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Hey guys, Bkstunt here doing a walkthrough on the gameboy game Joe and Mac.

This game came out on the NES before the gameboy (and on other things before
that). I played a few stages into it and compared it to the NES faqs and found
them to be a bit different, but mostly similar (it seems they've left a few
things out). 

This is also an effort to help out the GameBoy FAQ Completion Project located
at Gamefaqs.com, which is a project designed to have a FAQ for every gameboy
game released. If you feel like helping, go over to the contributor boards at
gamefaqs and help out!

Also, this guide was written rather quickly and probably won't see any
updates barring any HUGE piece of info I missed, which is doubtful. Since
it's a habit though, here's my email (Y'know, in case you want to send a
lovely "Thank You" email or something). 

Gregorio31 @ gmail . com

- Table of Contents -

Stage 1:   -------[JM-1]
Stage 2:   -------[JM-2]
Stage 3:   -------[JM-3]
Stage 4:   -------[JM-4]
Stage 5:   -------[JM-5]
Stage 6:   -------[JM-6]
Stage 7:   -------[JM-7]
Stage 8:   -------[JM-8]
Stage 9:   -------[JM-9]

Credits:   -------[JM-CRE]


Know your controls! Use "A" to jump and "B" to throw. You can also do a
HIGH flip-jump by pressing "A" and up. Fancy!

Keep your eyes open for different weapons. Joe will start out with an axe, but
you can find different weapons and keep them until you die. You use all of
these weapons by throwing them. See the weapons list further down.

Speaking of weapons, remember that you can throw them upwards too!

You'll see Joe's health bar on the lower-left. Note that most enemies drop
food that you can grab and restore health with. Be careful though, as many
also drop bombs. I also liked how the food comes in so many different forms,
but I don't think it matters what form you get.

Bosses will have a health bar too, on the lower-right side.

Enemies do NOT drop food when they are spawned from a boss.

The screen scrolls with you as you move, and you can't go backwards.


Axe: Your starting weapons. It arc's when thrown.

Boomerang: A nice upgrade to the axe. It returns when thrown.

Stone Wheel: This wheel rolls along the ground when thrown.

Lightning: Throw lightning orbs. Arcs like the axe. Strongest weapon in
           the game.

Fire: Throw fire. Goes straight ahead. Decent damage.

Stage 1

The game starts off with a bunch of rival cavemen trying to kidnap a bunch of
females  under the cover of night. They seem to fail, though, as the females
run away. What dastards. I laughed at the last woman.

And that's all we need to start a war! Now you'll have control of Joe, so get
used to the controls and the axe they give you.

Head right and kill the caveman. These guys will try to rush you so you pretty
much have to get in two axes on them as far away as you can. You'll also run
into cavemen in flying machines above you who will drop bombs, so just keep
moving to avoid them. There's also some flying dinosaurs in this level that
will try to hit you from above, but these things are easy to kill with one
axe thrown above you.

Also, be careful as some cavemen use a bush to hide behind. They'll take
several move hits than normal, but aren't a real threat as they are easy to
spot. Keep going and you'll see a baby T-rex. Pelt this guy and jump over him,
turning to pelt him again. He takes several more hits than a caveman, but he's
not too hard.

Past that you'll see a BIG T-rex. Jump onto it's back and head up it to find a
boomerang, which you want to grab. Beware of the caveman that's about to throw
a rock at you. Head a bit further to the right (jump over and ignore the small
T-rex) and soon the giant T-rex will attack.

Boss: T-Rex

This guy will attack by throwing-up rocks that bounce as they approach you.
Simply get up on the ledge to the right and stand on the left edge. Now just
jump and toss boomerangs at him. You may take a few hits but by jumping as you
pelt him you'll miss the great majority of rocks. Overall an easy boss.

Stage 2

In this stage you'll have to watch out for rolling rocks as they come at you.
Couple that with some flying dinosaurs and a baby T-rex as you move along.
Soon you'll see some plants that shoot seeds at you. You can destroy these
seeds with your weapons though. Take out the top plant here and drop down to
take out the right plant past it.

The water here hurts if you fall in it, but it won't kill you. Do your best to
avoid it though, as it takes off a LOT of health. Also be careful of the
electric eels that spring up from the water. Wait for them to go back down
before jumping over any gaps. In the clearing past the water pits you'll find
some food that you can refill your health with as well as a baby T-rex. Kill
this thing before going forwards, since once you head that way you'll meet
this stage's boss.

Boss: Giant Plant

Another easy boss. This guy will attack you by spitting seeds at you. Simply
stand about a space and a half to the left of him and continuosly chuck
boomerangs at him. For the majority of the time you'll destroy HIS seeds as
well as hurt him. If you just spam the boomerangs though, sometime's he'll get
a seed to hit you. If you have enough health (7-8 bars) I advise just to span
the boomerang. If you're running low on health, alternate the boomerangs so
you can protect yourself better.

Also note that if you let the seeds hit the ground, they sprout into those
plant enemies from earlier.

Stage 3

In this stage you'll be thankful for the high jump move. To start out, take
note that you can find the stone wheel weapon to the far left (I used it, but
it isn't a ton better than the boomerang). Now you'll have to go climb up some
slopes. Here you can use the high jump to not only avoid the rocks coming down
at you, but you can also use it to get up higher faster.

At the top, you'll have to kill some cavemen and a baby T-rex to continue.
This is where the boomerang's range can come in handy, but with some good
jumping you'll be fine with the wheel too (Use the edges!). Also be careful of
the cavemen who throw rocks down at you as you ascend. At the very top, kill
off the baby T-rex and get ready for the boss.

Boss: Giant Pterandon

Here the Pterandon will bring out eggs and drop them, hatching them into
smaller ones. You'll have to kill these while damaging the boss.

When the boss is low, it's easy to hurt him, but what about when he's high?
Simple, just high jump and toss some weapons out to hurt him. Keep this
strategy up and avoid him while killing his children to come up victorious.

Also note that when it flys super low, don't try to jump over it, just duck.

Stage 4

This level you are given another stone wheel right off the bat. Move to the
right and watch out for the rocks that come behind you. You'll also have to
deal with some flying dinosaurs and the occasional caveman.

Soon you'll come to a section that I hate. The moving rock columns. Notice
that these things drop entirely off the screen down below, meaning that if you
stay on them you're dead. So make sure you stay on them no matter what, even
if you have to take a hit.

You'll come to a second set of these columns directly afterwards, so get past
them to stable ground. Watch out for the gigantic rock here, but don't worry
about your health as this stage has no boss and this is the end of the stage.

Stage 5

Here move to the right and go down to grab the lightning bolt. This is a very
strong weapon that appears to throw lightning orbs. Awesome. (Seriously, you
want to hold on to this weapon!!). Now you'll need to make your way past a
bunch of gaps, some with fire spurting up.

Here, hang out to the left and watch the fire go down, THEN go past it. This
prevents the rocks from coming down at you. Also, on these ledges without fire
be sure to WALK to the edge, because often you'll draw out a pterandon. This
way you can kill it and make the easy jump.

Keep going using these strategies and kill the baby T-rex with some lightning
justice. Now go a bit futher but hang out to the left as your about to face a

Boss: Stegasaurus

This guy just tries to roll over you, so you'll have to high jump over him
when you need to. First of all, he's invincible while in ball form. To start
the fight, he'll roll out and unroll in the middle, hitting the right area
with his tail. You can hurt him since you're on the left. Now high jump over
him as he moves to the left, and again as he moves to the right. He'll then
come out to the left again and unroll, giving you another chance to hurt him.

And that's all he does is repeat the pattern up above. So as you can see, just
be sure to high jump him and you'll be victorious. Not that hard, huh?

Stage 6

This stage is very short. Go forward, but slowly, as three rocks fall from
above. Move to the left quickly and high jump over them. Do this two more
times and you'll than have to kill a flying dino and a baby T-rex. Keep to the
left here and move forward to meet this stage's boss.

Boss: Mastadon

Make no mistake, this thing is HARD. Your hardest fight by far. Stay on the
left and high-jump to pelt him with lightning. He'll move forward and stay
forward for awhile. Oh yeah, and rocks will arc down towards your position
and try to hit you at the same time, meaning you're bound to get hit. Try to
get hit by the rocks and not the Mastadon, as he hurts you way more, and above
all keep pelting him with lightning. Anticipate when he comes onto the screen
and have some lightning orbs incoming to him, so you can have time to hit him
at least twice a round. You'll need to, because you WILL get hurt, it's just
a matter of who dies first here!

Finish him off to go to the next stage.

Stage 7

This stage is a bit harder than previous ones. Right away you'll see a new
weapon off to the left: fire. Don't grab it yet, though, and I'll tell you
why. This level intoduces a new enemy: flying dinosaurs that throw fire down
at you. The fire weapon fires straight ahead and gives you NO protection from
these things, but the lightning does since it arcs upwards. So stick with the
lightning (It's also stronger than the fire).

Another thing to be aware of on this level is that lightning CAN strike. When
you see the screen flash, quickly stop advancing or even go back a bit. This
lightning HURTS. 

With those two things in mind, this is actually a very short level. Move
forward and ALWAYS throw out lightning to protect yourself from the fire
birds, as they are VERY fast. Keep an eye out for lightning and pass through
the rib-cages. Watch out for the cavemen dropping rocks from above.

Keep going and you'll meet a familiar face. The Pterandon!

Boss: Giant Pterandon V.2

This time the Pterandon doesn't bring out eggs. He just flies about. However
the children will still come out at regular intervals from the west. This is
actually easier than last time, as you KNOW when their coming. Easy. Just
follow the previous strategy (copied and pasted below) to move on.

When the boss is low, it's easy to hurt him, but what about when he's high?
Simple, just high jump and toss some weapons out to hurt him. Keep this
strategy up and avoid him while killing his children to come up victorious.

Also note that when it flys super low, don't try to jump over it, just duck.

Stage 8

Here the stage is easier than the last one. There's a straight path and no
surprises. You'll have to worry about baby T-rex's and cavemen dropping rocks
on you as you go forward. The flying fire dinosaurs do make an appearence
after the first set of rib-cabes (spam your lightning) and near the end, where
they come from behind AND the front (run through this section, as you're bound
to get hurt). Stay on the left past the flying guys though, as another boss is
coming up!

Boss: Skeletal Dino

This guy is easier than the Mastadon at least, especially with lightning.
He'll move in and out of the screen from the right-hand side and spawn
baby T-rex's. Since these babies die in two lightning hits, you'll have an
EASY time with this guy. Just spam that lighting as you high jump and you'll
hurt him and hit any babies at least once as they spawn, making for a one-hit
kill down below. Keep it up to emerge victorious.

Stage 9

This stage is pretty short as well. Notice how you're inside of something? I
have no idea what, since I never saw us enter the innards of anything! Weird.
Anyway, you'll face some simple enemies like cavemen and baby T-rexs here.
Really nothing to worry about. Do watch out for the flying fire dino's near
the end, but just rush that part as the boss comes in soon after it.

Boss: Beating Heart

This is the last boss of the game, by the way.

And here's the boss! Yep, a giant beating heart. Simply hit the heart in the
middle to damage this guy. It's got a lot of health and summons a few things
to stop you though. First of all, it spits out rocks which roll towards you.
Simply jump over these. DON'T TOUCH THE HEART though, as that HURTS.

It'll also spawn in baby T-rexs from the right, which you'll have plenty of
time to kill with your thunder, and it brings in flying dino's from the left.
Once you know what it does, it's easy to avoid and kill it, and since the
stage was so short you'll probably have enough health to take a couple of hits

Overall, an easy boss compared to some of the other ones.

Congrats on beating Joe and Mac on the Gameboy!


Gamefaqs Gameboy Completion Project for providing the motivation. No way I
would have done this without that! This time I'll also thank, um..
Orange Juice! Go have a glass!