 
Chat with the pooch guarding the door, and Candy tells you about 
Calorie, and how her collar can store special items she and her sisters 
have. There's four other Greene girls out there, scouting and spying on 
Bio-Haz. Now, out the door and off to see the King!

Before we can meet the King, we need to chat with everyone on this 
floor. Talk to the two unhelpful guards blocking the exit to the south. 
Head a bit right, and go in the first door you see.  In here, two 
soldiers are training, and we can meet Administrator Time Out, and the 
Chief of the Bodyguards, Lunch Box. Heading back out, continue further 
to the right, and try going in this door. We can't go in here yet, but 
we'll head back to this storage area soon! Go up the stairs, and in the 
only door on this floor, for your character's first talk with the King 
and Queen.

Microwave explains to you, how you're stuck here until she can retrieve 
her spell book. Candy wants to go with her, because she's feeling 
useless hiding here. But, her father tells her she must stay, incase he 
suffers some mishap. Bio-Haz can be anywhere these days... With that 
tiny bit of foreshadowing, the enemy troops attack! The King tells Candy 
to take you to safety, since you're just an inexperienced guy. >=P 
Running from the room, and heading downstairs, we see the guards 
fighting battles they can't hope to win. The Hunter appears, and charges 
us, leading to the game's first Boss battle.

The Hunter, really a Gremlite, isn't so hard to beat. You might want to 
get used to the battle system while we're here, though! Unlike most 
RPGs, where you choose things from menus in battle, you press a button 
that's assigned a "command." For instance, the START BUTTON will always 
try to make you run away from a fight. Can't get much experience if you 
keep running away from things, so try not to use this button. The 
CONTROL PAD won't do a thing in this fight, though. That's how we use 
spells, none of which we have. We'll go over those more when we get to 
some. The B BUTTON is the dodging command, which can help reduce 
physical damage inflicted on us. Sometimes, the attacking enemy might 
even be knocked off-balance by attacking you when you're dodging, making 
them get a "Falling" status. It's pretty much a turn you can get a free 
attack in. The A BUTTON is our weapon, which we will use very often 
indeed. You might as well go all-out on this foe, since you have nothing 
to heal with anyways. 
   Note: During the fight, you might get a message saying "Be careful,               
         <Name>! Candy assisted" or the like. This is Candy's special 
         power, and how she pitches in during fights. After this 
         message shows, you seem to take less damage from attacks.

Congratulations! That fight wasn't so hard, was it? It's hard to imagine 
how Microwave couldn't defeat this simple monster, when she's strong 
enough magically to hop to other Worlds. With this in mind, follow 
Candy's advice and revisit the King. Calorie's really hurt, infront of 
the door! Candy says there's nothing left of her, even though we can 
clearly see the dog's sprite... Candy takes the Collar from Calorie, and 
you again get an audience with King Greene. Ah, praise! It seems people 
of your world are super-strong here, which is why you defeated the 
Gremlite so easily! Now that Bio-Haz knows where everyone is, it's time 
to evacuate. You are charged with getting to the Land of Sushi, through 
an underwater cave close by the castle. You're also given permission to 
go to the storage room! Microwave explains scrolls a bit, particularly 
that healing spells must be equipped so the DOWN BUTTON activates them. 
Why? I have no idea, and it's never really explained. Let's go a-

The storage room has five chests in it, opened by pressing the A BUTTON 
while facing them. We'll find a Dagger, a Helm, some Padded armor, and a 
Wood shield. Be sure to equip them all, they'll all better than your old 
equipment. You'll also find a Scroll of Heal 1. Treat the Scroll menu 
just like the Item one:
   USE: This lets you use a scroll, to cast the spell. Many won't work  
        outside of combat. If you look at the lower right window, after 
        selecting a spell, you'll see your current HP, current MP, and 
        another MP category. This bottom one shows the MP needed to 
        cast the spell.
   EQP: This lets us equip a spell to one of the four directions on the  
        CONTROL PAD. Remember, curative magic needs to be put on the
        DOWN BUTTON, while other magic can be placed in the other 
        three. Equip your Heal 1 spell here, before we forget.
   DROP: This lets you drop an unneeded magic scroll. Don't drop our 
         Heal spell!

Head outside of the base, and out of the woods, back to the Overworld 
map. Heading right, you'll see a new cave enterance opened. Before going 
in, make sure you've saved. Saving should be done frequently, and I 
won't remind you as often as I should. >=P

This cave is very straight-forward, without any side paths. Just journey 
along it, beating up the random monsters that're here. From this point 
on, the only safe places from monsters will be Towns (and sometimes not 
even then!) When you get to the tunnel's end, Candy bids you adieu. 
She's going to go to Burger, leaving you to make your way there. She 
gives you Calorie's Collar, which will help Candy's sisters recognize 
you. You'll get pushed through the cave, which closes behind you. 

2C. Nation of Sushi

Well, here we are, on a new continent, convieniently infront of a town. 
First off, though, just cause we can, let's go to our MISC. command on 
our menu. We can select the Collar, incase we need a reminder of what it 
does. We can't drop, sell, or accidently use the items in this section. 
They're all done automatically when we need them! Great, isn't it? Let's 
walk to the town nearby.

The people here welcome you to "a port village", which is now our 
official name for this rest stop. Looking around A Port, we can find out 
the following information:
   -The water's cloudy, and possibly getting polluted.
   -Shiskaburg is a town in the northern mountains.
   -There's cute girls in Shiskaburg.
   -Shiskaburg is having an Election real soon.
   -The Greene World is made of seven nations.

In short, we get to hoof it to Shiskaburg next, to check on the 
Election. First, let's go shopping! There's three shops in A Port. The 
one with the lantern outside is an Inn, where we can get all our HP and 
MP back for a fee. In this case, it's 15 gold. The place with a sword 
sign's the Armory, where we can buy armor and weapons. We have the very 
same stuff offered here, from the base's storage room. You might want to 
sell off the old equipment, though. The swirly-signed place is the Magic 
Shop, offering Med 1-10 and Flame 1, along with the Heal 1 spell we 
have. Flame's a good attack spell, and Med 1-10 is good in boss battles. 
However, we don't need it at the moment. I recommend beating up Eye 
Cakes and Ropers until you have the Flame 1 spell, then we'll head to 

All set? We want to go westward, until we can go north. We'll travel 
east, through a corridor of mountains that heads eventually north and 
west again. On the other side, we should see a town. Feel free to enter 
it. It's Shiskaburg! Here's some gossip we can pick up:
   -East is Teapot Village.
   -South of Teapot Village is the Condante Forest.
   -North of Teapot Village is an Abandoned Record Factory.
   -Shiskaburg is indeed having an election.
   -Cabbage Head and Crabby're the two canidates.
   -Crabby is a member of the famous Crab family.
   -The whiteboard in the center of town shows the public polls so far:
      Cabbage: 20%
      Crabby: 80%
   -Crabby's pretty popular.
   -A woman speaks about a Happy Factory being made.
   -Lola Leftover, the singer, is missing from her house.

This town has some good equipment, such as the Sword and Wood armor. 
Flame 1's availible in the Magic Shop if you missed if before, and so is 
the Sleep spell. If you go in the house with a cabbage for a sign, you 
can talk to Canidate Cabbage Head, and his wife. Cabbage Head wants to 
keep the Nation of Sushi looking beautiful and unpolluted. Now, go in 
the much-larger house with the Crab sign above the door. There's four 
supporters of Canidate Crabby here, and a woman who says "?!" when you 
speak with her. Crabby says if he's elected, he'll open the Happy 
Factory, a place that generates energy. Nothing much left to do here but 
head outside...

When you do, the girl from inside stops you, and notices Calorie's 
Collar. Taking you to an empty house, she introduces herself as Cup Cake 
Greene, Candy's sister! She's heard of you from Candy, who somehow got 
here before you... hmm... Anyways, Cup Cake suspects Crabby's working 
for Bio-Haz, the very bad bad-person we've heard of. She asks if you'll 
help expose Crabby being a spy. If you tell her no, she'll start 
pleading with you, threatening to cry, and eventually doing so! So be a 
good person and say yes. With Cup Cake in tow, let's revisit Cabbage 

Cabbage Head is close to losing the Election. If Crabby wins, that'd 
means Bio-Haz would have control of this town, that is, if Crabby is a 
spy. Either way, we need to help Cabbage Head, cause he's a friend of 
Candy's. After a chat, Cup Cake hosts a very small press conference, and 
promises to show the peace Cabbage Head promises by defeating 5 
monsters. This's met with skepticism, and very shortly it's revealed YOU 
get to kill the monsters, not Cup Cake or Mr. Cabbage Head. It's not a 
hard job, but it's still inconvienient. Gird your gear, and let's bash 
some monsters.
   Note: Cup Cake has a power to help you in battle, just like Candy. 
         Rather than help prevent damage, Cup Cake'll cheer you on, so 
         your attacks deal more damage! Take that, beastie!

With at least five monsters defeated, let's go back and see the polls. 
For a moment, Cabbage is winning, 80% to Crabby's 20%. Then, the score 
switches back! After this, Crabby's cheer-squad shows up, promising 
something good if you vote for Crabby, which you can get at the Crabby 
house. Cup Cake says we ened to beat seven monsters now! 

Head to the Crabby house, talking to the girl on the left. She wants to 
give you some money, for supporting Crabby. It's only 100 gold, but it's 
something. I say it's up to you if you wish to accept it or not, but 
don't hold me responsible if something bad happens. =) 

Seven monsters late, we recheck the board. Again, our side is 
winning!... then losing again. Cup Cake comes on to the idea of exposing 
Crabby as a bad guy. Then who'd vote for him? Now, don't laugh at Cup 
Cake.. different worlds have different politcs, you know. She tells you 
there's a professor who studies genealogy in the southeast forest. 
Surely he could help us with Crabby! Get any new equipment you might 
need, and leave town.

Before going east, let's go up north. There'll be a wall of sorts, with 
a door there. If you go in, a guard will be blocking the way. Cup Cake 
won't let you go through, and even if you came here before you got her, 
the guard would stop you. Just try to remember this Guarded Wall later 
on in your journey. Feel free to fight some critters around here, as 
they're stronger and offer higher Experience than the Ropers and Eye 
Cakes. The same critters're around Teapot Village, too. When you're 
ready, go east of Shiskaburg, travelling north, west a bit, north again, 
and east. You'll see Teapot Village, near a snowfield. Be careful of 
travelling on it, the strongest monsters you've fought so far're there, 
and you might not be ready yet.

Teapot Village is another little town. The shops have the Freeze 1 
spell, new shields and helmets for us, and a very well-liked Inn. 
There's some gossip and rumors even here, which we found to be:
   -Lots of townspeople are hacking and coughing from something.
   -There's smoke that comes from the Abandoned Record Factory.
   -Sad singing can be heard from the Factory sometimes, too!

You might want to fight around here, until all your gear's up to date. 
You should be at a level where the local enemies aren't too much of a 
danger, either. When you've done this, go straight south of Teapot 
Village, and you'll enter the Condante Forest.

This area is very short, without any chests to get. Head northwards, 
moving east when it's possible. Next, go south when you can, going 
around a large tree you see. At the truck, climb up the ladder and talk 
to Professor Condante. After politely asking, the Professor will just 
tell Cup Cake to scram. Some begging-time later, the Professor agrees, 
if we can find a debut album of Lola Leftover. She's the singer that was 
missing from Shiskaburg! But, there is the Abandoned Record Factory to 
the north, convieniently. If you had journeyed there beforehand, you 
couldn't get in cause of a rusted door. Thankfully, and more 
convienietly, the Professor tells us we can kick the rusted door to push 
it open. Why couldn't we do this before? I don't know why... I kick 
rusted doors all the time. Anywhos, head out of the Forest, visit the 
Inn in Teapot Village if need be, and head to the Abandoned Record 
Factory, north and west of Teapot Village.

A swift kick, and in we go! Immediately, we find two treasure chests. 
It's about time! Two Med 1-10s are here, and can certainly help out 
later. Going left, we can find a staircase. If you go down, it's too 
dark to see. We'll have to come back when we have a light of some sort. 
Head right, and past the chests. Head up, and go right when you're able, 
and keep walking. We'll get to a chest with a Flame 1 spell in it. If 
you don't have it, you do now! If not, we have some loot to sell later 
on. Go a bit north here, and you'll see a monsterous record spinning on 
the floor. Touching it spins you around, and back to this side of the 
room. We'll have to go back and take the other path. First, go east a 
little, and grab the Med 1-10 from the chest there. If the enemies 
here're hitting you too hard, go south when we get back to the fork, and 
go to Teapot and heal up first, before taking the left path.

Head left, making sure to keep going left to grab the Med 1-10 from the 
chest. Now go back and head up. Grab the Sleep spell from the chest 
here. Head east, and you'll see the big record. Now, you need to wait 
until the needle is right next to you, before stepping over. Otherwise, 
you'll get spun back around near where we got the Flame 1 spell. Save 
beforehand if you want, and take your time. It might take a few tries. 
Next, you need to step from the needle onto the solid ground to the 
right. You can still get dumped onto the record, so careful! Continue 
along, getting past another big record by the same method, and go in the 
set of doors to the left.

The old woman here turns out to be the missing Lola Leftover, who just 
couldn't give up singing, even when her records were all gone. She 
offers to sing for you. If you say no, you have to sit and talk to her 
from the beginning. If you say yes, she'll sing for you. If you happen 
to like the songs sung in some games, when they show the lyrics, here 
they are for you.

There was a time
When life was

Even for
I, who sings
A love melody.

Shall we sing
About a phantom
Of yesterday.

Fair lady,
 My flower.

After that, Lola will present you with the Debut Album! Lali-ho! We also 
get a magic Lantern, after Lola tells us out of the blue about 
mysterious people in the dark basement, speaking about Crabby! We 
definitely have to investigate. Head out of the factory, go heal and 
save, then return and go down into the basement.

This basement is meerly piles of records, leading east and northwards. 
You'll pass what looks like windows/chimneys and sooty-colored flooring. 
Is this where the smoke's coming from? Head west, and in the doors. 
Men're whispering about the fake Happy Factory scheme. It'll really just 
be a toxin-producing plant, to polute the world! Cup Cake interrupts 
them, letting them know you're there, as they attack!

The Gremlin seems to have pretty decent Defense against you. You can 
dice him up, healing when necessary. Or, resort to magic! The Flame 1 
spell found here does some good damage, and usually Burns as well, 
causing extra damage! The Gremlin should quickly fall. Make sure you're 
healed, cause the second one immedately attacks! It's identical to the 
first, just make sure your HPs stay up. When you win, you get the 
Orders, which prove Crabby is up to no good here. Take them, save, and 
go heal at Teapot before we visit Professor Condante again.

The thankful Condante gives us the Crab family tree. Browsing it, 
Crabby's not on it at all! We of course knew this from the start, but 
now we have palpable proof. Before you go back to Shiskaburg to confront 
him, be sure you have everything you need on you. Also make sure that, 
before you enter the Crabby house, you equip a Med 1-10 over your Heal 1 
spell. If you haven't used them before, this will let us use Heal 1 10 
times without using any MP, and then we can use Heal 1 after it's gone. 
It's good for fights where every magic point counts! When that's set, 
walk inside the house and talk to Crabby. 

Confronted by the evidence, Crabby has no option but to speedily try to 
annihalate you. Watch out for his Bolt 1 spell, which does around 30 
damage, and his Sleep spell can put you asleep when you wanted to use 
Heal 1. Either use lots of spells, or slash him to ribbons, depending on 
your fighting style. Win and you've saved the Nation of Sushi! Crabby, 
on his last breath, predicts that someday, you will be cursed. Who would 
believe a dying crustacean anyways? ^^;

Cabbage Head thanks you for the help, and his wife will let you heal for 
free. Cup Cake says you should go north, past the Guarded Wall to get to 
see Dr. Bromide. Let's go! Going outside, you will be stopped by a 
citizen if you took the bribe from Crabby's voters earlier. You'll lose 
500 gold! Being greedy in a game named Great Greed has consequences. >=)

Arriving at the Guard, Cup Cake will use her influence as a Princess of 
the Greene Kingdom to let you pass. She won't be going with you, though! 
She tells you to meet Dr. Bromide, who lives in the Herbal Village in 
the Nation of Chow Mein. You'll receive her Pendant, and promised you'll 
meet again. Pass through, and we'll arrive in...

2D. Nation of Chow Mein
The path behind us is now blocked off forever, but that's alright. Go 
west, and almost immediately we'll encounter the Herbal Village. West of 
the Village is Chcolanma Mountain. For now, it's off limits, so go to 
the Herbal Village anyways. This's your first chance to pick up the Bolt 
1 spell, and some Med 2-10, which'll be a lot more effect than Med 1-
10s, or Heal 1 for that matter. Spells that have their power numbered 
like that, have several levels of power. The higher the number is, 
obviously the higher strength. We can pick up some Leather armor too, 
which is the only equipment we need here. Walk about and talk to the 
citiizens, and we can learn:
   -Dr. Bromide lives in the big house in this village. He's a good 
   -A boy named Springroll is an energetic mountain climber. He is 
    scheduled to marry Lolly Pop soon.
   -The town of Tuna is to the northeast. The laws change daily there!

All this done, go to the center house, where Dr. Bromide lives. The 
Doctor's out, though, which the girl further explains when she hears the 
Princesses sent you here. Sarg of the Town of Tuna summoned the Doctor, 
and he's still missing. Just then, a boy hurrys in, and tells the girl, 
now known to us as Lolly Pop, that Dr. Bromide's in jail! Lolly Pop asks 
the boy, also now known to us as Springroll. Springroll doesn't know, 
but rushes off to Tuna to find out. And so shall we! Head very far north 
of the Village fighting off the feriocious critters, and head west 
between the mountains. When you see the town, head on in!

Immediately upon entering town, you're stopped! Seems you've been chosen 
to pick today's laws, via the Law Making Machine. Just press the A 
BUTTON to make the law-roulette stop. Notice that the bottom one never 
changes... no way to speak to the Jail Guard! hmm... Plus, some of these 
laws can be real restrictive. Right after you pick the laws, some poor 
citizen is arrested. Sorry, sir! If the two laws you pick won't let you 
get into places you need to go, you can speak to the lady to the right 
of the Machine. 100 gold will let you change the laws again. Wandering 
around town, we learn:
   -The previous Mayor of Tuna disappeared.
   -Sarg is the leader of Tuna now. (This makes him the Big Fish!)
   -The best way to learn about the Jail is to get arrested!
   -Things're chaotic since Sarg came to rule.
   -Sarg uses the Law Making Machine to bring peace to town.
   -Of course, Sarg's not in right now.

If you accidently break the law, a soldier will run up, demanding 200 
gold. If you say yes, you'll pay him and that'll be the end of it. Say 
no, and he'll threaten you with jail. Tell him no, and he'll just let 
you off! Say yes, and to jail you go, after a screen black-out. Your 
cellmate will happily explain to you how bad this town is, and how Dr. 
Bromdie and a young boy, probably Springroll, were arrested too. Maybe 
they're in another cell here. If only we could get past the Jail Guard! 
Before too long, a guard will come by, to release you. Not without 
punishment, though! You'll lose half your HPs and be tossed out of town. 
Don't worry, just stroll back in.

A lady in the house by the east exit wishes to give something to her son 
in jail. But, that third rule on the Law Making Machine won't let her 
talk to the Guard! Be a good person and agree to ask to have it 
repaired. She'll give you 1500 out of happiness. Better yet, its not a 

Talk to the girl to the left of the Law Making Machine. She'll happily 
accept 500 gold to get the machine fixed. Then, she'll walk off to let 
you fix it yourself! Eep! Walk in the door, and talk to the lever on the 
left. If you lower it, the third board's still stuck. If you raise it, 
it's free from now on. But, we have to talk to the lady to redo the Law 
Making Machine, picking three new laws for the day. Remember, we just 
need to be able to chat with the Jail Guard. Another poor guy gets 
arrested, but you're able to go in the jail. If not, try again until you 
can, then go in there.

The Jail Guard, now that you can speak to him, happily moves out of the 
way. The lady that gave you the money is chatting with her son, your old 
cellmate! He informs you Dr. Bromide was taken to the Dragon Jail, a 
place other prisoners say no one's returned from! It's at the lake to 
the noth of here.

Heading a bit east, then north, we can see the mountain surrounded by a 
moat. This's the Dragon Jail! Touching the southern shore lets us go to 
a house to rent a boat. It's 500 gold to rent the boat, to cover the 
insurance when you get attacked by a dragon. Supposedly, Golden Pepper's 
the only way to slay it, which the Kim-Chee tribe knows about. Let's try 
the dragon without it!

Chances are, you'll be quickly dispatched and tossed back to shore, with 
1 HP left. I wasn't even able to scratch the beast, nor hit it with 
spells, and took 273 points of damage from it. Can anyone out there beat 
this thing without Golden Pepper? I decided this walkthrough was more 
important, so I won't take the time to build up levels to ludicrious 
amounts and try it. Feel free to do so if you want, though!

We need to see the Kim-Chee tribe, to find the Golden Pepper! Head west 
and north of the Dragon Jail, and curve around the mountains to the 
west, so you're going south on the other side. You'll soon see a little 
village. Entering, it's the Kim-Chee tribe! They promptly kick you out, 
saying they only trust Dr. Bromide and Lolly Pop. Dr. Bromide's stuck in 
jail, so that leaves Lolly Pop. Hoof it back to the Herbal Village, and 
chat with her. She gladly decides to come along. You know where we're 
headed now!
   Note: Lolly Pop's no princess, but she has powers to help you in  
         battle too. Being the daughter of a doctor, she can heal you a 
         little in a battle. It never hurts to heal! I've seen her use 
         this up to twice in a fight, but it's best not to rely on in. 

Back at the Kim-Chee, they willingly let you in with Lolly Pop in tow. 
Even in the middle of a savage desert, there's still good things to pick 
up, and shops to purchase things. The Inn's right to the left of the 
enterance, and the Magic Shop to the right. The Armory is above the 
Magic Shop. Here, you learn the following things:
   -Nikninja threw the Kim-Chee out of Oasis Castle.
   -Golden Pepper's here, but it's the only food they have left!
   -They can find it by the Kim-Chee Tribe's "Pepper-Ray eyes".

When you speak to the Tribe's Chief, he refuses Lolly Pop the Golden 
Pepper. The Tribe needs it to survive! However, if you defeat Major 
Nikninja, in the Oasis Castle south of the Village, they'll give you 
some. The Chief even mentions Nikninja works for Bio-Haz! Accept the 
mission, and you'll get the Key of Oasis. You can open the chest for the 
Push spell, too! Spend some time building levels, and head south to 
Oasis Castle when you're ready.

Immediately inside the Castle, you'lll see water and a raft, floating on 
the surface,and following the current. Ignore it for now, walking left 
to pick up a Med 1-10. Just wait for the raft to come back, and step on 
it. Let the raft float you about, enemy-free, until you can get off and 
grab the chest to the north. It'll be a Tin helmet. Finally, not another 
Med 1-10! Take the rafts northwards, getting off on solid ground and 
moving onto the next availible raft. Once you get to the very top of the 
area, move left to pick up a Tin shield. Yay! Equip it or hold onto it 
to sell later, and get on the next raft going south, disembarking on the 
platform with a ladder on it. Go on up!

We'll immediately see a chest, with a Regain 1 item! This will let you 
recover a few MPs, and can only be used once. Worse,you can't use it in 
a fight! It'll be tucked away with your armor and weapons if you ever 
need it. The southern raft only shows you a ladder temptingly, but won't 
let you get to it. So go north instead, and head to the left when you 
can. There'll be another Med 1-10 over there, which's better than 
nothing, I guess. Take the first southerly raft here, getting off on the 
second platform you can see. The south raft here won't help much, so 
take the one that appears on the right, getting off on the next southern 
ledge. Take the next raft on the left, and you'll see more ladders! Head 
right up them.

The first raft you see leads nowhere here, but you can see Nikninja, 
sitting there and preparing for your approach. How do you get to there? 
Just head to the right, and get on the raft above the waterfall. After a 
valiant effort, the raft will be swept down two waterfalls, putting you 
down by a new ladder. The raft to your left is a one-way trip back to 
the Castle enterance, incase you need to leave and heal. When ready, 
journey up the ladder. You'll be on the right of the second waterfall. A 
raft will float down, letting you head up to a new ladder. Be sure to go 
up it, too.

You'll be on a small platform. The raft that goes south will lead you to 
an empty platform. The one on the left leads to a thin platform, which 
takes us right to Nikninja! Be careful to save before running too far 
ahead, and equip a Med 1-10 (or Med 2-10, if you prefer) before 
continuing on to the fight.

In this fight, Freeze 2 seems to deal more damage than Flame 2, or Bolt 
1 for that matter. That rose of his hits harder than you might think at 
first! Keep your HP up, and get in Freeze 2 shots while you can. If 
Nikninja starts dodging, you've practically won: just slice him up in 
his defending state, and he'll fall. When you win, you'll appear out. 
Time to revisit the Kim-Chee for third time!

With very little formality, the Kim-Chee Chief thanks you, and hands 
over the Golden Pepper. At least the people'll be happier with water and 
other foods from now on. Who could stand Golden Pepper for food every 
day of your life? 

Walk back towards the Dragon Jail, saving and renting a boat. We're 
gonna try the monster with the Pepper this time! You'll Pepper your 
weapon right before the fight, and launch into battle. ... Let me take 
this time to say, if you can't win this fight, you should put the game 
down and walk away. The Wif Worm (it looks sorta like a dragon) has ahd 
its difficulty radically dropped. Your spells still won't damage it, but 
neither can it damage you. Ever. It has 200 HP, and I was taking off 
around 74-ish a stab. Three rounds, maximum, and you're the victor. Why 
did the Pepper reduce its ability to hurt you, too, rather than just 
make you able to stab it? At least you got loads of Experience and Gold! 
Step off the boat and head inside the Dragon Jail after this fight, 
saving inside.

Inside, follow the corridor as it snakes through the Jail. The black 
areas you can walk into, but they don't seem to do much. The first chest 
you find contains a Silence scroll, a spell you couldn't have until now. 
The second chest, has a simple Med 1-10. Continue to the end, and go 
down the stairs. In this area, you'll see other prisoners, forced to dig 
for toxicated stones. That's why Tuna had the weird laws. Springroll and 
Dr. Bromide're in the back, along with Sarg. It's time to go have a chat 
with him! Grab the Med 2-10 from the chest, equiping it if you need to, 
and go up the back stairs.

In here, Sarg quickly rushes into a fight, since we saw Bio-Haz's mining 
operation. The man wields a weighted chain, and can sometimes use a 
Power spell to strengthen his attacks. Keep your HP up, it's the most 
important thing! Freeze 2 seems to do good damage, just like against 
Nikninja. Keep your energy up, and you'll win! After the fight, grab the 
Regain 1 and head into the next room. In the next room, Dr. Bromide is 
on the verge of death! When you tell him what's going on, he will give 
you the Document, to bring to Princess Truffle Greene in the Nation of 
Curry. If anyone can find Bio-Haz's weakness, she can! With a classic 
vanishing, Dr. Bromide passes away. Dragon Jail starts making exploding 
noises, as you all rush out.

You'll automatically get to the Herbal Village. Lolly Pop is determined 
to suceed her father as the local Doctor. Springroll tells us that to 
get to the Nation of Curry, we'll have to pass the Chcolanma Mountains. 
And to do that, we'll need Mountain Gear, which he luckily gives us. 
Don't forget to heal up, and talk to the sign outside. Pick the option 
to climb the mountain, and you will! We'll quickly reach...

2E. Nation of Curry
Right on the other side of the Chcolanma Mountains, your Mountain Gear 
will break. Yet again, you're trapped in a new Nation of much-stronger 
critters. Luckily, there's a town nearby! Hurry on over there, it's the 
Cinnamon Village! Inside, you will hear a few small rumors: 
   -The Nation of Curry has a product called Power Water.
   -There's a brainy girl who is staying at the Inn right now.
   -To the south is a training mountain named Pipe Valley.
   -A man lives in the village there, and his name is Ralph Vader.
   -Curry from around here makes you run around in a firey panic. 
    Somewhere in the world, there is an Ultra Hot Flower, that's even

When you're set, go to the Inn, and head upstairs. You'll see a Guard 
before a doorway. Speak to him and wait for his return. You'll have to 
wait inside the room too, for the girl to finish checking out the 
bookshelves. She'll introduce herself to be Truffle Greene, and quickly 
discuss with you about Bio-Haz. If pollution and toxic things 
strengthens him, then surely clean, pure things could hurt him. Ralph 
Vader surely knows of the purest thing in this world. Truffle joins you, 
and you get to head to Pipe Valley! Take some time to beat up the local 
foes, and get your equipment in order. It'll definitely help in the long 
   Note: It's time for Truffle's assisting power to be learned. Being 
         the smart studier she is, she'll sometimes study the enemy. 
         When she does this, she can find a random weakness. For 
         example, this monster might have a weak offense, and suddenly 
         they're hitting a lot weaker. Other possibilites include a 
         slow speed or a bad defense, too. Take advantage of these 

After travelling south, you'll see the sign you need to talk to, to 
climb the Pipe Valley. If you say yes, the guard at the enterance will 
let you and Truffle pass. There's one execption: You cannot harm any of 
the monsters here. Doing so automatically tosses you out of the area. 
The best thing to do is keep your HP up, and just dodge the attacks 
monsters will hit you with. If they do a "Shove" attack, they'll usually 
go flying right by you, and you'll be free to continue on. The enemeis 
here aren't much on Experience, and other than a chance encounter with a 
Yam Bam dropping a Katana, are of no note whatsoever.

Getting to the top, you'll see two guards. Speak with them to get a 
reward for the bash-less journey you just made: 800 Experience points! 
If you can go up a level from them, you'll automatically do so, with the 
usual HP/MP recovery. Great! You'll also be allowed to enter the 
Mountain Village, after being told to next go to Nutmeg Village.

This Village is small, as most on the tip-top of a mountain should be. 
There's finally Heal 2 availible, and some Tin armor. Get these, and 
chat with the few citizens here:
   -Ralph Vader is in the town's office.
   -He can read people's minds, supposedly.
   -Hothot Village is a little south of the mountain, then southeast.
   -If you keep going south of the Mountain, you'll find the Nutmeg 

Ralph Vader is definitely in the back room. He proves his mind-reading 
by knowing we're here to talk about Bio-Haz. What else would we talk 
about, purple fuzzy penguins? Maniacly-laughing, flaming porcupines? He 
does help us out, telling us the Power Water Curry is famous for, is the 
purest thing in this world. There're some Power Water springs at Crater 
Lake. We need to head to Nutmeg Village, then head to Crater Lake. The 
guards outside'll give us free transit to the mountain's bottom. Warning 
us to be careful, he bids us adieu. Be careful chatting with the guards 
outside the Village. One will take you down the mountain to the north, 
and the other to the south. We want to go south.

At the foot of the mountain, we have to travel to the west, following 
the snowfield-looking place west and north to Nutmeg Village. 
Immediately upon entering, sirens go off! A poisonous fog attack? A kind 
citizen grabs us and hauls us inside while he can. He'll reveal the 
siren means Crater Lake will be blowing poisonous fog this way. Bio-
Haz's agents threw toxic waste into the Power Water spring, and that's 
what causes the fog... if the Power Water's destroyed, what can defeat 
Bio-Haz? The man, Pappu, says they have a potion that can neutralize the 
toxic waste. Wouldn't it be great to sneak some of that back home? In 
any case, there's little left. Truffle checks the potion, and thinks she 
can strengthen it even more. Pappu tells us that we of course need to 
get to the Lake before the fog appears, and it happens very regularly. 
We'd need to be super-fast to get there in time. Truffle leaves the 
group to stay here, working on the potion, and asks you to check out the 
other villages nearby. Let's check this one, first:
   -Be sure to head inside if you hear a siren go off, or you'll lose 
    half your HP at a time when the fog gets there. The fog can't kill 
    you, however.
   -Immediately after leaving the house, you will be stopped by a 
    gossiper from Hothot Village. He'll tell us they're having an 
    Ultrahot of high speed there, and then convieniently leave. Hmm... 
   -Pappu says to get to the Lake in time, we need to run 100 meters in 
    10 seconds.
   -Lots of the citizens're unhappy here, and can't work cause of the 

Next, head back south and eastwards, going south again when possible. 
We'll encounter some trees, of the sort hiding a level for us to go 
into. If you try, you'll be thrown out, not having the proper password. 
Continue to the west, reaching the Hothot Village.

What's this? None of the shops're open, and a bunch of loonies are 
running about in the Town Square. These people're dashing real fast 
because they nibbled the Ultrahot Flower, deep in the ? Forest to the 
west. There'll be no shops or being able to go to the next Nation, the 
Nation of Spaghetti, until the Flower wears off. They'll give you the 
password into the forest, "Viva Megahot!", which means we're free to 
enter now. Don't worry about remembering the phrase, your character 
will. So, head to the Forest!

In here, the trees tell you the flower is hard to find, and that maybe a 
bird can help us look. You'll soon hit a crossroads of sorts, leading up 
and right. If you take the right, you'll be stopped by the Tree 
Brothers. Go north instead, and grab the chest with the Flash scroll in 
it. Continue to the right. At this crossroad, keep going right, the 
otehr paths're blocked.

At the next crossroad, it's safe to go down. Take the Foil from the 
chest, and move right, talking to the little birdie in the nest. Maybe 
it can help us! The mother bird flys by, and abducts you, depositing you 
to the north east. This helps get past a barrier the Tree Brothers 
prevented you from passing.

Up north, you'll find a chest with a Stamp. You can sell it for a little 
bit of cash later on. Continue west, ignoring the crossroads as you 
continue straight. Up and down're blocked here as well, so keep pressing 

At this next four way intersection, don't moveto the left, as it will 
eventually be blocked. Head north, grabbing the Med 3-10 from the chest, 
and heading westernly. Talk to the bird here, to be brought to another 
new area.

The bird nest you'll land beside takes you back to an area we've been in 
already, so don't speak to it. Head to the right, and here we can move 
either to the right or up. Each direction has a chest, and a bird's nest 
between them. Grab them both, as one is a Repel scroll, and the other is 
a Regain 2. Chat with the birdy after you get both.

Head to the left (not like you're given any other choice) and into the 
flowerbed. You'll meet the Tree Brothers, who thank you for the fun, and 
give you an Ultrahot Flower. You'll be given a free trip outside the 
Forest. Back to Nutmeg!

Speaking with Truffle, we find that the potion's been strengthened. 
Finally! Pappu will head off, only to get a very cheap ankle sprain 
before he moves more than a space. It's up to us to try the run, with 
the Ultrahot Flower of course. Truffle gives us the Neutralizer and 
sayss she'll catch up to us. Heal, save up, and head due north of the 

Here, we'll be briefed on the Ultrahot Flower. A nibble'll give us 
enough time to get through if it's done near-perfectly. Eating it will 
give us plenty of time, but reduce our HP. There's a boss up ahead, so 
just take a nibble. Here's the path we need to follow perfectly:
   -Take a step to the right, and run up until you pass the boulders.
   -Take a step to the left, and run up until you pass the boulders.
   -Take a step to the right, run past the boulders, just like before.
   -Step left, and keep running!
   -Keep going straight here, and you'll slip through the boulders.
   -Take a step to the right, as the boulder'll come sooner than 

If you make a mistake, don't worry, just try again. This's the path I 
do, there's undoubtedly a more linear one. When you suceed, you'll be at 
Crater Lake! You'll automatically toss in the Neutralizer, saving the 
Power Water. Immediately after, one of Bio-Haz's agents attacks us!

Darts is pretty fast. Chances are you're not physically strong enough 
yet, so don't worry about hacking unless you need to. Just resort to 
Freeze 2 spells, which seems to do more damage than the other attack 
magics. Watch out for the Poison 2 spell he uses, which has a tendancy 
to stop you cold until he's already killed you. Don't let it! When he's 
using Heal 1 spells, he's practically dead. Just a little while longer!

After the fight, he'll try repoisoning the Lake, only to get a faceful 
of Neutralizer from Truffle. Darts will explode, reminding us to ask 
Truffle just what she puts in that stuff when we get a chance. We'll 
take some Power Water from the Lake. We're off to Nutmeg Village, to 
chat with Mr. Pappu.

Mr. Pappu will thank us, and say he believes you'll beat Bio-Haz some 
day. We'll get an Escape scroll for our trouble getting the Crater LAke 
clean again. We get to travel to Hothot Village next, to check on that 

At Hothot Village, the Ultrahot of speed's worn off. The shops're open, 
and the bridge can be lowered for you to pass to the Spaghetti Nation. 
It's a one-way trip, though. Truffle will stay behind to research BIo-
Haz, and tell us to find Citrus Greene, the strongest of the five 
sisters. Truffle will give you her broach, and wish you luck. After 
crossing, you will be in the...

2F. Nation of Spaghetti
Here we are, stuck in another new Nation. Our first stop is to the west, 
where we'll wander on to the Macaroni Burg. This small town has some 
equipment for us, and a little bit of gossip:
   -There's a resistance army being formed somewhere nearby, to combat 
   -There's a lady blade, or swordswoman, in the town's Armory.

We would have been stopping in there anyways, so visit the Armory. The 
swordswoman'll be discussing swords with the shopkeeper, who admits to 
not having the greatest ones availible. She'll bump into you upon 
leaving, and ask if you'd like to join the anti-Bio-Haz army. We've been 
fighting a one-person war so far, so we might as well accept. She'll 
join us, and tell us we need to check the Southern Forest. Can we get 
out of doing this? Nope, so march yourself south of town, and a bit 
east, and enter the woods.
   Note: Sometimes your nameless companion will make whooping noises, 
         and attack your opponent. The highest I've seen her go up to 
         was five, before the monster dropped dead. Never hurts!

This Forest isn't so hard to get through, if the enemies outside're no 
problem for you. Head to the west, and go up the first chance you get. 
Go all the way up, heading east and south when able. When you see the 
rock-like building, you're there! Save beforehand, and touch the 
southern face of the rocks.

You'll be in the camp, which I'll call the Forest Camp for lack of a 
better name. The men will brief your friend about Truffle's message. 
You've been travelling with Citrus Greene this entire time! Of course, 
they need to prove you're you. Ths means a quick fight!

Citrus (or Citurus as the battle screen calls her,) is extremely easy to 
beat. You can carve her up in three rounds or less with your sword, or 
resort to Bolt 2 spells if need be. When you win, they'll admit you're 
you. You coulda told them that if they had let you, or shown them that 
handy Collar, but of course they wouldn't let you. At least the 
Experience was good. Citrus will leave for a emeting, letting you wander 
about. Some things to pick up:
   -You're strong! (Thanks!)
   -You have to stay here until Citrus lets you leave.
   -Citrus's pretty strong.
   -Mr. Shrimp is the camp's Adjutant. He's strong and smart, too.
   -There's lots of men and women that're here for revenge against 
   -The Resistance Army doesn't have very good weapons at the moment, 

Wander around the boring camp, and you'll find Citrus talking with Mr. 
Shrimp. He looks pretty Chancellor-like. Does the Chancellor Rule apply? 
We'll find out later... Citrus wants to go to Pasta Village, to the 
south, and get some good equipment. Will things be that easy? Of course 
not! Head south of the woods, and west through the mountain range, until 
you can go south again to Pasta Village.
   Note: Now that Citrus has her name, her Amazon Attack's now a Citrus 
         Attack. The Amazon part was probably there because she was an 
         unnamed female fighter.

This's a pretty good Village. Walking around, you'll find out about a 
few things. Not too much, since it's a small town: 
   -They're having a Beauty Pagent here.
   -The Inn's full of cute girls!
   -The top prize is a good sword! (Why a beauty pagent winner needs a 
    good sword is anyone's guess...)
   -The Armory had its best stock sold out, for the Pagent. 
   -Mr. Fifi is a good Beauty Coordinator.
   -An interesting occurance happens in the Inn. If you go to the room 
    to the right of the contestants, at the Inn, you'll see a guy 
    staring through a hole in the wall, into the changing room! He 
    won't let you see in, since you're a kid. If you go into the 
    changing room, and look around the right wall, you'll be looking at 
    him through the hole too, cause he'll scream! >=)

In the upper left house, we'll find Mr. Fifi. Agree to the coordinating, 
cause this's Citrus's only chance of winning the contest. Supposedly, 
Ctirus would make a good contestant, but her clothes're out of fashion. 
If we got to the eastern Forest of the Fruit, we can get three different 
items of fruity goodness: A graceful Apple, a beautiful Peach, and a 
wise Walnut. If we can get these fruit for Mr. Fifi, he will presumably 
use his mystical Fruity Clothing magic scroll to make a dress for 
Citrus. Heal, equip, save, eat a chocolate chocolate chip cookie, and 
head east of Pasta Village to the Forest of the Fruit!

Entering this forest, we'll want to make a beeline to the west, and talk 
to the tree in the center of the area. We'll find the graceful Apple! 
Maybe this fruit-finding won't be as hard as it sounded like. 
Just beware of the Bomber monster; if you don't kill the weak thing fast 
enough, it may swipe some fruit as it flees. 

Head south of the Apple Tree, and west, to pick up a Regain 2 from a 
chest. Head up from here, and west. You'll see the Peach Tree! Grab a 
fruit, and head south, grabbing a Tactics scroll. Return to the Peach 
Tree, going west to grab some Trash from a chest, only if you want to. 
You can't drop Trash; you'd be no better than Bio-Haz! You can have a 
shopkeeper dispose of it for you, though, but it'll cost you 1000. Head 
back east, and go north of the Peach Tree, to nab some Limburg.

Going west, you'll want to go north when it's possible. Head east here, 
and go up to grab a Weaken scroll, before returning to the south and 
heading east. Grab a Walnut from the Walnut Tree here, and head north, 
helping yourself to another Regain 2. Head as far east as you can, and 
you'll nab a Hotcut sword, to equip or sell. Just go back a little west, 
go south to the Apple Tree, and leave to the east! Or cast an Escape 

Back in Pasta Village, give Mr. Fifi your fruits, and go take a rest at 
the Inn. I wanted to see the Fruity Clothing spell... come back the next 
morning, and Citrus will speedily change into it. She's not shy at all, 
is she? She'll look identical to Candy at this point. Some complimenting 
later, she'll change out of it, just as fast. We got a dress, now let's 
go win that contest!

Talk to the guard by the desk, next to the grand prize. Citrus will go 
off to change, and we'll be told to go to the eastern stairs. Go up 
them, and take your seat. The M.C. starts the Competition. Good luck 
Citrus! Miss Smith will be first, and she'll score 70 points. Contestant 
Number Two, Miss Carbo, will score 70 points too! Miss Bongole is next, 
and she'll score 40 points. I dunno why, she's the only one who said 
something intelligible. Citrus will model her dress... and Mr. Fifi's 
here for some reason! He activates the dress's special powers, which 
completely ensorcel the nearby men. She wins the contest, but also can't 
move, cause of all the men standing there! Fifi's a servant of Bio-Haz! 
I KNEW there was no Fruity Clothing scroll, he just used his Bad Guy 
Powers! He challenges you to move... and you do! With a dispairing 
"Oeh!", he realizes you're not from the Greene World, so the dress won't 
stop you. Time to kick his tail!

Strangely enough, Fifi's a lobster-person of some sort. He's pretty easy 
though. Fire off lots of Freeze 3's at him; Bolt 2 only does a tiny bit 
more damage, and costs more MP-wise. Besides, your Freeze spells will 
cancel out any Flame spells Fifi might retaliate with. His feeble 
attacks might smack you, but the foes outside're tougher. Win for some 
good Gold and Experience.

Taunting you with news of something happening to the Resistance Army, 
Fifi explodes. This troubles Citrus, and sounds bad anyways. Before 
heading back to the Forest Camp, go grab your prize from upstairs, the 
Stabber sword. It's much weaker than your Hotcut sword, actually it's 
about as strong as your old Knife from the start of the game, but it's 
faster. Up to you which you choose, though the Stabber might be good for 
fights where you don't physically attack; it'll help you dodge attacks 
better. Chances are you will just pawn it off. Hurry to the Camp!

At the Camp, all the people've been slaughtered. Several are just 
gasping out their last sentences, and others are at 0 HP. >=) One will 
mention that the traitor ran to the South-Western Valley, which leads 
out of this Nation. Also, Shrimp's missing! Could he be...? The only way 
to find out is to heal up, and go to the Valley.

It's Mr. Shrimp! He is the traitor after all! The Chancellor Rule's 
never wrong. It's time to defeat Bio-Haz's latest aide, and avenge the 
people at the Resistance Army! Bolt 2 does some good damage in this 
fight, as does Freeze 3. Don't you use your sword if you can help it, 
cause near the end of the fight Shrimp will keep healing 50 HP at a 
time. Chances are your sword's not strong enough to take off more than 
that a round. Try keeping your HP over 100, since Shrimp will power-up 
with a Power spell. Shrimp will eventually lose, but say the Hunter 
Group knows of your failure. I assume he means in stopping them from 
killing the Resistance Army. He'll explode, in traditional boss-fashion. 
This triggers an earthquake! Citrus will push you out of the way, and be 
found teetering on the edge of death. She'll throw you her ring, and 
tell you to go to Burger by yourself. If you try to help her, she says 
not to, or she'll fall in. You can try to grab her, or you can leave her 
to try to survive on her own. Either way, unfortunately, she'll fall. 
Continue on, solemnly, and you'll reach...

2G. Nation of Escargot
Citrus's crys as she plummeted down the chasm still echoing in your 
ears, it's best to head west, moving towards the nearby town of Fly 
Port. There's more people than normal here, compared to some towns 
you've been to, and some good shops too. Here's some rumors my rumor-
mongering has uncovered:
   -The pollution is getting worse in the world.
   -There's lots of suspicious people around here lately.
   -A guy was casting a spell at the Cape, which caused the earthquake.
   -There's only one boat left in the entire harbor, cause of that 
   -Torte Village is in the middle of the desert.
   -We need Cool Mint Leaves to cross the desert. They grow to the far 
    west of town, at the Cape.
Also, don't forget to search the houses. One has a chest with a Cutter 
sword in it, which'll be stronger than the Hotcut swords the local 
Armory is offering. When you're set, leave town and wander off to the 
west, until you see a lone tree on a little penninsula. This's where we 
want to go!

Heading there, we'll see a man just standing there, waiting for us to 
talk to. He'll introduce himself as Cadmium, Commander of Bio-Haz's 
Hunter Group. He happily tells us that we'll be attacked in towns
now, always by annoying Bug Boys. Since you'll wanna stop these attacks 
eventually, even if they're not so tough, he'll give us two options: 
join Bio-Haz, or defeat Cadmium in a fight. He won't bother to waste his 
time challenging us now, though. We'll have to reach the Northwest cave, 
across the desert. However, he'll hand us the Cool Mint Leaves before 
vanishing, to let us cross the desert, and reach Torte Village.

This small town seems to be inhabited entirely by Wizards. Why aren't 
they beating up monsters like you are, if they're so magical? Check out 
the equipment here, including the top-of-the-line Flame 4, for all your 
monster-frying needs, and also a better sword than your "borrowed" 
Cutter. Here's the usual topics around town:
   -None of those annoying Bug Boys attack in this town.
   -Pollution weakens the powers of Greene Wizards.
   -The town's Great Wizard came back recently. Wonder who it could be?
   -There's an ominous closed storeroom in the northeast corner of town.
   -A man says there's lots of beautiful women in this village.

Go in the big house in town, to get an audience with the Great Wizard. 
It's Microwave! (No wonder the local wizards aren't out battling 
monsters, if she's their best... maybe it's just the pollution.) She'll 
say how she heard about Cadmium, and how he's a toughie. She'll join up, 
and spontaniously say we should go to the storeroom to pick up the Zap 1 
scroll there. Not much foreshadowing... get some equipment together, and 
head to the monster-filled storeroom.
   Note: Microwave, now that she's not on our back like an old 
         albatross, can cast some of the elemental 2 spells, like Flame 
         2, Freeze 2, and Bolt 2. Remember when these spells weren't 
         stronger than our sword? Ahh, memories...

Head down the stairs, and down again, fighting off the monsters you'll 
find in here. They're identical to the monsters outside. When you get to 
the room with four tiles on the ground, this's the teleporter. If you 
step on it, the door moves one step in a clockwise direction. just keep 
stepping on the teleporter until it gets to the appropriate direction we 

We want to head to the right, grabbing the speed scroll from the chest, 
and walking through the southern door. Head right again, through the 
door, and head north to the next teleporter room.

Don't go through the left door on this teleporter, unless you're running 
back to the stairs. It'll dumb you off in the room with the Speed 
scroll, but only one-way. The northern door leads to three chests. The 
top one's a Med 3-10, while the other two're Trash. Go back south, and 
take the eastern door in this teleporter room. Head through the southern 
door, and down the stairs here.

Walk north, and into the teleporter room. We want to go east here, and 
reach another teleporter room. To the north, are three more chests, Slow 
being the top one, and a Stamp on the left. More Trash is on the right. 
Head south, and move the teleporter to the south. The chest here 
contains some Clothes armor, which protects better than Ceramic armor. 
Go back north, and head east into another teleporter room. Move north 
here, and you'll get the Zap 1 scroll! Use Escape to leave this area 
instantly. Now, heal and head out of town.

North of Torte, we want to head west, then south, following the 
mountains down and to a cave. This's the Northwest cave Cadmium 
mentioned. There's a guard at the front, though, who will politely not 
kill you if you don't agree to it. Microwave suggests you try Zap 1 on 
him. Do so, and start a fight... I have personally dealt at least 5682 
points of damage to Julien. This's more than the game's Monster Book 
claims Julien has. Perhaps 4095 is the game's way of saying infinite? 
Could be a bad translation, too. Anyways, just use Zap 1 until it works. 
No other spells I tried worked, much like our other possibly-unkillable 
Wif Worm. Chances are you won't even be hurt if you try Zap 1. Thank 
Julien for the Experience and Gold, and head in the cave.

First off, move east until it can go upwards. These black creatures are 
Maxigrems, you can sneak past or fight them if you wish. At the split, 
move to the right, then south, to nab the chest of Iron armor. Take the 
first passage east that you can find to the north, and follow it, until 
the path intersects others. Move all the way north, then grab the Wig 
helmet from the chest to the west. Go back east, south, and take the 
first right and go down the stairs.

Heading south, you want to take the first path to the west, following 
its twisting path until you see a chest with a Med 3-10. Grab it, and 
continue along the path as it goes south, and then east, where you'll 
see some stairs to the north! Pass it for now, heading east and south, 
then east again until you can go north, nabbing a Regain 3. Go west the 
first chance you can, moving a bit south so you can go west and north to 
the stairs. Descend them when you're ready.

At the end of the stairs, head to the right, continuing past the 
Maxigrems until you can't go right any further. Go up to nab the Regain 
3, then go back down and head left. Go past the stairs you came down, 
and follow this spiraling path, until you come to new stairs. Descend 
these, and you'll follow the straight-forward path to the next stairs. 
These're the last, finally! Ready yourself, and head down.

Cadmium will be down here, and will ask if you're ready to join Bio-Haz. 
If you say yes, Microwave will tell you to reconsider, or she'll kill 
you. Say yes twice more, and boom! At the game over screen, she warns 
that she really would do so, and her illusion of your death ends. You're 
back at the stairs to Cadmium, letting us say no this time. Let's 
trounce this guy!

Cadmium, or Cavity as his fighting persona is called, has some good 
hitting power, and one of those popular Shove attacks. He seems weak 
against Bolt spells, as Bolt 3 did more damage than a sword, Flame 4 or 
Freeze 3. He won't last very long, but keep those HP up or he might 
sneak in a victory.

Cadmium takes his last moments to congratulate your strength. He thinks 
you just might surpass Bio-Haz if you keep trying. But who wants to be 
evil? (Shh!) After the fight, Microwave will throw her back, making us 
carry her back to Torte Village. What's with her and piggy-backs? She 
does give us a key to the only boat in Fly Port, though. Use your handy 
Escape scroll and let's leave this cave.

Back in Torte, take Microwave to her house. Her bad back, which can't be 
Heal 3-cured I guess, makes her unable to continue the journey to Burger 
just yet. She explains that Cadmium meant, by his parting words, that 
Bio-Haz and his followers are from the Human World, like you! (Have any 
of you seen flying hotdogs named Beanos in Mundania? I certainly haven't 
even spotted an Eye Cake.) She says you can stop the great greed these 
baddies have, which is where the game's title comes from I'd guess. She 
tells us most of our allies have reached Burger already. We've been too 
busy fighting bosses to just get there instantly like them. Microwave 
encourages us to go there now. She promises to follow, presumably when 
someone with Heal 4 comes along. Off we go, to Fly Port!

Microwave's boat is there still, all set for us. Hop in, and it'll sail 
automatically. Cadmium's voice will suddenly break the quiet, though! He 
says that he's usually above death-dealing traps, but you're an 
exception. He expects you to die and meet him in the next world, as your 
ship explodes! Is this the end? We'll find out, in...

2H. Nation of Soup

3. Equipment List

3A. Weapon List
Weapons're a very necessary thing in RPGs. Spells can deal lots of 
damage, but you'll need weapons to back it up. Can't live forever with 
bare hands, you know. 

Name    | Buy $ | Sell $ | Stat-increase
Bigcut  | 5000  | 3750   | +90 Power.
Cutter  | N/A   | 2625   | +80 Power.
Dagger  | 20    | 15     | +10 Power.
Foil    | 900   | 675    | +40 Power.
Hotcut  | 2000  | 1500   | +70 Power.
Katana  | 1500  | 1125   | +50 Power.
Knife   | N/A   | 7      | +5 Power.
Scimtar | 700   | 525    | +30 Power.
Slasher | N/A   | 1500   | +65 Power, -10 Speed.
Stabber | N/A   | 1650   | +5 Power, +20 Speed.
Sword   | 150   | 112    | +20 Power.

3B. Helmet List
Helmets are relatively inexpensive, little additions to your Defense.
Any bonus helps, even if it's only an extra point or so.

Name    | Buy $ | Sell $ | Stat-increase
Bronze  | 700   | 525    | +20 Defense.
Ceramic | 2400  | 1800   | +30 Defense.
Copper  | 500   | 375    | +15 Defense.
Hat     | N/A   | 1      | +1 Defense.
Helm    | 5     | 3      | +2 Defense.
Helmet  | 100   | 75     | +7 Defense.
Iron    | 1000  | 750    | +25 Defense.
Tin     | 350   | 262    | +10 Defense.
Wig     | N/A   | 675    | +32 Defense.

3C. Armor List
Armor is your main defensive helper, usually protecting better than a 
helmet and shield together. Keeping constantly in the latest monster-
bashing fashion will help keep you out there saving the world.

Name    | Buy $ | Sell $ | Stat-increase
Bronze  | 3000  | 2475   | +30 Defense.
Ceramic | 10000 | 7500   | +50 Defense.
Cloth   | N/A   | 3      | +1 Defense.
Clothes | N/A   | 750    | +51 Defense.
Copper  | 1500  | 1125   | +25 Defense.
Iron    | 6000  | 4500   | +40 Defense.
Leather | 500   | 375    | +15 Defense.
Padded  | 10    | 7      | +3 Defense.
Tin     | 900   | 675    | +20 Defense.
Wood    | 150   | 112    | +10 Defense.

3D. Shield List
Much like helmets, shields are a small, but beneficial, addition to your 
Defense stat. Sometimes it's that tiny point that keeps you alive long 
enough to win the fight.

Name    | Buy $ | Sell $ | Stat-increase
Bronze  | 1200  | 900    | +25 Defense.
Ceramic | 4200  | 3150   | +35 Defense.
Copper  | 900   | 675    | +20 Defense.
Iron    | 2000  | 1500   | +30 Defense.
Leather | 100   | 75     | +7 Defense.
Tin     | 400   | 300    | +15 Defense.
Wood    | 5     | 3      | +1 Defense.

3E. Scroll List
Here's the list of magic scrolls you can find or buy in this game. I 
listed their name, MP needed to cast it, its buying and selling cost, 
and what it does. 

Name     | MP | Buy $ | Sell $ | Effect
Block    | 8  | 2000  | 1500   | Deflects enemy spells in battle.
Bolt 1   | 9  | 400   | 300    | Deals light Lightning damage. (1)
Bolt 2   | 9  | 900   | 675    | Deals medium Lightning damage. (1)
Bolt 3   | 9  | 1800  | 1350   | Deals serious Lightning damage. (1)
Drain    | 5  | 1500  | 1125   | Weakens your enemy's attack.
Escape   | 1  | N/A   | N/A    | Takes you outside of an area.
Flame 1  | 5  | 200   | 150    | Deals light Fire damage. (2)
Flame 2  | 5  | 700   | 525    | Deals medium Fire damage. (2)
Flame 3  | 5  | 1500  | 1125   | Deals serious Fire damage. (2)
Flame 4  | 5  | 3500  | 2625   | Deals major Fire damage. (2)
Flash    | 5  | 1300  | 975    | Blinds the target for a short time.
Freeze 1 | 7  | 350   | 262    | Deals light Ice damage. (3)
Freeze 2 | 7  | 850   | 637    | Deals medium Ice damage. (3)
Freeze 3 | 7  | 1600  | 1200   | Deals serious Ice damage. (3)
Guard    | 10 | 2000  | 1500   | Increases your Defense in battle.
Heal 1   | 2  | 100   | 75     | Heals light damage.
Heal 2   | 4  | 1000  | 750    | Heals medium damage.
Heal 3   | 8  | 1800  | 1350   | Heals serious damage.
Med 1-10 | 0  | 50    | 37     | Heals light damage. 10 uses.
Med 2-10 | 0  | 300   | 225    | Heals medium damage. 10 uses.
Med 3-10 | 0  | N/A   | 600    | Heals serious damage. 10 uses.
Power    | 10 | 1200  | 900    | Increases your Power in battle.
Push     | 7  | N/A   | N/A    | Causes the target to trip for a while.
Repel    | 10 | N/A   | 1650   | Reduces encounters, use out of battle.
Silence  | 5  | N/A   | N/A    | Block spells for a short while.
Sleep    | 5  | 300   | 225    | Puts the target to sleep for a bit.
Slow     | 5  | 1500  | 1125   | Slows the target down during a fight.
Speed    | 9  | 1700  | 1275   | Increases your Speed in battle.
Tactics  | 6  | 1700  | 1275   | ?????
Weaken   | 5  | 1500  | 1125   | Weaken foe, to inflict more damage.
Zap 1    | 10 | N/A   | N/A    | Banishes enemy. Exp. and Gold awarded.
   (1): Bolt spells can cause foes to be "Shocked". This paralyzes them 
        for a bit. Bolt spells of the same level explode when they 
   (2): Flame spells can cause foes to be "Burning". They take extra
        damage. Flame 2 spells and higher can neutralize equal-leveled 
        Freeze spells when they conflict.
   (3): Freeze spells can cause foes to be "Frozen". They're stopped 
        for a while. Freeze 2 spells and higher can neutralize equal-
        leveled Flame spells when they conflict.

3F. Misc. List
This list is for the Misc. items you accumulate in your journey, and 
what the game says they do. They're in the order you receive them in.

Name     | Description
Collar   | There are five slots to hold the jewels.
Album    | Lola Leftover's rare debut album.
Lantern  | Magic lamp. It never goes out.
Orders   | These orders link Crabby to Bio-Haz.
Lineage  | These orders link Crabby to Bio-Haz. (This isn't a typo. The 
         | game repeats it twice!)
Pendant  | One of the five jewels for the collar.
Key      | Opens the gate to Hack Castle. (Another game error. This Key         
         | works to open the door of the Oasis Castle. x.x)
Pepper   | Use this to defeat the dragon.
Note     | Important documents about Bio-Haz.
Pick     | Used to climb mountains.
Flower   | Very spicy! If you eat it, you'll run!!
Antidote | Use to neutralize poison.
Water    | Very pure water. Will help defeat Bio-Haz.
Broach   | One of the five jewels for the collar.
Apple    | Expensive looking apple.
Peach    | Sweet smelling peach.
Walnut   | The knowing nut. It looks like a brain.
Ring     | One of the five jewels for the collar.
Mint     | Use in desert for heat protection.
Key      | Key to the only boat left in Fry port.

4. Monster List
Now, after beating the game, the Gift Mode lets us see all the enemies 
in the game, and their stats. It doesn't mention the experience or gold 
you gain for defeating them, but it's still very nice to have. But why 
wait that long? Here I have enclosed a partial Monster List for you. 
It'll enclose any monsters I find so far in the game, up to the end of 
the walkthrough. And, I added Experience and Gold information, along 
with anything else special about them, such as if they're a boss or if 
they occasionally drop anything. Note that, just cause it says a 
Candyman can drop a Slasher sword, doesn't mean it will everytime. Just 
that it has at least once for me. Here you go!

Name     | HP   | MP   | PWR | DEF | SPD | EXP  | GOLD | Other Info.
Artchoke | 59   | 16   | 33  | 13  | 13  | 12   | 22   | Drops Med 1-10.
Bamboobe | 220  | 0    | 100 | 35  | 40  | 43   | 157  | None.
Beanbug  | 65   | 32   | 49  | 35  | 11  | 17   | 63   | None.
Beano    | 345  | 192  | 263 | 60  | 118 | 130  | 306  | None.
Bomber   | 198  | 0    | 160 | 30  | 97  | 88   | 222  | None.
Brainy   | 375  | 0    | 171 | 53  | 86  | 64   | 175  | None.
Bug Boy  | 180  | 208  | 230 | 40  | 118 | 118  | 155  | None.
Candyman | 160  | 112  | 133 | 68  | 70  | 58   | 202  | Drops Slasher.
Cavity   | 1700 | 867  | 295 | 170 | 135 | 2500 | 2200 | Boss.
Charczar | 490  | 0    | 260 | 43  | 140 | 133  | 418  | None.
Chickik  | 318  | 0    | 168 | 90  | 53  | 82   | 238  | None.
Chikstik | 146  | 0    | 70  | 20  | 40  | 30   | 76   | None.
Citurus  | 270  | 0    | 185 | 105 | 72  | 900  | 0    | Boss.
Comsoup  | 148  | 0    | 98  | 48  | 75  | 42   | 136  | None.
Crabby   | 300  | 160  | 50  | 35  | 24  | 50   | 200  | Boss.
Craw Mom | 290  | 0    | 265 | 195 | 92  | 132  | 320  | None.
Darts    | 850  | 1606 | 180 | 100 | 70  | 800  | 2000 | Boss.
Dragon   | 380  | 0    | 208 | 80  | 90  | 79   | 262  | None.
Eye Cake | 24   | 0    | 15  | 10  | 4   | 1    | 10   | Drops Med 1-5.
Fifi     | 1300 | 0    | 199 | 145 | 70  | 1050 | 1500 | Boss.
Fire Bug | 85   | 1011 | 46  | 14  | 50  | 18   | 66   | Drops Med 1-5.
Frankbit | 70   | 0    | 62  | 32  | 14  | 14   | 55   | None.
Garican  | 150  | 321  | 127 | 68  | 40  | 62   | 182  | None.
Gremlin  | 60   | 0    | 0   | 34  | 18  | 30   | 70   | Boss.
Gremlite | 15   | 0    | 5   | 4   | 3   | 10   | 10   | Boss.
Hedworm  | 64   | 0    | 37  | 18  | 18  | 6    | 28   | None.
Hot Dawg | 307  | 321  | 192 | 65  | 85  | 80   | 255  | None.
Julien   | 4095 | 0    | 226 | 205 | 79  | 1500 | 500  | Boss.
Konklone | 380  | 208  | 277 | 128 | 115 | 134  | 283  | None.
Lavaflow | 255  | 321  | 159 | 83  | 64  | 61   | 240  | Drops Regain 2.
Lavamp   | 140  | 128  | 92  | 28  | 44  | 44   | 109  | None.
Lemonate | 125  | 337  | 117 | 86  | 65  | 52   | 171  | None.
Loli Dog | 73   | 0    | 40  | 28  | 10  | 6    | 26   | None.
Lolizard | 270  | 0    | 157 | 98  | 68  | 55   | 218  | None.
Malatov  | 320  | 514  | 235 | 145 | 100 | 119  | 295  | None.
Maxigrem | 610  | 0    | 290 | 145 | 120 | 205  | 209  | Boss.
Meakmush | 191  | 0    | 65  | 28  | 17  | 20   | 31   | None.
Mel Mult | 103  | 0    | 75  | 30  | 16  | 22   | 68   | None.
Meltmess | 260  | 530  | 269 | 70  | 112 | 120  | 287  | None.
Nikninja | 450  | 80   | 100 | 45  | 50  | 250  | 300  | Boss.
Nochoke  | 105  | 32   | 103 | 42  | 52  | 56   | 165  | None.
Onionhed | 82   | 128  | 53  | 20  | 18  | 18   | 53   | None.
Orangate | 205  | 321  | 170 | 127 | 97  | 51   | 232  | None.
Pan Man  | 60   | 0    | 36  | 20  | 10  | 6    | 14   | None.
Pie Guy  | 298  | 305  | 170 | 90  | 58  | 67   | 140  | None.
Pigninja | 180  | 0    | 138 | 50  | 68  | 65   | 214  | None.
Pop Pup  | 58   | 0    | 29  | 8   | 4   | 2    | 12   | None.
Pudinhed | 44   | 16   | 29  | 12  | 12  | 5    | 20   | None.
Rib Cage | 291  | 0    | 169 | 95  | 78  | 76   | 225  | None.
Roach    | 4    | 0    | 10  | 5   | 2   | 1    | 8    | None.
Roper    | 14   | 0    | 13  | 8   | 3   | 1    | 12   | None.
Saltpork | 120  | 0    | 89  | 38  | 25  | 38   | 80   | Drops Sword.
Sarg     | 600  | 642  | 105 | 51  | 60  | 350  | 400  | Boss.
Shrimp   | 1400 | 321  | 230 | 145 | 80  | 1300 | 2000 | Boss. Drops Med 
         |      |      |     |     |     |      |      | 3-10.
Slimy    | 154  | 0    | 107 | 54  | 65  | 46   | 121  | None.
Sprout   | 31   | 0    | 22  | 6   | 10  | 3    | 13   | None.
Spud Bud | 43   | 0    | 27  | 17  | 7   | 3    | 15   | Drops Hat     
         |      |      |     |     |     |      |      | helmet.
Strainer | 120  | 0    | 100 | 30  | 65  | 5    | 5    | None.
Tatertoe | 152  | 0    | 105 | 43  | 48  | 39   | 118  | None.
Topheavy | 98   | 0    | 42  | 28  | 15  | 14   | 27   | None.
Turnover | 348  | 0    | 255 | 93  | 97  | 94   | 228  | None.
Weiner   | 133  | 0    | 65  | 28  | 23  | 28   | 72   | None.
Wif Worm | 200  | 4095 | 60  | 0   | 30  | 450  | 1200 | With Golden 
         |      |      |     |     |     |      |      | Pepper.
Wif Worm | 4095 | 4095 | 320 | 290 | 210 | ?    | ?    | Without Golden  
         |      |      |     |     |     |      |      | Pepper.
Yam Bam  | 88   | 0    | 102 | 63  | 67  | 3    | 3    | Drops Katana.
Yam Jam  | 72   | 0    | 39  | 18  | 11  | 8    | 28   | None.

5. Experience List
This list shows how much experience you need to reach each level, and 
what your stats will become. Note that for Power and Defense, I took the 
scores for your character unarmed, and unprotected. Weapons and the 
various defensive equipment add to these. HP, MP, and Speed will not be 
affected either way.

Level 1: EXP: 0. HP: 15. MP: 0. PWR: 3. DEF: 1. SPD: 3.
Level 2: EXP: 4. HP: 22. MP: 10. PWR: 5. DEF: 3. SPD: 4.
Level 3: EXP: 14. HP: 32. MP: 15. PWR: 7. DEF: 5. SPD: 7.
Level 4: EXP: 26. HP: 41. MP: 25. PWR: 11. DEF: 9. SPD: 9.
Level 5: EXP: 60. HP: 48. MP: 35. PWR: 13. DEF: 12. SPD: 12.
Level 6: EXP: 142. HP: 53. MP: 40. PWR: 15. DEF: 15. SPD: 17.
Level 7: EXP: 252. HP: 61. MP: 50. PWR: 17. DEF: 18. SPD: 21.
Level 8: EXP: 510. HP: 72. MP: 62. PWR: 19. DEF: 20. SPD: 23.
Level 9: EXP: 780. HP: 80. MP: 73. PWR: 23. DEF: 25. SPD: 25.
Level 10: EXP: 1080. HP: 88. MP: 82. PWR: 28. DEF: 30. SPD: 27.
Level 11: EXP: 1480. HP: 93. MP: 93. PWR: 33. DEF: 35. SPD: 30.
Level 12: EXP: 2000. HP: 101. MP: 103. PWR: 38. DEF: 40. SPD: 33.
Level 13: EXP: 2600. HP: 113. MP: 110. PWR: 43. DEF: 45. SPD: 36.
Level 14: EXP: 3230. HP: 124. MP: 113. PWR: 48. DEF: 50. SPD: 39.
Level 15: EXP: 4010. HP: 131. MP: 119. PWR: 53. DEF: 55. SPD: 42.
Level 16: EXP: 4900. HP: 143. MP: 127. PWR: 57. DEF: 60. SPD: 45.
Level 17: EXP: 5890. HP: 154. MP: 139. PWR: 62. DEF: 66. SPD: 48.
Level 18: EXP: 6990. HP: 167. MP: 148. PWR: 67. DEF: 71. SPD: 53.
Level 19: EXP: 8190. HP: 182. MP: 169. PWR: 72. DEF: 76. SPD: 58.
Level 20: EXP: 9590. HP: 198. MP: 177. PWR: 78. DEF: 82. SPD: 63.
Level 21: EXP: 11190. HP: 215. MP: 185. PWR: 83. DEF: 87. SPD: 68.
Level 22: EXP: 12990. HP: 232. MP: 193. PWR: 88. DEF: 92. SPD: 73.
Level 23: EXP: 15000. HP: 248. MP: 248. PWR: 93. DEF: 98. SPD: 81.
Level 24: EXP: 17500. HP: 266. MP: 208. PWR: 98. DEF: 104. SPD: 89.
Level 25: EXP: 20300. HP: 282. MP: 216. PWR: 103. DEF: 110. SPD: 97.
Level 26: EXP: 23400. HP: 300. MP: 225. PWR: 108. DEF: 115. SPD: 105.
Level 27: EXP: 26900. HP: 318. MP: 234. PWR: 113. DEF: 119. SPD: 113.
Level 28: EXP: 30900. HP: 337. MP: 243. PWR: 118. DEF: 125. SPD: 121.
Level 29: EXP: 35400. HP: 356. MP: 252. PWR: 123. DEF: 130. SPD: 129.
Level 30: EXP: 40400. HP: 376. MP: 261. PWR: 128. DEF: 135. SPD: 137.
Level 31: EXP: 45900. HP: 396. MP: 270. PWR: 133. DEF: 140. SPD: 145.
Level 32: EXP: 52100. HP: ???. MP: ???. PWR: ???. DEF: ???. SPD: ???.
Level 33: EXP: ?????. HP: ???. MP: ???. PWR: ???. DEF: ???. SPD: ???.
Level 34: EXP: ?????. HP: ???. MP: ???. PWR: ???. DEF: ???. SPD: ???.
Level 35: EXP: ?????. HP: ???. MP: ???. PWR: ???. DEF: ???. SPD: ???.

6. Shopping List
Here, I will list the various things you can purchase in a town. This 
list will include prices on the Inns you'll probably visit.

Name:          | Inn | Armory Shop                 | Magic Shop
A Port Town    | 15  | Dagger, Padded armor, Wood  | Med 1-10, Flame 1, 
               |     | shield, Helm helmet.        | Heal 1.
Cinnamon       | 15  | Scimtar, Foil, Leather      | Med 1-10, Med 2-10,
   Village     |     | armor, Tin shield, Tin      | Flame 2, Freeze 2,
               |     | helmet, Copper helmet.      | Bolt 2, Speed.
Fly Port       | 15  | Hotcut, Bronze armor, Iron  | Med 3-10, Tactics,
               |     | armor, Bronze shield, Iron  | Freeze 3, Bolt 3,
               |     | shield, Iron helmet,        | Heal 3, Speed,
               |     | Ceramic helmet.             | Slow, Block.
Herbal Village | 15  | Sword, Wood armor, Leather  | Med 1-10, Med 2-10,
               |     | armor, Leather shield,      | Flame 1, Freeze 1,
               |     | Helmet helmet.              | Bolt 1.
Hothot Village | 15  | Katana, Tin armor, Copper   | Med 2-10, Med 3-10,
               |     | armor, Tin shield, Copper   | Flash, Freeze 2,
               |     | Copper shield, Bronze       | Bolt 2, Heal 2,
               |     | helmet.                     | Drain.
Kim-Chee Tribe | 15  | Sword, Scimtar, Leather     | Med 1-10, Med 2-10,
   Village     |     | armor, Leather shield, Tin  | Flame 2, Freeze 2,
               |     | shield, Tin helmet.         | Bolt 1.
Macaroni Burg  | 15  | Katana, Hotcut, Tin armor,  | Med 3-10, Flash,
               |     | Copper armor, Copper        | Weaken, Flame 3,
               |     | shield, Bronze shield,      | Bolt 2, Heal 2,
               |     | Bronze helmet, Iron helmet. | Drain.
Mountain       | 15  | Foil, Leather armor, Tin    | Med 1-10, Med 2-10,
   Village     |     | armor, Tin shield, Copper   | Flame 2, Freeze 2,
               |     | helmet.                     | Bolt 2, Heal 2.
Nutmeg Village | 15  | Foil, Katana, Tin armor,    | Med 1-10, Med 2-10,
               |     | Tin shield, Copper shield,  | Flame 2, Freeze 2,
               |     | Bronze helmet.              | Bolt 2, Heal 2,
               |     |                             | Power.
Pasta Village  | 15  | Katana, Hotcut, Copper      | Med 3-10, Tactics,
               |     | armor, Bronze armor, Bronze | Weaken, Flame 3,
               |     | shield, Iron shield, Bronze | Freeze 3, Heal 3,
               |     | helmet, Iron helmet.        | Speed.
Shiskaburg     | 15  | Dagger, Sword, Padded armor | Med 1-10, Flame 1, 
               |     | Wood armor, Wood shield,    | Sleep, Heal 1.
               |     | Helm helmet.                |
Torte Village  | 15  | Hotcut, Bigcut, Iron armor, | Repel, Guard, Flame
               |     | Ceramic armor, Iron shield, | 4.
               |     | Ceramic shield, Iron        |
               |     | helmet, Ceramic helmet.     |
Tuna           | 15  | Sword, Scimtar, Leather     | Med 1-10, Med 2-10,
               |     | armor, Leather shield,      | Flame 2, Freeze 1,
               |     | Helmet helmet, Tin helmet.  | Bolt 1.
Teapot Village | 15  | Sword, Wood armor, Leather  | Flame 1, Freeze 1,
               |     | shield, Helmet helmet.      | Sleep, Med 1-10.

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